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  • CONDETTA is a subsidiary of August Storck KG in Halle (Westphalia) and an established specialist in functional product solutions for the processing foodstuffs industry. You can find basic ingredients...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Food Processing | bakery products | compound materials | cocoa [+] powdered cocoa | bakery fillings | dessert products | ice-cream | bases for beverages | raw materials | oat-based products | instant drinks | coffee extracts | coffee drinks

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  • a joint venture with the Uelzena Group, a dairy cooperative based in northern Germany. Customers include well-known branded companies and industrial manufacturers of baked goods, confectionery, ice cream, delicatessen, desserts and...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | butter | cream for industrial use | vegetarian cream | organic yogurt [+] fresh cream | flavoured butter | milk fat | baking fats | contractc drying | spray drying | anhydrous milk fat | sweetened condensed milk | milk powder | skimmed milk powder

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    FRANCE- Rouffiac-Tolosan
    ROUFFIAC DISTRIBUTION S.A.S - Verified by Europages

    ...drink, foodstuffs, coffee and tea, milk and dairy products, confectionery, delicatessen, household chemicals, health and beauty, pet food and many others. We provide the best offers and promotions directly to...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Food - import-export | Beverages - import-export | Livestock and poultry - feed | Drinks [+] Coffee and tea | Pet foods | Agricultural Production | Vegetable oils | Dried fruits | Pulses | Cheese | Spices | Baby foods | Non-alcoholic drinks

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    FRANCE- Asnières Sur Seine
    RNC BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    RNC BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2020 and is based in Asnières Sur Seine, France. We are specialised in the import-export of food products, namely garlic, turnips, oranges, olive oil, wine,...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | cheeses and dairy products | Food - import-export | Garlic | Olive oil [+] Wines | Food dispensers | Fruit | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Fish | Eggs | food industry | agrifood industry | food industry | feeders

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    DENMARK- Svendborg
    BYRDAL APS - Verified by Europages

    Byrdal ApS is one of the pioneers of success in the export of Agricultural Products in Denmark, to the neighboring countries and the World! Byrdal ApS strongly deals with Agricultural Products which...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | ORGANIC FARMING | Spices | Import-export - food and agriculture | Wood products [+] Agricultural Production | palm oil | forest cultivation | corn oil | agricultural products | soya beans | saffron | extra virgin olive oil | alcoholic beverages | sunflower seed

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    FRANCE- Villeurbanne
    BCKE KASHRUT - Verified by Europages

    The BCKE (Bureau de Certification Kosher Européen), founded in 1990, is a certification body that issues the "kosher label". It is a quality label for the production of kosher products. Below we...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | certification of dairy products | Quality control and certification | Quality - certification | certification [+] quality certification | certified product | food product quality control | kosher wine | fish product | quality fish products | bureau de certification kosher européen | certification bureau | kosher certification | kosher label

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    FRANCE- Saint Martin Belle Roche
    REGILAIT - Verified by Europages

    Founded a little over 60 years ago, Régilait is the leading company in granulated milk powders and a major stakeholder in the concentrated milk and infant milk markets. Régilait is present in over 60...

    Supplier of: Milk | Milk substitutes for babies | Dairy products | Powdered and condensed milk | powdered milk [+] semi-skimmed powdered milk | organic milk powder | sweetened concentrated milk | unsweetened concentrated milk | skimmed milk | whole milk | flavoured milk | uht milk | skimmed powdered milk | whole powdered milk


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    BELGIUM- Liege
    ASIA EUROPE TRADE - Verified by Europages

    ...cosmetics, beauty & health, perfums, battery). We work without stock to guarantee the freshest production and the best price. So, feel free to send us your inquiry and we will propose you the best solution.

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Beverages - import-export | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary | SWEETS [+] Mineral water | Beer | Food - import-export | Perfume and beauty products | Games and toys | Baby foods | Import-export - textile and clothing | set of luggage | non-food products | private label

    • Milk Kiss Raspberry Milk Kiss Raspberry
    • Promess Whole Milk 20cl Promess Whole Milk 20cl
    • MMM Full Cream UHT Milk MMM Full Cream UHT Milk
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    FRANCE- Aboncourt-Gesincourt
    PATURAGES COMTOIS - Verified by Europages

    The Hauts du Val de Saône cooperative has exported since the early 90's with 60% of its soft cheese production for export (30% outside EU)

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export

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    BELGIUM- Celles
    MATHOT - SOFRA - Verified by Europages

    ...butter maker. Our company packs "extra" quality dairy products. They are wrapped to the strictest hygiene standards! We select the best regional, national and European butters, and pack them using 200 different...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | butter | rochefort cheese | rochefort butter [+] blondel butter | saint jacques butter | floreffe butter | belgian cheese making factory | belgian butter-making plant | celles sur lesse butter | val de lesse butter | butter made for own-label brands | abbaye cheeses

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    DANO FOOD-DELIBELGE® - Verified by Europages ambitious company interested in expanding our product segments and global market presence. We have full confidence in our capabilities and in our vast and growing supplier network to cater successfully to...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Powdered and condensed milk | Sauces | uht milk | whole milk [+] evaporated milk | condensed milk | mayonnaise | baby foods | palm oil | powdered milk | milk for babies | baby milk stage 1-2-3

    Brands : DéliBelge

    • DeliBelge UHT milk Full cream 3.5% DeliBelge UHT milk Full cream 3.5%
    • DeliBelge UHT Skimmed  Milk in bottle 1.5% DeliBelge UHT Skimmed Milk in bottle 1.5%
    • Full Cream Milk Powder Full Cream Milk Powder Dairy products
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    ITALY- Carbonara Al Ticino
    P.A. AROMATICS FLAVORS SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...since 1984. Flavourings for sweet and savoury products, beverages, products for oven-baking, cakes and dairy-based products. Essences and extracts for perfumes and cosmetics. UNI EN ISO 9001.

    Supplier of: Perfumes - essences and scents | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | Food essences | essence | natural flavours for the food and canning industry [+] flavourings for the confectionery industry | natural flavours for the beverage industry | flavours for bakery products | flavours for alcoholic beverages | aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | flavouring products for food | preparations for the beverage industry | production of natural flavourings | natural flavourings

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    POLAND- Warszawa
    FOODCOM S.A. - Verified by Europages

    ...feedstuff industry. We specialize in trade of dairy products; vegetable proteins; food and feed additives. Offer is directed to companies in the B2B sector. Thanks to our team the company has...

    Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | dairy industry | Protein additives | amino-acids | powdered milk [+] full cream powdered milk | potato protein | milk powders | skimmed milk powder | fat filled milk powder | plant-based proteins | feed additives | whey powders | industrial cheese

    • Fresh Butter Fresh Butter
    • Lactic Butter Lactic Butter
    • Whey Butter Whey Butter
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    SPAIN- Sabadell
    PACS CORPORATION - Verified by Europages

    PACS International is a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona that specialises in the worldwide distribution of complete solutions for raw materials, ingredients, packaging (glass, plastic,...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Honey | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Sun protection products | Plastics - packaging [+] Dried fruits | manufacturer of haircare products | food packaging | food additives | personal care products manufacturer | pharmaceutical packaging | make up packaging | grooming products for men | cocoa beans, powder, mass and butter

    • Dairy products Dairy products Milk and dairy products for the food industry
    • Butter and Margarine Butter and Margarine Butter, margarine and substitutes (soft fat) for the food industry
    • Functional ingredients and food additives Functional ingredients and food additives
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    Supplier of: Dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Food - import-export | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | regional and typical cheeses [+] wholesale cheeses | foodstuffs export | supplies for pizzerias | mozzarella for pizza | italian pizza ingredients | cheese factories | mozzarellas | cheese | caciocavallo cheese

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  • The Podere San Vincenzo cheese factory produces Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO. 800 open-grazing buffaloes. Company with certified quality and traceability, the first Italian Buffalo Farm. Buffalo...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Food - import-export | Cheese | smoked provola cheese | fresh cheeses [+] household products distribution | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | cheese factories | scamorza cheese | caciocavallo cheese | buffalo ricotta | mozzarella di bufala campana | lactose-free mozzarella | typical italian products

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  • ...of the best manufacturers of natural cheese and dairy products in Belarus for over 80 years. The production facilities of Byelovezhskije Syry are located in an environmentally safe area of the country, 20 km away from the Bialowieza Forest. The...

    Supplier of: cheeses and dairy products | dairies | Cheese | Food - import-export | Miscellaneous products of animal origin [+] gouda | foodstuffs - import/export | farm-churned butter | foodstuffs | wholesale foodstuffs | producer of food products | fresh wholemilk butter | semi-hard cheese | hard cheeses

    • Melted butter ghee Melted butter ghee
    • Cheese Queen of Spades with walnut flavor Cheese Queen of Spades with walnut flavor
    • Cheese Sarmatia Gruyère Cheese Sarmatia Gruyère
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    FRANCE- Saint-Denis-De-Villenette
    GAEC DU TRISKEL - FLEURS DE FERME - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Hotels and restaurants | yoghurt manufacture | natural yoghurt | yoghurt

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  • Supplier of: Dairy products

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    FRANCE- France
    SAMEXPORT - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Import-export - food and agriculture | Flour and semolina | foodstuffs - import/export

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  • Au Fromager de is an expert service for international customers wishing to purchase high quality French cheeses for export. The experience of Rungis cheese professionals to help fellow...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | cheese shops | sale of cheese products | farm-fresh cheeses

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    RUSSIA- Ivanovo

    Puchezh Cheese Factory is the leading processing enterprise in the Ivanovo Region. Smoked soft cheese and butter are signature products of our factory. Our enterprise specializes in production of:...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | Food - import-export | Cheese | cow's milk cheeses | cheese with milk enzymes

    • Butter Butter TRADITIONAL (FARM) BUTTER; mass content of fat: 82.5%
    • Butter Butter
    • Butter Butter KRESTIANSKOE (FARM) BUTTER; mass content of fat: 72.5%
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  • Hello Dear, We are contacting you from Istanbul/TURKEY to make presentation our food items. You can see the categories and FOODAY CATALOGUE. We work basically UAE, JORDAN, QATAR and other Gulf...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Olive oil | Cheese | Organic food | organic pulses

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    FRANCE- Montmorot

    RIVOIRE JACQUEMIN is a French manufacturer and exporter of precut and pre-packed Comté, Morbier and Gruyères de Comté controlled origin (AOC) and protected origin (AOP) cheeses. We export our...

    Supplier of: dairy products | Cheese | gruyere | cheesemaking

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    SPAIN- Valencia

    ...globally. We are dealing in various food & FMCG products to meet requirements of our partners. Our Valued customers enjoys benefits of constant & regular prices, shipment and best quality food products from...

    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | packaged sunflower seeds

    • Pure Cow Ghee Pure Cow Ghee Pure Cow Ghee
    • Animal fat milk powder and Vegetable milk powder for sale Animal fat milk powder and Vegetable milk powder for sale Animal fat milk powder and Vegetable milk powder
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    TURKEY- Akşehir/konya ensure excellent performance in finished product. We apply food safety requirements to all stages from field to customer Customer focus is our fundamental prenciple. We offer different calibrations, different...

    Supplier of: Frozen and deep-frozen foods | frozen fruits | frozen berries | frozen cherries | frozen strawberries

    • Tam Yağlı Beyaz Peynir Tam Yağlı Beyaz Peynir White cheese
    • Tulum Peyniri Tulum Peyniri Tulum Cheese
    • Kaşar Peyniri Kaşar Peyniri Kashkaval Cheese
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    IRAN- Tehran

    Was founded in 2016. AquaJam Co. Ltd. was founded for the purpose of contracting and export all kind of food, including a variety of fresh vegetables, a variety of fresh and frozen meat, poultry and...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Fruit | seafood | vegetables | food

    • Dairy Dairy Fresh Dairy
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  • ...exporters. Our products comply with EU dairy regulations, our prices are affordable and our milk products are available all over the world. Flavoured milks (strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla),...

    Supplier of: Milk | Dairy products | powdered milk | sweetened concentrated milk | butter

    • Flavoured Milk Flavoured Milk Banana flavored milk plastic bottles
    • Flavoured Milk Flavoured Milk Vanilla flavored milk plastic bottles
    • Flavoured Milk Flavoured Milk Strawberry flavored milk plastic bottles
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  • MTE is a trading company based in Iran. We are specialized in the field of supplying (export and import) chemicals, plastics, oils and lubricants, Metals, and Nuts & dried Fruits as well to serve all...

    Supplier of: Nuts | polyethylene | saffron | plastics - raw materials and compound | petroleum resin

    • Dairy Spread of a fat content by 80% Dairy Spread of a fat content by 80% Dairy Spread of a fat content by 80%
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    NETHERLANDS- Emmen growing demand of dairy related products, Food Basics develops and produces several concepts for markets like: Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. Products are meant for direct consumption...

    Supplier of: Dairy products | milk powder | flavoured milk powder | instant yoghurt powder | ice cream powder

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