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    EWOQE GmbH & Co. KG is your innovative partner in additive manufacturing and prototype construction, specialising in technical plastic injection-moulded parts and tailored solutions for vehicle construction, medical technology and beyond. With a focus on rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and 3D printing technologies, we offer a wide range of services, from 3D designs to small series production. Our expertise extends to the optimisation of component functions and throughput times in order to boost your innovative strength and save costs. Our aim is to efficiently solve challenges such as missing components or a lack of production capacity, and to offer you tangible added value. We see 3D printing as a tool for promoting innovation that fits perfectly into your production processes. From brainstorming to realisation, we support you with custom advice, and use our comprehensive expertise to successfully implement your projects. At EWOQE, we pride ourselves on achieving outstanding results every day, and see ourselves as your reliable B2B partner. Contact us at info@ewoqe.com to find out how we can contribute to the success of your next project with our expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Come to us to discover the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing for your product development.



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    Since 2010, Novosim has been a leading engineering and manufacturing company in Turkey, specializing in cutting-edge test system solutions and automation. Our expertise spans turn-key testing systems, End-of-Line (EoL) solutions, and custom machinery, including pallet stacker systems. Explore our Automotive Solutions featuring dynamometers, quality monitoring systems, and alpha cabins for precise acoustic property testing. Our dynamometer system ensures component durability through scenario-based simulations, eliminating the need for on-road testing. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive data collection, dynamometers guarantees accurate testing, reducing after sales costs. Discover the importance of our EoL solutions for post-production quality checks, covering rotary systems, automotive components, and noise/vibration levels. In Automation Solutions, Novosim excels in custom machinery, boasting a 10-year track record in pallet stacker systems for optimized space, safety and efficiency. We offer prototype development, limited production, and expertise in custom software for process monitoring and automation. REGBES product line includes marine charging interfaces and shore power solutions. Our references include Brist, Isuzu, BMC, Ford, and more. Novosim consistently delivers superior solutions to international customers, including OEMs and suppliers, ensuring value within budget and exceeding expectations. Contact us for more information!



    Our company is actively engaged in the sale of high-quality parts for tuning, as well as professional installation and painting of aerodynamic products made of fiberglass, ABS plastic and polyurethane for most foreign cars. We provide high service, and a variety of exclusive services for retrofitting your car. We cooperate with the world manufacturers of car tuning, and major suppliers in the field of additional accessories for foreign cars. We check the quality of the products before installing them on the car. We provide an extended warranty for installation and painting. For more than 10 years, we have been promptly delivering cargo from the USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Turkey and Russia. Our logistics partners around the world help to speed up the delivery of goods to the Russian Federation. Also, our company carries out delivery of oversized cargo from the United States. Our long-term experience allows us to purchase only high-quality products with a guarantee from the manufacturer, excluding low-quality goods, and auto components made of cheap materials. In the product catalog on the website, you can find the products you are interested in, as well as ask the necessary questions about the assortment of our store. The advice of our qualified specialist will help you to form an order, make the right choice, and make a responsible decision before buying the product.



    Extremo is the only silencer tailpipe without any welding. It takes shape from special processing making it possible to create a double chamber tailpipe forged from a single element. This processing gives it unbeatable aesthetics as well as an unequalled life span of its original shine, thanks to the fact that no exhaust residue is retained. Borne from the desire to create a product that was entirely "made in Italy" qualitatively and aesthetically superior to others currently on the auto tuning market. Extremo is internationally patented and every single one is rigorously made in from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, by request. Extremo Specific is a revolutionary novelty in the field of tuning accessories and in particular in universal silencer tailpipes. It consists in an Extremo exhaust pipe to which a shell structure is added at two or more joints (also in stainless steel). The particular jointed structure of our design makes it possible to attain the right angle for assembly, thus making it possible to add the exhaust pipe to any type of muffler and any kind of car, without needing to cut the muffler or the bumper. Extremo is made by PBL snc.



    Galingas.lt has settled by assembling knowledge about information technology and attraction to automobiles.Since 1998, after successful activities in different fields, we decided to associate our hobbies with work. We are not pioneers in this field, otherwise, Galingas.lt was first in Vilnius to offer high quality chip tuning services become affordable to average facility customer. Strong wish of perfection together with our customers remains every day.Much more time it takes to understand, how modern turbodiesel engines work, and how to force it into bringing its driver a feeling of discovering a new way of driving turbodiesel. Files are being edited by professionals, whose customers come from Lithuania and many foreign countries.It is always pleasure to receive customers call by sharing knowledge and experience of dicovering real turbodiesel opportunities.Galingas.lt works for elevating together with customers.

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    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Auto Equipment Leko is the largest distributor of alu felgi in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the world's most famous brands. In addition to sales and installation of alu felgi in our offer are Auto Equipment, Auto Tires, Auto Parts, Autoservice, Moto Service, Vulcanization, Tuning, Air Conditioning Service, Glass Service, Protective Systems, Diagnostics Aluminum wheels of renowned performers: Alu felge Brock, Alu felge RC Design, Alu felge WSP, Alu felge Borbet, Alu felge Oxigin, Alu felge Carmani, Alu felge Vossen, Alu felge Keskin, Alu felge BBS, Alu felge Baracuda, Alu felge Tomason, Alu felge DOTZ Auto Parts: Batteries, Brake Systems, Candles & Heaters, Filters, Cooling Systems Tuning: Suspensions, Exhaust Systems, Body Kits, Aluminum Choppers Protective systems: Zeder, Abloy protec, Obd protect, Meta system Auto tires: Bridgestone, Matador, Fulda, General tires, Semperit, Good Year, Dunlop, Barum, Continental, Nokian, Michelin, Uniroyal, Sportiva, Sava, Pirelli



    We are produce rubber car mat in OEM standarts. We continue to serve in the automotive sector with our 46 years of experience. In 1977, we established our company in Bursa Osmangazi as a step that will shape the future of the automotive accessories industry. While continuing to serve the domestic market in our branch here, we continued our production with our 4200m2 production line and 1600m2 warehouse area in Demirtaş OSB. Our products took place in the production line of automotive giants such as Ford, Renault, Karsan, BMC, Tofaş, Peugeot and Iveco. With the principle of mutual trust and honesty, we have been working with more than 800 accessory stores and more than 300 wholesale traders in the automotive industry for many years. By promoting our products all over the world, we have increased the number of countries we export to 23 since 1995. The fact that our experienced and educated colleagues, to whom we owe our professional work, continue to work with us from the establishment of the company to the present is the biggest proof that our priority is to value people. Today, the leading advanced technology presses among the rubber mat manufacturers used by our company maximize the work safety, product quality and efficiency in the production line. Our monthly production capacity is 22.000 sets of rubber mats and our primary goal is to increase our capacity by 50% in 2022.


    United Kingdom

    Providing you with personal service and expert knowledge, that high street chains can never match. Does your car need that something extra? Get your car parts and accessories with usAutoworld is one of the UK's leading car parts and accessories retailers with over 110, 000 vehicle parts always in stock. We offer car parts, alloy wheels, car accessories, window tinting, van styling and in-car entertainment for all makes and models at high competitive prices.With us you can order car parts online and we can offer a delivery to your doorstep, or pick up in store for all the major brands like Bosch, Pagid, Eicher and more.So if you're looking for brake pads, service parts or clutches you can be sure you'll find what you're looking for with Autoworld in Bolton & Wigan.Check out our Autoworld Youtube video: http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=X7a-MuWorjI



    Price determination for the highest bidders Every vehicle that is submitted without obligation is first evaluated individually and then as a team by our evaluation experts. The inquiry thus travels through several desks, from the specialist for determining repair costs to the contact person in our international sales network to the logistics expert, until our customer management gets in touch with you. Since we have experts in-house at every relevant level, we are able to determine and pay for the actual sales value of a vehicle. As a rule, our customers wait 24 hours for their offer instead of receiving a lock price in just a few seconds.



    LOGOGROUP - a diversified company located in Belarus. We manufacture automotive control units and offer a complete line of electronics for the automotive LPG equipment. We produce gas injection control unit. It is a reliable and modern tools, besides having a competitive price. We also offer to sell products of other manufacturing LPG/ CNG equipment. We provide contract manufacturing: wiring harnesses, plastic products, rubber products We also sell products developed by us and used in its production: the case for the electronic units, automotive connectors.



    Firma szopkar.pl zajmuje się kompleksową usługą wyłączania adblue oraz podnoszeniem mocy. Od lat specjalizujemy się w elektronice samochodowej. Wyłączanie systemu scr oraz wprogramowanie czy wyłączanie dpf wykonujemy na autoryzowanym sprzęcie. Jako firma posiadamy certyfikat firmy Winols. Jesteśmy ponadto certyfikowani przez takie firmy jak magicmotorsport czy alientach. Świadczymy usługi na terenie dolnego śląska . Szopkar to warsztat samochodowy z wieloletnim doświadczeniem gdzie kompleksowo zajmujemy się naprawami mechanicznymi oraz zaawansowaną elektroniką samochodową w autach osobowych oraz dostawczych. Pracujemy na profesjonalnym sprzęcie diagnostyki pojazdów. Nasi mechanicy są pasjonatami mechatroniki pojazdowej. Do każdego auta podchodzimy indywidualnie. Strojenie silników wykonujemy z najwyższą starannością. Modyfikacje pojazdów przeprowadzamy korzystając z profesjonalnego sprzętu MagicMotorsport oraz oryginalnego oprogramowania WinsOls i Ecm Titanium. Rozwiązujemy problemy elektroniczne w pojazdach które inne warsztaty samochodowe spisały na straty.


    United Kingdom

    Top Tuning are a professional mobile vehicle tuning, dyno & remapping company covering the whole of the South West, Swidnon to Bristol, Trowbridge to Marlborough. . Our Remap and Tuning Benefits include but are not limited to: Improved throttle response, More Torque giving lower RPM power, More BHP, Reduced Fuel Consumption, Removal of Vehicle flat spots. We offer % finance options and are available 7 days per week. We have succesfully built up a repautation as being known throughout teh WHole of teh Southwest for being reliabel, affordable and turstworthy. With Top Tuning, Your Engine is in safe hands...


    United Kingdom

    Here at ECU Re-Mapping Birmingham we concentrate on the ECU remapping through the diagnostic port This is the preferred option for many as various companies open the ECU and read the chip in the ECU this could cause damage and void any warranty. However we take a safer approach by reprogramming the ECUs through the diagnostic port whilst still gaining the same results with no possibility of damage to your vehicle and also saving the previous ECU data so the remapping can be easily reversed if so desired. All equipment used is of the highest standards and all of our remap files have been dyno tested giving you the ultimate results. The battery Stabilizer is able to supply up to 100A.this will keep the battery’s voltage perfectly stable when flashing the ECU It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for most advanced vehicles on the market today The stabiliser must be used when remapping ECU, s


    United Kingdom

    21 years ago the Founder of DKU Performance had a personal passion for high performance cars as he was already specialising in building ‘Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems’, at the age of 19 he bought his first Subaru Impreza WRX this then lead his enthusiasm to start his journey to specialise in Importing Japanese sports cars. He travelled to Japan and realised he was in ‘petrol-head heaven’ and like a spoiled little boy he wanted everything. This drove him to then form a business relationship with his close friend who was a Japanese national. He went on to purchase a number of high performance Grey Imports which enabled him to setup a showroom consisting of over 100 vehicles in stock which was based in the West Midlands soon enough he was along side one of the leading importers of Japanese sports car. DKU Performance goal is to be the best in not only our maintenance and services of any vehicles but to offer customer service at the highest standards to all our customers. We also pride ourselves to design and custom build bespoke exhaust systems to cater for all our customers with their individual needs at the highest standard. We do also provide a lifetime guarantee for all our exhaust systems.



    Present in the car cleaning sector since 1974, Autolavaggio Luisa provides car washing services with care and professionalism, using the most modern cleaning techniques and products. Tunnel washing includes cleaning the interior and high pressure cleaning of the body frame, applying hot wax or foam and polish.



    Вы можете приобрести в нашем интернет-магазине «Авто-стайл» все элементы стайлинга начиная с комплектов ксенона, линз (с «ангельскими» и «злыми» глазками) и заканчивая светодиодными колпачками на колеса. Биксеноновые линзы, тюнинг оптика, дневные ходовые огни, альтернативная оптика, карбоновые капоты, подсветка шин и дисков.



    Offered for sale car accessories, car tuning accessories, auto xenon kit homologated and foil rare but other specific auto tuning. The site contains delivery and order condition, collaboration and data SC Promotor Srl.



    Carbon fiber sheet will make every vehicle special. Moreover, it protects your paint and thus increases the value of your car at the sale. We offer you various kinds of carbon and classic films for automotive body, as well as cosmetics and sprays for tuning.


    United Kingdom

    Faster Than Sound offers Car audio equipment and accessories brands: Autoland, Caliber, Macrom, Standartplast (known also as the StP) to clients throughout the UK. The firm aims to supply businesses and individuals with a range of car audio, car accessories, car care and sound deadening products.

  8. ADTEXO D.O.O.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Brand 5WPRO, includes high quality products in the field of: LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, car accessories, sprays, and more.. We work mainly in the balkans, the countries we export to are: Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo.

  1. VIEZU

    United Kingdom

    Car Engine Tuning & Diagnostic Services, Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles


    United Kingdom

    ProTune provide full custom ECU remapping, to individuals and automotive businesses across Europe so they can benefit from the optimum power, performance and fuel economy settings for their vehicle.

  3. ALL4CAR S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    GPS monitoring for cars. GPS trackers for cars.



    The company REENGINEERING ENGINE TESTING, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It also operates in the test benches for engine power, test counters, and dynamometers industries. It is based in Vezzano Sul Crostolo, Italy.



    The company MOTYCS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It also operates in the test benches for engine power, and test counters industries. It is based in Vezzano Sul Crostolo, Italy.



    The company MTT GMBH CHIP4POWER, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It is based in Tiefenbach, Germany.



    The company CUSTOM CONCEPTS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It is based in Breda, Netherlands.



    The company DESCARBONIZADORA TRESECO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It is based in Alcoy, Spain.



    The company PRO CAR TUNING, is a Retailer, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It is based in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.



    The company FISCHER MOTORTECHNIC, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Car tuning equipment industry. It also operates in the dynamic balancing, cylinder head grinding, flywheels, and motor vehicle distribution shafts and components industries. It is based in Salzgitter, Germany.

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