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    EG ORGANIC HERBS ORGANIC HERBS AND SPICES In 2000, we started exporting our products directly to foreign markets after developing & adding new production lines so we can supply large quantities following the increasing demands. In 2001, we exported our products to many European countries thanks to our high-quality products and competitive offers. Our factory is based in ELFAYOUM (production area) in Egypt of Herbs, Spices, Seeds, h& Vegetables and this gives us the best raw materials to sell at reasonable prices Our factory & warehouses size more than 4000-meter squares, allowing us to produce more than five products in onetime in 2006-we succeeded in exporting our products to the United States, Canada, Latin America & African markets. Nowadays our products are present in 28 countries around the world. We produce : -Herbs -Spices -seeds -Vegetable -herbal tea Our business aims to provide a high-quality product and reliable customer service. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them. All our company actions are respecting nature. Commitment to nature engages us in safeguarding the environment by taking care of resources and adequately handling plantations. Our customer is the most important person for our company, whether visiting, writing, or calling. For other information about our products & services, don't hesitate to contact us as we are here to serve you anytime.



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    LIA MOOS has grown rapidly from strength to strength. It has diverse interests in Exports and Imports Wood Products Like Epal Pallet, Euro Pallet, Biofuel Energy related products like Wood Pellets, Einplus Pellet, Wood Logs, Spruce logs, Sawn timber, Confectionery products, Beauty products, Wheat, Sugar, Edible Oils, Oilseeds, Oil Meal Extractions, Pulses, Lentils, Spices, Packaging materials, Edible Nuts and all kinds of Agro-Produce Commodities and other diverse type of commodities. We are a blessing for manufacturers and suppliers as we serve to create alliances for both. Instilled as a core value, we make sure wherever we go, we leave our mark and treat our contact as family, and as a result we create connections not just clients. We offer customized services and develop a strategic long-term relationship with all our partners, brand owners, the trade, our suppliers and our end-consumers. With relationships across the globe, our geographical emphasis hits the biggest markets is Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America. At LIA MOOS, we want to be sure that our customers don’t have to worry about anything. We will offer you competitive prices and take care of the whole process. From the point your order is generated to it’s completion we provide the best service. Our focus is to source branded goods at competitive prices for our customers, to satisfy their demand.



    Jolly Jelly food operates in the Food industry Our vision to our products is to be the best choice to the customers by keeping up all new that has food value and accordant with Islamic Religion in the market Turkish food company in Turkey- Istanbul Emerged by combine old experiments for producing: - FRUIT JELLY ( Jolly Jelly Land; 15gr, 45gr, 90gr ) - ICE POP (Jolly Juice Land ) 85ml - CHOCOLATE BISCUIT (20gr , 40gr) - BASILSEED JUICE (120ml , 210ml ) Our products comply with European standards Our products comply with Islamic standards natural flavors



    Egyptian Exporters Co. is one of the main companies in Egypt specialized in a wide range of Herbs and Spices.



    The company PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO NASIENNE TORAF SPÓŁKA JAWNA, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Grass seeds industry. It also operates in the seeds, basil seeds, flower seeds and fruit plants, and Leguminous vegetable seeds industries. It is based in Kujakowice Górne, Poland.

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    My Regards to everybody at your esteemed company We would like to introduce our Egyptian company .our "pharaoh herbs" for Import &Export Co. which export herbs and spices. We are willing to build business relations with your esteemed company. We can supply medical Herbs, Leaves, Seeds, spices etc.....in raw form and Powder form. Knowing that we are specified in producing, preparing and exporting these products and having clients all over the world, ensures you that you will get good products with the best quality and with competitive prices . Our products includes: Herbs: Chamomile , calendula, hibiscus marjoram , parsley , dill, molokhia leaves , peppermint, spearmint , basil………etc) Seeds : cumin seeds, caraway seeds , coriander seeds, Nigella seeds , fennel seeds, anise seeds) Spices : (ginger, cumin, black lemon, yellow lemon… Garlic powder…dry garlic……etc) We faithfully thank you for the time that you have taken in order to go through this message . Please feel free to contact us in case you need to utilize any of the services that our company provides. We guarantee you complete security. The motto of our company is honesty . We have today low prices for our products. we are waiting for your reply soon . I hope there is work between us shortly. We are serious about it . Yours sincerely



    Mr. Nuts Wholesales is one of the leading company in the department of Nuts, Seeds and Dried fruits. We also sell premium products and make sure they arrive at your desired delivery location. We are a Turkish based trading company involved in the trade of only three variety of products. These are Nuts products for sale, Seeds products for sale and Dried fruit products for sale. We are surrounded by local cultivators who usually do their best on a daily base and our professional team do verify and confirm the quality of all the products sold here. We are the best sales of nuts, seeds and dried fruits / Looking for where to buy nut products? Where to buy seeds products? and where to buy dried fruits? Look no more because Mr. Nuts Wholesales is here for you. Reliable suppliers of Nuts products. We have products ranging from Linseeds/Flaxseeds Sesame seeds, Watermelon seeds, Kalonji seeds, Lotus seeds, Basil seeds, Alfalfa Seeds, Poppy seeds, Hemp seeds, Almond nuts, Brazil Nuts , Cashew Nuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Chia seed, Banana dried fruits, Pecan Nuts, Tiger nuts, Chestnuts, Chickpeas nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, and more. Reliable suppliers of Nuts products. If you are interested in any of our product, kindly contact us here.



    We are a Peruvian company dedicated to creating innovative and natural ingredients to spice up food and improve nutrition of consumers. We want to transmit all the naturalness of the raw materials in the ingredients we create; therefore, we use the latest technology for processing them. We perform this task by respecting local laws and taking special attention to the welfare of the group of people working in the company, involved in the supply chain and the environment. We incorporate innovation and nutrition to our customers' products in a responsible manner! Furthermore, to ensure and improve the quality of the products and the service we offer, we have implemented and certified international quality management systems. Fructus Terrum has experience in the manufacture of a wide range of natural ingredients such as: Annatto seed, Cumin, Turmeric, Ginger, White pepper, Black Pepper, Yellow chili pepper, Limo chili pepper, Mirasol chili pepper, Panca chili pepper, Garlic, Leek, Sweet Potato, Onion, Paprika, Rocoto chili pepper, Canihua, Kiwicha, Maca, Quinoa, Cats Claw, Chia seed, Basil, Cilantro, Huacatay, Oregano, Parsley, Inca Berry.



    One of the leading Ukrainian manufacturing and trading company (since 1998) is looking for foreign partners Our product range includes: - Soups and kissel briquettes, jelly, cream; - Spices (black pepper, red, allspice), bay leaf, other spices; - Seasonings and flavourings; - Popcorn and candy floss; - Food additives (citric acid, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, potato starch, breadcrumbs, mustard powder, cocoa powder, poppy seeds and poppy seeds filling, baking powder etc.); - Baking soda, gelatin, dry milk; - Raisins, peanut; - Easter products; - Clove, ginger, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, barberry, basil, dill, sesame seed, turmeric, mint, marjoram, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, savory, garlic atc.); - Potato crisps/chips; Our goods have traditional high quality and competitive price. If you are interested in cooperation with us (export/import), please contact us


    United Kingdom

    We are manufacturer and distributors in uk and Europe products example Spices Noodles Snacks Water Juices Falooda Basil seeds Herbal tea Biscuits Oil Ghee All kind of sweets, jelly sweets, Pringles, seafood, frozen samosa, spring roll, soya sauce, sauces, rose water, vinegar, chopped tomatoes, chickpeas,



    We are exporter of fresh fruits and vegetable, Dried Fruits, Herbs, Spice from Turkey. We have different kind of packing according our clients inquiry. As below the products is writing: Figs Dried Figs Raisin Apricot Dried Apricot Pine Nuts Pine Nuts Kernel Pistachios Apple Tomatoes Dried Tomatoes Walnut Kernel Walnut Dried Plum Seed of Basil Liquorice Roots



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    ETERIKA LTD. is a Bulgarian producer of essential oils & floral waters, aromatherapy products, cosmetic products for face, hair and body care since 1990. We are located in the Rose Valley, an area in the heart of Bulgaria which provides foremost optimal soil and climatic conditions for growing of the oil-bearing Rose 'Rosa damascena', Lavender 'Lavandula angustifolia' and other essential oil-bearing plantations for obtaining high-quality essential oils from them. Fact that makes us proud: the first batch of Rose oil produced by a private entity in Bulgaria among the existing state distilleries then. A fact certified by Protocol № 1/19.06.1992 by the State Laboratory "Bulgarian Rose" – Sofia issued to our company. In 1996 the brand Eterika® was registered. Our products do not contain paints, synthetic fragrances, animal products; we recycle packaging. In the production and supply of our products we strive to stand out and tirelessly pursue our basic understandings: own raw materials, closed production cycle, natural and pure products, reasonable prices. To all who are intrigued by us and our products, we wish: ‘Expand your appreciation of nature.’ Among our range of products, you will find: ESSENTIAL OILS AROMA BLENDS FLORAL WATERS VEGETABLE CARRIER OILS COSMETIC OILS FOR FACE CARE COSMETIC OILS FOR HAIR CARE MASSAGE OILS FOR BODY CARE HAND MASSAGE OILS HEEL MASSAGE OILS BULGARIAN ROSE PRODUCTS PACKAGING FOR COSMETIC PRODUCTS AROMA ACCESSORIES COLLAGENS AND SUPPLEMENT



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    SYNCHRO Organic Food Poland, we are specialized in nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs, we've firmly established ourselves as a trusted presence in the Polish market for over 25 years. Our extensive experience, we excel in sourcing premium nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs from around the world. Our diverse assortment includes exotic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds tailored for oil pressing, such as sesame, evening primrose, chia, and pumpkin seeds. Beyond Nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamias, and mixed varieties. We're your exclusive source for unique selections like Sultanas, mangoes, dates, dried plums, apricots, and candied fruits. A Symphony of Spices like: marjoram, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and more. Explore niche spices such as tej patta, Madagascar aframon, curry leaves, and zaatar. Elevate your culinary experience with our diverse spice blends. Teas and Botanical Wonders: our curated teas and herbs from India, including black, green, and white teas. Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Brahmi, Amla, Ashwagandha, and more. Embracing Our Homeland, from Poland: groats, millet groats, evening primrose seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and Italian (Greek) nuts and dried carrots, parsley, flax seeds, green beans, and vibrant beans. With certified excellence and dedication to quality we deliver exceptional organic offerings tailored to satisfy your cravings.



    Based in Vienna, Austria, ANURAS is a supplier of Medicinal Herbs and Plants, Spices, Natural and Plant resins, Seeds and dried fruits since 2017. Our product range includes Saffron, Caraway seeds, Rosa Damascena buds, Galbanum, Asafoetida, Lavendar and Chamomile. These products are native to Austria and Iran, the latter being famous for traditional medicine. It has several climates, which enables us to grow a great variety of plants. The managers of this company own another company in Iran which directly provides high quality products at reasonable prices from local farmers and send them to the Austrian company. Then the Austrian company after receiving European and international standards and licenses sells products in bulk and packed. This method eliminates brokers in other countries and delivers high quality Iranian and Austrian products directly to cooperators around the world at reasonable prices. In addition to sending through the Austrian company, all our products can be sent directly from the Iranian company in order to reduce costs. Our mission is to provide high quality products at the best prices with beautiful packaging. Today we export our products all around the world. Moreover, our goal is to create a global network and establish lasting relationships with our partners as we work with farmers who offer the best quality crops to buyers and customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We export Asian exotic authentic food and beverage products. We have a wide range of products and sizes such as sweet chilli sauce, coconut cream, rice noodles, pickles, beverage, snacks, confectionery and detergents. We are a reliable wholesale import export company based in Australia offering high quality, locally sourced fresh fruits, vegetables and FMCG products. We are primarily serving importers and buyers from all over APAC - however, we have the potential to cater to many more markets around the world. We are always seeking to strengthen our business and welcome enquiries from all potential customers. Our factories are HACCP / BRC certified.  We supply a wide range of products from Australia, Germany, China, Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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    LE DOMAINE DES AROMES PROVENCAUX is a farm and distillery which has several hundred acres devoted to growing conventional and organic aromatic plants. We produce and sell a complete range of conventional essential oils, hydrosols, seeds and more. Our young, dynamic team works hard to meet the wide-ranging needs of our agricultural business. Production of essential oils and hydrosols, flower waters, dried plants, lavender, lavandin, oregano, marjoram, sage, camomile, pine, juniper, cade juniper, lovage, carrot, angelica, valerian, inula, coriander, fennel, tarragon, lemon balm, mint, basil, garlic, thyme, rosemary, yarrow, bay, nettle, cornflower, hemp, dill, helichrysum. We supply our essential oils to professionals. Our products are 100% natural and produced in France. Awaiting Ecocert and Demeter certification for the biodynamic range. You can order our products in bulk.



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    We started our tasty and spicy journey of spices, aromatical and medicinal herbs and oil seeds in 1952 year. Since 2012, on the 3rd generation of our family enterprise, we proceed to improve ourselves to give best service and to offer larger product range to our customers. Below you can see our whole product range. Spices & Herbs; Laurel leaves whole, bay leaf, oregano, rosemary, linden leaves, linden flowers, cistus, sage, licorice (liquorice), red pepper, isot (Urfa pepper), mint, sumac, thyme, lady's mantle, chamomile, dried spanish lavender, orange flowers, basil leaves, parsley, safflower petals (casubha), tarragon (estragon). Oil seeds & Nuts; Pinenut, gallnuts, poppy seeds, aniseeds whole - siftings, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, nigel seeds (nigella), mahleb (mahlep - mahaleb), flax seeds (linen seeds), cherry seeds, cherry stones (cherry pits), bitter apricot kernels, apricot stones (apricot pits), bitter orange seeds, dried grape seeds (monastrell seeds), watermelon seeds, fig seeds. Dehydrated Vegetables (Dried Vegetables); Dried eggplants, dried artichokes, dried tomatoes, dried pumpkins, dried celeriac, dried carrots, dried onions, dried purslane, dried okra, dried green beans, dried redbeet, dried spinach, dried capers, dried cabbage, dried leeks, dried radish. Herbal Teas & Tea Ingredients; Cherry stems (cherry stalks), immortelle (draft everlast), yarrow (old man's pepper), St. John's wort, artemisia, hawthorn flowers and leaves, butcher's broom roots.



    Berlik Spices company from Egypt. We are specialized in Manufacturing and Exports for Herbs, Spices, Seeds and most of Medicinal aromatic plants in all forms and all types whether Conventional & Organic. In fact, we have been already exporting to many countries such as: (USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa and others, , ) Our main products for export as following: Spices: Parsley, Basil, Marjoram, Oregano, Dill, Thyme, Savory, oregano….. and much more. Herbs: Spearmint, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sage.. Seeds: Fennel, Caraway, Coriander, Anise, Sesame, Fenugreek, Sunflower, .… Our company is certified (EC 834/2007, FDA, ISO 22000 and we have implemented HACCP) We are considered in The Main Area of Production in Egypt for These Products, So, we are sure completely that we will supply you: • The Top quality of products. • The Competitive prices.



    We are Alaghsan Co. for Herbs & Spices, manufactory, processor & Exporting Company of all Egyptian Herbs, Spices &Dehydrated vegetables, We are supplying our products to ​worldwide market ​12 years ago, so we have a wide experience in needed quality specifications, Documentation , package & Labelling in addition to our reasonable prices because our factory located in heart of production area of most Herbs & Spices in Egypt.our company was participated as an exhibitor in WFM 2015, SIAL PARIS 2016, ANUGA 2017( our main products) //- Basil Crushed- Marjoram Green- Parsley Leaves (Sun Dried / Machine Dried)- Dill Tips (Sun Dried / Machine Dried)- Coriander Leaves (Sun Dried / Machine Dried) & Seeds, - Peppermint (Crushed / whole leaves)- Spearmint (Crushed / whole leaves)- Fennel Seeds- Caraway Seeds- (Chamomile Flower /Industrial grade)- Hibiscus (flower/ TBC/ slices)-Verbascum Flowers- Dehydrated Onion, and many other products



    ​Organic Land is a manufacturer and exporter of organic or conventional herbs, spices, and seeds from Egypt to worldwide. Organic Land has been growing, exporting, and processing organic herbs, spices, and seeds for fourteen years. We serve a dynamic market worldwide, especially the Asian, American, and European markets. We have the highest certification of quality (NOP - EC - ISO 22000 - ISO 1800 - ISO 9001). Here are our main products: Marjoram, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Spearmint, Calendula, Olive Leaves, Oregano, Thyme, Hibiscus, bay leaves, Molokai, Dried Lemon, Lemongrass, Sesame Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Nigella seeds, Fenugreek, Coriander Seeds, White Sunflower Seeds, Cumin Seeds, and Anise seeds. We promise the highest quality and best prices. If you are interested in doing business with us or have an interest in any of our products please feel free to contact me. It will be great to hear from you. In the meantime, please stay safe and well. Best Regards, Osama Organic Land Co.



    "Al Tamim Herbs Co. for Imp & Exp" was engaged in processing and exporting of all agricultural products in particular herbs, spices, seeds, grains.We are an Egyptian company was founded following 10 years' experience in the field of agricultural food crops. It is the result of many years' experience. We know that the powers nature has so, we capture the essence of nature for best health and wellbeing. We must preserve our reputation; it is our heritage. Our company is a close-knit team of professionals with many years of experience in international trade.The company started trading inside Egypt for 5 years then developed actively for exporting the products to Europe, Southeast Asia and all world. Our company do business competently and with dignity. We value our reputation as a reliable partner. we are in constantly developing and always interested in complying the customers' requirements.cos2 company star iconWe are dealing in both conventional and organic products such as hibiscus, chamomile, calendula, dill, parsley, marjoram, basil, fennel, caraway, anise, sesame .......etc. Our core business is harmonizing our know-how, using functional and aromatic ingredients to develop delicious and innovative culinary creations for your enterprise.We comply with all quality standards to upgrade our products according to ISO 9001 requirements. And backed by a professional team capable of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.We promise you the highest quality, keep prom



    We're happy to present you our company ‘‘allimony spice‘‘ for import and export" in the agriculture fields, Our Mission is always to make your life more better by serving the market needs of agricultural organic&non-organic crops (Herbs , Spices , Seeds).we provide you high quality products with the most competitive prices . We can give you the best quality and competitive prices which are fit with international markets. We already export to USA, England, Ukraine, Holland, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Turkey and to all the most markets, and know the required specifications for each market Herbs and flowers Calendula Flower - Calendula Petals. Chamomile Flower - Chamomile Industria-lchamomile Pollen- Chamomile TBC. Hibiscus Flower - Hibiscus TBC- Hibiscus Crushed. Basil - Marjoram - Parsley - Dill Tips - Spearmint- -Peppermint -Peppermint TBC- Lemon Grass-Coriander Leaves - Celery Leaves - Rosemary - Dill Stems- Parsley Stems. Spices and seeds Fennel Seeds - Caraway Seeds - Coriander



    we are forest herbs company anewly established exporting company in the field of herbs , spices and seeds.our actvity has started since 2000 inside egypt through producing seeds and herbs. we placed all experiences we had in the past through dealing with all customers in egypt to deal with our foreigner customers and satisfy their needs . our products are : pippermint, marjoram, parsely, celery, dill, basil, sage, anise, cumin, clove, ginger, fennel, sesame, caraway, cardamom, fenugreek, thyme, oregano, rosemary, coriander and saffron. black pepper, red chili pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and turmeric.



    Greenergy is a brand that focuses on creating healthy food snacks. We do this without compromising on delicious taste. Within our production, we are focused on simplicity, since we believe that is the best way to do things. Greenergy only produces products with the highest health and quality standards. Greenergy is successfully collaborating with retail chains and distributors in over 10 markets with the goal to expand to another new international markets.  About our products Raw Balls are a mix of selected vegetables, fruits, seeds and spices. Only 100% natural ingredients are used to make this unique and delicious snack. You will not find animal origin ingredients, palm oil, and its derivatives. Currently 5 different robust flavors are offered: Apple & Cinnamon Blueberry & Salt Green Tea & Apricot Goji & Coconut  Blueberry & Beetroot In addition to Raw Balls, we are also excited to produce our own Fava Beans Chips in the short future. We will have 3 unique flavors for our customers to enjoy: Tomato & Basil Summer Spices Chili & Lemon



    We are a young and fast growing specialized company in processing, packing and exporting bulk dried herbs, seeds and aromatic plants from Egypt. We provide wide range of products processed in our fully automated facility. We are also a certified ISO (9001: 2008), (22000: 2005) and Certified Organic process and Trade under EU (EC 834: 2007- 889: 2008), NOP (CFR: 205) by Ceres Germany. Our speciality is in processing Fennel Seeds , Caraway Seeds , Gold Sesame , Anise , Cumin, Coriander , Basil Leaves , Marjoram Leaves , Peppermint , Spearmint , Thyme , Sage , Lemon Grass , Parsley , Dill , Chamomile and Hibiscus. We supply products according to our client’s detailed specifications as leaves cut, packing size, labelling and steam sterilized products upon client request. Kindly visit our website for further details http: //www.ebers.com.eg/



    Golden Fields is a trusted supplier of conventional and organic herbs in Egypt. It has been in agriculture business since 2010. Golden Fields products are harvested from 100 hectares that are located in "Fayoum". This city is the main source for medical and aromatic herbs/seeds in Egypt - around 80% of Egypt production - because of its pure atmosphere and unique weather. We started as a supplier for the local market, then export began. We have business with most companies in Egypt, and our products are exported to Europe through different export companies. We export to all over the world such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Uruguay, Ukraine, Latvia, U.S.A, Canada, Morocco, England and Ecuador). Our Product range includes: Chamomile, Fennel, Anise, Basil, Calendula, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Spearmint. We are a Certificated Organic Company by ECOA, approved by EU, and we are ISO 22000 Certified.



    Our company BOSTAN is Producer of Naturel oils We are distiller , exporter of Egyptian Essential oils 100% pure and naturel extracted from Aroma & Medicinal Herbs , Spices , Citrus , Flowers , Fruits like Geranium Egypt EO , Marjoram EO, Chamomile Germain EO , Rosemary EO , Thyme EO , Lemon Grass EO , Spearmint EO , Peppermint EO , Basil sweet EO , Tagetes EO , sage EO , Cumin EO , Jasmin EO EtcAlso We produce Egyptian Fixed oils like Black cumin seed oil , Flax seed oil, Rose Of Jericho oil, Mahaleb Cherry oil, Cress Oil, Radish seed oil , Handal Oil , Lettuce seed oil , Etc



    EGYSPICES S.H.V. Company as one of the Egyptian companies which export and import Spices , Herbs and Seeds . We are looking for trust and business for along term .We have many clients all over the world. We have products with high qualities and with comparative prices. We are working in many items as the following: Marjoram , Parsley, Dill, Basil, Spearmint , Peppermint , Rosemary, Thyme, Chamomile, Calendula, Coriander, Anise, Fennel , Caraway , Sesame , Hibiscus, Lemon Grass, Sunflower Seeds , Senna Leaves , Sage and Others items …



    We are ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY.Our wide range of products includes: 1.Menthol products & Related items: Menthol crystals, Peppermint oil , Mint oil(Mentha arvencis), Dementholised mint oil , Liquid menthol, Mint oil, Spearmint oil, Mentha pipretta oil, Thymol Etc.2.Chemicals : Methyl salicylate, Camphor 3.Essentails oils: Citronella oil, Lemongrass oil, Basil oil(ocimum bascilicum), Linalool(ex-basil), Anethole, Clove oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium oil, Nagarmotha oil, Patchouli oil, Cardamom oil, Black pepper oil, Palmarosa oil, Ginger oil, Rosemary oil, Nutmeg oil, Cinnamon oil, Helichrysum italicum, Cedarwood oil, Calamus root oil, carrot seed oil, Davana oil, Gingergrass oil, Juniper berry oil, Vetiver oil etc.4.Spices oleoresins Black pepper oleoresin, Capsacin oleoresin, Cardamom oleoresin, Celery oleoresin, Nutmeg oleoresin, Ginger oleoresin & Paparika Oleoresin.



    Herbs Maker is an Egyptian company working in the field of producing and exporting Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs , Seeds and Spices such as; Chamomile, Calendula, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Fennel, Basil, Anise, marjoram, parsley, caraway, dill and more......... Our company was established as a family company business in 1984. The company started its activity in its own property by the construction of small plants. The main activity in 1984 till 1992 was in cultivation and processing the dried herbs and spices and sells them in our local markets. At the beginning of 1993 we decided to expand our activity to export our production of herbs and spices to the European countries. We succeeded in exporting and establishing a good business relation with many partners in many European countries in the food sector industry.

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