Wheels and castors with cast Blickle Softhane® polyurethane

for exceptional operational comfort
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The polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Softhane® is one of the four polyurethane treads developed by Blickle. The positive characteristics of the tread are the end result of many years of optimisation. The extra-thick elastic tread guarantees excellent operational comfort. It is especially gentle on the floor, abrasion-resistant and quiet. The green colour does not leave any tracks and is also non-staining. Softhane® is resistant to a wide range of aggressive substances, with the exception of aromatic solvents, hot water or steam.

  • Wheels, castors and rollers
  • polyurethane wheels
  • polyurethane castors
  • softhane

Product characteristics

Wheel  Ø:
80 - 400mm
load capacity
180 - 3000 kg

Domain icon Manufacturer/ Producer

72348 Rosenfeld - Germany