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    The company LES DRONES DE L'ORNE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Photography, aerial industry. It also operates in the Drone, Drone to promote heritage, Drones for wind farms, and Drones for photovoltaic farms industries. It is based in Chastre, Belgium.



    SmartService LLC is a research and production enterprise which performs the moulding of glass fibre and carbon fibre products (preforms) for the production of composite parts. The manufacturer designs and manufactures seamless reinforcing preforms made of carbon and glass roving using an automated shuttle loom: —solid carbon fibre preforms with an orthogonal reinforcement pattern; —thin-walled reinforcing fillers for lightweigh T-D, hollow products; —seamless preforms in the shape of a pipe, I-beam, T-profile, half-coupling; —solid seamless preforms for geometrically complicated parts; —preforms for fastening nuts and bolts (ultrastrong and ultralight bolts and nuts for astronautics and aircraft construction). The manufacturer uses 3D weaving technology, yielding a solid woven 3D reinforced preform with a defined percentage of fibres in the reinforcement systems and with a defined volume fraction of fibre in the finished shape of the preform or approximate geometric shape of the future composite product, in a single manufacturing process. The products offered by SmartService address the high-tech challenges of the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and construction industries. Using three-dimensional reinforced composite parts for construction industry, as well as for building of spacecrafts and aircrafts, prevents delamination of laminated structures under high-speed unsteady thermal loads.


    United Kingdom

    Clients return to Nomadic UK over and over again to create engaging, dynamic videos that stop people in their tracks. Due to their impressive filming and lighting kit and their years of experience, Nomadic UK are number 1 for filming services in Gloucestershire. They offer a wide range of services including script writing, storyboard, filming, lighting, drone filming, 3D tours, animation and a thorough production team that works closely with their clients nurturing talents to ensure that they always get the video they need. To join the incredible roster of household names that they have worked with, call Nomadic UK today on 01242 373942 or email them on hello@nomadic.uk


    United Kingdom

    Rising View are one of the UK’s leading operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (or drones) with full aerial permissions granted from the CAA. We have offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee so can cover all of your needs in Scotland and also travel all over the United Kingdom. We provide premium aerial media solutions using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drone technology, offering a combination of stunning HD aerial filming and breathtaking aerial photography for a variety of different projects throughout the UK. UAV’s provide an innovative new alternative to expensive helicopters and actually provide more flexibility as they can fly at lower altitudes providing more immersive footage at a much more cost effective price. Rising View can provide full film creation services or fulfil the role of a freelance aerial camera crew to accompany a production team to offer a unique service that is bespoke to your desired specification.



    "The Paris Photographer is probably the most wanted engagement photography studio in Paris. We are also talented at wedding photography in Paris, honeymoon, anniversary, family shoots, even solo portraits and just for fun photo sessions. We, at The Paris Photographer, absolutely love fun couples photo shoots in Paris. If you are looking for romantic pictures of the two of you in a beautiful setting, we would love to help. Get pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime! Our purpose as photographers here in Paris is to create some beautiful pictures that will take your breath away. We also blend the modern engagement approach with the classic Asian pre-wedding photos style. Our images are timeless, pure and fun. Hire us today for some exclusive wedding photo shoot in Paris! "

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  1. 123 TOPO DRONE


    123 Topo Drone is a drone photogrammetry, cartography and topography company based near Sens in Yonne since 2014. We intervene quickly throughout the department as well as neighboring departments. We can travel throughout France as well as abroad. We can carry out: - cubatures - simple or panoramic photography - site monitoring - infrastructure inspection - geo-referenced 3D modeling - virtual tours - geo-referenced orthophotography - models digital surface - distance, volume and surface measurements - extraction of level curves The fields of application are numerous and varied: architecture, cartography, insurance, building, agriculture, tourism... Our experience in these areas allows us to provide reliable data. We can also carry out your aerial photographs and videos. Do not hesitate to contact us for all requests for information and quotes.



    We're Paris photographers who specialize in engagement and wedding photography. Paris is where we start our journey of making timeless products. To us photography is about storytelling, it is not just about the appearance but also about the real moments. Being excellent storytellers photographers and having a sharp eye for detail we will help you build your own and unique story with our artistic expression. We not only care about the perfect photographs you receive but also the whole process to make it become so convenient for our clients. Even if you're looking for a couple photoshoot, a pre wedding shoot or someone who can make your proposal ideas come true. We are here for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us.



    Where did I leave? The first major turning point: Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in the arts. When I was a child I painted and drew lots and had exhibitions as a child. In 2016, there was a turning point in my life, a well-known brand noticing one of my drawings that I wanted to get in a format that I could print on clothes. That's when I started to get to know Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I dropped the brush and fell completely in love with the world of computer graphics.Why did I become a stardesigner? The second major turning point: For two years, I was working on graphic materials when I started to feel that the challenge was not enough for me, I wanted something more, something bigger. In August 2018, I contacted Peter Major (aka Majka). I offered him to make his artist logo, but in return I asked for a small recommendation / media appearance. Majka replied to me and the logo was finished after a while. I totally "got it" to collaborate with public figures and performers, to create public figures, to find celebrities in turn, and to respond, and to switch over to collaborating with performers almost completely overnight.The second major turning point: I started to find a leading talent of a well-known commercial channel, even during the duration of the show. I offered to support the actors in exchange for appearing in the media, as well as the first thing I do to create their logos as support. During face-to-face meetings, they asked me for


    United Kingdom

    Vivid Photo Visual is a corporate video production company that has been established for several years and has the experience and know-how to provide innovative and cost effective promotional solutions for any business. Our combination of photographic and video expertise means there are no jobs that we cannot undertake. Please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Vivid team - we're happy to discuss any idea. Just fill out the enquiry form at the top of the page, or call us on 0161 477 2404.


    United Kingdom

    We are certified with a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), and we have a good understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills. Drone pilots remotely operate drones for aerial surveys and inspections, video production and aerial photography. Some of our work involves aerial photography for property agents, aerial surveying and inspecting infrastructure, such as bridges and tall buildings, and mapping land use for farming or archaeological work. We do aerial roof inspections, for small commercial buildings, hotels, schools and large warehouses. We also provide aerial wind turbine blade inspection. We provide a full pre-site assessment before we proceed, which we complete using a variety of ordinance survey maps, Google maps and UAV flight tools to get a better understanding of the local area of your post-code, assessing any risks and hazards which we need to be aware of. Once we can confirm a safe flight can be conducted, we can both agree on a time and day for the flight operation.



    Overfly.me is your partner for the creation of professional aerial shots in Italy.English, French, German, American, Japanese, Arab customers for dozens of web, television and movie productions: since 2014 we have been working alongside large and small international companies, offering a professional and tailor-made service.And we guarantee sensational aerial images, produced by professionals for professionals.WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN AIR DRONE ACTIVITIES. IT IS OUR PASSION. IT’S OUR BUSINESS. SINCE 2014In Europe, the use of the drone to work (i.e., make professional aerial shots with drones) in a country different from your own is very difficult because, unfortunately, there is still no single European regulation applicable (not to mention the problem of Lipo transport by plane…). Nowadays, each European country applies its regulation on the use of drones which is required to respect to avoid severe penalties and remain without aerial images.In Italy (often a country in which bureaucracy is extremely cumbersome) getting involved with the many local institutions that regulate the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems is necessary to use a drone: prefectures, aeronautical Authorities, Film Commissions and Italian’s Park Authorities.If you are not an Italian UAV operator, based in Italy and with ENAC authorizations (the Italian equivalent of the US FAA) obtain all the authorizations is impossible. CONTACT US!



    Welcome to KARO-Systems: Low priced mobile telescoping mast and remote controlled photo-systems. We are the specialists concerning anything that involves professional aerial picture equipment, tall tripod systems and corresponding accessories. Here you will find the high quality material for pole aerial photos! Familiarize yourself with our broad range of products and offers and enjoy our professional and friendly service! It is very easy to create fantastic pole aerial photos from buildings, landscapes or events with our tall tripod systems and the professional aerial picture equipment. The most important advantage: You are completely independent of your car, the terrain and electricity. The complete process - from parking your car to the first picture - takes only some minutes.


    United Kingdom

    Redcopters Ltd was founded in 2012 to provide professional aerial photography services using the latest generation of radio controlled unmanned aircraft technology. This technology allows Redcopters to shoot stunning high quality still photographs and video from the air in locations never before possible and at costs much lower than using conventional manned aircraft.Redcopters’ expertise covers not just the operation of unmanned aircraft, but more importantly the photographic and filmmaking skills needed to make best use of these machines. Redcopters was set up to focus on the end result – that special image or sequence that captures the key features of the subject, whether a country house hotel or leaking slates on a high roof.We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our flying and photography. Our pilots, aircraft and operating procedures are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and we carry full third party insurance.


    United Kingdom

    Highvue Commercial Drone Services are your 5-star rated drone company based in Liverpool and offering our services Nationwide. All drone operators that work for us are highly qualified and we use the very latest drone technology to ensure optimum accuracy and footage. We are able to work with a number of sectors but our speciality lies in working with property management and block management companies. Whether you require help with one property or multiple properties, we are flexible in our approach and offer different pricing points to suit all requirements. Our main services include; - • Drone surveys • Drone inspections • Aerial videography • Aerial photography • 2D mapping • 3D modelling Our services challenge traditional work methods by using the latest technology to solve your most potent issues. For more information, please get in touch with us today by calling 0330 400 5329 or use our contact form.


    United Kingdom

    I am a local wedding photographer in Cornwall who offers wedding photography services throughout Cornwall and the surrounding areas. I try to keep my fee low and affordable at about half the national average (£1500-£1600). I am extremely professional, reliable, and I capture the very best moments from your special day. I have been put inside of the top ten Cornwall wedding photographers, as voted by Easy Weddings. I have always had a passion for photography, and I love nothing more than catching the fleeting moments of a wedding day and allowing yourself and your loved ones to preserve those moments forever. This is one of the main reasons why I believe that I should be your first port of call for a wedding photographer in Cornwall. If you are looking for a local wedding photographer, please feel free to give me a call today.


    United Kingdom

    If you are based in Weymouth or the surrounding areas of Dorset and you require additional information on the products and services that we offer from our drone shop, including drone consultancy, drone repair, drone servicing, aerial photography, aerial inspections, waterproof drones, property marketing, 360 virtual Matterport tours, drone accessories and Splashdrones for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding the drones and drone consultancy services that we offer from our headquarters in Weymouth. Alternatively, you can take a look at our website to see a full overview of the products and services that we offer throughout Dorset. We are sure that you will find all of the information that you are looking for.


    United Kingdom

    Due to the constantly changing and evolving nature of retail, especially in the current climate, retail and sales are moving online more and more every day. Skyhawk Pictures can offer you the best commercial photography, giving you the chance to showcase your products and have them put onto your website. By using our advertising and marketing images service you are able to put your best images forward, with the clear aim to bring customers to your site. Our team understands that customers are drawn to the product from the image, it is arguably the most important aspect of E-commerce Photography, having something visually beautiful to put on your website, no matter the product. Here at Skyhawk Pictures based in Oxton we have the skills, experience and knowledge to enhance your product images, there are a number of reasons we should be your first and only port of call for any commercial photography, product photography and any Advertising and Marketing Images you are looking for. The main reasons are that our whole team here at Skyhawk Pictures work hard to bring your world-class images, friendly and professional service and results.


    United Kingdom

    From wedding ceremony photography to wedding preparation photography and much more, Adept Imagery can provide a wide range of services. James offers a number of wedding photography packages or a bespoke option can be created to suit your specific requirements and budget. If you're searching for "Wedding Photographer Dudley", "Wedding Photography Dudley" or something similar, then you've come to the right place. Visit the Adept Imagery website for more information or please don't hesitate to contact James by phone or email.


    United Kingdom

    Droid-cam is a group of BNUC-S qualified and highly experienced UAV pilots. With a combined experience of over 40 years of remote controlled flying you can rest assured that droid-cam will get the job done. We have a high level of technical ability in what is a relatively new technology. All our pilots have spent years in the model world before progressing to multi rotor drones and helicopters. The capabilities of our drones is truly remarkable. GPS technology now means we can position a drone in the sky or activate the drone to fly pre programmed way points. Safety is always paramount and we always operate with the guidlines, procedure and policies of Euro USC and the CAA.


    United Kingdom

    Award winning wedding photographer, Matthew Rycraft. Wedding of the year winner Three Times, over 10 wedding magazine front covers with multiple industry awards. Ranked TOP 100 wedding photographers in the UK. Matt’s style of photography is incredibly natural, authentic, with outstanding creativity & emotion, capturing your wedding day beautifully. Shooting in the background you hardly notice he is there, but still captures everything and more! With a relaxed fun personality and an incredible reputation, he really is the perfect choice for your wedding day!


    United Kingdom

    In today's market, internet leads account for the large bulk of sales. Will the home you're selling stand out from this heated competition, or will it get lost in the shuffle? Buyers can browse through pages of houses for sale. Make sure that your home appears appealing at first glance. Let Prestige Property Photography London help you with that. Our professional photographers are happy to provide you with the most straightforward approach to making the most beautiful property photography that is cost-efficient and effective in marketing. Using photos from your real estate photo session, our editors will produce simple yet effective photography that may be featured in your web thumbnails.


    United Kingdom

    Need to stand out from your competition? We produce ground and aerial video/photography for the events industry; property market and business advertising. With our equipment, we will produce crisp, smooth footage that promotes your business, property or event. We also offer editing using the latest software and techniques. We can film UHD at 4k (60fps, ) 2.7K (120 fps) and 1080 HD at up to 120fps. With a high quality ground camera and sophisticated drones, we take outstanding pictures that capture views from up to 400ft above ground level. Our talented photographers will bring a new view to any project you desire. Our award-winning photography is nationally published and we are Getty Images contributors. Quality is our top priority and we will cover every detail, to deliver brilliant results.


    United Kingdom

    Stunning aerial images and video, taken using professional UAV's or telescopic mast systems. Established friendly company based in Essex covering all UK. Competitive prices and professional service. Working with estate agents, building and archaeological surveys, architects, insurance claims, outdoor functions and sporting events, weddings, hotels, golf clubs and businesses, advertising agencies, media companies and many more. CAA approved for aerial work


    United Kingdom

    Photographers - Advertising & Commercial, Photographic activities. Established in 1986 by Chris Brunnen, CJB photography has become the leading photo studio in the south, supplying a huge variety of clients from small businesses to local and international governments with STUDIO, LOCATION and AERIAL photography. We also have an ONLINE AERIAL PHOTO LIBRARY


    United Kingdom

    Based in Kent, South-East England, JPB Photography is a Candid, natural and relaxed photographer who enjoys the natural events of a Wedding Day. JPB Photography believe that more time should be spent with you both enjoying your special day without being dragged around for a long period of time creating unnatural photos.


    United Kingdom

    Open 7 days a week for both photography and video. 2 studios, 1000 square feet upstairs, 800 square feet downstairs with high ceilings and abundant shoot space. Just book the one that suits you best. Situated just off the A13 on River Road in Barking we are extremely quick and easy to get to.



    Talented wedding photographer in Italy is now available with Alfonso Lorenzetto and the professional is concerned in creating amazing pictures of wedding in Italy. The wedding photographers of Italy are highly skilled in learning the best strategies and principles of wedding photography. Alfonso Lorenzetto tells you about the successful stores of Wedding photographer in Venice who covers a variety of Wedding in Venice.



    Art photography is the preoccupation Photo Tesic studio. Art photography. Studio Tesic on art of photography 25 years. Freelance artist photos. We're making a professional video from the air 4: 2: 2 progressive 1080p / 50 fps. We have the archive of clips from the air from a variety of topics. Take pictures and record video clips on demand. Ljubisa Tesic photographer.



    Megaswadaya drone is a wholesale Drones based in Asia. We have been in business for 5 years and are a thriving and rapidly growing business. We supply business to our customers across the world for supplies and throughout an expanding radius for specialized equipment.


    United Kingdom

    At Full Steam Pictures Ltd we work with clients across Birmingham and beyond. We produce beautiful images and can capture the essence of any drink or dish in beautiful images which tell a truly tasty story.

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