The TT 160 and TT 460 tool touch probes aretouch trigger probes for the measurement and inspection of tools. The TT 160 features signal transmission by cable, while the TT 460 communicates wirelessly over a radio or infrared beam with the SE 660 transmitter/receiver unit. The disk-shaped probe contact of the TT is defl ected during physical probing of a tool. At that moment the TT generates a trigger signal that is transmitted to the control, where it is processed further. The trigger signal is generated through a wear-free optical switch that ensures high reliability. The probe contact is easy to exchange. The connection pin to the contact plate features a rated break point. This protects the touch probe from physical damage due to operator error.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • touch probe
  • machine tool

Product features

Probing method Physical probing
Probing directions 3-dimensional: ±X, ±Y, +Z
Probing forces Axial: 8 N, radial: 1 N
Tool materials Breakage-prone teeth are at risk
Signal transmission Cable / Radio or Infrared

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