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  • The bdp Group, founded in 1992 and comprising 150 employees, is based in Berlin with over 14 further offices in Bulgaria, China, Germany, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. The subsidiary bdp Mechanical...

    Supplier of: die-cast aluminium, aluminium alloy | chill casting, die casting | e-mobility; cast aluminium, such as battery holders | Copper and copper alloys | automotive, light and heavy-duty [+] quality management, supplier audit | model development for industrial products | locking sleeve, egr components | drive, brake system and absorption parts | die casting; high and low pressure | zinc, zinc alloy | rail; absorption parts, brake system parts | energy, gas and liquid transport | valve components; housing, lid | investment casting and precision casting; steel, stainless steel

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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    HORST PIELHAU GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    From the initial idea right up to final production, our decades of experience in the field of aluminium die casting guarantees you the highest degree of efficiency and quality. With our expert...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminium alloy casting | aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | die-cast tools for alloys [+] Foundries, aluminium | pressure moulding | aluminium | aluminium injection | aluminium machining | aluminium/light metal processing | aluminium parts | aluminium rings/din 1052 ring wedge dowels | machined cast parts | light metal processing

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  • Precision casting solutions from Bürstlein: The perfect synthesis of cost-effectiveness, freedom of design and aesthetics. Anyone who offers you precision investment casting solutions, needs – in...

    Supplier of: aluminium alloy casting | aluminium investment castings | aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium injection [+] cast-steel | stainless steel precision casting | investment castings | precision cast steel | cast stainless steel | precision castings | precision casting according to the lost-wax casting process | machined castings | surface treatment (service) | parts moulded in steel

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    GERMANY- Wurzen
    GIESSEREI WURZEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our foundry boasts a long history dating back to the Schütz & Hertelhat engineering works, Mafa Wurzen for short, founded in 1879. This was followed 74 years later by the company VEB Maschinenfabrik...

    Supplier of: aluminium alloy casting | cast iron casting | aluminium investment castings | aluminium casting | Iron, special grade and pig iron [+] Foundries, aluminium | Cast iron items | Model making | hand-mould castings | earth casting | pig iron | cast spheroid graphite iron | lamellar graphite cast iron | investment castings | prototype castings

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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    SCHMALE & SCHULTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company was founded in 1954. In the early days of the company, fittings were produced by aluminium chill casting. At the start of the 1980s, zinc die-casting became an established part of...

    Supplier of: aluminium alloy casting | aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | aluminium chill casting | Foundries, aluminium [+] aluminium injection | pressure moulding | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | shell mold casting | high-pressure zinc die-casting | assemblies for vehicle construction | assemblies for mechanical engineering | module assembly | precision fitting of assemblies | contracted moulding

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  • We are one of the most experienced companies in the field of magnesium, having now operated for over 25 years. As a result, light metals and the reworking scrap metal are in our DNA. That is also why...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminium casting alloys | magnesium alloys | aluminium block alloys | aluminium [+] magnesium | silicon | respiratory protection clothing | respiratory masks | disposable face masks | protective work clothing | cast iron scrap | magnesium recycling | non-iron metal scrap | raw materials for foundries

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  • the production of castings from aluminium alloys. We are experts in the processes ofhigh pressure die casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting. We design and manufacture casting tools and devices for...

    Supplier of: casting of aluminium alloys | aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | high pressure aluminium die casting | low pressure aluminium casting [+] aluminium gravity casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries | chill-cast | die-casting foundries | casting | machining of castings | casting tools for machining | casting devices for machining

    • Aluminum  casting Aluminum casting high pressure die, low pressure, gravity, Machining of Castings
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    POLAND- Krzymow

    ...of pressure and chill castings, aluminium casting alloys and deoxidizers in the form of: ingots, granules, pyramids and hemispheres. PPM Domet offers: mould project, trimming tools and dies, permanent moulds and the treatment of...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting alloys | Die casting moulds | impression mould | chill castings | pressure castings

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    GERMANY- München
    SCHALTBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The Schaltbau GmbH Group stands for connectors, snap-action switches, contactors, railway components and complete cab equipment that meet the highest safety standards. Our products are used worldwide...

    Supplier of: Connectors, electronic | microswitches | electronic equipment | contactors | snap-action switches [+] driving switches | battery contactors | position switches | limit switches | round connectors | charging connectors | high-voltage contactor | contactor for railway vehicles | dc contactor

    • Modular connector system G57 Modular connector system G57 Rugged connector system made of aluminium die-cast
    • Modular connector system G42 Modular connector system G42 Rugged connector system made of aluminium die-cast
    • Modular connector system G28 Modular connector system G28 Rugged connector system made of aluminium die-cast
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    BELGIUM- Huy
    DRADIN ET FILS - Verified by Europages

    ...specialising in aluminium alloy shell-casting, primarily magnesium types. We manufacture your aluminium parts with you. Aluminium parts design, part prototypes in aluminium and surface treatment of aluminium parts....

    Supplier of: chill-cast aluminium | aluminium casting | aluminium casting | cast aluminium | cast anodisable aluminium [+] Foundries, aluminium | shell mold casting | chill-cast | anodised aluminium | aluminium injection | manufacturer of aluminium parts | gravity die casting | shell gravity moulding | gravity moulding

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    CZECH REP.- Uherské Hradiste
    MESIT FOUNDRY, A.S. - Verified by Europages

    ...producers of the castings made of aluminium alloys produced by investment casting method, also known as lost wax process method. Its castings are used in aerospace, health care, transportation, optical and other industries. Castings can...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | copper alloys | steel and alloys | aluminium casting [+] aluminium die casting | Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - speed | Moulds and patterns | Steels and metals - machining | Stamping - steels and metals | Copper and copper alloys | stainless steel alloys | injection moulds | steel injection moulds for plastics

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    SWITZERLAND- St. Gallen

    ...die-cast parts from magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys and on contract in our foundries in the Czech Republic, China and Switzerland. Our production facilities are extensively automated and suitable for medium- and large-scale series production (parts anywhere within the range of 500 g to >15 kg). We supply handbrake...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | light alloy die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | magnesium casting | pressure moulding

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  • produce high quality zinc alloy & aluminium alloy die casting parts. We have experienced technical team over 15+ years, Well equipped facilities and strictly quality control throughout every process of...

    Supplier of: aluminium die casting | SMALL METAL PARTS | high-pressure zinc die-casting

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  • ...foundry in all copper casting and aluminium cast alloys in accordance with DIN EN 1982 and DIN EN 1706, non-ferrous metals. Used as a raw material in pipes, rings, bushes, flat rods, square rods, hexagon rods,...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Copper and copper alloys | Pipes and tubes, copper | sheet metal

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Sunderland

    Manufacturer of large aluminium castings, alloys, medical equipment castings, cryogenic items and silicon iron anodes for cathodic protection, with a worldwide customer base.ISO 9000 certified, Specialist Castings is the only manufacturer of tubular anodes that...

    Supplier of: large aluminium castings | alloy castings | Foundries, aluminium | silicon iron anodes | medical equipment castings

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    UKRAINE- Kyiv

    ...of selling of aluminum alloys and casting we have captured strong market positions. Our company has very good reputation in supplying to both SME sector and big enterprises. The aim of our company is to fulfill needs of your company in aluminum alloys and casting with speed and...

    Supplier of: aluminium alloys | aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium processing | aluminium recycling

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    ITALY- Longare

    ...have been specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy castings since 1972. Today just like yesterday, we are renewing and selecting the best automation while preserving 40-year-old...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | sand casting | aluminium foundries | fonderia alluminio

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  • ...metals die casting products (aluminium & zinc alloy)、Gravity Casting 、sand casting ...----CNC-machining parts, ----Pipe fittingsOur products are widely used for Automotives, Industrials, heavy...

    Supplier of: Studs and bolts, fastening | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | metallic stamping and welding product

    Brands : vast metal manufacture

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  • ...high-voltage porcelain products annex and other aluminum zinc alloy die-casting products. From mould, die casting, machining, and surface treating to test is a continuous line service. It is equipped with high performance horizontal...

    Supplier of: Moulds and patterns | diecasting | pressure die casting mould construction | high-pressure zinc die-casting

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  • IMPOL D.D.
    SLOVENIA- Slovenska Bistrica

    ...and aluminium-alloy products by casting, rolling, extruding, and drawing. The entire production range is previously brought in line with the sales programme as all production is by order – Impol provides to...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Taichung City

    ...manufacturer of Gravity Casting, Aluminum Gravity Die Casting. Aluminium Gravity Die Castings such as auto die casting, motorcycle casting, pneumatic and hydraulic casting...Ming Ming Aluminum Co., Ltd., as a going-concern business entity and one of the finest aluminum gravity die casting manufacturer, has kept on seeking...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminum gravity die casting | gravity casting

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    SERBIA- Loznica

    ...casting table for casting aluminum billets in electromagnetic field and induction heating furnaces for melting nonferrous and ferrous metals. -Eling Foundry produces aluminum billets from different aluminum alloys using...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium profile extrusion | aluminium rods and bars

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  • ...force.Main Products: Die Casting Parts, Alloy Die Casting, Aluminum Sand Casting, Copper Sand Casting, Zinc Alloy Die Casting.Development Goals: We specialize in producing Zinc Die Casting and Alloy Die Casting. We...

    Supplier of: aluminum die casting | Industrial hardware | die casting

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    SOUTH KOREA- Gyeongsangnam-Do

    ...Producted materials are pure copper, copper alloys and Aluminum alloys. We are doing our best to let you keep forever image that DONG SAN TECH has enough quality in making the lowest price and punctual delivery. Our main products are high voltage gas insulated...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | gis

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  • ...manufacturer of aluminum alloy die castings (including die casting, precision finishing). We provide excellent aluminum alloy die castings for the fields including automobile, railway...

    Supplier of: Die casting moulds | machining | die casting

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  • ...household appliances, automobile accessories and bakelite molds.Meanwhile, we also produce Zinc/Aluminum Alloy Die Casting molds.More than 50% of the molds are exported to overseas market.

    Supplier of: Plastic products for engineering | mould | plastic mould

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  • ...ductile iron parts, die-castings of aluminum alloy, stainless castings, automobile piston rods and etc.Gold Stone sales and service network spreads all over the world. We have advanced production...

    Supplier of: Chains with articulated links | rolling chain shutters | chain sprockets

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    CHINA- Foshan City

    ...products include various refining cast aluminum alloy furniture, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, rattan furniture, wicker furniture, patio furniture for outdoor leisure. The style is simple...

    Supplier of: Garden furniture | garden furniture | outdoor furniture

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  • ...of the company are aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum casting, zinc die casting and surface finishing, which are widely applied to many fields, for example, machinery, automobile, motocycle, hardware and tools. The company have advanced...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminum alloy casting tempering | sand casting

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  • ...for all kinds of aluminum/zinc alloy die-casting products , Precision Machining and Plastic Injected Molded parts., Including product development, mould design, precise die-casting, post...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | zinc and alloys | mold

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