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    Alpis carries out professional and certified translations, apostille certificates, notarisations, interpreting, in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and over 100 languages, 200 language pairs. We have translators and interpreters that are constantly assessed to provide a quality service and high volumes of work for your company. Available online 24/7 and on site from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Offices in Paris and all regions. We provide free quotations in under an hour. Affordable prices, quality and fast turnarounds, adherence to deadlines that mean our clients come back to us year in year out. We work in: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Irish, Turkish, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian, Hindi, Czech, Greek, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Afrikaans and many other languages.



    We would like to offer our services of providing Certified translation for your consideration. We have been awarded ISO 17100: 2015 LICS Certification. We offer translation of brochures, booklets, manuals of equipment s well as IT and business solutions, engineering reports, magazines, and even encyclopedias or any other documents you may need to translate and get professional certified translation at competitive prices and in short time. We are specialized in many translation fields, such as legal translation such as all types of local or international contracts, conventions, as well as cooperation or partnership agreements, tenders offers, judgments issued by the courts, whether Court of First Instance, Appeal or High Courts, whether inside or outside Egypt. We also offer translation services of the judgements and rulings issued by International Arbitration, as well s software, and hardware translation. We translate all types of documents in other different fields, Arabization of websites, translation of financial statements and any papers or documents related to the banks. We also offer software, hardware and mobile manuals translation, as well as innovative translation services in all areas. Our translation process consists of many steps: translation, revision, proofreading and QA which are done by professional and specialized employees. Thank you!


    United States

    Title : Certified Translation Services in TEXAS To Improve Customer Service.Description : Learn what to look after while hiring certified translation services in TEXAS.4 Things To Consider While Hiring Certified Translation Services In TEXASNo matter where you live, translation services have become an integral part of truly multinational businesses. The modern-day businesses deal with hundreds of thousands of customers every day, and hence for them to be able to serve their customers, they need qualified translation services in TEXAS.However, choosing the right company is not as easy as it sounds. Numerous factors play a major role in it and hence should not be ignored at all.Here are four things to consider while hiring translation companies.Expertise over the languages: The very natural thing that comes to mind while hiring a service provider is their expertise in their service. Somethings that you need to ask yourself before jumping into conclusion is as follows: Are the translators certified? How long have they been in the industry? Is their grip on the language and the vocabulary good enough? These questions give you the liberty to understand your document translation services in TEXAS well enough and hence plays a vital role.The Turnaround time: When it comes to business, time is money. One simply cannot ignore it from the equation, and hence time plays quite a vital role. Most agencies would promise a turnaround time, but in reality, very few adhere to it. Work only with age



    We can supply you good quality products for: Handbags, wallets, purses, luggage, man’ bags..etc. (1) High Quality with any certification required for any particular market. (2)Any sizes, material, colors available for every handbag design. (3) The Most competitive price (4) Small order acceptable, we also accept mixed items order. (5) Prompt delivery for samples and goods. If you are looking for an honest, reliable business partner, we are the best supplier for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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    BeTranslated is a multi-language translation agency that provides services in a wide variety of languages from Europe and around world. Agency specialises in the following languages: Dutch, Arabic, German, Italian, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.We also offer translation services for most main regional European languages: Catalan, Galician, Valencian and Basque. We have extensive linguistic knowledge and experience, and provide a service matched to the needs of our clients.



    Word Point is a company that is ready to quickly and accurately collect and translate all necessary documents or any type of text into more than 50 languages! We have cooperated with customers all over the world among them are students, bloggers, book authors, lawyers who became our return clients or partners as they are satisfied with the quality, delivery as well as the total impression of our services.

  3. GTRA


    GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS is run by a team of passionate translators and interpreters. They enjoy their work and do not believe in borders. The team is made out of highly effective and professional translators and interpreters who work passionately to provide you with the most accurate translation and interpreting services.



    The company ISO TRANSLATION & PUBLISHING, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Translation industry. It also operates in the arabic translations, spanish translations, translation agency, and professional translation agency industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company SIGILLUM SP. Z O.O. ZESPÓŁ TŁUMACZY PRZYSIĘGŁYCH, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Certified translators industry. It also operates in the Legal translations, Translation, Legal translations, Translation, arabic translations, and czech translations industries. It is based in Kraków, Poland.



    The company ARAB CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LUXEMBOURG, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Chambers of commerce and industry industry. It also operates in the arabic translations, chambers of commerce, and legal assistance industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company ARABIC GUIDE IN ITALY, which operates in the Travel and tourism industry. It also operates in the guided tours, arabic translations, travel, and tours industries. It is based in Venice, Italy.

  1. BABUK


    The company BABUK, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Certified translators industry. It also operates in the arabic translations, and professional information for businesses industries. It is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.


    Palestinian Territory, Occupied

    The company ARABIC EDITOR, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Certified translators industry. It also operates in the arabic translations, and proofreading industries. It is based in Biet Lahia, Palestinian Territory, Occupied.



    The company TRADUCTION ARABE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Certified translators industry. It also operates in the translation agency, and arabic translations industries. It is based in Leuze, Belgium.



    The company PROMONORDMAROC, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Interpreters, conference industry. It also operates in the arabic translations industries. It is based in Tetouan, Morocco.



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    Founded in 2015, Trad’Zine offers its clients, law firms, notaries and legal departments, a range of legal and sworn translation services, using no third parties, into and out of several languages, including: English, Arabic, Spanish and French. Mindful of the need for speed, quality and confidentiality in legal matters, Trad’Zine adapts its services to align with the standards of excellence demanded by law firms and international businesses. The team at Trad’Zine is made up of over 100 expert translators, all legally qualified or specialists in legal translation and comparative law. Thanks to its expert translators, Trad’Zine can supply you with legal translation services as well as custom support for all your linguistic needs and formalities, including legislation on documents and apostilles. Trad’zine uses the very latest linguistic technologies and a translation corpus of over 50 million words to help meet the needs for speed and confidentiality that are so critical to legal professionals. Activities: • Legal translation • Sworn translation • Certified translation • Financial translation • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences, arbitration, hearings, meetings and symposiums.



    Konya Tercume established in 2000. We make translations from Arabic to Turkish, Turkish to Arabic, English to Turkish, Turkish to English. www.konyatercume.online +90-507-876-30-70 arabic to turkish translation turkiye arabic to turkish translation google turkiye translate arabic to turkish language turkiye arabic to turkish google translate turkiye arabic translated turkish series turkiye translate arabic to turkish text turkiye translate turkish to arabic turkiye arabic turkish translation needed turkiye arabic turkish translate turkiye google translate arabic to turkish turkiye translate from turkish to arabic by camera turkiye arabic turkish translation turkiye translation arabic to turkish online turkiye translate from turkish to arabic turkiye from arabic to turkish translate turkiye google translate from arabic to turkish turkiye translate from turkish to arabic voice turkiye arabic turkish translator jobs turkiye arabic turkish translator turkiye translate from arabic to turkish online turkiye translate turkish to arabic photo turkiye translate to arabic to turkish turkiye google translate turkish to arabic text turkiye google translate turkish to arabic voice turkiye translate turkish to arabic with voice turkiye



    Galaxy Lingua is a leader provider of linguistics services in the Middle East. Not just high quality translations and localization in many fields (technical, legal, medical, financial, etc.), but also multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), under both PC & MAC, along with linguistics services for multimedia materials (voice over, Arabic Transcription, and subtitling). We also help our customers to localize their software and mobile apps into ME languages (Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu). We provide also website localization into ME languages. In the future, we plan to offer training service, we are currently able to provide learning of Arabic language, and Arabic translation courses.Galaxy Lingua aim to help people communicate and do business in the Middle East by working together with our clients, and creating a flexible, reliable and open relationship for success. We are creative and proactive to meet tight time-frames with a high-quality service with a cost effective budget



    Arabeya Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language school was established in 2003, located in Cairo, Egypt. Arabeya offers a wide range of programs in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) that are adequate for all levels and requests including intensive short-term seasonal programs, and full-semester/long-term academic programs, which are designed to introduce students to the rich language, culture, and history of Egypt. Also, students are surrounded by Arabic native speakers that provide them with a good environment to acquire the language and experience the culture. Also, Arabeya offers programs for special purposes including Arabic for journalism, Arabic for diplomats, Arabic for business communication, Arabic for translation, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic for thesis helper, online Arabic, Arabic for Islamic studies, etc. For several years, we have been hosting large groups and cooperating with many universities including Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Hunter College, Harvard University, Howard University, and Northeastern University, in addition to ROTC and AROTC. Main Office: Address: 19 Ahmed Al-Hofi St., from Omar Tosson St., Ahmed Orabi, Al-Mohandesin, Giza, Egypt Second branch: Address: 13 Tahrir Sq. Downtown, Cairo, Egypt



    Translation and interpreting expert, sworn translations. Advisory services in translation and interpreting. 1000 professional translators and sworn translators translating into their mother tongue in most language combinations for all types of documents. Translation into all languages: translation into French, translation into German, translation into Spanish, translation into Arabic, translation into English. Commercial, legal and technical translation, of company reports, translation of catalogues, etc. Translation advise, sworn translations, legal translations, contract translations, website translations, advertising translations, patent translations, translation of manuals. Translation via the internet. Translation and photo-composition, DTP in all languages, multi-lingual brochures. Simultaneous interpreters: legal interpretation, commercial interpretation, technical interpretation. Our translation experts are waiting to hear from you. Free quotation in under 2 hours.



    Hi There, Probably You are planing to travel Libya and looking for getting your passport translated into Arabic. Coz you have gone through the news on http: //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7092589.stm where it states "More than 170 passengers on board a charter flight run by France's Air Mediterranee had to do the same (go back to France). They were not allowed to get off their plane which had landed at Sebha airport, in southern Libya." Don't worry, You are just supposed to carry your original passport The translation is done on passport page itself, Then it is attested by Ministry of External Affairs It normally takes two working days.


    United Kingdom

    At All-round Translations, we ‘translate to generate’. Our professional translation services use our vast knowledge in marketing, interpretation and linguistics, to generate accurate and effective translations for your international business. Our experienced team operate 24/7, building a universal understanding to help you go global.Managing professional translation can be tricky but there's no need to feel lost in translation. From our offices in the UK and Switzerland, we can connect you with native language translators in 150 languages. Whether it's French, German, Chinese or Arabic, we provide translation services for you and your business.Our skilled linguists can translate from source, any document, website copywriting or business proposal into your desiredlanguage. Unlike other translation companies, we don't just translate word for word. Our professional translators do more, they consider audience and purpose and tailor your words to suit your clients.All of our translators are



    IT-learning and translation is an IT translation service provider, the main activities can be summarized in the following services: Translation Services Educational Services Web Design Software Design Computer Maintenance we are offering the translation services for different languages with specializing in Italian, English, and Arabic translations. Having more than ten years experience of professional translation and localization, the company Translations has come to be associated with service excellence and high quality translations. Our Approach Our Translations is unique among other in that we provide: Free translation samples. Provide services in the mean time. Flexible Production Teams to help meet your needs Transparency in location that allows us to communicate and serve customer all over the world. Competitive prices.



    Fixer in Turkey & Translations As a fixer in Turkey: We provide Location, Filming production fixing, Filming permit fixing, Transportation, Research, Pre-production, Casting, Equipment & Crew, Turkish - Kurdish - Zaza - Arabic - English Translation, Freelance Journalist services and Permit to visit refugee camps for Documentaries, TVs, Media agencies, associations, Newspapers, Feature films with vast amount of contacts, for 21 years of experience and many good stories in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Diyarbakir, East and southeastern Turkey, as well as Iraqi and Syrian borders of Turkey.



    Language Translation Ltd has been in translation market service since 2008. During this time, we have built professional teams which are able to provide accurate, reliable and cost-efficient translation service to clients all over the world, including India, USA, UK, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Hong Kong etc, from software, travel, medicine, technical industry, framing industry etc. All of our linguists have related industry background and high level of education which make them capable of presenting high quality of translation or transcription job and meet quality and time frame requirements. We can provide English Chinese translation, English Arabic translation, English Russian translation, English Spanish translation etc.



    Since our inception in 2010, Targmly has become the best choice for translation in the Arab Republic of Egypt , and in the Middle East. Our customers are constantly increasing their confidence in us, because of the high quality of translation provided by us, and our commitment to delivery schedules and fast service with our competitive prices. For each customer’s specific needs. OUR VISION: We believe in the importance of translation. It increases the communication between people all over the world, so we have acquired our translators with a high level of experience and skill. They have been subjected to the proficiency tests, prepared by specialists and professors in all languages ​​and you can communicate with us 24 hours 7 days a week. Our goal is to provide excellent error-free service and to provide you with post-delivery service, to ensure that the translation is compatible with the intended purpose. OUR SERVICES: The translation company provides translation in all languages, ​​such as English, Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Kurdish, Farsi, Spanish, Swiss, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish, and other languages)



    Shehawy for Legal & Financial TranslationShehawy is a highly professional, committed English-Arabic translation team, located in Cairo, Egypt. It has 15 years of intensive experience in various fields of translation, in particular the legal, political and economic ones. It is fully aware of the importance of legal, political and economic knowledge dissemination into the Arab world. It is also fully aware of the importance of such knowledge for the proper working and interaction of Arab legal persons, companies, government agencies, NGOs, and states among themselves within the Arab World and with their counterparts worldwide.Shehawy has a special and focused experience in translating U.N. instruments, agreements, conventions, protocols, and all UN-related documents from English into Arabic. It also serves as a reliable, trustworthy, and very accurate and deadline-committed legal translator for all legal and commercial transactions between Arab companies and entities and their business p



    Tour Bulgaria helps Arabic customers from Gulf countries who want to visit bulgaria, we provide air tickets + hotel and apartment reservations + cars + drivers + translation from Arabic to Bulgarian and English



    Arabic to English translation Factory Madonna Scarves have been created since 10 years, and we export to all over the world where we are manufacturer and export company, import and we work designs and displayed on the client to choose the size and colors required and we have Cotton pad and print sizes big and small, colors and multiple fixed and raw materials is good and prices do not accept the competition you can contact us at Any time on the telephone0020101227382-0020101153722

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