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    Valvomec is a consolidated manufacturing reality with 85 years experience in the industrial bronze valve sector. This modern high capacity establishment located in Valsesia, on the Roccapietra industrial estate (Vercelli) has young and dynamic staff supported by experience acquired over the years.



    The company SINTERFILTRI SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Filtering equipment and supplies industry. It also operates in the Sintering - steels and metals, bronze filters, Plastic filters, and Sintering - steels and metals industries. It is based in Torino, Italy.



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    Inoxyda is a sand casting foundry for large dimension technical parts (5m x 5m – 50 To) in corrosion-resistant alloys: aluminium bronze or bronze. Inoxyda manufactures standard alloys and special aluminium bronzes: -Inoxyda 53H / 3P: castings -Inoxyda 53 AMA: non-magnetic applications -Inoxyda 154: high resistance Inoxyda's expertise in the production of large dimension parts makes it possible to produce all technical parts for valves, pumps and turbines, heat exchangers and naval applications including propulsion. Inoxyda uses digital simulation for the design of sand molds. A regular investment policy provides the means of production to ensure the quality of aluminium-bronze sand castings. Inoxyda delivers as-cast, rough or fully machined parts. The company, ISO 9001, has the approvals of classification societies: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's, ABS, RINA;



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    We have produced highly porous sintered materials at our site in Dortmund since 1953. Our many years of varied experience in the processing of PE, stainless steel and bronze to highly porous plates, pipes, moulded parts and customised welded constructions makes us a competent partner in the search for the best solution for your specific application problem. Typical applications of our materials include: Bulk material handling, gasing/degasing, filtration, silencing, safety technology, capillary transport, engineering. Testing bulk material qualities for fluidisation. Selecting the optimal material. Collaboration to find system solutions. Quality assurance. Bubble-point permeability test, electronically controlled measuring of system pressure, differential pressure, flow, flow rate. Porometer measurements. Determination of the degree of separation for filters by independent institutes. Determination of tensile strength and shear strength. Customised measurements. We are certified in line with DIN and ISO


    Czech Rep.

    The company KERAMTECH, Ltd. Žacléř is one of the leading manufacturers of technical and foundry ceramics with an uninterrupted tradition of production since 1878.The primary product lines today are ceramic filters for filtration of molten iron and non-ferrous metals. The filters from Pyrostat material are designed for filtering gray cast iron, ductile iron, bronze and other nonferrous metals. For filtration of carbon and stainless steel we manufacture ceramic filters from material RK5 based on Al2O3. For filtering aluminium alloys we have specially developed lightweight ceramic material Pyral 15®. Other categories of products include moulded ceramic strainers, which partially serve as a filter while preserving its unique place in the casting system. The filters for aluminum, cast iron and steel are our manufacturing priority. The traditional and still important products are made from technical porcelain and are designed for use in the electrical engineering industry.

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    Sinter-M JSC. is a machine industry company, specializing in the production, design and implementation of various tools and techniques, encompassing the vast capabilities of the sinterized method (better known as P/M) of producing parts and articles. Our products have a vast number of applications in different industries. Our product range includes: • Porous sintered bearing details for the needs of car manufacture, ex. filtres. • Thick construction iron details such as inserts, rolls, cog wheels, cog pairs for pumps, nuts, discs, flanges, friction drives, bushings and filtering elements; • Sintered details with a high level of complexity of their configuration and precise technical requirements, usually a part of oil pumps and hydroelectricity. • Magnetic soft details with specific magnetic characteristics used in dynamos, alarm systems and electromagnets. • Details made largely of non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze and aluminum), used in electrical industry for high-voltage, switches, transformers, electrometers etc. • Gears, double gears for pumps, discs, shock-absorbers, belts, etc. • Articles for magnetic cores for electromotors, magnetic hearts, circuit closers etc. • Parts for lock systems produced from different material. For our production we use high quality metal powders (iron, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum) from Sweden, Italy, Germany and Romania.



    Precision brass wire mesh factory is the professional manufacturer and supplier of brass wire meshes and brass wire in Anping, China.We can supply the brass wire mesh products as follows: brass wire mesh, brass wire, decorative wire mesh, knitted filter wire mesh, filter wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh and so on.Brass wire mesh specifications: brass wire cloth 6mesh/inch-160mesh/inch; copper wire cloth 10mesh/inch-60mesh/inch; phosphor bronze wire cloth 120mesh-360mesh/inch. The width are 1m, 1.5m. The length per roll is 30m or 50m.Brass wire is also called copper wire. It is the material to weave brass wire mesh and decorative wire mesh.



    Anping Tianyu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of series woven wire mesh products. This company has rich experiences, first-class wire mesh weaving looms and complete quality control devices and has exported wire mesh products to Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and other parts of the world. Anping Tianyu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is very experienced in woven wire mesh, especially various iron wire mesh and stainless steel woven wire mesh. Iron wire mesh refers to galvanized iron insect screening, galvanized square wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting and black iron wire cloth. Stainless steel woven wire mesh refers to stainless steel wire mesh plain weave, stainless steel wire mesh twill weave and Dutch woven stainless steel wire cloth. We use black iron wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, brass and phosphor bronze wire mesh as materials for producing filter discs for customers.Tianyu also supplies more kind of wire mesh machine for customer.


    United Kingdom

    Initially designed and developed by Norwegian inventor Haakon Hellan, Hellan Strainers have been manufacturing the unique, patented, self-cleaning strainer since 1963.Part of the IMCI group of companies, today Hellan is an internationally respected brand, renowned for high quality reliable strainers for use in numerous Marine / Water Treatment Gas & Oil / Petrochemical and Industrial applications. Hellan Strainers are ISO9001 certified, meet all Navy Mil-Spec requirements, are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping, listed by Underwriters Laboratories and are designed and manufactured in accordance with FCI, ASME and EEC requirements. Hellan Strainers are cast in sizes from 2" to 20"and fabricated in larger sizes. They are available in a range of materials, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze etc...to complement the fluid being filtered and a broad selection of perforated metal screens/wedge wire sizes, to achieve the required filtration of your application.



    We specialized in producing multi-layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh,sintered metal fiber , sintered metal power in various structures and specifications, and also making use of sintered wire mesh,sintered metal fiber fleece to produce different kinds of filter elements(including other filter element)We offer custom-engineered porous metal products and OEM assemblies, made possible by secondary operations and technologies such as laser cutting and electron beam welding.Our products are available as-produced in standard size sheets, or fabricated into cylinders, cones or other shapes with welded fittings, flanges, or connectors. For certain applications such as filtration or fluidization, standard formulations have been developed with specific uniform pore sizes or controlled permeability.We offer a variety of wire mesh and wire cloth products, in woven and welded form, in a variety of alloys including stainless steel, galvanized steel, plain steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, bra



    We’re manufacturer of copper powder, brass powder, bronze powder, copper-based alloyed powder and related powder metallurgy material which is widely used in powder metallurgy, oil bearing, diamond tools, carbon brushes, friction material, anti friction material, filter, machinery, automobile, electrical and electronic industry etc.