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    Preservatech is the industry-leading provider that specializes in the measurement and control of environmental conditions in museum showcases and other applications. We have been providing complete solutions for environmental monitoring and microclimate control for museums and other applications for more than 15 years.We work with some of the most well-respected museums in the world to preserve priceless artefacts, and we are privileged to be a part of their team. Our solutions help protect these treasures from the damaging effects of fluctuations in humidity and temperature, helping to extend their life and preserving our cultural heritage. We also provide solutions for other industries such as health care, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and manufacturing. Preservatech offers the most comprehensive range of microclimate control systems for museums and other institutions which require humidity and temperature control in display cases and other enclosures. Our systems provide precision control of relative humidity (RH) and temperatures from 5-95% RH and 5-35°C, allowing for perfect climate conditions for any type of exhibit or collection. We offer a wide range of products and services, from environmental monitoring to custom-built microclimates, so that we can provide a solution that is perfect for each client’s needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    Established in 1984, Erlas Advertising is an architectural theming and advertising company in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 39 years of experience, we aim to make dreams come true in the 3D advertising sector. In our 1600 m2 closed production center, we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and design for corporate and private projects using the latest technology. We manufacture theme parks, advertising models, monuments, sculptures, urban furniture, stage decor, and many more to be discovered on our website. With our 3D and CNC technology, iron and wood workshop, and fiberglass and Styrofoam product manufacturing, we have all kinds of technical qualifications to fulfill your wishes! At Erlas Advertising, we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our expert team consists of engineers, sculptors, painters, architects, and graphic designers who works to provide high quality in all ends. Our applications include different domains : •Theme park design and applications •Museum design and applications, •3D dimensional advertising models, •3D mock-ups, •Military Training and Multi-Purpose Mock-Up Production •City furniture, •Sculptures, •Stage decors and many more! Our production follows European standards, with a creative and innovative point of view. We provide reliable post-manufacturing assembly service to ensure complete delivery of your product. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    The company LA TOUCHE ORIGINALE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Art and art galleries industry. It also operates in the items for mural decorations, wallpaper - printing, interior decoration, and large format digital printing industries. It is based in Schiltigheim, France.



    Tetixbee is a promotional marketing and trading company of handmade works of art created by Greek artists, using nature as their raw material.The tetixbee company is Athena’s creation, a woman who turned her love for the beauty and tradition of the Mediterranean into an online platform, bringing together the world market with the artists of Greece. The thematic categories of the works are inspired by Mother Nature and each one of them could narrate the nostalgic history of an entire place. The sea, the divine vineyard, the royal oak and simple materials of the earth come together in the hands of the artist and take unusual, oneiric shapes.Having nature as the biggest “supplier”, the result could be nothing but unique, impossible to replicate in every detail. For this reason, tetixbee’s visitor chooses a design, knowing they will receive a work which could not exist again in exactly the same way. In short, this is the story behind tetixbee, the company that Athena created in order to bring Greece and its art closer to the whole world. A philosophy that is obvious with the first reading of the name “tetixbee”, a game in two languages. Tetix from the ancient greek word “τέττιξ” which means cicada and bee…… like a new Aesop’s fable, which playfully mixes the present with the past, the nature and its magic contrasts.



    Producent and manufacturer of souvenirs , hand made products of best quality, handmade angels from ceramics, handmade, pottery , decoration, handcrafts, beauty angels.our company are products of best handmade angels from best materials of big quality.

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    OLIVE WOOD LUXURY / Our company Olive wood Luxury is located in sfax the homeland of the Holy olive tree in Tunisia. We are specialized in manufacturing and trading all kind of olivewood products for worldwide exportation. OLIVE WOOD LUXURY The variety of our products is unlimited, our company has possibilities to produce whatever our customers desire : Salad bowls, Salad servers, Dishes, Chopping boards, Spatulas, Fruit bowls, Kitchen products and kitchen utensils. The range of our products is large and it is constantly being updated in accordance with the wishes of our customers. We pay good attention to great details to what the customer orders; AT OLIVE WOOD LUXURYwe use only the premium olive Wood from Sfax Tunisia , and we have everything organized so our customers can order in a convenient way: Packing, shipping, delivery and freight rates etc: OLIVE WOOD LUXURY



    Opus Art Projects Inc. is a global art consultancy specializing in curating thoughtful and well-edited art collections for hospitality, corporate and residential clients. With 20+ years of experience, we are adept and knowledgeable in all facets of the process. From curation to installation, we work with all of a project’s key players to facilitate a successful and seamless integration of artwork into a space. Artwork that will engage the audience, enliven the environment and tell a story. Opus Art Projects is a collaboration between Laura Wood and Dawn Tyrrell; We are two art consultants / creatives who are wholeheartedly passionate about art. Our vision is to bring about meaningful emotions that resonate with the viewer - telling your story with art. Having met working at the same distinguished art consultancy, we both refined our aptitudes and now focus on meaning as the core of our practice. We believe great art collections are curated with content, evoking rich narratives and engaging viewers with emotional connection and beauty. https: //opusartprojects.com/ https: //www.facebook.com/OpusArtProjects https: //www.linkedin.com/company/opus-art-projects https: //twitter.com/OpusArtProjects https: //www.instagram.com/opusartprojects/ https: //www.pinterest.ca/OpusArtProjects/


    United Kingdom

    THE ART OF VAN RENSELAR - ILLUSTRATIONS FROM LOST STORIES Van Renselar is a digital artist who paints directly on screen and produces each picture as a giclee image on canvas (or sometimes paper). He is primarily concerned with illustrating his own imaginative view of life using composition, colour and an ever-evolving form of symbolism to create intriguing and strikingly different art. He takes ideas from experiences which are visual, cerebral and emotional in nature. As he says, "I want to use my knowledge of colour, image and line to make pictures which involve and intrigue the viewer. As some music can take on a different meaning after it has left the composer's pen, I encourage the viewer to create their own story about the meaning of the picture.” All paintings can be purchased direct from Van Renselar's website.



    PHILIPPE CONRAD is an artist and painter specialising in marine subjects such as seascapes, paintings of boats at sea, paintings of sea views, paintings of harbours, paintings of fishing ports, paintings of boat and yachts in canvas, paintings of yachts. Discover the collections of paintings by PHILIPPE CONRAD and make your choice from the unique paintings of seascapes and yachts at sea carefully presented in personalised frames. Marine paintings by Philippe Conrad are on sale around the world and orders are accepted, be these for marine paintings or other subject such as portraits (people or animals), landscape paintings, automotive paintings, aviation and aircraft paintings, train paintings and all other forms of transport.



    Design Art Decor Co., Ltd We are a professional factory in developing, designing and manufacturing of Handmade oil paintings , canvas prints and metal art . have around 48 talented artists working in the own factory . What services we provide? ● 100% hand-painted - Textured Oil Wall Art. ● 2000+ designs suitable for any customer. ● Unique and Modern Products. ● Different Sizes Available for your display: Large Multi-panels, Uni-panels, and Small sizes. ● Large Inventory for fast Delivery (5-6days). ● No minimum order on the Paintings or Metal wall Art Or Sculptures. ● Large Statistical Database : Best Seller Statistics by region and city (Canada/USA). ● Fully owned Studios allowing us to create specific Product lines for your customers. ● Online Categories / Print Categories.● New Designs every Month from our artists. ● Branding Solutions for Large Retail



    MAISON HALTER is an international platform for antique ethnic jewellery from other cultures (India, Central Asia, Far East, Oceania, etc.). Online boutique, Ogone secure payment, guaranteed Fedex delivery. Michel Halter is a law graduate and renowned specialist in antique and ethnic jewellery, both as a seller and a legal expert. He is a member of the Belgian Association of Surveyors. For thirty years, his passion has driven him to seek out the most extraordinary pieces. He has drawn his knowledge from travelling far and wide, his expert trained eye and his warm welcome are your pledge of making a quality purchase. Our collection grows with the passing of time to offer you an expanding range of rare and sought-after items. Available every day by appointment by telephone 0032 477 609 613 or by email: michel.halter@skynet.be



    Portrait on commission and oil painting from photo by artist Sabrina Del FreoFirst of all, the artist begins her work studying a drawing then concentrating her attention on faces peculiarities and looking at their expressions, she finally paints a portrait that fully reflects the personality of the one who wants to be portrayed.ARTISTSabrina Del Freo is a talented painter and portraitist. The painter paints beautiful true to life portraits. Otherwise, it is possible for her to paint portraits looking at any size photographs you would like to send her.Sabrina Del Freo was born in Pescia (Tuscany, Italy) on October 3rd 1975. She took a degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.


    South Korea

    Youngjin Frame Co., Ltd. is a Korea's major company devoted to the production of MDF mouldings. For more than 25 years since its foundation in 1985, Youngjin Frame has made steady efforts to meet customer needs and satisfaction concentrating on research and development and accumulating technological know-how and expertise. Over the years it has grown into a leading company in the industry. We, at Youngjin Frame, are committed to provide the best products all the time.We try to provide our customers with carefully selected products conforming to internationally recognized quality standards such as ISO9001. That is how we instill in them the belidf "Youngjin Frame's products are reliable" and that is why our products have gained high reputation from domestic and overseas markets. We will continue to listen to what our customers say.


    Czech Rep.

    Artspacedream is a small family-owned private online gallery, an original art shop. All the paintings presented are unique. We do not pursue the number of artworks; we collaborate with a narrow circle of artists we know well. However, we are always open to new acquaintances, meetings with talented people. In our art online shop one can buy only original paintings created by artists from different countries. Our artwork collection is represented by different styles: symbolism, impressionism, abstraction, contemporary, surrealism, naive art and outsider one and others. Our paintings will surely decorate your house and interior. Choose your painting with heart and sense. Our collection is constantly replenished with new artworks of pictorial art. Choose a painting for yourself in the style that is close to your soul and mind. We sell art for the soul, art for life, art for the home. We will our art work to be found in different parts of the world. Choose in our gallery the artwork that you like most. It will be delivered neatly to your door other location you have stated. Details of the delivery.



    We are Xiamen Super-art CO.LTD. We professionally supply museum oil paintings , portrait oil paintings from real life photos and commercial oil paintings for wholesales.The oil painting we supply with high quality and competitive price. Our oil painting studio in the world garden city xiamen island, is one of the largest oil painting bases in China.Our studio has more than 100 regular senior artists and thousands scatted artists and always has large stocks. Some famous reproductions we make: Van Gogh Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet… Would you mind to visit our website: www.super-art.com to know more about us.



    I work with *Highest Quality Materials to ensure the Longevity of my Artworks. My limited edition Modern Contemporary Artwork on High-Quality Museum Canvas is a reproduction of my original painting Abstracta Color Game (Jeux des formes et des Couleurs) from 2011. Each Limited Edition on High-Quality Museum Canvas (Giclée) comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, is signed and dated. These will go great with many decor styles. Perfect for many different styles or just to have a burst of inspiration as part of your decor. This is my signature and the one will make them Unique Walls of your Home or you’re Company, Exclusive and According to your Wishes and Visions. This is because it catches the Eye at a Glance and makes Your Room look Exclusive. Reproduction on High-Quality Canvas (Fine Art Giclée), faithfully reproduced in a Limited Edition of 10. Mounted on a stretcher and then hand trimmed and treated with a coat of varnish, which protects the canvas from moderate amounts of scuffing, UV light exposure, moisture and humidity as an original work. The similarity between original and reproduction is very high!


    Viet Nam

    Creator of oil paintings reproductions and acrylic paintings on canvas of the greatest painters, the gallery ALHUILESURTOILE.com is founded on the desire to offer all those who can not acquire portraits and original paintings of their favorite old masters (Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Dali, Gauguin, Renoir, Kandinsky, Modigliani, Degas, Cezanne, Matisse, Botero, Vermeer, & Da Vinci to name just a few) or contemporary artists, a beautiful true copy with a reduced price (direct from our studio). This is not a simple copy, but a genuine reproduction of a work of art hand-painted in oil or acrylic on canvas of high quality which will bring the same emotion that the original painting. Custom portait paintings and masterpiece fine art reproductions on canvas at reasonable price. Real hand-painted paintings for home and office decoration or interior art decor. With ALHUILESURTOILE.com, art is finally brought to all.



    We are an oil painting studio from Xiamen, China, having been specialized in producing and exporting oil paintings and frames for 11 years.Pls kindly visit our website www.toperfectart.com .On our website, you can check our full catalogue and price for each picture and size. We supply: 1: High quality old master reproductions. 2: Modern abstract, flower, animal, streetscape, landscape oil paintings, ect... 3: Wooden frames and stretcher bars. 4: Oil paintings from Custom photographs. 5: Stock oil paintings for prompt shipment. 6: Original oil paintings by local artists. We sincerely welcome you to join us. Any inquiries from you will get our prompt and serious response.



    Xiamen LKL Fine Arts Co.ltd was established in 2005, she is located in Xiamen.Xiamen city is one of the largest oil painting production bases and with a reputation as "the world's garden".LKL Fine Arts supplies high quality oil paintings and frames worldwide to customers like: Art galleries, Interior designers, Home furnishing stores and many other art retailers.Our painting selections are rendered from reproductions of old masters to contemporary artists'originals.We have styles from traditional classics, colorful impressionistic to contemporary abstracts, and much more for all of your various need and budgets.Hundreds of professional artists and painters are always ready to do quality jobs for you.



    I was born in Estonia. Tartu Art College of Fine Arts acquired the education distance learning courses. My teacher was Silvia Jõgever. I started making art seriously in 1999 I have organized exhibitions 42nd preparation is always one or two exhibitions. I also designed according to the client.Important to have arts education in real life, and every moment. Moving Continuous learning situation and to take a variety of challenges.For me it combines the visual language of all the world's languages​​. Visually communicate a universal message of nature, which can feel a deep respect and love. It can be said that, through the power of love by my works.For all the paintings collected personal information (materials), each country has its own entity.During the summer a lot of paint in the wild and also exciting trips I made a painting camps and activities. Creations By doing so, we get the answers to your questions, which we enditki often surprising. Themselves through the color options are li


    United Kingdom

    Here at Mark Mitchell Paintings and Drawings we house some of the very best works of art from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. We take pride in having some of the best lesser known artists' works on offer, and with our collection are trying to promote their work to a greater audience.As the work we have in our gallery is by lesser known artists, the work is consequently rarely seen in the open market. If you want to see real talent that has gone under the radar due to their more fashionable contemporaries, then our gallery has the perfect pieces for you.example of a world class artists with little recognition by the general public is William Gowe Ferguson. With pictures in the Louvre, the Tate, the Musée des Arts décoratifs de Bordeaux and the Manchester City Art Gallery, he is an esteemed and talented artist. We can give you the opportunity to view and purchase this fine art, allowing you to be the proud owner of fine British and European art without the hefty pricetag.


    United Kingdom

    The Gallery Soho can be hired on a dry hire basis where we simply provide the venue or our on-site events team can fully cater for your event. The venue’s ideal central London location has great transport links making easy access for clients.Arranged over two floors, different event requirements can be catered for on different levels of the building. Each floor has a maximum capacity of 150 people which allows us to cater for both small and large events by opening up different parts of the building. The gallery has a fully equipped on site kitchen and bar, HD projector and Bose sound system.



    We are a professional and reliable hand-painted oil painting manufacturer and exporter from Xiamen, China, All of our products are 100% handmade by professional artist.We can paint various kinds of oil painting such as impressionism classicalism, contemporary and modernism, landscrape, still life, portrait, abstract, animal and so on. We also can creat the oil painting from your photo .Our products have been exported to America, Europe, Middle East ect for many yeas, We get a good reputation from our clients . For more details , pls kindly visit our website: www.paintingoly.com, we sincerely welcome the customers from all of the word to contact with us , negotiate with us and establish business relationship with us , sincerely appreciate and thanks for your support . website: www.paintingoly.com email: artonly.xm@gmail.com

  4. BAYFRONT3000


    Collection of STUDY! Portraits of a much bigger work! ! By Famous Artist 1700s /1800s Market Price $20, 000 to $45, 000 EUR. Selling at eBay.ca at Auctions prices ! Hurry! ! Don't miss out! ! ! .Great! Investment! ! For the future! ! . eBay items copy paste ID: 284216019306 284209741217 284044610351 284220939138 284255216835 Visit my other Rarities of the WORLD! ! Antiques Document! ! Hurry! ! Don't miss out! ! ! . http: //bayfrontart30000.etsy.com International shipping Available! ! Antiques Art Antiques Old Books Gold Rings Potraites Napoleon Statue China Antiques Rare aciant artefacts Roman Dzi China ceramic tea pot Antiques Prints old maps Egyptian objects Roman Documents Cabinet Cards George Washington Presidential USA Antiques Watch Onex China Jade Art dolls post cards Antiques world coins http: //rover.ebay.com/rover/1/706-53473-19255-0/1? icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=284216019306&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229529&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111 http: //rover.ebay.com/rover/1/706-53473-19255-0/1? icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=284255216835&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229529&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111



    We are a professional produce and exporter of oil paintings for art lovers around the world.We offer commercial oil paintings, high quality oil paintings and museum quality oil paintings to meet with the demands of various oil paintings market. We can reproduce various kinds of oil paintings such as impressionist modern painting , scenery, seascape, still life, animal, garden scene, abstract, classical, commerce oil painting and so on. Our artists also can turn photographs into beautiful portrait paintings.We cordially welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us, not only for the business, but also for the communication.



    Like every business, art has someone who creates “goods”, there are merchants, and there are customers. Nowadays it’s hard to find a gallery to work with an optimal profit. I have to mention frankly that it is not impossible. But every artist needs a platform to present the artworks. An exhibition needs a showroom, staff, and there are bills to pay. My online gallery is free for every artist, who wants to show his/her talent to the public. I encourage every painter, sculptor, wood carver, or any kind of artist to register. My percentage is 10%, but only if an artwork is sold through my website. No hidden fees, no fraud. But, I've decided to share my benefit with the public. Whoever registers to the system, will get the opportunity to invite others. If the member's invitee buys an artwork, 2, 5% of the final price will be added to the members balance. Every upper level member in the invitation chain will receive half the amount every step.



    SHENZHEN LUCKY CLOUD OIL PAINTING ARTS&CRAFTS CO., LTD., is a top outstanding manufacturer of handmade oil paintings in China, which is engaged in the research, development, production and sale of oil paintings, and professional in 100% Handmade Canvas Oil Painting, Wall Art, Lacquer Painting, Canvas Printing.The factory building is more than 3000 square meters. For the time being, there are more than 200 experienced staff in our factory now.Our company aims at running on the international way in order to be a world famous art city. Professional designers and painters gather here. There is also an enthusiastic creative team in the company. Our products are unique and original , which is leading a art fashion in the painting world. Besides, long term cooperation with European countries makes Lucky Cloud Oil Painting more and more competitive.


    United Kingdom

    Personal Artworks UK is the website of professional artist Peter Bamber, provider of bespoke hand drawn portraits of dogs, cats and people. All artwork commissions undertaken, are created capturing every minute detail of the subjects being drawn.I have always had a real passion and drive to produce the finest artwork possible, whether that be a pet portraits, people portraits, or a wild and wonderful subject. My photorealistic style has grown hugely in popularity over the lest few years, with some of my customers stretching to as far as Australia and Asia. Take a look through my gallery, containing a few of my most recent commissions, but don’t let this blinker you, I can undertake literally any artwork subject you want. Over the years I have worked in every medium, from loose pastel styles, through to oils and acrylic, resting on graphite and coloured pencil as my favoured medium, primarily for the detail that can be captured with this medium. It gives me concise control and precision to produces the finish that I need in all my pencil portraits to give my work a photo-realistic edge that is highly desirable by all my customers.When I first started to do commissions at the age of 14, I covered all manner of subjects from formal people portraits to some more unusual subjects, - film stars, sporting events, and even Wildlife!



    Shenzhen Fine Art Studio was founded in 2000, and then registered in 2006 as Shenzhen Fine Art Co. Ltd with import and export license.Shenzhen Fine Art produces high quality paintings, prints, mixed media artworks, sculptures and different art decorations. Our main customers are galleries, hotels, department stores, wholesalers etc, they are from the Europe, the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia and many other countries around the world.Teaming with talented designers and artists, Shenzhen Fine Art creates new models and featured designs every season, we are also flexible to tailor design for you.We take greatest care of product quality, and deliver in time. Our excellent customer service has also earned us many happy customers with a win-win relationship in long term.Bring art to your life and space; we look forward to creating value for you!


    Hong Kong

    ClassicArtSpace.com offer oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories, including Abstract oil paintings, Impressionism oil paintings, Still life oil paintings, Landscape oil paintings, Animal, Mediterranean Sea, Flower, Cottages Oil Painting, etc. Our painters are all talented artists with Bachelor degrees, museum quality is guaranteed. All of our oil paintings are hand painted with its special meaning. We are one of the earliest leading oil painting service companies in the world. Oil paintings are our soul and life. We offer the lowest prices for our masterpieces oil painting reproduction on the planet.

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