SVAN Dovetail Slides


This guiding system makes it possible to accurately position your products. Furthermore, you can fix it exactly at the desired place. The innovation lies in the backlash-free clamping, horizontal and vertical side misalignment ≤ 3 μm. Useful advantages: compact sizes and the possibility of adjusting and locking the guide by a hex screwdriver. Clamps permit a fast combination to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems or the fitting of axis systems on a base plate. Features Dovetail slides made of Aluminium, natural anodized 5 sizes: 20, 30, 50, 80, 120 mm with standard stroke between 5 and 100 mm Backlash-free clamping Compact sizes Adjustment with knurled micrometer knob (standard) or hex screwdriver High load ratings Guides without play High damping Scale with knurled micrometer knob Mounting kit (clamps) Easy and quick to combine to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems Optional position readout (starting from size 30 mm)

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