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    Sun Chemical is a renowned chemical manufacturer with operations in the Netherlands and Turkey. Our company has been established for several decades and has earned a reputation as a leading supplier of cleaning products and various other chemicals, serving distributors globally. We prioritize long-term partnerships and maintain close relationships with our clients, many of whom are repeat customers. Our dedicated after-sales team is always available to provide support and assistance to ensure the success of our projects. We invite all potential clients to join us in taking our business to the next level on a global scale as we source and ship our chemicals worldwide, including countries such as China, the UK, US, Kenya, and Brazil. Our facilities and products are certified by prestigious international inspection companies, such as SGS, Bureau Veritas (BV), and the Certification Inspection Section, to guarantee quality and safety standards. Our factories hold ISO certifications, including ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO 9001, and we are committed to maintaining international environmental and safety standards. For more information on our products and services, please visit our website or contact us directly through our contact page for a personalized response to your inquiry.



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    Established in 1996, LindeBoom Holding B.V. stands as a premier chemical enterprise within Europe, recognized for its exceptional presence in the international chemical market. Our company specializes in exporting a wide array of chemical products and prides itself on expertise spanning Concrete Admixture, Mining Chemicals, Personal Care Ingredients, Agricultural Fertilizers, and more. Our commitment extends beyond specific product lines; we possess a keen interest in Dutch-origin chemicals, showcasing our diverse portfolio and comprehensive industry knowledge. We strive to establish seamless connections with customers worldwide, prioritizing prompt responses to inquiries and delivering informative quotations. Throughout our history, the satisfaction of our clients has been a source of immense pride, and it remains our unwavering objective for the future. Our goal is not just to supply; it's to assist our clients in finding optimal solutions for compounding and technical challenges. Moreover, we excel in arranging combined shipments for diverse items at any quantity, offering competitive pricing, flexible delivery schedules, and favorable payment terms. Adhering to the highest standards of quality, LindeBoom Holding B.V. proudly boasts the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate. Additionally, our company has earned the distinction of being an Audited Supplier by SGS, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.



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    GERBU Biotechnik GmbH is an established company working in the biotechnology sector since 1986. We specialise in high-quality products for microbiology, cell research and analysis worldwide. Our experienced team offers a customised service and a wide range of products. We have been guaranteeing reliability, safety and unbeatable value for money for over 30 years. We are constantly expanding our portfolio through continuous improvement and co-operation with renowned partners. We are also committed to social responsibility and protecting the environment. You can rely on our careful product selection, transparent quality and fair prices for your research and development projects.



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    GM Chemical Co., Ltd, is a professional fine chemical manufacturer established in Shanghai China in 2014. Our goals are to provide green chemistry with a win-win cooperation. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing benzene substitutions (like styrene series) heterocyclic substitution (like crown ether series), boronic acid derivatives, silane series and electronic chemicals. Our R&D centre and production facility are located in Changsha city, Hunan province and it covers an area of around 200m² and it’s fully equipped with fume hoods, multiple 1 set of HPLC, GC instruments, KF moisture detector and glass reactor from 20L to 100L. Our personnel are experienced technicians working with organic synthesis, chemical synthesis technologies, production site management and quality management. In addition, we cooperate with third-party analytical organizations to guarantee our clients high quality products. In our production facilities all operators are subject to strict SOP and safety training. With our partner’s excellent production equipment, mature chemical synthesis technology, and well-trained employees, we are capable of stably and continuously provide industrialized production services to customers. Our company’s main customers come from all over the globe for example: America, Europe and Asia. We are also in the capacity of providing all our international customers with staff that can provide them with a full range of efficient and effective export solutions.



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    The company VOSTRAMED AG, is a Distributor, which operates in the Diagnosis reagents industry. It is based in Baar, Switzerland.



    rqmicro AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, develops and markets proprietary reagents and innovative instruments for microbial tests in water and food. Quantify bacterial pathogens, for example Legionella, in less than 2 hours with the automated and highly specific rqmicro lab-on-a-chip technology. The rqmicro kits in combination with the rqmicro CellStream instrument guarantee optimal preparation of complex samples from the water and food sector based on immunomagnetic separation and microfluidics with a 10-40 times higher sensitivity compared to the standard cultivation method. In addition to a recovery rate of more than 80 % and a sample purity of more than 95 %, the rqmicro method detects viable but non-culturable cells and discriminates between viable and dead cells. The procedure maintains cell integrity and allows for downstream-analysis with a flow cytometer, by cultivating bacterial cells on agar plates, or for PCR. The Legionella pneumophila SG1, Legionella pneumophila SG1-15, SG1-14 kits are now available. Currently under development are kits for the detection of: •Legionella spp. •Giardia spp. and Cryptosporidum spp. •Salmonella •Pseudomonas


    United Kingdom

    HEADINGTON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LTD exhibits a strong supply chain network, helping core companies to create the bottom-line impact covering manufacturer, production, distributors, physical logistics, and customers within the UK, Asia pacific region having the key focus in South Asia and Southeast Asia market. We are dedicated to delivering high-value, meaningful products and services to our customers and business partners. Safe and effective products is at the heart of everything we do. We measure ourselves and our actions through the lens of our customers and patients. We build strong relationships with customers and deliver on quality products and service.Innovation is essential, as we search out new ways and continuously identify opportunities to design, develop and advance creative, ethical solutions that are timely and effective.HEADINGTON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LTD has an strategic partnership with some of the world renowned manufacturers from UK, USA and Europe to promote and sell their product within the Asia Pacific market. On the other hand company offer its expertise for those companies from Asia who want to enter into the UK market. HEADINGTON MEDICAL has a strong presence in Asia market with office network across major cities in India and skilled manpower to cater the strong demand of the market. HEADINGTON MEDICAL stands on the core values of Accountability: Agility: Courage: Integrity: Teamwork: Honesty.



    FerhadPetrokimya is a well-known Turkish company in order to assist and fully utilise the export of petrochemicals manufactured in Middle East to the rest of the world. Company “FerhadPetrokimya” specializes in wholesale of prime resins, off-grade resins, reprocessed pellets, agglomerates and other forms of plastic. We are Buying and selling plastic raw Granules HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Virgin grade. Our Products from: Maron , Jam and Socar companys Our Company name: FerhadPetrokimya Color: White and Transparent Packaging : Standard 25 kg package



    Since it was founded in 1987, Biosepar GmbH has been developing and manufacturing high-quality equipment and agents for medical diagnostics and laboratory analysis. These include: Formalin-free diagnostic agents for human and animal stool parasitology, formalin-free fixing agents for histology, RNase inhibitors for molecular biology and laboratory filtration equipment. The company's strategy is built around the research and development of the very latest ecological and environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Our high-tech products are "Made in Germany" and recognised around the world. Satisfied customers, exemplary service and tailored product solutions are what we are all about. Each and every member of our workforce contributes their ideas and creativity to the company. Their motivation and expertise ensure our product quality remains at the high standard that our customers at home and abroad have come to expect.



    BIOMED Labordiagnostik GmbH is known as a reliable and innovative partner for diagnostics in human medicine. Our core competencies are diagnostic products and instruments for routine and special laboratories for the detection and prevention of diseases. Whether immunology, infectiology, cytology, haematology or safe screening methods – we cover a wide range of test procedures. In close cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees, we develop products that enable us to expand the test spectrum and thus achieve clear test results with optimum product quality and uncompromising quality standards. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of reagents for all common analytical instruments to measure electrolytes, enzymes, substrates, proteins and other parameters on your automated clinical chemistry analyser. Our latex and concentrated reagents are particularly valued.


    South Africa

    Driven by the global requirement for improved in vitro diagnostics. Our current range of highly purified recombinant proteins are used in the manufacture of diagnostic test kits for point of care rapid diagnostics, and research institutions. We offer a variety of protein expression platforms along with a host of other protein services, including protein refolding and structural biologyanalysis. Our protein expression platformsinclude bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells. With our proprietary technology, we are able to deliver highly stable and functionally active recombinant proteins. The first of it’s kind in Africa Proprietary technology, facilitating the delivery of recombinant proteins in native functional conformations. Customised protein design and delivery services. Local & international customer base (testimonials) End-user support - assistance with applications including assay design, optimisation and protein conjugation



    Oenolab Diagnostics is a leading specialist in the manufacturing of reagent testing kits for wine laboratories and more largely for food and beverage industries. We provide reliable and economical solution to automate wine analysis including: Titrator for total acidity and pH determination, Near infra red analyzer for alcohol determination and Chemistry analyzers Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve their goals by providing reliable, durable and best quality / price solutions. Our ambition is to become a reference company and we strive to: continuously improve our products, understand and answer to our customers' needs, continuously improve our after sales service to ensure and master professional an efficient services.



    BIORON Diagnostics offers both medical certificates and equipment for diagnosis using real-time PCR and PCR raw materials (such as polymerases, buffers or dNTPs) for production. The RealLine pathogen diagnostic kits detect a wide range of pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, sexually transmissible pathogens (STI), human papillomaviruses (HPV), Borrelia and TBE. The kits are freeze-dried and can therefore be transported without refrigeration. Application is simple and time-efficient, as all tests can be carried out simultaneously. A multitude of common real-time PCR equipment is validated with the RealLine kits. In addition to our in vitro diagnostics (IVD), we offer reagents and kits for research and raw materials for IVD production. These are developed so that they can be used reliably and versatilely in research and production. Polymerases and raw materials impress both in traditional processes and, for instance, in NGS applications.



    Flarebio is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of vitro diagnostic reagents. It has provided high quality products includes gene, proteins, anti-body, Elisa kits, diagnostic reagent materials, drugs residue, food security micromolecule etc. Our products of Flarebio Biotech Inc. cover research areas such as the biosynthesis/metabolism, neurobiology, cytokine, growth factor, autoimmunity Besides the high quality products, we also provide comprehensive custom services to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. You are welcome to search http: //www.flarebio.com if any question related to our products disturbs you


    United States

    EUPROTEIN Inc. offers custom development and production of high-quality bioresearch reagents, with a particular focus on human or other mammalian proteins, as well as recombinant monoclonal antibodies. In support of biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development, EUPROTEIN, Inc. develops and implements primarily the mammalian cell-based protein expression platforms for custom production services. Our complete US-New Jersey based laboratories with skilled scientists and customer service professionals accommodate your requirements for premium quality, fast delivery and effective communication.



    JOURILABS was founded by the joint venture of French and Lebanese Partnership to establish the first Diagnostic Reagents Manufacturing plant in Ethiopia and Eastern Africa. Working in collaboration with SORACHIM, the leading Swiss enzymes supplier, JOURILABS was established following the highest standards and techniques to provide a high- end product to our valued customers. With more than 15 years of experience producing Diagnostic Reagents in different parts of the world, we work by the standards of the ISO 9001, making us pioneers in our field. We are honored to be the first to take this step in East Africa and to set high standards by building the right brand image as an European- African product that can compete with global manufacturers. JOURILABS provides a wide range of Chemical diagnostic reagents, Microbiology stains, Hematology Stains and Antiseptics in addition to our Automatic range of high end Chemistry machines.



    magtivio BV from the Netherlands is an independent producer of magnetic particles and ready-to-use kits for nucleic acid extraction and purification of samples, as preparation for qPCR based or any other enzymatic detection method. Product kits are available for purification of a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swabs, or any other respiratory samples, as well as circulating cell-free DNA. In addition they can be used for the purification of genomic DNA from plant tissue and seeds, and from animal tissues and body fluids. For NGS applications magtivio offers an efficient solution for both size selection and clean-up of the successive enzymatic reactions in library preparation. The benefit with magtivio for you and your customers is that we deliver ready-to-use materials and offer a complete solution. This means we offer disposable sample plates, all required reagents and preservation materials. The buffers are ready to use - no need to buy or add anything from the customers’ side. Protocols are tested for most applications. We are there for routine and research laboratories, as well as for in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers; in many territories served by distributors supplying them. Our distributors endorse our flexibility and swiftness in communication.



    Shenyang Xin Guang Chemical Factory is a modern enterprise founded in 1988, specializing in manufacturing and selling fine chemical products. We produce five major product series: Inorganic chemical, chemical reagents of GR, AR, CP grade, pharmaceutical raw materials, electronic chemicals, food additives, and over 700 kinds of conventional varieties. At the same time, we can provide directional process according to demands of special indicators for chemical products. Our plant owns advanced machines, proficient technology, professional technicians, perfect service group and high quality products, which make us provide good service for our customers.



    Egyptian Company for Biotechnology develops and manufactures high quality in vitro diagnostic reagents. We are actively involved in state-of-the art research and development initiatives designed to keep our customers at the forefront of diagnostic technology. During the 2000’s our research team initiated an aggressive research and development program, which resulted in the development of a new generation of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents using the Micro Stab® technology development, manufacturing and marketing top quality IVD. Spectrum Diagnostics team succeeded to position it as one of the leading manufacturers of chemical diagnostics around the globe. Our ValuesSpectrum Diagnostics is fully independent and with the contribution of our skilful, hard-working and aggressively researching R&D team, our unique MiCroStab® mix has been formulated. It gives the liquid chemistry reagents the maximum affordable stability which enhances linearity, reproducibility, reliability and sensitivity. Our MissionSpectrum Diagnostics provides unparalleled services and support to customers all over the world, commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction assures successful results. Spectrum Diagnostics also committed to design special formulations according to customer requirements. Our VisionTo position Spectrum Diagnostics as one of the leading manufacturers of IVD Products in Egypt, Africa and Middle East.Create Value for patients, staff and distributors.



    Our company is a distributor of reagents, ELISA kits, rapid tests and some instruments for medical diagnostic laboratories.We are: - exclusive representative for Bulgaria of AMS SpA, Italy - manufacturer of automated biochemistry analyzers, liquid reagents and ELISA kits for clinical laboratories; - official partner of Dutch Diagnostics B.V., The Netherlands - producer of rapid tests, reagents and instruments for hemocoagulation, readers for urine screening; - official partner of Koroglu Medical Devices, Turkey - manufacturer of wide range of rapid tests for professional and home use for detection of infectious diseases and hormones; - exclusive representative of the trade mark "Certain" for the Bulgarian market - home use tests for pregnancy, ovulation and menopause; Our clients are public and private hospitals, medical centers and laboratories all over the country.


    South Korea

    Description Set up in 1992, Samyoung General Machine Co., chosen for promising small and medium company by Kyunggi-Province and Sinhan Bank, has high-level techniques. The techniques may account for our share priority in both domestic markets an overseas. We have constructed the Mexico-based plant of Orion Electrics Co. and planted Gantry Robot and Pin Sealing machine in the Britain-based LG Electronic Co. And also we are participating in enlarging the plant of Korea Electric Lapis Lazuli Co. We have dedicated to continually technical reach and development by educational-industrial cooperation, and pursued customers' full satisfactions by harmonization of capital and labor, renovational research and development, and the management. We make sure that the Company will be the most excellent company in the automation industry field of the world.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    We are a professional manufacturer (ISO 13485: 2003; GMP, ISO22716) of blood glucose monitoring system (eB-series; http: //www.visgeneer.com.tw/en_product.html) and skin care products with headquarters and facility located in Taiwan. Our products are accredited with CE affixing by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH and approved by FDA with 510K No. k062555 and k091765. Our main products1. Blood Glucose Monitoring System: 0.5 µL blood sample, 5-sec. measuring time2. Skin Care series: Ginkgo Biloba Series, Peptide Complex series, Mask, Essence, Time Complex Essential Oil Capsules, Cleanser, Cream…etc. We are currently having a promotion on our blood glucose monitoring system. Kindly please let me know if you need further information.Kindly please browse our website as listed and contact me if you are interested in our products. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you with appreciation.Best regards, Micheline WUAssistant ManagerSales DepartmentVISGENEER Inc.Tel: +886 3 516 0111 ext. 1688Fax:



    On January 1st, 1953 a company Imuna š.p. was established in Šarišské Michaľany. Its business activities were gradually extended to the following areas of production and development: production and research on vaccines, preparations of blood plasma, culture media, diagnostic products, infusion, dialysis solutions, dietary preparations, tablets, tampons, cell implants, immunomodulators, allergens, human probiotics, animal health products. The Company sales agencies are based in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. In these countries, some products of our portfolio are already registered, or their national registrations are pending. The Company plans to expand to Turkey and South East Asia and gradually to establish itself also on Western markets.



    CHEMHOUSE, based in Pakistan, is a rapidly expanding industry in the field of Medical Diagnostics by offering innovative, high quality diagnostic reagents especially in the field of Clinical Chemistry.PRODUCT QUALITYThe company's team of scientists who are highly experienced in the diagnostic field, develop high quality products whose performance characteristics are among the best available; the products are specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of the international diagnostic market and health professionalsEASY TO USEAll of CHEMHOUSE products are developed to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. Chemhouse focussed on liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagents for measurement of enzymes and substrates.COST SAVINGA key element in Chemhouse strategy is to provide high quality products with competitive prices to help laboratories meet their cost containment needs. Product configuration and extended stabilities offer further cost savings.



    ShenZhen Sungening Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is an advanced company specialized in researching, manufacturing and supplying the phytochemical/ botanical/herbal reference standards, reference materials, and high purity herbal extract. As a well-known Chinese reference standards supplier, we also supply Chinese Traditional Medicine standards that are verified by National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC). Our Selling network across the world, more than 1000 customers, including research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, university of research institute, government agencies, third-party testing, and all kinds of factories etc.We focus on creating the best products and services to assist our customer operating experiment and manufacturing better.



    As the Diagnostics Division of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd (public listed stock company in Shanghai Exchange Market) , FOSUN DIAGNOSTICS is one of the largest IVD manufacturers and distributers in China with products covering the four segments of In Vitro Diagnostics: Biochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, Microbiology and Immunology. FOSUN DIAGNOSTICS has two manufacturing sites, the first in Shanghai, the other in Shenzhen. Both sites adhere to the latest international standards of GMP and ISO13485 certification. FOSUN DIAGNOSTICS now has more than 100 products approved by SFDA and additional 40 products are manufactured to the CE-mark. Striving to be the leading provider of In Vitro Diagnostics solutions in China, FOSUN DIAGNOSTICS offers the full range of IVD products including reagents, laboratory instruments and technical services to individual hospitals, clinics, laboratories and blood centers.



    MercuryMolecular formula: Hg = 200.61Traits: room temperature only liquid metal, a specular gloss.Specifications: Hg content of not less than 99.99%minChemical composition%: Silica ( Si ) 0.0005Iron ( Fe ) 0.0003Calcium oxide ( Ca ) 0.0001Lead, copper, and zinc trace. Products with a silver mirror gloss, excluding mechanical mixture Packing: in loading have enamel steel tanks, each tank weight 34.5kg, steel cans in strong wooden cases, each case a jar.Use: widely used in electrical instrumentation industry, manufacturing mercury rectifier equipment, vacuum pump, measurement, control apparatus. In the lighting industry, mercury is used in the manufacture of various mercury lamp, fluorescent lamp, ultraviolet lamp. Medical thermometer. In the chemical industry, with a wide range of uses.



    we would like to introduce our company as one of the leading companies in the field of importing and distributing medical laboratories instruments, and chemical supplies.Kentar For Lab had been established in 1985 by a group of finest specialist people who recognize the medical laboratories necessity very well. Since its establishment, Kentar For Lab has supplied our hospitals and medical laboratories with the most effective equipment using the latest technology like: ï� Laboratory equipmentï�laboratory disposable.ï� Laboratories material.ï� Biochemistry, Haematology Reagents, ELISA kitsKentar For Lab has been well organized with Five stores and a major office in the centre of the capital.In order to our good position, we cover most of the medical sectors depending on qualified engineers to install and maintenance in the entire country. We holda comprehensive stock of over than 2200 items which covers 75% of any of the above mentioned products , We are agents of many international compan



    L.B.T. (Shanghai) Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Chairman Mr. Richard Wang in 1989. With more than 20 years of experience, our company attained ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007, and became one of the executive member of SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture of Association), ASHRAE and NFPA in 2001. If you are looking for a reliable laboratory furniture and equipment for your high-grade laboratory, now you have a better choice - L.B.T. Our company is capable in helping you with safety, productivity, ergonomic, and cost effective solution based on your requirement. We mainly carry for below services: Overall Layout & Manufacturing for Lab furniture Fume ExhaustsLaboratory Accessories (faucet/cock, Lab worktop, fume extractor, emergency eye wash and shower, etc.) Fume Hoods - comply with ASHRAE110-1995, EN14175-3: 2003 and EN141751-6: 2006 All kinds of Cabinets for LAB used etc., LBT has became a well-known laboratory furniture & equipm

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