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    We are a leading company in the production and sale of bark products and fall protection coverings, supply of biomass power plants with fuels and transport of bulk materials of all kinds. Furthermore, the trade with sawmill waste wood, such as sawdust and wood chips for the pellet, paper and chipboard industry have become as much a part of our everyday business as the disposal of waste wood, and our own production in Bad Sobernheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, enables us to produce bark mulch in a wide range of grain sizes as well as fall protection coverings from bark and wood chips. Using the best machines available in the wood industry, we manufacture quality products that are far above the usual industry standard.



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    With IDS Environment, benefit from waste management support. We have been supporting the waste management process for all types of business, whatever their size or volume, for over a decade! The cost of paying, storing eliminating waste can be a real financial burden, increase your carbon footprint and make you less competitive on the market. We help you organise your waste management and drastically reduce waste. IDS Environment supports you in two main areas: environmental protection and financial savings. We are inescapable specialists in France for simply eliminating your waste! Cardboard, paper, plastic, organic waste, steel, wood, glass ... save time, energy and money. Less hassle and stress due to handling waste whilst efficiently eliminating all types of materials. Start to get rid of your waste on site with our incredible solution now! Join the thousands of French companies who already place their trust in us.



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    Since being established in 2014, we have acquired a wealth of experience in injection moulding and extrusion and have developed our own products such as home-compostable coffee pods and plant pots which are biodegradable in soil. We are a leading compounder of biocomposites containing sunflower seed shells. Our key products provide innovative solutions for injection moulding and extrusion. GC pro combines sunflower seed shells with standard polyolefins to make the materials more eco-friendly and to reduce the use of plastic. At the same time, the material is 100% recyclable. With GC green, we focus on biodegradable bioplastics which are used in our granules, coffee pods and plant pots. We have verified the biodegradability of many of our compounds and products with the "OK Compost Home" or "OK Biodegradable Soil" certificates issued by TÜV Austria. As a partner, we also offer you comprehensive project support and synergy effects with other manufacturers. Our long-term vision is to reduce the amount of plastic brought onto the market and replace it with biomaterials. We prioritise honesty, transparency and sustainability in all of our business activities. As a pioneer, we use waste products from the food industry to reduce environmental pollution. We are proud to offer innovative solutions and make good use of waste materials. Get in touch with us and play your part in a sustainable future with Golden Compound


    United States

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    Viet Nam

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    Our company MMAYR Trading Co, Ltd. specialises in the procurement of sustainable, fairly produced and environmentally friendly products. We procure products that contribute to the sustainable management of the worldwide environment. We follow the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in every possible way in our business. Our company operates from Vietnam and places great value on a friendly and close relationship with their manufacturers, managing a project from sourcing suppliers to on-site delivery. Whether you want to test the market or you seek a long-term partner to manage all your purchasing operations and logistics in Southeast Asia, our expertise at MMAYR Trading will suit your purposes. Here is an unexhaustive list of the products MMAYR Trading provides at the moment: furniture, handicraft home decor made of rattan, biodegradable and compostable drinking straws made of coconut, rice, grass and coffee, compostable cutlery, toothbrushes of bioplastic and vegan toothpaste, handmade wedding dresses, premium live edge tables, kitchen collection and many more. MMAYR Trading looks forward to your interest and possible cooperation. We would be happy to send you more detailed information, should you desire it. Please visit our website or contact us for any inquiry.

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    NaturePlast is a company that specialises in researching, developing and distributing bioplastics. We believe that sustainability and innovation are keys for a future where the environment is shown greater respect.This is why we work non-stop to offer our customers solutions that are innovative and environmentally friendly. Our bioplastics are manufactured from renewable raw materials such as maize, cane sugar and potato. Unlike traditional plastics that are derived from oil, they are fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. This means that they have a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional plastics and they help to reduce the amount of plastic waste. At NaturePlast we are certain that sustainability is the future. We are proud to contribute to the transition to a circular economy and to provide our customers with environmentally responsible solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.



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    For a Sustainable Tomorrow! VERMILION, a leading player in Foreign Trade, offers a range of 100% eco-friendly, natural sugar cane-based tableware. Our products are ecologically compostable, breaking down in nature within 60 to 90 days. We supply a variety of biodegradable items such as plates, cups, bowls, boxes, straws, forks, spoons, knives, compartmentalized plates, hamburger boxes, and trays. Our commitment is to produce products that, like our food, come from nature and return to the soil. In the food industry, VERMILION is at the forefront of single-use tableware innovation, catering to hotels, restaurants, catering companies, families, weddings, parties, picnics, and events. As an eco-friendly packaging exporter, we prioritize guest satisfaction by providing cost-effective solutions. We ensure timely deliveries to all European countries. Our top-notch, eco-friendly products are water and oil-resistant, microwave-safe, and can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to 150 degrees. They retain the natural taste of food while offering durability, providing both convenience to nature and a premium experience for users. For more information: https: //vermilion.com.tr/en/home/



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    Our mission is to offer innovative environmental technologies that can transform organic waste into soil. Within 24-48 hours our patented Compostyle SGC technology reduces by 90% the organic waste's weight and volume. It thus produces a biodegradable fertilising soil called Te-d. SAEC Group is the ideal partner for those who share the vision of a sustainable future. It offers innovative solutions and advanced technologies for responsible waste management.



    Eska Ambalaj is a powerful flexible packaging manufacturer, where knowledge and experience meet with customer satisfaction, with its continuously -increasing investments, state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and dynamic team.With its wide product range and unique business model, Eska Ambalaj is a reliable business partner that offers suitable solutions to its customers of all sizes. Eska Ambalaj continues to create value for its customers operating in more than 20 countries with its innovative approach and high quality service. While doing that, Eska Ambalaj always relives the excitement of presenting its high quality products to new markets and business partners. Our Vision To be an elastic packaging manufacturer that is taken as an example in all markets in our area of influence, with our qualified human resources and powerful infrastructure. Our Mission To provide high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for every need of our customers. To be at least a step forward from our competitors in the sector with the packaging solutions we offer to our customers. Quality You can store and sell the product you want, from coffee to spices, in pre-sterilized packages suitable for all kinds of food. In addition to its innovative and visual presentation feature, you can deliver your products to your customers with peace of mind, due to the quality of the packaging and its suitability for health.



    KSK Developments is a technology company focused on the design and implementation of solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City. We realize tasks in the field of IoT, electronics and programming with elements of automation and information technology. We design: printed circuit boards, enclosures for electronic devices, tools and equipment for trenchless technologies and software development. We devote much attention to our products, taking care of the smallest details. We approach to our work reliably and practically. Always thoroughly we investigate any solution. All our products have found practical application in the real world. For several years, we caught up in work in the field of IoT explore the potential of the Internet of Things. Fascinated by the possibilities successfully we implement new solutions. We are open to technical innovations that we closely follow, analyze and find practical applications for them. Thanks to the cooperation with research institutions we perform technical approvals. Gained certifications are the best proof of the reliability of the work performed by us. KSK Developments is a Poland manufacturer of different types of IoT equipment, such as Temperature and Oxygen level sensing for composting, Water pressure wireless sensor, Wireless parking spaces' occupancy detector, Traffic counter and so on. We are looking for Worldwide Customers of our Products in the B2B segment.



    BTU-CENTER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial biologicals for agriculture, one of the 25% of the largest manufacturers of biological products in the world, the largest manufacturer and exporter of such products in Ukraine. The manufacturer has 23 years of experience, more than 450 employees in the group of companies, own manufacture and R&D center Institute of Applied Biotechnology. The enterprise’s portfolio includes more than 60 preparations used in organic and integrated technologies for nutrition and plant protection, as well as for restoration of soil fertility on a total area of more than 4 million hectares. 9 biologicals are registered in the EU and certified for organic agriculture here. The production facilities are 10 000 of biologicals annually. BTU-CENTER is the only Ukrainian company that became a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).



    JSC “Durpeta” is one of the oldest peat extraction and processing companies in Lithuania. Newly built our substrate factory is recognized as one of the most modern factories in the Baltic states. Inside the factory there is installed computer process management and quality control systems. Synergy of the specialists from the company and professional growers from all around the world resulted in substrate data base, which contains more than 500 recipes for flowers, vegetables, ornamental plants. Sod peat, brown and black peat are being processed these days. Based on demand apart from peat there are many other components added into substrates: fertilizers, limestone, clay, sand, perlite, microelements, bio hummus, coir and many other. Companies products are being exported to more than 45 countries world wide. 500 thousand m³ of peat are being extracted over one year period. Company participates in biggest global plant growing and technology exhibitions “IPM” Essen (Germany), exhibitions in Poland, Spain and many other countries. Our goal – responsible use of peat resources and produce highest possible quality products for our customers. Attention for grower – one of the most essential and important company’s business priorities. Guaranteed quality of the product as well as flexible logistics system lets us to maintain long term relationships in foreign markets as well as in domestic market. Trust of the customers and growers is very important indicator for us as a producers.



    Eggersmann GmbH is the first and only company in the recycling industry to offer a complete range of mobile and stationary machines in its repertoire. As the industry's first one-stop supplier, Eggersmann GmbH markets products from renowned brands such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, Eggersmann, FORUS and Terra Select, thereby supplying solutions for a wide variety of process areas, such as composting, metering, bunkering, opening, crushing, screening or classifying, from a single source. The company offers individual, customer-specific and technical marketing with comprehensive support – from an idea through to its implementation. This leads to an optimal flow of decades of experience and expertise held by individual companies into the globally operating Eggersmann GmbH, guaranteeing an optimal end result. The aim is to build a lasting, constructive partnership with the customer.

  3. AGRO-EKO S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    AGRO-EKO Ltd. was founded in 1992. The Main business is focused on these three areas: 1) Buildings, technologies and other services in the environmental area, where the company concentrates on technology supplies and processing of biologically decomposable waste (BDW) and its further use. 2) Preparing of project documentation and studies in environmental, especially for biologically decomposable waste treatment.3) Solving of science and research program. The core business is the manufacture of EWA Aerobic Fermentors = patented and certified technology for controlled aerobic thermophillic fermentation. EWA Fermentor is able to process all types of biowaste including sludge from waste water treatment plants and animal by-products in accordace with the EU Regulation no. 1069/2009. EWA Fermentor is able to produce compost, reclamation substrate or biofuel in a very short time. AGRO-EKO offers a turnkey solution for your waste.

  4. IT'S A WRAP

    United Kingdom

    Whether wrapping a sandwich to go, presenting sweet potato fries in mini baskets alongside your gourmet burger, or if you just want a cool new placemat for your restaurant tables, the applications for It's a Wrap are endless.It's a Wrap is an award-winning solution for the food to go and casual dining sectors, helping to pack or present any food product with a unique custom-printed greaseproof paper wrap, making sure that brands are showcased at every opportunity.Our wraps are fully biodegradable and manufactured from either 38gsm white or 40gsm brown natural greaseproof paper. The material has been specially manufactured to cover the broadest of uses within the food industry, its natural feel is well suited for the baking industry and for luxury goods too. The greaseproof properties can easily cope with heavy oil applications such as chip basket liners and fish and chip wrappers. Our wraps also help maintain the flavour and aromas, while enhancing the appearance of your food.You can be certain of working with someone who cares, not only about service and quality, but also about the environmental impact of the disposable food packaging industry.We care about how our products are disposed of, as well as how we manufacture and distribute them. Our manufacturing methods are efficient and cause the least impact possible.Our process uses inks that are made from soya based vegetable oils, our factory is carbon neutral, and our materials are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable


    United Kingdom

    Cornerstone Systems Ltd. manufacture Industrial and agricultural temperature monitoring and control solutions. Our temperature and humidity monitoring systems are used in crop storage (potato, onion and grain), compost processing (in-vessel and windrow) and recycled wood storage facilities (wood chip, bark, sawdust and biomass pellet) around Europe. We manufacture both wired and wireless sensor systems that provide extensible, wide-area, multi-site robust automated temperature monitoring. Our systems provide all the remote access, automated reporting, system integration and alarm functions that customers require in todays highly networked market place. Contact us today for an on-site demonstration.



    We are a family operated and customer-focused company offering a range of landscape materials and solid fuels for delivery to your home or business. Since our establishment in 2009 by myself (Tom), we have built a strong reputation for excellent customer service and superior quality products at an affordable price. Our landscape products range from various topsoil blends, bark mulch, and decorative gravels to farmyard manure and compost, available in loose loads or bulk bags. We offer delivery of these products to most parts of Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow with our own delivery vehicles, and nationwide delivery available using pallet curriers. We stock a wide range of solid fuels including Smokeless coals, Polish Coal, stove fuels, firewood, peat and gas from leading brands such as Bord na Mona, Stafford Fuels, McLaughlin's Coal and Flogas. Delivery of these products (other than bulk) is on a routed schedule limited to towns and villages surrounding our depot in Blessington but reaching as far as Tallaght, Kill, Naas, Ballymore Eustace, Dunlavin and everywhere in between. I hope you enjoy browsing our website and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future



    AGRO IDEAL Compost is a high quality natural compost organic fertilizer. The compost “revives” the soil: lean, heavy clay or light soil is turned into well-structured fertile soil, and depleted soil is restored.AGRO IDEAL Compost is a universal natural fertilizer for planting and growing all types of vegetable, fruit and berry, decorative, coniferous, flower crops and lawn grass. It protects the root system from freezing, stimulates increased root formation in spring, and accelerates the growth of seedlings. AGRO IDEAL Compost also accelerates the growth of flowers. It increases their survival rate, the number of flower-bearing stems and the intensity of color. An ideal component for building a lawn.Why AGRO IDEAL Compost? provides plants with all the required natural nutrients; does not contain any weed seeds or pathogens; restores and improves the structure of soil; does not oxidize soil; increases the ability of soil to retain moisture and nutrients; increases the disease resistance in pl


    United Kingdom

    We are the UK's Leading Topsoil Suppliers delivering top soil and many other garden and landscape supplies nationwide next day. All our online prices include VAT and delivery to most parts of the country. We have several grades of Topsoil for sale online in 25 kg bags and bulk bags, we also supply bulk loads of topsoil throughout the country.


    United Kingdom

    The London Topsoil Company has been supplying top quality soils, composts and barks throughout London and the South East for over 14 years. Based at 4 convenient depots in the area, we can supply product for your exact requirements at short notice using our own fleet of customised vehicles. Whether you are after bulk, loose premium grade or contract grade topsoil, bark or compost, or our own brand of products in tote (jumbo) bags The London Topsoil Company is your one stop shop for Topsoil.


    United Kingdom

    Wether you just need some compost to top up your flower beds or want to start growing your own fruit and veg, we have every thing you'll need and much more! All our organic compost and soil improvers are made from BS PAS100 certified compost to ensure it is made to the highest standards.


    United Kingdom

    Earth Cycle is a range of composts, soil conditioners, top soil and turf dressing rootzones that are produced in West Sussex, and are peat free, organic and sustainably produced. We also offer bark, playground certified chip and turf.



    Pars is the technology's ability to produce more organic products Our products include agricultural fertilizers and fertilizer plants, this is the best product we have earthworm powder



    The company VERIM GÜBRE ANONIM ŞIRKETI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural fertilizers industry. It also operates in the chemical fertilizers, compost, organic fertilizers, and special fertilizers industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



    The company AKG ACHAUER KOMPOSTIERUNGS GMBH &CO.KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry industry. It also operates in the compost, Wood shingle for fuel, and Soils and substrates industries. It is based in Pfaffenhofen, Germany.



    The company WALKRO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural fertilizers industry. It also operates in the compost industries. It is based in Venlo, Netherlands.



    The company "EKOBIOFERM" LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural fertilizers industry. It also operates in the compost industries. It is based in Smorgon, Belarus.

  9. PUR VER


    The company PUR VER, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Gardening and horticulture - equipment and supplies industry. It also operates in the compost, organic fertilizers, and organic soil improvers industries. It is based in Gembloux, Belgium.



    The company KRUISBERGHOEVE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Agriculture - Machines & Equipment industry. It also operates in the compost, coils, and Farming consultancy industries. It is based in Arendonk, Belgium.

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