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  1. 366 PUNCHS


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    Dive into the captivating exoticism of 366 PUNCHS, a daring creation that marries the finest tropical fruits with exotic spices and Bielle rum from Guadeloupe. Every sip is a sensory voyage to the sun-kissed shores of far-flung isles, whose powerful tastes dance across the palate with rare grace. We offer you a taste experience never to be forgotten, a marriage of craft skills and quality natural ingredients that creates a truly exceptional premium product. At 366 PUNCHS we never compromise on our determination to select only the finest fruits and spices, teaming them with Guadeloupe's famous Bielle rum to offer you a cocktail that leaps across boundaries. Whether it's an evening with friends, a special event or simply a well-deserved moment of me-time, our punch will instantly waft you to distant lands where the sun always shines and everything tastes so much better. And to heighten your pleasure further still, our delivery service means you can receive your precious bottle of 366 PUNCHS where ever you are, in France or anywhere else in the world. Don't wait to discover this cocktail unlike any other, an invitation to enjoy that you really should not miss.



    The main activity is wholesale and retail of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The import of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The trade of food and spices in Lithuania. We mainstreamed our activity into separate regions of Lithuania. This is the way we can provide a wide range of our assortment, monitor consumers reactions to new products and maintain a close relationship with customers.


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Distributor - Industrial fatty alcohols

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