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    With the importance given to the customer satisfaction, its experience in the area, the efficiency of technical infrastructure and the success in production, KAPAK Packing aims at being the most prefered company when it comes to box and parcels and it moves along being aware of its purpose, not only in Turkey, but in a big geographical area including Europe too.We offer solutions for your needs in all kind of package types like Flexo pressurized boxes, carrying parcels, pizza boxes, store parcels, archive parcels, hanger parcels, lahmacun and pitta boxes, trible parcels, offset pressurized boxes and corrugated cardboards.We work in an effort to increase the standards of the qualities in the package sector with the parcels and boxes which we produce in all dimensions, colors, presses and qualities. Our experience in producing parcels and boxes with the excellent service represented to our customers is one of the important values which makes us special.

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    SGT (Société Générale des Techniques) is a manufacturer of PET preforms based in Rezé in western France. Since 1981, SGT has been innovating to keep abreast of the demands of bottlers, and today it can offer a full and varied range of 155 preforms that are fully customisable: size: from 125 mL to 20 L. Weight: from 1 to 450 g. Neck: over a dozen options. Colour: choice of 80 colours, from transparent to opaque (100% light barrier and UV resistant). Recycled PET from 0 To 100%.



    HEXPOL TPE is a global polymer compounding group specialising in Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). Our products add value, functional performance and soft-touch aesthetics to a growing number of applications in the consumer, medical, packaging, automotive, electronics and construction industries. We have a core belief in being the easiest company to do business with. This is what drives us and it’s why we invest in our operations, teams and technologies to ensure we give our customers the most reliable, relevant and cost-effective TPE compounds, backed by highly responsive support, technical know-how and application expertise. Our portfolio includes: Dryflex Dryflex is our largest product family, with TPE ranges for consumer, automotive, packaging, industrial and construction applications Mediprene The Mediprene family of TPEs was developed to meet the demands of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries Epseal Epseal TPEs offer safe, reliable and taste-free sealing solutions for food and beverage caps and closure applications Lifolit soft-PVC Lifobatch masterbatch Lifocork cork compounds



    TSOLEBOURG is an exclusive supplier of the unique ring pull easy-open CROWN CAPS for glass bottles. Just pull the ring to open a bottle! Capping of easy-open ring pull CROWN CAPS does not require any additional equipment! Suitable for all standard capping machines (manual, semi-automatic, and automatic) for the standard CROWN CAPS! Steel Type: TFS Inner diameter: 26.75 mm. Package: 5000 pcs. per box. Regular Colours of TSOLEBOURG bottle caps: Gold, Black, Red, White, Purple, Blue, Green, and Pink. It is possible to produce custom colors on your demand. Benefits of using TSOLEBOURG easy-open crown caps for beverage manufacturers: a) Consumer is able to open the beverage anywhere, without using tools. b) Can be used with a wide beverage range: Beer, Lemonade, Ciders, Wine, Soda, Kombucha, Tonics, Juices, Matcha Tea, etc. c) No need to modify existing capping equipment/filling lines. d) Exclusive design for your beverage leads to an increase in sales amount. Furthermore, our company has all necessary documents, including the test report, and the EU Declaration of Conformity for food contact, confirming the quality of the crown caps for food contact in the European Union.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

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    JING HENG SING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is dedicated to developing domestic and overseas market for FOOD PROCESSING & PACKAGING MACHINERY manufacturers with very good reputation IN TAIWAN. We integrate professional manufacturers qualified MIT (Made-In-Taiwan) in order to provide our customers with a high added value service of “WHOLE PLANT PLANNING”, known as “TURNKEY SOLUTION”. Thanks to very strong knowledge and many years of experience, our team of professionals can provide diversified products and integrated solutions based on customer needs. In this way, our customers can benefit from the most appropriate solutions and machines, but also from our excellent quality service. Our main objective is to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and partners. Based on mutual trust, we will support each other to do successful business and create a bright future together. We look forward to receiving your request so that together we can discuss your project and offer you the best solutions. Please email us: good@cooker.com.tw

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    Finn-Korkki is a company based in Finland specialised in the design of bottle caps and closures. Our product range includes ring pull closures, ring pull cap sealing machines, plastic bottle caps, crown cork bottle caps and luxury aluminium closures. In addition, we manufacture outdoor candle covers for the domestic market. We manufacture various kinds of metal bottle caps for the global beverage industry. Finn-Korkki's core skills include design, making & supply of ring crown cap sealing equipment and machines. With options for supervised installation and operator training. Spare parts for different makes of ring pull cap equipment are kept in stock for a quick dispatch. Over 40 years of existence, we have always attached the utmost importance to customer service, offering our customers reliable service in the best deadlines and adapting to the customers' needs. This is possible thanks in part to our in-house pre-press and offset printing facilities. We also undertake research and development continuously to design new types of products and improve their quality. We work for innovation and are open to try new material and ideas. This level of quality was rewarded by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 HACCP certifications. Our objective is to create the bottle closure you need! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information ! You will benefit from our knowledge and long experience.

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    EUROCAP specialises in the sale and distribution of metal caps, wicker covers (wired caps), heatshrink caps, aluminium caps, pilfer-proof caps (aluminium screw stoppers), HDPE screw stoppers and quarter-turn caps. EUROCAP N.V. offers professional advice in the use of various types of stopper. EUROCAP N.V. now offers you a complete range of stoppers for use by the drink, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



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    Ramirex – Plásticos de Águeda, Lda., is a Portuguese company with 40 years of experience in the field of plastic injection molding, specializing in both standard catalog items and exclusive customer-specific parts. Our extensive range of catalog items includes furniture accessories (such as sofa legs, customized roller shutter doors, blocks, and tops), as well as drawing and office supplies (including squares, rulers, protractors, paper trays, beverage holders, pens, and magazine holders), and sealing materials (such as closures and caps). Additionally, we manufacture specific and exclusive technical parts for various industries (such as cooling devices, electrical control panels, and various telecommunications equipment), providing both in-house and external design and development services to meet each customer's specific needs. With a specialized and dynamic technical team, we possess extensive expertise in the production of plastic injection molded parts. We continuously invest in innovation and strive to offer excellent value for money, combined with delivery times that meet our customers' requirements. We are committed to developing customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and are always available to assist you.


    Saudi Arabia

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    3P GULP GROUP is a company specialized in the manacturing of global packaging solutions. Our wide product range includes stretch film, labels, PET preforms, caps and closures or plastic laminate tubes. We produce both flexible and rigid packaging. Over the years, we became the leading manufacturer of packaging solutions in the Middle East. We expanded our activity and today we supply more than 40 countries all around the world. We serve several industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, home care and personal care. Our production facilities comply with ISO 9001 and BRC standards to guarantee the safety and functionality of our products. With more than 50 years of experience, our mission is to provide our customers with complete plastic packaging solutions of the highest quality tailored to their specific needs. Our packaging products are manufactured in advanced machines and our team constantly invests in research and development to come up with innovative designs and improve our process to keep up with the evolution of the market. We also offer quality customer support to ensure their satisfaction. We strive to attain sustainability through recycling, energy efficiency and responsible sourcing of our raw materials as it is our goal to monitor our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Welcome to OMS Mechanical Automation Systems, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry. Based in Turkey, we specialize in turn-key factory projects tailored to the specific needs of food factories and beverage factories. Our comprehensive range of products includes: •Turn-Key Factory Projects •Filling Lines •Cap Tightening Lines •Labeling Lines •Feeding and Collecting Trays •Cover Feeding Systems •Food Bakery Machines •Cap Crimping Machines •Labeling Machines •Conveyor Systems •Bottle Sterilization Machines •Plexi Machine Closing Systems At OMS Mechanical Automation Systems, we understand the unique challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers. That's why our experienced team meticulously coordinates each project, ensuring systematic execution and timely delivery. Our solutions are designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability for our clients in the B2B industry. Whether you're a food factory or a beverage factory, you can trust OMS Mechanical Automation Systems to be your partner in achieving operational excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your business.



    In August 1977, Paperlynen Pal. Caps Srl. was founded at the initiative of the Venturi family. Paperlynen was the first company to introduce innovative and technologically advanced disposable products on the Italian market, beginning with disposable protective clothing. Following the introduction of this disposable protective clothing, the product range was constantly expanded in particular in the field of biodegradable disposable products for the catering industry. Companies in the hospitality and catering sector (HO.RE.CA), industry and the healthcare sector are the main users of Paperlynen disposable products. Paperlynen was also one of the first companies to offer fully-biodegradable plates made from bagasse, take-away thermos cups, hot beverage cups, plates and containers made from cardboard on the Italian market. More than 40 years' experience and cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Pal. International, Semperit and DART-SOLO means that we can also meet individual requirements.



    We are the leading Distributor , Institution Sales Exporter of Branded FMCG with products ranging from : Lavazza Coffee beans, Illy Coffee, Dallmayr coffee, L'or coffee caps, Nescafe, Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee, Instant & Ground Coffee, Tassimo Costa Americano Coffee, Nestle Coffee-Mate, Food Products, Beverages , Home Care Products, Personal Care Products etc. Please contact us for short and long term supplies



    The Tecnocap Group provides a CLOSING SYSTEM by manufacturing and servicing Metal Closures and Capping Machines. The Tecnocap Group is the THIRD WORLDWIDE PLAYER in the production of Twist Closures for glass jars, bottles and plastic containers which are utilized in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries. Closures are produced using tin plate or aluminum metal, which has been coated, decorated or both depending on the appearance specified and the function of the closure. The decorated sheets are waxed, punched, stamped, and rolled after which product-specific liners are installed. In house lithography provides control throughout the manufacturing process, reduces costs and decreases delivery time. The Tecnocap Group also produces Packaging Machinery which includes Capping Machines, Hoppers/Elevators and Vacuum Detectors designed to meet customer's expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability, and to provide them a complete sealing process of their products. Tecnocap Group is an integrated manufacturing organization with facilities throughout Europe and North America. The Tecnocap Group counts 6 production plants in 5 different countries, 35 commercial offices worldwide, and over 650 employees.



    The real function is saved in the INCAP ! Most of the vitamins and other nutrients are very sensitive and loose their power the moment they get mixed with water, the longer they stay mixed, the less efficiently they work. INCAP infusion cap solves this problem, with its special technology, while it has a stylish design too. INCAP pet packaging is the solution that delivers your taste formulation with full potency & taste. If its mixed, it isn´t fresh The new-generation dispensing caps/closures from Incap offers a host of new possibilities for innovative product design. It is the most innovative dosing and dispensing closure that enables limitless opportunities in beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. It stores a precise dose of dry liquid formula in an oxygen and moisture restrict chamber that only mixes water in the bottle just prior to consumption. The result is a new beverage category that delivers valuable nutraceuticals without fear of nutrient degradation. Our Incaps are made made of 100% recyclable plastic material, are 100% air- and humidity tight, are child resistant proofed (BSDA Standard) and easy to fill, close and assemble and are customer friendly applicable: Just Twist and push to activate. And last but not least, many satisfied customers. It’s intuitive and easy to use — simply twist and push down, and shake to freshly infuse vitamins and nutrients into the water.



    Horan Automation and Consulting specializes in industrial automation design, machine construction, PLC and machine integration and maintenance of automation systems. We are experts in filling and capping machines. We supply top quality filling and capping machines to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries. We provide CE marked high quality filling and capping machinery to the Pharmaceutical industries. We provide customized filling and capping solutions including rinsing and sterilization to the food and beverage industries. We provide high quality customized automatic filling and capping machines for all shapes, sizes, volumes, speeds and materials for many proudcers within the manufacturing industry. We design , build, install and support your filling and capping production lines. From unscrambling of caps and bottles to filling and capping, we can manufacture and integrate customized solutions. We offer completely bespoke automation systems based on the customers needs. We can offer full line automation services. Some of our products include unscramblers, filling machines, capping machines, industrial robots and labelling and printing machines.



    Our company is manufacturer of plastic caps for spirits, food and beverage and cosmetic industries. We offer complete service from the design of a piece to production of the final product: - Design - Pilot projects (samples) - Manufacture of techical equipment for production of the pieces - Production of the parts (injection moulding) - Painting the parts - Printing (dedignate trademarks and logos over the surfaces) - Assembling of the final article - Packaging and transportation to your destination - Quick service and acceptable prices



    Hormes - notion in motion. Hormes is your reliable partner for the Beverage Industry worldwide. We renew complete beverage filling lines, we change existing machines and adapt them to new tasks. We are innovative, competent and have saved experiences for more than 80 years. Manufacturing Range (genuine HORMES): • CIP Units • Flash Pasteurizers/Processing Units • Mixing and Carbonating Units • Crate Washers • Cap Feeding Systems • Caustic Sedimentation Units • Caustic Soda Dissolving Tanks • Label Presses • Conveyors • Ring-Pull-Conversion-Kits • High Pressure Injection (HPI) Units Engineering & Service: - Project planning and realisation as general contractor - Planning and realisation of extensive maintenance activities - Planning and realisation of line optimisationModernized & Overhauled - Complete filling/packing lines for bottles (glass/PET), cans, KEG (barrels), special containers - Single machines for dry and wet area - Processing machines - Special machines Upgrades, Special solutions & Modifications: - Adaption of new formats - Blocking/unblocking of machines - Upgrade of safety areas/housings Electrics & Programming - Switch cabinets, controls - Programming - Visualisation - Modification of existing controls Spare parts - ample supply in stock for beverage production related machines from well-known manufacturers