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This time we use fibeglass material, which is suitable for creative designs, for decorative purposes in buildings such as shopping malls and hotels. We use fiberglass quality from advertising and promotion stands to stage decor, flower beds to sculptures with shopping mall decor works. As Erlas, we successfully carry out the design and production of decorations that decorate shopping centers and hotels on special days and events. We're making Santa Claus models for Christmas, popcorn dummies for movie theaters. By the pool, we install selfie decors for Instagram, ensuring that your guests have fun times. We prepare shopping mall decor, we make hotel decor applications.

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His passion for love, a power so integral, absolute, part of his existence…the trumpeter’s loneliness is annihilated as his trumpet becomes his fellow traveler and his way of expression. The music lovers will recognize the definitive of the feeling, expressed by the unexpected shapes that the rock and the arzanto take.

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Handmade high quality products of ceramics angel

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OLIVE WOOD LUXURY , bol , planche , ustensiles , plusieurs produits artisanaux a base de bois d'olivier ; OLIVE WOOD LUXURY

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Lava stone beads & golden threads in custom acrylic case. 15"H x 7"W x 7"D Special edition of 23 Each edition accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by the artist. Your order is custom created just for you! Please allow for approx. 2-3 weeks lead time (prior to shipping). Handled with white gloves & packaged carefully to reach you safely. Prices may increase as the limited edition run closes. Nebula is a collaboration of Opus Art Collective and Xiaojing Yan to create an intimate Nebula for your own personal collection. In the spirit of Xiaojing's large scale installation Nebula, of worlds and experiences colliding and collapsing, this piece has been created to share in the rebirth we are all experiencing, coming out from the cloud of the last two years into a burst of infinite possibilities.

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Pop art work from David Bowie

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