Wheels and castors with cast Blickle Extrathane® polyurethan

with outstanding cut propagation resistance
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The Extrathane® tread was developed on the back of Blickle’s decades of experience in this area to meet market demand and provide an outstanding set of characteristics. The tread is highly abrasion-resistant and has a high resistance to cut and tear propagation. This means that heavy duty wheels and heavy duty castors which use Blickle Extrathane® tread are also suitable for crossing thresholds and medium speeds.

  • Wheels, castors and rollers
  • polyurethane wheels
  • polyurethane castors
  • extrathane

Product characteristics

Wheel  Ø:
35 - 1000 mm
load capacity
100 - 30000 kg

Domain icon Manufacturer/ Producer

72348 Rosenfeld - Germany