W40 special high-pressure washing & drying machine

for the efficient cleaning of medical & technical elastomers


This machine offers high efficiency cleaning of medial & technical elastomers and is construed for mid sized bach demands. The W40 is, like any of our machines, designed for high performance with economic efficiency. The comfortable touchscreen panel allows a fast and easy operation of all parameters as well as administration of your washing recipes. Depending on water quality or rather cleanliness requirements, a treatment with de-ionized, de-mineralized or ultrapure water is possible by add-on module on option. For industry 4.0 demands, the W40 is best prepared. On option, the control of the machine via OPC-UA server can be installed additionally. By special request, siliconisation of rubber parts or coating with other glide agents is additionally possible. The W40 is the optimal solution for mid-sized batch demands at high througput!

Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment
  • rubber washers
  • washing-drying machines
  • cleaning of medical & technical elastomers rubber siliconisation osmosiswater purest water deionised water high pressure washing

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