The adsorption system (AD) from Venjakob Umwelttechnik serves to concentrate exhaust air flows containing low concentrations of pollutants, and is particularly suitable for removing extremely low to medium concentrations of solvent-based pollutants (VOCs). This machine is characterized by: During the adsorption process, the pollutants are physically retained on the surface of a solid material (e.g. activated carbon, zeolite). The pollutants are then removed /desorbed from the zeolite by means of a small, hot stream of air. Afterwards, the flow of exhaust air from the desorption process is cleaned by means of an exhaust air cleaning system (TI, RTO, CTO). By reducing the volume and by increasing the concentration, the operating costs of the downstream exhaust gas purification system can be kept very low and make autothermal operation possible among other things The rotor is mounted vertically on a shaft with bearing and rotated slowly in the air flow. During rotation, the adsorption and desorption take place simultaneously in separate chambers with cooling on a hydrophobic (water-repellent) incombustible zeolite material. For tough applications, versions can be provided with a removable wear layer and / or higher temperatures of up to 300 ° C for desorption. Two containers are operated alternately. While one of the containers is adsorbing, the other container can be desorbed The adsorption process can be used for smoothing pollutant concentration peaks. If pollutant peaks occur during a process that could lead to a potentially explosive mixture (> 25% lower explosion limit), they cannot be introduced into an incinerator. However, the pollutants may be temporarily stored in an adsorber and then be released during the desorption phase. In certain situations, the installation of an additional fixed bed adsorber (molecular sieve) may further enhance the process (safety, operating costs).

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