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    CHANFI IMPORT/EXPORT is an international import-export wholesaler and distributor. We import and export goods for professional customers on every continent. Foodstuffs, - household electrical goods, - preserved goods, - non-alcoholic beverages, - cleaning and skincare products, - cosmetics. As well as thousands of items such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Orangina and much, much more. Feel free to contact us for more details!



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    Maymbe connecting is specialised in the field of international commerce whose driving force is sea and air freight from Belgium and various countries including China. Myc provides an import export service for different products and benefits from great expertise in the selection of IT and telecom equipment, in the car industry and various types of manufacturing machinery. Maymbe connecting is above all specialised in services for Africa.



    We import and distribute in ROMANIA throughout our regional partners, agricultural products, canned food, preserved fruits and oils, soft drinks, wines and fish products.



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    Rotport is a French firm that specializes in the export of organic exotic fruit and vegetables. We import a range of exotic products, fruit, vegetables and tubers to Europe. We have a structured supply chain. Our fruit and vegetables are exported from Latin America and West Africa. We have sound, long-lasting partnerships with growers who have been awarded the Global Gap and Fairtrade quality labels. Our core products that we sell for export are cashew nuts, bananas, mangos, coconuts, pineapples, avocado pears, passion fruit, pawpaw, red chilli peppers and okra. We control the whole value chain of our business: buying at our sites, transit and customs formalities, export and sales to international markets. We operate in the goods import-export, transit, warehousing and mechanical handling areas. Feel free to contact us for any additional details about our services. Our sales team will answer you as quickly as possible to satisfy your request.



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    Damija Sia is based in Latvia and has been operating as an experienced import-export company since 2000. The company's core competencies lie in trading second-hand items, food, meat and sausages. The company is growing steadily and exports around 300 tons of second-hand items to Ukraine and Africa and 100-140 tons of food to Europe every month. Damija Sia not only specializes in the corporate market, but also supplies various municipalities in Ukraine with high-quality second-hand products. In addition, Damija Sia operates a sorting plant for second-hand clothing in Latvia. Damija Sia's services include not only the import and export of goods, but also the organization of reliable transport and efficient customs clearance for customers. The company works closely with various second-hand producers and collectors to ensure a wide and high-quality range of goods. We are always looking for new partners in the areas of second-hand textiles and food, especially meat.

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    Truxx Tyres specialises in tyre imports-exports for heavy goods vehicles. We sell the top brands worldwide. Our main markets are: France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Germany. We only deliver to professionals. We never deliver to final consumers, thus respecting our clients who are true partners. We permanently have a stock of tyres for HGV's, semi-trailers and coaches for all common European sizes at competitive prices.



    Who are we : Quality Products @ Best Prices ! ! ! Our company employs professional and qualified specialists able to ensure the execution of every order in a quality way and on a timely basis. We create conditions for continuous improvement for our employees and encourage them to work as guided our core values: - - Quality products for every customer. - Timely execution of orders is a key to recommendations. - Each customer must be shown respect and special attention. - The optimal ratio between quality and price ensures a competitive advantage. - Mutual understanding between partners guarantees a successful way to cooperate. - We export and import goods of basic necessity in order to fight against expensive living on a global landscape - Quality products, customer satisfaction, standardized procedures and business value are our guidelines of operation in carrying out our business successfully.



    ” TURA ” is young, innovative, export- oriented company that wholesale and distribute sector related products both with giving essential services with its proffesional teammates from beginning to end of the projects. We offer the best products and solutions to our esteemed customers in partnership. Not only , we continue to serve in all regions of our country but also in our geography with all our excitement. We supply qualified products and services in three sectors; Building systems, Metal and Mining. We import, export and distribute our goods without compromising our competitive price policy with client oriented, qualified services. You are welcome to our family to be one step ahead in your projects.


    United Kingdom

    We 2A Export Ltd are fastest growing Export House based in Watford Hertfordshire. We are registered in England and Wales under company registration number 209881287. We are specialised in import and export fast moving consumer goods products with extensive knowledge and network in the emerging markets of Asia , Africa and the Middle East. We work with a globally diverse supplier network to provide a seamless service to distributors all over the world. We supply an extensive range of quality British and European branded products such as Baby Products, Grocery, Household goods, Food and Non-Food items. We aim to offer a value alternative to other high street retailers coupled with a modern and fresh shopping experience



    SABIL was founded by Mr. Kamal Deeb 1992. SABIL is basically specialized in trading in different types of wood for construction and furniture. Currently, SABIL is considered one of the most important companies in the field of retail wood trading in Tartous. SABIL has three warehouses located at the industrial zone near Tartous. Previously, the warehouses were inside Tartous city on the AL Thawra street which is one of the most important connections for trading in Tartous. Moreover, SABIL had another warehouses close to the famous corniche Tartous.SABIL has been engaged in construction business in cooperation with ARADOUS engineering office headed by Kamal Deeb engineering office, which was founded in 1987, for more than 15 years. Frequently, SABIL provides interesting offers for selling and renting apartments, offices and warehouses in Tartous. The experienced team and the wide variety of wood sorts is one of SABIL strengths. Providing free consultation to make a decision about the right wood type, quality and price is the strategy that SABIL follows to win the trust of its clients. Because of the market demand it was necessary for SABIL to move to a higher business level. Therefore, in 2016 SABIL has been involved in export and import activities by importing different types of wood from Russia and Europe. Moreover, SABIL provides market exploring services to support other companies or persons who want to import or export their goods.



    Johnson c2m.co..LTD was established in 2016, engages in the import & export business of goods and technology, including electronics, household appliances, agricultural products, mechanical equipement, hardware, stationery, building materials, transport facilities, art-ware, daily provisions, prepackaged food, garment , shoes and caps and so on. We offer foreign clients c2m service. We along with bank provide quality and capital guarantee for foreign clients who wants to purchase any products in china. It is our duty to reduce cost of production and repertory for the manufacturer, assure quality of product for purchaser. We help clients to deal with transportation (air transportation, sea transportation, railway transportation), declare, insurance, and Enterprise credit rating survey of cooperation. Goods will be sold in European countries. Our company is located in Zhengzhou city lies in the south of the north China plain, downstream of the yellow river. Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province, the important comprehensive transportation hinge , the key city of the central Plains economic zone. It’s famous for its developed railway and air transportation system. We are developing steadily, will build a young, enthusiastic high-quality team. enhancing our enterprise competitiveness in order to provide our client with better quality , lower price, more intimately service. We do not charge the cost of the purchaser, only supply widely platform & better service for our customers



    Following the implementation of the EVFTA in August 2020, a diverse team with over 20 years of international business experience decided to form TrueVietnam, an import/export high quality products from Vietnam to European countries and vice versa. True Vietnam’s headquarter is in Italy with a strong network from various European countries and Vietnam. We work dual ways from Vietnam to European countries and from Europe to Vietnam. We specializes in : • Import and export goods, machinery, replacement parts. • Produce eco-friendly products especially home decorations made from bamboo, rattan etc. • Match clients’ demands in term of quality and technical standards with the goal of establishing successful market entry in both Vietnam and European markets. • Assist vendors and clients in developing their businesses. • Moreover, sustainability is considered important in every steps of our supply chain.



    Ningbo Lanboer Trading Co., LTD is located in Zhejiang China, engaged in import and export trade , we are near the Ningbo port which is major port all over the world, so the transportation is convenient. These years we have established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship of business with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. Only Chinese quality suppliers have more than 100, and long-term stability of the buyer has spread throughout Europe, America, Middle East, South America etc. Our company business includes the import and export of goods and international trade cooperation, the import and export agency, international shipping agency, business radiates around the world. Company annual total export amount is $20 million. The company in Eastern Europe, North America, and the Middle East has a very good reputation. The company mainly manages leisure culture supplies, including holiday articles, outdoor supplies, pet supplies, gift items, beauty care products, etc.

  2. GMTS


    The global marketing and trade solutions (GMTS) is a marketing, sales, supply and Logistic Company that trades in goods and services as well as offer solutions to companies facing challenges with Business expansion and development.We focus on three major issues of the Global Business Arena.Sales and Logistics (export and import of goods and services)Global Marketing of companies productsBusiness Development and establishment We are different from others in the sense that we have an extensive pool or network of experts to make your contract a success. Our core Values include effectiveness and Efficiency in all we do.



    Extreme Co is an international trading company with full service of importing and exporting and Distribution Company & our company was established in 2007. Being part of Pretty group, it became one of the leading and well-established dynamic international trading and tourism companies in Egypt. With its head office located in the heart of Cairo, in addition to several offices throughout Egypt favored the company with a unique location & strong distribution channels. Extreme Co is proud to be a member in the German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce. Extreme Co. is one of the most trustworthy companies in Egypt with investment over 30, 000, 000U$. We offer complete solutions for the largest trade services including importing, distribution & exporting a lot of goods. Not only this, We also specialize in production & exporting first quality Egyptian fruits & vegetables to Europe & CIS countries; with our brand name; ‘Charles’ Fresh’ for fresh fruits & vegetables.


    North Macedonia

    The company was founded in 1990. as a private enterprise for organizing international transport import-export of goods. With a modest start that over time grown into a professional company, whose main activity is international transport for all types of goods - palletized, non-palletized goods, dangerous goods, etc. The head office of our company is located in N. Tri Ceshmi, 5km before the entrance of the Stip city coming from Skopje, near TIRZ Shtip, in the central part of eastern N.Macedonia.The only goal of our company is the complete satisfaction of the expectations and needs of our clients.We have the highest standards of reliability, accuracy, professional and availability for contact at any time.We achieve this with the full commitment of our Manager, all employees and constant renewal and investment in our vehicles which for now have 22 new Euro 6 produced in 2020.Each transport is organized and carried out by two professional drivers.With 24/7 monitoring of vehicles with GPS, we have information about every movement of our vehicles during transportation. We have the so-called safety “paw” that maximize the security of the goods from robbery and which are used by the world's largest and most successful companies, than we have an open door alarm, also security button located in the driver's cab, etc.The most common transport relations are Southern and Middle Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary etc but we are always open and ready for new cooperation and destination.


    Hong Kong

    Incorporated in 1997 and commence operation during the financial crisis, Havi Industrial has since built a healthy base and strong bonding with both suppliers and customers. Havi Industrial specializes in wholesale and retail of merchandise commodities. The categories of the merchandise are: Household items and Consumables Kitchenware and Tableware Foodstuff Advertising Products Electronic Products Trucks and Tires Export contributes more than 80% of group activities with good selling to more than 30 countries. Our major area of expertise is importing and exporting commercial goods from and to different countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia pacific. We are registered company in Hong Kong and we have branch office in China. We are one of the major suppliers of commodities for the companies in Angola, Nigeria and other African countries. We are looking forward to work with sincere partners all over the world.



    Importer - Exporter - Distributor of consumer goods - est. 1992 We mainly sell : Cameras , lenses , accessories , speakers , headsets , computers , tablets , phones , vacuums , recorders , printers , consumables inks , toners , stationary goods



    Zibu Trading Company provides complete import/export several services including Merchandising of goods such as Cocoa , charcoal, Original honey etc, purchase contracts, distributions, and Project execution through her corporate associates in Turkey. The company concentrates on special and cultural imports from Africa to all the states of Turkey and other European countries. Zibu also provides trade consultation services for companies, who are interested in doing business in Africa.



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    SOMEXPORT has founded in 1994. We supply central buying platforms, suppliers, but especially in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian and Pacific oceans, and the Middle East. We are an import-export company that deals in dry, frozen and fresh goods, and we work with over 300 suppliers in France and Europe. We specialise in the following food types: - dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, milk, cream, etc.), - dried and cured meats, - cakes and baked goods, - Halal products, - groceries, - seafood, - frozen goods. We can supply you with a wide range of food products.SOMEXPORT is your export partner. We can help you to discover the best products from every region of the world, products that meet your needs and your customers' demands. For over 20 years we have scoured the world looking for regional products, local specialities and traditional recipes. We can also source the specific ingredients or products that our customers request. Our approach is based on encounters with producers, livestock breeders, chefs, retailers, consumers and countless other actors in the farming and agri-food sectors. Feel free to contact us for more details!



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    Foodcom S.A. is a reliable supplier of raw ingredients from Europe. We collaborate with companies from all around the world, providing them with commodities from our diverse product range. On our website, you can receive all the information about our products. Foodcom S.A. is a trading company that specializes in the food and feed industries. We are industry experts when it comes to the trade of Dairy products, Plant-Based Products, Category 3, Food and Feed Additives and Chemicals, and we are growing exponentially in this field. Our expertise enables us to maintain supply chain continuity in challenging market situations. Thanks to our Foodcom team, the company has gained many loyal Business Partners and is further expanding and attracting numerous devoted Business Contacts.The firm now has five VAT Numbers, and is rapidly progressing in this area. Our workforce is full of passionate traders from all around the world, for you to receive the highest caliber solution and to give you the finest possible service. This is why our traders can speak more than 25 languages in total! For a seamless and effective business, we have different teams working in each of the departments in our back office, including administration, sales support, finance, logistics, and marketing.



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    The company WEST-INDIES DISTRIBUTION, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fruits and vegetables - import-export industry. It also operates in the Fresh fruits and vegetables, exotic beverage, items for caterers, and Import/export of perishable goods industries. It is based in Wissous, France.



    Import To Georgia LLC established in 2016, is main distributor of grains in Georgia from Russia. We have modern production center in Georgia and service branches in Qutaisi, Batumi, Kashuri and Tbilisi, under the private label Semeiny Product.



    Our company it represents international and local companies, it also sources any products the clients wants, and distribute them to clients and we market overseas products to local companies.



    Export from Poland to the Middle East - Arab Food Trade in Poland- Search for investment opportunities- We welcome the work of agencies and partnerships with companies



    The company BLUE SEA EXPORT IMPORT S.R.L., is a Distributor, which operates in the Agriculture - import-export industry. It also operates in the Commodity exchanges, primary and semifinished metal products, depot for goods import export of goods, Commodity exchanges, and raw materials industries. It is based in Focsani, Romania.



    The company HAUPL SPED., is a Distributor, which operates in the International forwarding industry. It also operates in the Refrigerated transports, Import/export of perishable goods, and Full cargoes industries. It is based in Engerwitzdorf, Austria.


    United States

    The company W GLOBAL IMPORTS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Import-export - glass and glass products industry. It also operates in the distribution and wholesale trade associations, and depot for goods import export of goods industries. It is based in Ferndale, United States.



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    RNC BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2020 and is based in Asnières Sur Seine, France. We are specialised in the import-export of food products, namely garlic, turnips, oranges, olive oil, wine, etc. The agrifood produces consumer goods from products farming and breeding. products like yoghurts, cheese, frozen dishes, pâté, chocolate and other confectionery from these companies. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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    Eaplus Ecommodity is a French company with over 10 years' foodstuff import-export experience behind it. We import and export tropical fruit, peanuts, cocoa, coffee and other agri-food goods throughout Europe. We are proud to recognise the quality of our service, professionalism and responsiveness as our strengths. We offer you exceptional customer service thanks to our team of experts and very good value for money through our certifications and quality labels. Check out our catalogue and contact our team!

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