Stainless steel washing units

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Are you looking for a professional, premium quality stainless steel washing unit? We manufacture HORECA products to order for our customers, meeting the most demanding quality standards! Although Profinox is able to meet the needs of big customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries, for whom we develop systems that run production or processing lines, we have never neglected customers in the HORECA sector looking for extra quality. Thus, besides stainless steel tables, racks, cabinets or carts, we are appreciated – especially among that part of the market that wants premium quality products – for the different models of stainless steel washing units we make. Every professional stainless steel washing unit that we make to order, whether it is a single or a double bowl model, takes into account all the details and aspects that matter to the customer. In this way, we manage to add value to all our customers’ businesses.

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