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    The company HK TRADING GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Drinks, soft industry. It also operates in the Non-alcoholic drinks, Liquors and spirits, Vegetable oils, Tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, customized coca cola cans, alcoholic beverages, and Non-alcoholic drinks industries. It is based in Krummnussbaum, Austria.

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    Kurt Nisgaard imports and exports livestock from Denmark: they propose Piebald cattle, Pig farming, Breeding livestock, Pig breeding, Danish Dairy Cattle, Heifers and heifer calves, Jersey calves, Red Danish Dairy Cattle, Meat cattle, Danish meat cattle, Cattle import export, pig and livestock trading, Danish pigs, Yorkshire pigs, Hampshire pigs, Duroc pigs, crossbreed pigs, cross breed of pigs, Danish Dairy cattle farming, Heifers calves farming, calf breeding, calf farming, jersey calves farming, red Danish dairy cattle farming, meat cattle farming, Danish meat farming, pig farming, Danish pig farming, Danish pigs farming, Yorkshire pig farming, Yorkshire pigs farming, Hampshire pig farming, Hampshire pigs farming, Duroc pigs farming, Duroc pig farming, crossbreed pig farming, crossbreed pigs farming, breeding livestock from Denmark, Pig farming from Denmark, Breeding livestock from Denmark, Danish livestock, Danish calves, Danish cattle, trading pig, trading dairy cattle.



    Vetlife Licking Block and Feed Additives LTD was established in 2007 in Gaziantep. The idea that "Farms using the products more or less than the need will create economic loss" has been accepted as the working principle by our company. The purpose of our business is to produce the best premix and licking blocks of the world by creating the most accurate and complete salt, mineral and vitamin combination of our products. Our mission is to contribute to the livestock sector on the world by making these products suitable for the needs, very high quality, economical and transporting them to every small or large regions and farms. Our vision is to develop existing products in the market and to offer non-existent products to our diversity. Vetlife Licking Feed and Feed Additives LTD, which progresses on this road and exports its products to 22 countries, is growing day by day especially with the demand and support of veterinarians and continues to serve in line with its purpose.



    SAYGINLAR AGRICULTURAL MACHINES LTD. Our company was founded by Hasan Hüseyin SAYKILI and his brother; S.Ahmet SAYKILI in 1984. The company has been providing agricultural machines and equipments for the city of Afyonkarahisar and around. Even though the the company was founded in 1984, the real beginning of business is with the block-making machine in 1971. After the production of this machine we have started to make a lot of innovative machines in accordance with the demands and needs of the agriculture sector using technology. The variety of our products range from manure spreader, liquid manure spreader, trailer, storage tanks, watering tankers, tractor cabins, tractor trailers, funeral services trailers, forklift carrier trailers, water and oil tankers, tractor mounted loaders, tractor mounted road sweepers, chisel ploughs etc. to feed mixing machines which are our main product range now. As a result of works that our R&D department has been conduction we have started to produce feed mixing trailer that both work with the help of a tractor and electricity since 2006. The capacity of these machines range from 1, 5 to 16 m3 covering the needs of small and big ranges. Briefly We have been serving the farmers for 34 years with our manufactured product range such as, feed mixer wagons, cattle feed mixer, feed mixer and crusher, manure spreader, manure spreader trailer, farm trailer, farm tipping trailer, slurry tanker, tractor road sweeper, road sweepers, agriculture machinery

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    Sri Lanka

    Richard Pieris Exports PLC pioneered the manufacture and export of Rubber mats for numerous applications and Food grade jar sealing rings and specialized products for the US, European and the Asia Pacific markets. Richard Pieris Exports has been the major supplier of technically specified safety mats like anti-fatigue mats, fire retardant mats, anti-static mats for electrical applications and gymnasium mats to international standards. In the recent times the Company has concentrated on developing a variety of mats for the dairy industry. Richard Pieris Exports is working aggressively to introduce this unique mat range to the other international markets. Richard Pieris Exports is a subsidiary of Richard Pieris & Company Limited, one of the largest and most diversified blue chip corporate entities in Sri Lanka. Richard Pieris Exports commands a diverse global market and conforms to ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Richard Pieris Exports leisure collection ensures floor protection, safety and comfort in the Gym. Specially useful in weight lifting rooms and changing room environments. Hygienic, anti-fatigue mats even provide comfort for bare-feet. Our delightful and wide range of entrance mats, from heavy duty mats for commercial areas and simple door mats rejuvenating monotonous tired looking doorways. As the pioneers in entrance matting industry we are confident of meeting your exact needs.

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    United Kingdom

    Shire Europe Finance Company is a company based in London specialized in providing financial products and services since 2001. As a financial institution, our mission has been for almost 20 years to help professionals who are financially excluded and ignored by the mainstream financial services industry. We provide business loans for our customers to obtain the best price, best repayment terms and least onerous credit agreement. We also make sure that your loans are processed in the shortest deadlines possible. Our wish is to help companies with their organization. Indeed, we advise them in order to make their work more efficient, thus ensuring them a swift and continuous growth. This way they will be able to reduce costs and to better manage risks. Moreover, we accompany small businesses to find the lending solutions that are best suited to their needs. Thanks to our corporate finance department, we provide integrated financial and strategic advice. We are also experts in economic consulting and equipment financing to make equipment affordable. We work to make high-quality financial products and services accessible. Don't hesitate to contact us fore more information !

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    South Africa

    Morzart Enterprise is one of the leading South Africa stockist, Manufacturer, Supplier and distributor of various products such as , Animal feeds, Fresh Animal parts, Birds parts and Agricultural products etc, Exporters and Importers of first class high yielding, grassfed beef and dairy cattle.We occupy a special place in the South African Animal Husbandry, livestock Equipments, Animal Feeds and Agricultural Industries.We take pride in introducing our self as one of the South African's reputed manufacturer and exporters of Livestock, Animal feeds, Animal Equipments, Commodities and Agricultural products. The company has grown leaps and bounds due to its persistent efforts and has established unparalleled in its field of operation. Product quality, regularity of supply and value of commitment are the hallmarks of our company. The distinctiveness of our product and further broadening of product lines have led to rapid market penetration and expanded distribution.Fakana have well organized and highly qualified team in the Management, from production department to export department. We are having well experience and qualified staff for the better communication, prompt service and documentation, we are bound with latest technology.In a very short span of time Fakana has reached to a towering height & created pride in several eyes with staunchly working. Our company has its global network & ample to execute any order of expected value & demand with exact quality, timely delivery & best pri

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    Agromasters is a leading designer and manufacturer of milking parlours , milking automations , feeding & barn equipment. Agromasters produces all types of milking systems for sheep , goats and cows , integrating it’s unique own range of milking components , milking automations & technologies. Additionaly , our company manufactures a wide range of feeding belts , feed processing equipment & a series of livestock equipment . Our goal is to produce high-quality and innovative products using leading automated technologies . All of our solutions are designed to ensure animals’ welfare and farmers profitibility . A Greek company that founded in 1978 by Charalampos Baltatzis supplying initially to the domestic market feeds and portable milking machines. Nowadays, Agromasters housed in facilities of 5, 000 sqm . Οur company’s structure includes CAD designing work, steel & stainless-steel machining & fabrication, electrical and electronic design and manufacturing, marketing and Installation. We are proud to support thousands of farmers seeking to maximize their productivity and profitability. The Company currently operates in more than 35 countries worldwide. Our long history and experience in the field, our willingness to develop and strict quality control of our products, are the best credentials for the Company’s continuous growth worldwide.

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    WE ARE GEMMY We are an independent company that has been helping farmers improve the performance of their animals, save their margins, support their technics by searching all over the world for the best raw materials with good quality. Lets follow us… The purpose of our business is to produce the best mineral tubs and licking blocks of the world by creating the most accurate and complete salt, mineral and vitamin combination of our products. HOW WE WORK We assist the farmers with a high-quality range, professional advice and attractive prices for the healthy development of your company. This not only ensures healthy and productive animals, but certainly also for you, a happy farmer. We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good jobs for everyone.

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    OUR VISION. Our goal is to serve humanity, to provide high quality products at prices that suit the available budgets. Our ability to develop and innovate is very high, enabling us to help people gain time for themselves to enjoy. OUR MESSAGE. We choose the best time to provide the right product for the person who needs it OUR MISSION. We are obsessed with the satisfaction of our customers; they are our true partners; we make their goals a reality, and we support the implementation of their projects. Addisoon, through a group of experts, is a pioneer in studying and implementing integrated projects. Its field of work also extends to developing and marketing computerized systems for the modern management of all agricultural projects. Our belief is that the success of each project depends on a series of steps, the most prominent of which are: 1 Good planning (business plan, operating plan). 2 Good field studies (market study, product study). 3 Select those with experience in each field. 4 Choose quality equipment. 5 Invest in information management and human resources. 6 Good management, monitoring, and compliance. 7 Maintenance and modernization. Our role is a central actor in studies and project completion, through accumulated experiences, helping beneficiaries, regardless of the size of their projects, to reach the level of their aspirations and to achieve their desired goals.


    Czech Rep.

    FARMTEC a.s. is a leading manufacturer of livestock equipment in the Czech Republic. Our products include a full range of farmyard equipment, cattle penning, milking parlors, equipment for sheep and goats breeding, poultry breeding, and much more. FARMTEC is part of the AGROFERT a.s. holding, which is a significant supernational group with more than 200 companies and 34 thousand employees. We have been operating in the market since 1996. During this period we have been gradually expanded to our present form. Now we are a strong and stable partner with the experience of hundreds of realized projects. All our activities are performed by 250 FARMTEC employees, among them more than 70 are design engineers providing complete design and engineering activities to apply the latest global know-how within the field. As well, we cooperate with more than 20 external assembly and maintenance companies. We are also active in foreign trade. Nowadays, FARMTEC a.s. is successfully operating in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Hungary, Italy, the Baltic countries. We are very interested in establishing business relationships and cooperation with new foreign companies to expand our presence abroad. The name of our company is synonymous with high-quality, well-designed products which are built to last.

  1. DURAN D.D.


    DURAN d.d. Pula is a worldwide known manufacturer and supplier of custom-made technical glass products.The company melts the borosilicate 3.3. Duran glass and produces laboratory and industrial glass assortments. Production types are: hand blown and hand pressed. The production assortment includes: flasks, laboratory bottles, beakers, milk jars for milking machines, hot water boilers, aircraft glass, illuminating bulks, protective glass, insulators, washing machine windows. The DURAN Group combines the strengths of a great history with the visionary spirit of the founder of borosilicate glass technology, Otto Schott.His achievement not only laid the foundation stone for the success of the DURAN Group, it also revolutionized modern chemistry and made it possible to carry out a wide range of analytical procedures that would previously have been unthinkable. DURAN® glass has proved itself over the last 120 years not only in laboratories but also in industry and the home.

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    We are a professional & leading manufacturer of livestock traceability identification products located in Ankara / Turkey. We supply high-quality Rfid Animal Ear tags and work directly with customers to identify, develop and deliver solutions for their needs for over 20 years. Being the first domestic company that produced livestock ear tags that are used in the identification system for the ovine and bovine in Turkey. Products enjoy popularity in the domestic market and have been exported all over the world. Offering a complete service to our customers for cattle ear tags, pig ear tags, goat ear tag, electronic (rfid) ear tags, ear tag pliers, ear tag marker pen, leg tag, ear tag reader (rfid reader), plastic seals, plastic bottle caps, fasteners to keep cattle tripe safe for disposal and plastic safety caps with global standards, which ensures the quality of every batch of products to meet clients’ needs.

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    Importfrisona SLU, is an export company based in León -Spain with more as 15 years experience with livestock. we export ASSAF sheep , Assaf lamb, awassi, lacaune, merino, sheep. old sheep for slaughter Goats, murciano Granadinas from spain , alpine, saanen from Holland or France from our office in Germany we trade with Fleckvieh and Holstein Cattle, calves and pregnant heifers , dairy cattle. we have also cows for slaughter from Spain, Rumania. We export Masting bulls from Hungarn or Brazil to Turkei, our long network permit this. We organized the transport and all export documents. But the way we also looking for partners all over the world to work together with, so pls contact us.


    United Kingdom

    Machinery World is an internationally recognised leader in sourcing and providing new and used dairy and other manufacturing equipment to companies all over the world. Having bought and sold machinery in over 60 countries worldwide since being established in 1999, Machinery World is recognised as a respected and professional international outfit. With a large team of highly trained and deeply experienced buyers, Machinery World invests greatly both time and money scouring the globe for the highest standard of second-hand machinery and as such, reliably has a diverse and large holding of stock. Above all, Machinery World aims to make the lives of dairy manufacturers as simple and profitable as possible and, for that reason, offers a truly comprehensive service to each and every one of its clients. As well as providing the opportunity to save up to 50 per cent on machinery purchases, Machinery World offers cash-in-hand when buying any machinery; including a full worldwide removal and transportation service.



    Danish Livestock Export A/S is placed in Denmark and works wih export of danish breeding cattle. We are mostly known for selling black and white Holstein Friesian heifers. But futhermore our expertise covers meat cattle, red danish dairy and jersey heifers. Our team has made business in this trade for more than 40 years, so the company covers a great knowledge. One of our primary goals is seeing that our customers are well satisfied and feel that their cattle received good care and reached thier destination on time and in good health. We have a lifetime of experience in working and hauling livestock, therefore, we understand some of your concerns with shipping them and providing good care for them at the same time. We know how environmental conditions affect the shrinkage and health of your cattle.



    We are a German company consolidated in the dairy cattle and beef sector with extensive experience in the export of pregnant heifers, calves for fattening and slaughter to Europe, the Mediterranean littoral states, Middle East and CIS countries with competitive prices. We have races Friesian Holstein, Fleckvieh (Simmental), charolais, limousin, cross- limousine. Our animal are free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly checked by veterinary. we have a complex of several farms within one and the same operation, to accommodate the dairy cattle and calves for fattening and carry out all of the health protocol required by each country. The large capacity of our farms allows us to achieve exports regularly to our customers throughout the year. We take care of all the steps necessary to export, including transport to the farm of destination do not hesitate to contact us to request your quotation.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    In 2003 Farmland Plc acquired the dairy farm from the government owned agricultural industrial compound Mladen Stojanovic. We are affirmed in the market as a high quality producer and a trusted partner that builds long-term strategic partnerships and integrates knowledge and profitability in the entire supply chain. Our main strategy is to keep a constant health level of our animals through high quality specific feed and favourable animal living environment. - 8 lactations - 3.5 average herd lactations - 74% success rate insemination - 18% annual herd repair percentage *DAiRY FARM : -High quality milk -Advanced premium heifers (Holstein) -Feed mill factory specialized in milk production -Dry sterille organic fertilizer of cowdung



    Bluebell Exim was established with the motive of offering Indian products to the Global Market. We offer various whole and ground spices like Cumin, Coriander, Chilli, Turmeric etc, agro products like Millet, Yellow Maize, Sorghum, rice, sesame seeds, peanuts etc and cattle feeds like Guar Churi and Korma, Soybean Meal, Castor DOC etc to the international market.With a notable experience in the international market we clearly understand the importance of quality, packing, time duration etc in this business. We are renowned and appreciated for quality and timely completion of consignments. We have deployed state of art infrastructure for sorting, cleaning and grading of all the products. We ensure that the packaging of the goods is done in such a manner to preserve the highly delicate products for a long time.We are dedicated to fulfilling the commitments given by us to our various clients across the globe.



    HIGH HEALTH STANDARDS Denmark is free of IBR/IPV, BVD, TB, Brucellosis, Leucosis and Bluetongue. Danish Veterinarian Health Standards are highly positioned - it makes your imports comfortable and safe SELECTION OF CATTLE - by your choice! Prepared to fulfill your request for almost any number of cattle. Selection at farm level individually - done by you personally / -or by own experts on behalf of customer FAST DELIVERY OF CATTLE We book shipping with haulage contractors who regularly deliver cattle across Europe. We make sure you get a transport offer on the most competitive cost price. We can do selection in a week! - You get your bought animals delivered at your farm the following week Delivery of each animal with its Official Certification, issued by Danish Agricultural & Food Council BOVI_DENMARK A/S - Owned by Danish Holstein Association - Representing Danish Cattle Breeders - Established in 1981 by Danish Farmers Union - Exports to more than 50 countries around the world



    agro e machines is company located in brazil supplying live cattle for slaughterhouses in brazil, and live cattle less 24 month for export for countries as iran , turkey , egypt, arabia saudia, in soon future to china, we are in the market almost 20 years, with cattle races we are always looking for new partners in tbhe world , doing good business with quality and good care .brazil today has the largest amount of cattle in the world, and we take this opportunity for export for all the world , feel free to contact agro e machines ltd to see the good opportunity to work with brazil through agro e machines ltd and good luck for new business.cattle as nolore , angus, senepol, white cattle , lomisen, , and all others from brazil



    Hello Sir, MadamWe are pleased to introduce ourselves as a venerable manufacturers of veterinary instruments for National and International Customers.We hope you are one of the most reputed importers of such a products and We are interested to do business with you, for making your imports more economical & reliable with guaranteed and quality. we assure you that we can provide you, your selected quality. Plz don't leave us out and visit www.lhsinstruments.com........ And confirm us your Nice Business Willings for Samples InspectionI would appreciate your early reply in advance.Rgds, Waqas jamilMA EconomicsCell: +923065455075



    Company introduction: Taian Yimeite Machinery Company is built in 2005 and located in Taian, Shandong, North of China. With superior quality and reasonable price, we win great polularity among customers. Our main products are: 1, Cow and goat milking machine 2, dairy equipments 3, hay cutter 4, milking parlor 5, manure separator 6, cooling tank 7, pasteurizer etc farm equipments 8, TMR Mixer 9, Feeder spreader 10, Silage loader Our Services 1, Professional and experienced sales and good communication! 2, Products can be customerized as your request as we are manufacturer and we can do as your request. 3, If you order bulk products, we can also arrange trachinal person to install.



    Arnaoum Company is operating exclusively for the benefit of people and firms engaged in the various aspects of a business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions.In this way we ensure the worldwide supply of high-quality raw materials to the manufactured goods. Since our inception in 1996 through several companies diversified in different field and consolidated in 2010, we have accumulated vast international experience in dealing with companies and public offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. We offer goods from various branches of industries: Automotive, Construction Materials & Steel, Food & Beverage Agriculture & Livestock . Powered by the intellect and the creative energy of our top-notch analysts and consultants, we guarantee that the challenges facing our clients, no matter how complex, always get the most optimal solutions. On the following pages we would like to offer you some insight of our groups activities and capabilities.



    We are leading exporter of Agriculture like green chilli, lemon, ginger, garlic, Cattle feed and Poultry feed, capsicum, tomato, Banana, pomegranate , papaya, frozen fruit and vegetable, Soya bean meal, cotton, cumin seed, sesame seed, yellow corn, basmati and non basmati rice, HSP ground nut Kernel , ground nut meal, green millet, bean, Grain, pulses and spices product.We are also export building materials, tiles and sanitary ware product.For more information you can visit us www.safaloverseas.com if you have any Query of product contact feel freely, Thank you.Ashok Chauhan



    We are german cattle exporters, working with all milk and meat races for export by truck a, boat and plane. Our export stables are between Hamburg and Berlin in BTV free areas. We like to offer you pregnant Holstein heifers for England. In the following we will present you the conditions of the heifers you could see with us in Germany: Quantity : 34, 68 , or 102 and more breed : german Holstein Frisian heifers origin : Germany age : german heifers 20 - 30 months old pregnancy : 6 – 7.5 month in calf weight : 550 kg to 600 kg live weight, Height : about 145 cm milkproduction : 1. Lactation 7.000 l with 4.0 % fat or 2. Lactation 8.500 l with 3.8 % fat or a 3. Lactation 9.000 l with 3.8 % fat and about 3.2. protein transport : by truck to your farm contact us for more presentation



    Our company is acting as chartering brokers since 1981, specializing in the transportation of live animals (cattles, sheep, camels etc).Today our company, having an excellent relationship with a variety of clients of all over the globe (shipowners, airlines, charterers, importers/exporters, traders etc), provides the best possible service for all parties.We are at your disposal for any further information or clarification you may need and looking forward to a fruitful co-operation.MANDOR - Livestock CarriersAthens-Greeceemail: mandor1@otenet.gr



    Dairycore ltd leaders in dairy diagnostic and hygiene provide dairy farmers with the following products . teat scrubber system, or teat sanicleanse system , Cyclone cow shed ventilation systems, or cyclone fans Colostrum test units, milk easy adapters for slow quarter milkers, mastitis detection , Bellaag temperature monitoring systems for cows temperature bolus heat stress early detection of illness, cow collars , teat dip cups , cow locator, p4 rapid progesterone testing, p4 rapid pregnancy detection for cows, p4 rapid heat detection



    Our company are engaged in farm electric fence for serial years, we mainly do OEM of electric fence energizer for some farm company in Japan and other farm developed country, we can design according to our customer's requirements fast, and also can find a good balance between the stability and the cost of the product. we have been caring for every thing in detail not just design, but also quality test, and process control of manufacture. we have won our customer by our high quality products and fast-develop-capability before, and we will do better in the future.

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