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    LLC Vladimir Glass ("StekloEksport") processes glass, exports and imports glass and glass products, designs and manufactures glass jars and bottles. The manufacturer and supplier of high-quality glass containers, flat glass, and mirrors provides the wholesale supply of: — transparent and opaque flat glass; — glass for windows, showcases, furniture, and protective flat glass (triplex) with thickness from 1.3 to 12 mm; — mirrors; — textured, colored and decorative glass; — glass containers for popular consumption. Vladimir Glass provides all kinds of glass processing services: — cutting to the size specified by the customer; — tempering; — grinding; — drilling; — faceting and so on. The company develops technical documentation, designs bottles and vessels, produces authentic glass containers and capping systems for them, labels, and decorative elements. By accomplishing all stages of making glass containers at a single production facility, we ensure their high quality. The distinctive glass jars and bottles that we have designed become a well-known and memorable symbol of our customers' brand, which helps them to further promote their products in the market. The company's team has great experience in erecting glass structures for civil and industrial construction projects. The engineering expertise of the Vladimir Glass team and the continuous adoption of new technologies allow the company to expand the range of glass articles to satisfy market demands.



    Sara A.F.M ltd is a subsidiary company of Sara Tranet Co, . Ltd , established in 2000 Seoul, South Korea.We have developed into a high performance sales organisation. With our strategic alliances, we provide milled glass fiber and plywood products to our valued industrial customers. Over the years we have established long term business relationships with a broad range of strategic partners in South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Canada & USA. With a philosophy deeply rooted in extensive market knowledge and personal relationships, the objectives of all the business entities involved are always carefully evaluated in order to execute flawless and profitable transactions. We are continually working on expanding our portfolio to support our customers in times of rapid technological change and rising consumer requirements.


    United Kingdom

    Painting & Decorating Supplies, Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment



    The company HAMADI SALES AGENCY INTERNATIONAL, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Handles industry. It also operates in the Import-export - glass and glass products, Sale and takeover of businesses - consultants, sliding doors, Glass fittings, Import-export - glass and glass products, and Sale and takeover of businesses - consultants industries. It is based in Wien, Austria.



    The company ILSA INTERNATIONAL SRL, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Import-export - glass and glass products industry. It is based in Milano, Italy.

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    The company CEYLAN AILESI, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Import-export - glass and glass products industry. It is based in Balikesir, Turkey.



    We are TASK: a Talented, Accomplished, Solid, Keen company, mainly specialized on metallurgical products and services, founded in 2004. We both export and import metallic products, as well as consultancy services. The whole world is the target market for us. Until today we exported to a very wide range of geography; from India to USA, from Sweden to Brazil, from Turkmenistan to Germany. We mainly import metals from USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweeden, Spain, Italy, France and India.Our products and services can be categorized as: Castings Machined ComponentsSheet Metal Worked Parts/MechanismsMetals BusinessIndustries we serve : AutomotiveCement and miningPumps and valvesDefense and aerospaceIron and steelMoulds (glass mould making, plastics moulds, metal forming moulds) Construction machineryEarth drillingPressure vesselsTextileAgricultureFood General machineryDecanter & SeparationWood Marine & ShipbuildingPulp & PaperSteel & Aluminum Making , Rolling



    OSO Plastik ve Kimya Dis Ticaret started its activities in 2004 in the area of Compounding Thermoplastics, Engineering Plastics and Polymers as a family owned company with 100% Turkish capital. The company's activities are focused on trading thermoplastic compounds, commercial agency for commodities, raw materials distribution, Import and Export in Istanbul. We offer to World-Wide the following products: PA6 and PA66, PP, ABS, PBT, PS, PC, PE and PET compounds (Glass Fiber Filled, Mineral Filled, Flame Retardant Filled, UV & Antioxidant Filled, and Colored Thermoplastics). Beside above listed polymers, we are able to offer any Polymers from EXXONMOBIL, SABIC, DUPONT, DOW, ARKEMA, BASF, SOLVAY, etc. Also we have PA 11, PA 12, ASA, PA, PA Amorph, PEEK, PEI, PMMA, PPA, PPE, PPO, PPS, PS, PSU, TEEE, TPE, TPO, TPU, and some chemicals for Polymer Applications as well. Our main industrial markets are; - Automotive, - Electrical and Electronical Appliances, - Furniture and Construction Materials, - Weapon Industry, - Durable Goods, Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority by offering quality services and working out formulating solutions to meet their needs. With laboratory facilities, R&D activities and Technical Department; it is possible to develop and supply all types of polymer compounds mentioned above. Sincerely,



    As TST Globe, we are offering import /export consultancy services to companies in Turkey. Briefly, we are working as an inside sales representative for them by handling procurement, sales, marketing, custom documentation and shipping processes. We are cooperating with many companies in different sectors including textile, mining, glass industry, industrial electronics and more. We keep striving to take action in all sectors. For textile sector, we are providing products just as; home textile, clothing, women clothing, man clothing, towel, duvet cover, table cover and so on. For glass sector, we are offering products for decorative/architectural glass products. We also offer services for marble products according to our clients demands.



    Hebei Shengri Import & Export Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of home & garden products in HeBei, China. Over the last decade, SHENGRI has build up an expertise in manufacturing and exporting to overseas markets of various products.We offer an extensive selection of products, including cast iron, glass, and marble; ranging from kitchen items to outdoor accessories. With our unique design and elegant products, your home will be transformed into a cozy heaven; your backyard will be transformed into a garden paradise.



    Maereflow: import - export of packed products (tuna, artichokes, etc.), deep-frozen food (seafood and various types of fish, all sorts of meat); also specializing in a variety of cooking oils (sunflower, corn, palm) and primarily olive oil (extra virgin) as well as balsamic vinegar variants in glass or PET bottles. Furthermore we specialize in canned artichokes, anchovies and peeled tomatoes.



    Our activity in in export , import and trade representation for Romanian manufacturers and Romanian beneficiaries in the following fields: - metal products and industrial equipment- chemical products and related equipment- wood and furniture industry- glass industry- food and non-food products



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    Greetings! We are the MAZETTO COMPANY; a fast-growing import and export company focused on exporting Brazilian agricultural products. We work to transform foreign trade, make negotiations around the world, and solve the bureaucracy of buying and selling in foreign trade, bringing the best products and conditions to you. In a globalized world, our mission is to provide competence, transparency, and loyalty. Therefore, we are always providing extreme quality products and excellent international relations. Locations: MAZETTO COMPANY has its offices strategically located in São Paulo and Lisbon. Products: We work mainly with importing and exporting Brazilian coffee, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, soy, Brazilian beef, and chicken. Visit our website and contact our team!



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    NEAR TRADE is a trading company based in Portugal that brings suppliers and buyers together worldwide. We bring unique and exotic products to your business in Europe. Our foundations of practicality, objectivity and partnerships enable us to deliver the best deals to our different partners according to local legislation, norms, and cultures. Thanks to a solid partner portfolio, we make contact between our SOUTH AMERICANS and EUROPEAN suppliers and our buyers worldwide. Our process is straightforward and respects every demand to concretize great deals. We operate in the following sectors: commodities, industries, tech, royal state, and finance. We are happy to contribute positively to projects in the respective sectors. Among the goods we provide, you can find: Beverage: We work with the best brands: Heineken, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, etc. In addition, we work with local Brazil producers of natural drinks, natural exotic fruits like acerola, graviola, cupuaçu (in pulp or powder), and bio snacks made by tropical manioc. Food : GRAINS, ANIMAL PROTEIN, FRUITS, VEGETAL OILS, SEEDS, AND LIVESTOCK FAT FOR HUMAN AND INDUSTRIAL CONSUMPTION. - WINE, OLIVE OIL, VARIOUS FRUIT JUICES, FRUIT PULP, SAUSAGES, BULK HAKE, PRESERVES, PROCESSED FOODS - Other Products: CLOTHING, WOODS, PETROLEUM DERIVATIVES, BIOMASSES, BIOFUELS Are you looking for a partner to help commercialize your products in the international market or import from a specific country? Contact us!



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    SAS 007BUSINESS PRAGEN is a multi-service company set up in 2016, based in Paris and directed by “Princess Aggeex HUTIN”, CEO & Founder – Artist & Trained Lawyer. Thanks to its exceptional and rare vitality and creativity, it has garnered nine national & international distinctions. A unique BUSINESS MODEL: Exceptional, rare and original SIMPLIFIED PRAGEN FRANCHISES and those of PRAGEN's partners; "Made in FRANCE" that takes its inspiration from African plants with many virtues, with a participatory economic, environmentally responsible and responsible citizen's aim. It is the source of ideal, unique solutions and opportunities for the better inclusion and social and professional cohesion of communities and peoples, WIN-WIN partnerships and through its huge potential for rare and pioneering added values, via its diversity and complementary versatility. As a result, PRAGEN experimentation is the best risk for all visionary investors to take. From its artistic-cultural creations, its commercial administrative and legal experience, that globally inspire its partnership contracts around tasting events in Parisian and Champagne versions from Agribusiness and Events organization, Help and Training, of the various PRAGEN services: Travel, money transfers, etc. It adds up to over 20 years and in the catering and food processing sector, the organic sector, and plant-based cosmetic creations



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    Maymbe connecting is specialised in the field of international commerce whose driving force is sea and air freight from Belgium and various countries including China. Myc provides an import export service for different products and benefits from great expertise in the selection of IT and telecom equipment, in the car industry and various types of manufacturing machinery. Maymbe connecting is above all specialised in services for Africa.



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    SIBSTAR Group is your reliable partner for the supply of thermal coal since 2019. We are a major supplier of «D», «G», and «T» grades of hard coal. It is widely used as fuel for household needs, completely necessary for foundries operation and is used by thermal power plants for electricity generation. Over the entire period of our activity, we have supplied more than 1 000 000 tons of coal. We are focused on supporting the global industry by ensuring stable supplies of high-quality products. We strive for long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and partners, providing the best service and optimal solutions. SIBSTAR Group supplies energy resources all over the world. Thanks to our reliable partnerships and extensive logistics network, we guarantee on-time and safe delivery of our products anywhere in the world. Energy shipments are carried out to the largest manufacturing giants. Our key partners are large industrial enterprises of China, India and Turkey. SIBSTAR is a dynamically developing company. We expand geography of cooperation, as well as the structure of supplied products. Our goal is to provide stable supplies to keep your production processes running. We are in a process of development petroleum supply.

  6. RCM D.O.O.


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    RCM D.O.O is a company based in Prevalje, Slovenia, specialized since 1992 in logistics services. We offer a range of comprehensive logistic solutions in the international environment, including freight forwarding services, transport services as well as the packaging and storing of goods. No matter where you are shipping, our experience, expertise, and active network of reliable business partners, powered with the latest technologies provide us with an unparalleled ability to meet your shipping needs all around the world. Our strategic location gives us easy access to main roads, highways and ports, and makes it an ideal supply and distribution gateway so we can make sure your time-sensitive shipments receive the best support and arrive promptly, on-time and in good condition. RCM also gives you the benefit of its storage capacity to help you optimize surface area at your points of sale. With almost 30 years of experience and 50 experts, specialized in logistics, RCM is your ideal partner to help you simplify the management of your logistics. We mainly accompany you to carry out custom procedures regarding the import and export of goods. Thanks to our quality management system, we are certified according to ISO 9001 standards and keep working to maintain these standards and ensure customer satisfaction, enabling us to build long-term business relationships based on trust. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    Sorigest SAS is a partner for companies wanting to expand their inter-company businesses all over the world, be it for exports or imports. We search for suppliers, customers and partners on your behalf. We help you until your projects have been finalized on a win-win B2B strategy. We activate our entire network on your behalf to find the products for buying and selling on the best possible terms within our network.



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    Mosaic Beverage Co. is a family-owned wine distributor committed to sourcing and exporting the finest red wines, white wines, and rosé wines from Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. With a dedication to quality and authenticity, we bring a mosaic of flavors and experiences to wine enthusiasts worldwide. At Mosaic Beverage Co., our mission is to connect wine lovers with exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir and craftsmanship of each region we represent. We strive to foster long-lasting relationships with both our customers and our winery partners, built on trust, integrity, and a shared passion for excellence in wine-making. We envision a world where every glass of wine tells a story—a story of the land, the people, and the traditions behind each bottle. Through our curated selection of premium certified wines, we aim to inspire appreciation for the diversity and richness of the global wine landscape. We provide customers with selective wines, striving to establish reliable and profitable partnership all over the world based on unprecedented care of nature. To emphasize the exclusivity of their products and our proximity to nature, we’ve added a special symbol to each country label – its rare animal species. With our premium wines and our distinctive branding we aim to become the standout sign post for the segment. We assemble tastes, wines, talents and experience. Contact our team today to discover our wines!


    United Kingdom

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    As an expert in international trade, Tevolution Ltd deftly navigates the labyrinthine of import and export regulations in the UK. Not only acting as a customs clearance agent for imports and exports, we file declarations and can serve as your customs broker, consultant, and advisor on cross-border trade. Including tax advice associated with customs declarations and valuation of goods, a crucial aspect of customs valuation, and the role of transfer pricing. We will assist in identifying preferential rules of origin or most-favoured nation non-preferential origin, critical components in international trade. The mandatory implementation of ICS2 for carrier companies in March 2024 implies a heightened focus on paperwork accuracy. This regulation necessitates additional data submissions related to the product's origin and classification. Tevolution Ltd stands prepared for this change, ensuring our clients' goods move across borders seamlessly and without interruption. Our team is committed to accuracy and compliance in the customs declarations we file, keeping abreast of the latest trade regulations and changes in customs laws. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential risks and circumvent unexpected hurdles. Tevolution Ltd is a dedicated partner in your import and export journey. We bring expertise, a meticulous eye for detail, simplifying the often-daunting customs process. We will deliver efficient, timely, and fully compliant customs intermediary services.



    We dedicate commercial intermediation in the export and import of fruits and vegetables from spain to arabic countries


    United Kingdom

    We source meat products from all around the world mainly for the Chinese market.As well as offices in the UK, we have a sales team & growing client list in China. We are always looking for new products to export, so if you can offer competitive prices for repeat business either email me - stefan@belmarktrading.com or call me on 07939213249



    The company TURKEYANA, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the International trade consultants industry. It also operates in the foodstuffs - import/export, import and export, seafood, and construction equipment and materials industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


    United States

    The company WATTAN TRADING CO.,LTD., is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Import-export - agents industry. It also operates in the sourcing China, Import Export agents, saudi Import Export agents from china, and الاستيراد من الصين industries. It is based in Yiwu, United States.



    GALLAY Jewellery and Services offers exclusive jewelry for fashionable babes and classic mommas as well as the necessary services to sell it. Our store features a farrago of high quality jewelry which is made of gold, silver and doublé lines. Our long jewelry list is a mix-and-match of stunning chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces & pendants which add glamor and splendor to beautiful outfits. Our attractive fashion accessories line completes our portfolio of individual adornments. It offers everything that can be worn as jewelry, only not made of fine metals. These are, among others: wood & plastic chains, tin & plastic pendants, earrings & rings made of wood & plastic, rubber & leather necklaces & bracelets. These low-cost, self-selling items, handcrafted in Germany with unique designs and in high quality, cover the newest trends. Last but not least, we are a premier supplier of gorgeous home decorative items. Our luxurious ornaments are made of glass, crystal and gold- and silver-plated materials to give any home the voluptuous appeal that it deserves. Here at GALLAY Jewellery and Services, we carry a wide variety of over 6, 000 products that are updated daily. With over two decades of quantifiable experience, we’ve been partnering with leading retail stores and catalog companies to provide them with wholesale and dropship jewelry as well as peerless product listing services.

  7. ALPI

    North Macedonia

    We are export company from Macedonia we offer large range of products starting from fruit and vegetables frozen meat and fish wine canned food Also our agency mediates and finds you any products you are interested in our prices are very low you get good serviceplease contact at aleksandar_gonev@yahoo.com



    The company TMTC TRADING COMPANY, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Import-export - agents industry. It also operates in the import/export service industries. It is based in Argenteuil, France.



    The company MICKRED IMPORT EXPORT S,L, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Fruits and vegetables - import-export industry. It also operates in the fruit export, and import and export of pulses industries. It is based in Toremolinos, Spain.



    General import and export items, comodity items, cemet, iron and scrap metals, wood and timber

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