Spring-applied-brakes - INTORQ BFK455

Silent double-brake


The BFK455 double-brake from INTORQ is a dual spring-applied brake with four friction surfaces and two electrically and mechanically separated brake circuits. The brake circuits can be individually controlled. Separate connecting lines can be used to control the brake circuits individually. The switching state of the two spring-applied brakes is monitored by two individual microswitches. The dual spring-applied brake is designed for one brake alone to provide the necessary braking torque. The second brake is used for redundancy, thus complying with the legal requirements for elevator standards. The BFK455 dual spring-applied brake from INTORQ is a redundant brake system with effective and stable noise reduction. It is ideally suited to elevator and platform applications.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories

Product features

Braking torque 2 x 2,065 Nm
Insulation class F (155°C)

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