EC Impulse Tools The TKa system wrenches are equal to the YEX-series, but with the added feature of a double chamber airmotor. The system wrenches with double chamber air motor achieve the required torque very quickly. The tools generate a high number of impulses per second, and therefore very accurate torques can be realized. Ontop of that, TKa series have lighter weight, can run on oil-free air and offer best ergonomics. TKa series can be delivered optionally with LED signalling instead of buzzer. Four strain gauges are positioned on the mainshaft, picking up the twisting torque on the main shaft at each impulse as close as possible to the socket. The electric signals are transmitted by induction through the internal and external coils. Due to this principle the Yokota transducer is very reliable, accurate and without wear. TKa system impulse wrenches perfectly qualify for documentation-liable tightening joints in industrial assembly. Applying reaction-free Yokota impulse...

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