Standard Dynamic Checkweigher for quality assurance at the highest level This standard dynamic checkweigher is available in a large number of combinations including combi checkers with a metal detector. Or to be used with an end of line vision inspection system LabelSecure The CWEmaxx series dynamic checkweigher normally used in the food industry mainly in middle and high-performance settings. In the non-food area they are used in lines with high output and for weighing ranges of up to 15 kilograms. Alternatively if you are looking for more hygienic dynamic checkweighers then you may want to consider the CWPmaxx. A checkweigher that is perfectly suited to food processing where cleanliness and hygiene needs to be of the very highest standard. Furthermore if you are looking for a smaller unit, then you may want to look at the new CWD checkweighers. As a result this will weigh and check up to 250 items per minute. Also consider the other model in this range is the CWFMaxx. This...

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