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  • In order to enable the efficient bending of even extremely small parts and to thereby meet the requirements of our customers, we have developed a controlled bending machine tool for extremely small... Supplier of: cut thin metal sheets | sheet metal working machines | sheet metal components | Bending machine tools | Industrial cutting machine tools [+] springs for technical purposes | electrical contacts | micro-springs | steel bar and section benders | bending brakes (folding machines) for sheet metal | punched parts | contact springs | springs for the electronics industry | springs for electrical engineering | springs subjected to bending stress
    GERMANY - Sauerlach
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  • ESTIMET provides comprehensive services in sheet metal processing including services such as: cnc cutting (gas, plasma, laser and water cutting), bending and folding. We use the latest technologies... Supplier of: sheet cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Bending - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals | metal products and small parts [+] oxygen cutting | water jet cutting | laser cutting
    POLAND - Miechucino
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  • we produce front fender , rear fender and front frame for three wheeler Supplier of: cut thin metal sheets | Cold rolled steel strips | metalworking | cold drawn steel | metalworking
    EGYPT - Baltim City Egypt
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  • Supplier of: cut thin metal sheets | Roofing rolls | metal-cutting lasers
    ROMANIA - Carei
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  • ...thin stainless steel strips, raw metal strips, spring wire and carbon strips for various applications in general mechanics. Sheet metal shearing work, cutting, flanging, including for third... Supplier of: Stainless steels | Blades and knives, industrial | stainless steel wire | hardened steel strips | s/steel strip [+] carbon steel | spring wire | steel for cutlery | steel for knives | steel for blades
    ITALY - Ciserano
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  • ...metal structural work. We manufacture thin metal sheets and metal structures in general using tools, such as laser, flame cutting, press brake and shears, guaranteeing a high level of precision... Supplier of: sheet cutting | Steels and metals - machining | steel structural work | bedplates | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals [+] structural metalwork | electricity cabinets | heavy metal structural work
    ITALY - San Giorgio Su Legnano
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  • ...pots are made of high quality sheet metal, coated with aluminium, and have a 30-month guarantee. In order to expand our business offer even further, we began with the production of thin wall welded pipes... Supplier of: Exhaust systems, vehicle | flexible stainless steel pipes | silencers | exhaust | aluminised tubes
    SLOVENIA - Novo Mesto
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  • Created in 1978, Mecanic Systems offers its customers all of its experience in cutting and working of sheet metal, with the sole objective of providing them with a service and product of unparalleled... Supplier of: shearing metal parts and sheet metal | precision cutting for industrial sheet metal | Steels and metals - welding and brazing | Shearing - steels and metals | metal milling [+] masking | metal welding | water-jet blanking | punch cutting | laser steel cutting | laser cutting stainless steel | laser cutting aluminium | tig mig stainless steel fabrication | tig mig aluminium fabrication | fine industrial sheet metal work
    BELGIUM - Braine-L'alleud
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  • Founded in 1950, our company offers clients the benefits of its long experience in precision mechanical machining of sheet metal to order. Our in-house divisions offer specialisations such as:... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet metal punching | sheet cutting | sheet metal drawing | sheet metal machining [+] sheet metal stamping | robotised welding | brioche moulds | metal structural work | metal moulding | cold pressing of metals | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | welding | sheetmetal folding under pressure | sheet shearing
    ITALY - Zola Predosa
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  • Rokvelas UAB offers metal working services for small serial and serial production. Production of steel stuctures, CNC machining. In convenience of the clients we provide complete package of services:... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | cnc sheet metal work | Milling - steels and metals | Bending - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining [+] Steels and metals - welding and brazing | Perforation of steels and metals | Turning - steels and metals | Welding work - steels and metal | Shearing - steels and metals | Ironwork, industrial and building construction | Screw cutting - steels and metals | Boring - steels and metals | Frameworks, lightweight - metal | contract cnc manufacturing and machining
    LITHUANIA - Panevezys
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  • Our company is a leading player in the sheet metal working and conversion sector, and specializes in working carbon steel, high strength steel, wear-resistant steel and also stainless steel sheet,... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | Cold rolled sections | plasma cutting | sheetmetal folding under pressure [+] metal bending | iron sheet bending | s/steel sheet bending | road heating systems | stainless steel sheet work
    ITALY - Sarcedo
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  • Technological innovation, laser cutting of sheet metal and stainless steel, engineering design office, even for short runs, samples and prototypes. In-house production, bespoke machining. We work in... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | Steel sheets and strips | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals [+] Welding work - steels and metal | metal shearing work | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | metal bending | metal punching | iron sheet bending | s/steel sheet bending | stainless steel welding | metal deburring
    ITALY - Bannia-Fiume Veneto
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  • Central to Ossitaglio Veronese's approach to production is the timeless philosophy of quality. Quality in the selection of sheet metal and production of items with the specific pledge to provide the... Supplier of: Sheet metal and strips, tinplate | Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | sheet metal - trade | Oxygen cutting - machines [+] Plasma cutting machines | plasma cutting
    ITALY - Vallese-Oppeano
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  • O.l.m.e.c. Srl is a dynamic structure, which has for over 40 years been producing, cut, folded and stamped parts, as well as manufacturing dies. O.l.m.e.c. Srl carries out the progressive machining,... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | sheet metal dies project | sheet metal stamping | sheet metal-working tools [+] Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Shaping - steels and metals | Stamping - steels and metals | Moulds and patterns | technical consultants on testing electric and electronic systems | iron sheet processing | s/steel sheet bending | metal moulding | sheet shearing and pressing | leaf vegetable seedlings
    ITALY - Grassobbio
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  • Subcontractor for sheet metal work for almost 90 Years, Métaux Emboutis is active in laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, cutting-embossing and assembly. We also have a fully equipped tool... Supplier of: metal cutting | sheet metal embossing | Steels and metals - machining | Welding work - steels and metal | Cutting - steels and metals [+] Shaping - steels and metals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Polishing - steels and metals | metal punching | cnc bending parts | welding shops | metal welding | laser cutting | machining centres | punching
    BELGIUM - Herstal
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  • The acquisition of the manufacturing business from the Zeiss Group in 1991 laid the foundations for Böhm Fertigungstechnik Suhl GmbH. The company possessed a solid basis in manufacturing technology... Supplier of: assembly of thin sheet metal | work on thin sheet metal | Signalling - systems and installations | Radar and radio navigation equipment | Vehicles - Telematics [+] flocking machines for mattresses | welded and mounted assemblies | small precision parts in metal | electricity cabinets | flocking systems | advice on flocking technology | cnc 3-axis milling | cnc 5-axis simultaneous milling work | installation of mechanical assemblies | emergency telephones
    GERMANY - Zella-Mehlis
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  • Our group provides products and solutions for thermal material processing in industry and trade. This primarily involves plasma and laser cutting technology, welding technology, welding electrodes... Supplier of: sheet metal | Shearing machine tools | Portable power tools | welding electrodes | welding materials [+] welding systems | coatings | plasma cutting | plasma cut machines | laser welding | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | laser cutters | anti-wear | electrode production | special electrodes
    GERMANY - Finsterwalde
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  • ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1928, has grown to become the market and innovation leader for levellers over the last 50 years. ARKU offers the largest selection of high-performance and precision... Supplier of: sheet metal deburring machines | cross-cutting and slitting units for sheet metal strips | levellers for sheet metal strips | levellers for sheet metal | sheet metal levelling works [+] levelling and cutting machines for sheet metal | Straightening - steels and metals | straighteners | metal deburring | deburring machines | coil lines | contracted straightening | contracted deburring | coil preparation lines for metal strips | coilers and decoilers
    GERMANY - Baden-Baden
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  • TRANSFER Stahl-Service GmbH specialises in the stock-holding trade with flat steel products. The company was founded in Langen near Frankfurt (Main) in 1989 and has been headquartered in Konstanz,... Supplier of: sheet metal cut plates | sheet metal, galvanised | pre-cut sheet metal | light gauge metal sheets | metal sheets [+] Steel, structural | steel sheet | trading in steel | bright steel | steel strips | steel plates | slit strip | light gauge sheet metal, galvanised | slit strips, cold-rolled | strip steel, hot-rolled
    GERMANY - Konstanz
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  • MPH works exclusively with the highest-quality materials made out of aluminium, steel and stainless steel, as these raw materials offer the greatest versatility. Every product that we create using... Supplier of: sheet metal moulding | sheet metal cutting | machining of sheet metal | machining sheet metal | processing sheet metal [+] Steels and metals - machining | hydraulic steel structures | steel storage cupboards | panel finishing | metal plaques | machining of metals | metals | industrial railings | plant construction using stainless steels | apparatus and container manufacturing
    AUSTRIA - Mank
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  • For more than 60 years, Trancerie Emiliana has been dealing with: slicing, pressure moulding, cutting lines, die construction. The company studies new projects for product optimisation. After... Supplier of: Sheet Metal & Tubes | sheet cutting | dies for machining sheet metal | Magnetic equipment | Die casting moulds [+] Moulds, precision | electrical sheet shearing | sheet shearing and pressing | metal stamping | cutting moulds | blanking | pressure moulding | cast mould design | brioche moulds | moulds
    ITALY - Parma
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  • HWJ AG is an extremely flexible medium-sized company. We concentrate on two areas of expertise. Firstly, the construction of special machines, with a focus on machines for coil processing in the... Supplier of: cnc sheet metal work | cross-cutting and slitting units for sheets | machining of sheet metal | Automatic piloting equipment | machine building [+] machines, custom-built | automatisation of special machines | panel finishing | metal work | extension reels | cut-to-length lines | control systems for measuring and control technology | control systems for measuring technology | control systems for custom machines | control system construction
    SWITZERLAND - Sargans
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  • Lonardi Claudio srl works in the sheet metal cold stamping sector. The deep embossing process is one of our specialities, along with stamping and cold shaping. Our manufacturing lines for sheet metal... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | sheet metal embossing | Stamping - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals [+] Cutting - steels and metals | metal stamping | iso 9000 certifications | metal shearing work | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | metalworking | cold stamping of metal | 3d and 2d laser cutting
    ITALY - Legnago
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  • Gabella Macchine spa makes very popular machine tools that are sold all over the world. Gabella Macchine spa works on preparing rolled goods and making ironwork installations. The company constructs... Supplier of: sheet cutting | sheet metal bending machines | sheet-metal machines | Machine tools - metal machining | conventional machine tools for sheet bending [+] machine tools for sheet metal work | punching machines for working sheet metal | profile machines for working sheet metal | metal bending | metal shearing work | briquetting machines | plumbing machinery | manufacture of sheet metal forming machinery | winding machines for reels of steel strip
    ITALY - Crevacuore
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  • The company Bertazzon developed at the beginning of the 20th century from the craftmanship and technical expertise of its founders who then handed all these traditional skills down from father to... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | Metal construction, lightweight | Metal structural work | metal pipe bending [+] industrial sheds | metal calendering | safety ladders
    ITALY - Vidor
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  • MECOXI provides its clients the following services and full distribution of: bespoke cutting of carbon and stainless steel sheets, all qualities, by laser, plasma, high definition plasma and oxy-gas.... Supplier of: sheet metal laser cutting | metal cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | machining of parts | shipyards [+] welding | machining | ship maintenance
    SPAIN - Mos-Pontevedra
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  • At C.E.P.I. we create ideas in steel, using the most appropriate grade of material. We have been creating metal structures with skill and professionalism for over 30 years. We are passionate about... Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet cutting | shearing | metal shearing | punching [+] plasma cutting | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | metal shearing work
    ITALY - Calvagese Della Riviera
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  • Stampaggi Castelfidardo offers a raft of services: shearing, embossing, CNC folding, blanking, finishing and assembling iron and alloy sheet metal; we also work as subcontractors. Supplier of: sheet metal | sheet cutting | sheet metal punching | sheet metal embossing | Stamping - steels and metals [+] sheet shearing and pressing | metal bending | brioche moulds
    ITALY - Castelfidardo
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  • Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet metal punching | sheet cutting | plasma cutting | stainless steel machining
    ITALY - Monterenzio
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  • Vandeez offers a range of decorative metal panels for urban spaces and public gardens. Available in different colours, the modular structure of the perforated screening panels can be used on slopes... Supplier of: designer cut sheet fencing and railings | sheet laser cutting | cut sheet cladding for façades | decorative panels cut from stamped sheet metal | Plates, perforated - ferrous metal [+] perforated sheet screen fencing | decorative metal panels | perforated metal panels | decorative perforated sheet fencing | decorative perforated sheet railings | manufacturer of screening panel gates | manufacturer of nursery school fencing | manufacturer of fencing for institutions | designer cut metal balustrade | decorative aluminium panels
    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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    A hand vise is a tool which is designed to grip things. It can either be held in the hand, as the... See product
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    Gas-cooled PM MIG/MAG-welding-torches, optional function torch with high-quality OLED graphic... See product
    EWM AG
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