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    1.With wildly brand top tiles, such as granite, fireproof , wearristance2.High dimensional precision, newly patent”cross strengthening rib ” structure, strong loadability and shockproof3. Adjustable height for pedestal , assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability4. stringer connect , flat pedestal , High loading capacity , steady for the system5. etc caused by cement、brick、wood floor embedded the wires in advanced6. High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance lifeApplicationWide range All manner of computer room, network service room monitor control center, electronic workshop, clean room, dustlessness chamber etc, and occasions which require on antistatic and air conditioningAnd 5 class office Security Union Plaza , Futures Trading Building , and the place demand cabling and wiring .

  2. H.A.B. SRL


    The company H.A.B. SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Frame and joinery industry. It also operates in the anti flooding systems, and flood protection systems industries. It is based in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy.



    The company FIREWALLPPOZ.PL SYSTEMY ZABEZPIECZEŃ PRZECIWPOŻAROWYCH, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Fire protection services industry. It also operates in the Fire detection and alarm equipment, fire-fighting systems for harbours, fire prevention systems and equipment, anti flooding systems, and Fire detection and alarm equipment industries. It is based in Wyszków, Poland.



    The company CND DI CANDIAGO PAOLO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Hydraulic equipment industry. It also operates in the electropumps, and anti flooding systems industries. It is based in Zane', Italy.



    EURO EM is the first producer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) double wall corrugated pipes in Romania.Corrugated pipes have a wide range of uses, among which: -sewer systems for sewage and rainwater-inspection and control chambers-manholes-bridges for heavy and light traffic, culverts-underground cable protection-fountains, wells-drainage-storm water retention systems-anti flood systemsEuroEM manufactures high density polyethylene (HDPE) double wall corrugated pipes, classified by SR EN 13476-1: 2007 standard as structured wall pipes, type B and manufactured according to SR EN 13476-3: 2007 standard.Double wall corrugated pipes represent a modern concept, optimized for maximum efficiency in underground sewer systems.

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    Establish Year, Area and Number of Staff: 1998's, 150000square meters; 1600workers Workshops: Halogen Lighting(2); Auto Lighting System(1); LED Lighting(1); Utravoilet Rays Lighting(1), Economical Lighting(1); Boutique Items for Auto(1); Lifespan Testing House(1); Warehouse(2); Packing Dept.(2) Main Products: Auto Lighting System; Ceiling Lights; Wall Washer Light; Down Light; Anti-DazzleDown Light; Home Improvement Down Light; Project Down Light; Economical Bulbs; Boutique Bulbs; LED Tube; LED Soft Rope; Embedded Hutch Defends Lamp; Kitchen Ceiling Lamp; LED Panel Light; LED Boutique Panel Lamp; LED Table Lamp; Grid Lamp; Track Light; Outdoor Flood Light; High Bay Light; Explosion-proof Light.



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    The foundation stone for our medium-sized family company was laid down by our two founding company directors Manfred and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we celebrated our company's anniversary; 25 years of standing for reliability, good service, continuity and growth. In mid 2001, our Company Director Manfred Eckardt died. Shortly afterwards his son Thomas Eckardt unexpectedly also died, upon which our management changed in mid 2002. Mrs. Beate Eckardt was the new Managing Director of the company from then on (March 2002 until May 2005). Since 1st June 2005, Mr. Axel Eckardt has been the Managing Director of the company. Eckardt & Sohn GmbH and will continue to run the company as before. Eckardt & Sohn operates locally as well as globally. The broad range of our services and our many years of experience mean we can satisfy any customer's specific requests.



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    As a leading Ukrainian technology company, we specialize in developing and manufacturing professional security systems. Our focus extends from detectors to monitoring centers, offering comprehensive solutions for diverse tasks and environments. Setting industry standards, our equipment meets global and European benchmarks (EN50131 and EN54), safeguarding over 1, 000, 000 facilities and earning trust from 500+ security companies. Our pioneering achievements include the first Ukrainian fire protection systems certified to EN 54, such as the renowned Tiras-P. At the forefront of innovation, we introduced the first Ukrainian security systems certified to GRADE 3 and DP4 standards, reflecting our commitment to a professional class of protection. Additionally, our first Ukrainian certified fire monitoring software has elevated Ukraine's fire safety standards. In the realm of technology, we developed the first Ukrainian mobile application for security system management—Control TM app—prioritizing innovation. Our in-house production lines, meeting European standards, ensure the quality and excellence of our products.



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    GemOne is an international company specialising in fleet management and telematics with over 50 years of experience in industrial equipment. We are proud to introduce our flagship products: SAPPHIRE - Safety management for material handling designed for both dealers and the end users of machines. It’s the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park, a complete ecosystem that makes your warehouse safer and more efficient. ONYX - Fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which accommodates all makes and models of machines and integrates different types of trackers, whether from GemOne or other suppliers. Our journey began in Australia as we embarked on creating a robust system for monitoring of industrial equipment remotely. Over the years, we have forged partnerships that contribute with their expertise in heavy machinery to our teams. Today, together with this deep knowledge spanning both business and machinery, we supply a diverse clientele across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Operating from our three global headquarters, we are dedicated to enhancing industrial fleets worldwide and propelling them to new heights.



    The company DIONISI GIUSEPPE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Anti-theft systems, vehicles industry. It also operates in the Alarms and surveillance - installation, Anti-theft systems and equipment, Alarms and surveillance - installation, and Anti-theft systems and equipment industries. It is based in Osimo, Italy.



    The company HAMMA ILIAS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Anti-theft systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the anti-theft industries. It is based in Villeparisis, France.



    For over 50 years Simco-Ion Europe is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the elimination of static electricity. We are a partner for OEM worldwide and have an extensive knowledge base and many partners that operate locally worldwide. We supply many industries with standard or tailormade static eliminators or equipment to manage the presence and level of static electricity in machines and products. The plastic industry is of great importance to us, but also on the packaging, converting, printing, textile and graphical industry we have been providing fast and reliable solutions for many years. All of our products are distributed through a global network of skilled distributors and agents. Simco-Ion Europe produces: 1.Industrial static eliminators We produce a wide variety of static eliminators under with ISO 9001 certification. Complete DC-eliminator range is provided with 4 years warranty 2.High voltage generators We are producing a large variety of industrial high voltage generators for many different types of industries like IML, plastics and converting industry 3.Measuring tools We are producing handheld electrostatic fieldmeter for measuring and detecting static electricity as well as inline(in the machine) types 4.Service Full repair and calibration service for all Simco-Ion Europe products: Air knife, Air nozzle , ionizing air blower, static elimination blower, ionizing bars static control system, industrial static eliminator, FMX and Manager IQ Easy.





    We will accompany you on the way: from the audit of the different fire protection systems, the installation of fire safety equipment if necessary and their regular maintenance in compliance with the texts and the laws in force, but also the training of your staff. The purpose of fire regulations is to bring safety of property and people to commercial, industrial, residential, and public establishments. Rules and standards vary depending on the type of establishment concerned. France Protect experts can advise you effectively on the regulations in force. Our fire protection company first offers you a complete audit, and together create the design of a stratum We offer a wide variety of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to serve you with a smile, in order to satisfy you fully. From mandatory measures to additional precautionary measures, we realize that companies put safety first, as do we. We have a wide range of best quality fire prevention equipment on sale and we guarantee that we will match or beat our competitors prices, no questions asked.

  3. I.CAR S.R.L.



    United Kingdom

    Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd was founded in 1991 to develop and manufacture solutions to industrial static electricity problems. Fraser manufactures a complete range of equipment - from market leading, advanced technology products, to simple passive static eliminators.



    The company BEAR-LOCK DEUTSCHLAND, is a Distributor, which operates in the Anti-theft systems, vehicles industry. It also operates in the anti-theft industries. It is based in Berlin, Germany.



    China manufacturer and supplier of security alarm systems, security device, fire alarm, burglar alarm, intruder alarm, perimeter protection, PIR detector, motion detection, gas sensor, smoke sensor, door contact, wireless alarms, home alarms, home security equipment, alarm panel, alarm controls, alarm console, business security, wireless siren, ademco alarm, auto alarm, GSM alarm, pstn alarm, networking alarm, smart telephone alarm, office security device, security system, security alarm kit, professional alarm, smart alarm, alarms. Online shop and low price wholesale are available for worldwide buying. Technical supports for our security alarm systems are provided for all life time.We cooperate with Security Service, Alarm Installer, Security Engineer etc. by providing requested security solution for security project and complete security systems.Welcome to Visit our web at http: //www.vedard.com and contact us.



    Ostec company is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific instruments and equipment, a developer of comprehensive solutions in the production of scientific research equipment. The company picks out innovative technologies and laboratory equipment and instruments, upgrades them by efforts of its engineering departments and brings to the international market the equipment that meets customer requirements and uses customer technologies and applications. The company provides further technical support to the customer as well. Ostec holds its own brands of research and industrial equipment: •RAMOS — microscopes for Raman microscopy and spectroscopy. Research-grade compact and multilaser systems with the options of scanning by galvano mirrors, CARS-microscopy, 3D-scanning. •IROS — Research and industrial online FTIR spectrometers with a selection of cells, optional modules and FiPOS fiber probes for online monitoring of chemical processes. •NIOS — modular scanning nanomechanical testers that can be configured and functionally extended to satisfy any industry or research application. •OCOS — compact spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, digital cameras and single-channel detectors. •GAOS – gas analyzers based on sensors and process mass spectrometer gas analysis systems. •AVOS — active and passive antivibration tables. Ostec is a regular participant of the international trade fairs CNCLS, CDYPE, analytica China, analytica Munich, SciX, ARABLAB, Pittcon, IFEX, MRS



    Forteza is a developer and manufacturer of security alarm systems for perimeter protection of different objects. The product list includes microwave, dual-technology, wire-wave and vibration security sensors as well as wireless alarms systems for intrusion detection. Forteza security systems provide perimeter protection detecting motions of an intruder trying to cross the detection zone. Forteza intrusion detection systems can be integrated with almost any security system and can be a part of the comprehensive security system on the object. Forteza systems are used as burglar alarms for enterprises, critical infrastructure and the oil and gas industry, and correctional institutions. Today our equipment belongs to security devices widely used in the countries of our partners: Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, India, Iran, South Africa and other countries. The manufacturer of perimeter security systems is constantly working on new safety articles, makes trainings for technical staff and provides ongoing support around the world.

  1. AVP. PE


    The company AVP. PE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Anti-theft systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the anti-theft, and anti-theft plates industries. It is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.



    Shenzhen Farctrl Technology Co., Ltd belong to HongKong FARCTRL Group Co., Ltd , is concentrated on mobile phone anti-theft devices, EAS system, GPS system develop, which is integrated of research, production, sales and service. And it’s a high-tech company. Farctrl has its own team, they are optimistic, creative and enthusiastic. We treat “customer first, technological innovation” as our business philosophy. We have successfully our own GPS vehicle service platform, which has its own intellectual property rights. We has set up equipment production processes for museum security system and shopping mall store anti-theft monitoring system. Concentrating on security and service area, Farctrl aims to provide customers with a series of security services, make sure that “There is Farctrl, there is security”.



    Unique solution The feature of the anti vibration mount’s design is the presence of two elastic gaskets and the vibration-damping element. The internal gasket due to the elastic properties of the material improves damping- element’s work. The external gasket serves as an insulator between the metal shelf of bracket and the main building structure . In complectation of VibrOK Elit the internal gasket additionally reduces vibrations of U-shaped bracket.



    The company ARICI RAINERI ELETTRONICA SAS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Anti-theft systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the anti-theft systems industries. It is based in Desenzano Del Garda, Italy.



    The company BETTINI S.R.L., is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Alarms and surveillance - installation industry. It also operates in the Anti-theft systems, vehicles, Anti-theft systems and equipment, Anti-theft systems, vehicles, and Anti-theft systems and equipment industries. It is based in Rho (Mi), Italy.



    The company HESA SPA, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Alarms and surveillance - installation industry. It also operates in the Anti-theft systems, vehicles, Anti-theft systems and equipment, Anti-theft systems, vehicles, and Anti-theft systems and equipment industries. It is based in Milano (Mi), Italy.



    The company FERLABEL S.R.L., is a Distributor, which operates in the Anti-theft systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the anti-shoplifting systems, and anti-theft plates industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.



    The company S DETECT, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Access control - systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the anti-shoplifting systems, anti-theft, antivol vetement, and antivol bouteille de vin industries. It is based in Tourcoing, France.


    Czech Rep.

    NAM system, a.s. - 30 years of technology development A respected producer & supplier of customized hardware & software monitoring technology solutions focused on security applications. We offer technologies & services for surveillance & monitoring of stationary/mobile objects. The NAM technology - technologies for monitoring centres. Customized solutions such as 1Box® ARC & REGGAE communication devices for data transfer in various applications. NSG communication network, GLOBAL/GLOBAL2 radio network. HelpCare is our latest product solution which is a system for calling help (Nurse call). ONI SYSTEM - systems for monitoring & surveillance of vehicles & mobile objects. Among our most successful products are GNSS/GPS monitoring units for vehicles & assets, web portal & mobile applications for vehicle management, applications for agricultural machinery utilization, driving style & ONI economy. Our latest development, the TICK GPS asset tracker. We are built on technical & technological know-how. We enjoy discovering new possibilities in monitoring technologies. We create & are driven by our desire to always create the most suitable solution for every customer. We understand the technologies we work with & know how to implement them in the best possible way. Rely on us, we know what is important in security devices & services. We provide 24/7 support & monitoring of provided technologies.



    The company MECHANICAL LINE SOLUTIONS SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Anti-theft systems, vehicles industry. It also operates in the anti-theft systems for worksite machinery, mechanical anti-theft devices for motor vehicles, satellite burglar alarm, and anti-theft devices for motor vehicles industries. It is based in Milano, Italy.

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