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    Manufacturing all kinds of alcohol beverages



    The company MERCUR HANDEL GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives industry. It also operates in the Vegetable oils, Industrial fatty alcohols, Vegetable oils, glyicerine, Industrial fatty alcohols, and fatty acids industries. It is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.



    The company YAG VE YAG PETROL ÜRÜNLERI ÜRETIMI ITHALAT VE IHRACAT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Industrial fatty alcohols industry. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.



    Himbalt provides a wide range of base oils and chemical products, base oils, base oil group I, low viscosity base oils, standard viscosity base oils, high viscosity base oils, slack wax, paraffin, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, Alcohols, phenol, ethylene glycol, diethyleneglycol, etc, solvents, acetone, nefras, white-spirit, etc. Chemicals - import-export | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | Solvents and thinners | Oils, industrial | Oils and resinoids | Oils, nonfood | Import-export - oil | Alcohols, phenols and derivatives | Industrial fatty alcohols | Paraffins | Wax polishes - industrial | (F)LDPE | (F)HDPE | Plastic products for the electrical industry | Plastic products for engineering



    Since it was founded by Winfried and Helena Friedel in 1990, WISTEMA GmbH has been active in the chemical distribution industry. As a steadily growing family business, we are in a strong position in the globally dynamic market and have branches or agents in Europe and overseas. Our activities focus on high-quality distillates in the solvent, alcohol, oil and fatty acid sector. Besides this, we serve markets in the life sciences (intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry, personal care, household cleaning products) and food sector, as well as technical applications, together with the prime quality manufacturers we represent. Our establishment in Kerpen, Germany looks after the polymer and wax business unit as well as the sale of salvage and surplus. As a certified disposal firm, we establish individual recycling concepts and our regularly trained specialist personnel comprehensively advise our customers. WISTEMA employs 30 employees with an annual turnover of approx. €50 million.

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    United Kingdom

    Tepe Kimya ( Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore )... - in 1999, Tepe Kimya San. Tic Ldt. Sti. was incorporated in Istanbul Turkey to manufacture and sell PVC Stabilizers, Metal Soaps and Rubber additives. Today, Tepe Kimya supplies various industries around the world like as following; PVC Stabilizers (Ca/Zn & Lead based) Metallic Stearate - Cable Stabilizers Zinc Stearate - Pipe Stabilizers Calcium Stearate - Profile stabilizers Lithium Stearate - Panel Stabilizers Magnesium Stearate - Fittings Stabilizers Metallic Stearate - Zinc Stearate - Calcium Stearate - Lithium Stearate - Magnesium Stearate Lubricants - Tepelub 112 (Gliserol Ester - internal lubricant) - Tepelub 120 (Acid Wax - external lubricant) - Tepelub 122 (PE Wax - external lubricant) - Tepelub 150 (Fatty alcohol -internal lubricant) - Tepelub 155 (Ester Wax - internal & external lubricant) Rubber Additives - Calcium Oxide (Desiccants) - Rubber Performance Additives - Batch of Soaps - Masterbatch Sulphur (S-80)



    QingDao S.H.HuanYu Imp.&Exp.Co., ltd , , and happy to told that we are so intersed in bussiness you to be your supplier of the material which used in paper producing , beacause we had ability to supply you the material which used in paper industry , as i knonw , in your factory , so many material can used which we can supply you , and for the product list i will send you as follows you should check and tell me which you need , please tell me i will send you the details , if you sitll have some other requriement you can tell me any time , hope we can have chance to bussiness sooner and have a long time .Chemical material: Talc powder/ talcum powdercalcium carbonatesodium silicatesodium bicarbonate Isopropyl Alcohol formic acid , Sodium Metasilicate PentahydrateSodium Metasilicate AnhydrousSoya fatty acidSodium sulphate anhydroushydrogen peroxide (H2O2)Glacial acetic acidaluminium sulphatecalcium chloridecitric acidcaustic soda bleaching powder if you are intersed in you can contact me.



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    ETERIKA LTD. is a Bulgarian producer of essential oils & floral waters, aromatherapy products, cosmetic products for face, hair and body care since 1990. We are located in the Rose Valley, an area in the heart of Bulgaria which provides foremost optimal soil and climatic conditions for growing of the oil-bearing Rose 'Rosa damascena', Lavender 'Lavandula angustifolia' and other essential oil-bearing plantations for obtaining high-quality essential oils from them. Fact that makes us proud: the first batch of Rose oil produced by a private entity in Bulgaria among the existing state distilleries then. A fact certified by Protocol № 1/19.06.1992 by the State Laboratory "Bulgarian Rose" – Sofia issued to our company. In 1996 the brand Eterika® was registered. Our products do not contain paints, synthetic fragrances, animal products; we recycle packaging. In the production and supply of our products we strive to stand out and tirelessly pursue our basic understandings: own raw materials, closed production cycle, natural and pure products, reasonable prices. To all who are intrigued by us and our products, we wish: ‘Expand your appreciation of nature.’ Among our range of products, you will find: ESSENTIAL OILS AROMA BLENDS FLORAL WATERS VEGETABLE CARRIER OILS COSMETIC OILS FOR FACE CARE COSMETIC OILS FOR HAIR CARE MASSAGE OILS FOR BODY CARE HAND MASSAGE OILS HEEL MASSAGE OILS BULGARIAN ROSE PRODUCTS PACKAGING FOR COSMETIC PRODUCTS AROMA ACCESSORIES COLLAGENS AND SUPPLEMENT

  4. 366 PUNCHS


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    Dive into the captivating exoticism of 366 PUNCHS, a daring creation that marries the finest tropical fruits with exotic spices and Bielle rum from Guadeloupe. Every sip is a sensory voyage to the sun-kissed shores of far-flung isles, whose powerful tastes dance across the palate with rare grace. We offer you a taste experience never to be forgotten, a marriage of craft skills and quality natural ingredients that creates a truly exceptional premium product. At 366 PUNCHS we never compromise on our determination to select only the finest fruits and spices, teaming them with Guadeloupe's famous Bielle rum to offer you a cocktail that leaps across boundaries. Whether it's an evening with friends, a special event or simply a well-deserved moment of me-time, our punch will instantly waft you to distant lands where the sun always shines and everything tastes so much better. And to heighten your pleasure further still, our delivery service means you can receive your precious bottle of 366 PUNCHS where ever you are, in France or anywhere else in the world. Don't wait to discover this cocktail unlike any other, an invitation to enjoy that you really should not miss.



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    The company MAMA SAMA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Aperitifs, alcoholic industry. It also operates in the rum, exotic beverage, fruits alcohol, and alcohol for the beverage industry industries. It is based in Merignac, France.


    United Kingdom

    Royal Dragon Vodka, is a limited edition Ultra-Premium brand. RDV bottles are hand crafted with our signature dragon inside each bottle. Our Superior Vodka is lovely produced in small batches to own bespoke formula from winter harvest rye, grown by trusted farmers near our distillery. Utilising a century old copper pot still, our Master Distiller guides the filtration through vast chambers, distilled x5 times to achieve the ultimate smoothness, softness & the most elegant Vodka! Sizes Available: 70cl/700ml 75cl/750ml 100cl/1000ml Larger Formats: 1.5L Magnum 3.0L Jeroboam Horizons Group, based in London is the global head office & distribution centre for our new collection of amazing Super brands. Horizons is proud to partner with the finest Craft distilleries around the world, with between 50 years to over 300 years of heritage in fine art of spirits distillations, who produce the highest quality spirits for our exclusive range of superior brands. Available in select fine stores & premium establishments across the UK. For UK Wholesale, Exports, Worldwide Distribution, please get in touch.



    The company FJU GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Alcohols, phenols and derivatives industry. It also operates in the alcohol for the beverage industry, alcoholic beverages, and site distribution boards industries. It is based in Hatten, Germany.

  1. BVE


    Our company offer you cooperation in the export market rectified ethyl alcohol and the main fraction of ethyl alcohol, best quality from Ukraine, Moldova. Also we offer cognac alcohol from Georgia, Spain, Moldova. Currently, we be able to supply high quality products for export in any amount. Please contact with us.


    United Kingdom

    Emperor Superior Vodka is distilled 5x times and filtered in a classic copper pot still, crafted to our own secret formula by Master Distillers from one of Europe’s oldest Distilleries, with over 300 years of heritage in creating premium Vodka. Our Vodka is hand crafted and produced with the utmost care to ensure it meets the highest standards. Horizons Group, based in London is the global head office & distribution centre for Emperor and a new collection of amazing super-brands.Our portfolio of drinks includes a range of commercial consumer volume brands to Ultra-premiums, each with the 'wow' factor appeal & outstanding USP - Unique Selling Points. Each Brand is beautifully designed with highly desirable presentation made using the finest quality liquids expertly created to our own bespoke formulas by Craft Master Distillers exclusively for the Horizons Group. Each Brand will be supported by extensive, high visibility Marketing campaigns. We offer BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS / OFF-TRADE / OFF-PREMISE / ON-TRADE / ON-PREMISE. Bulk Wholesale, Multiple Retail, On-Trade Groups, Cash & Carrys, Delivered Wholesale, E-Commerce, Duty Free Retailers, Duty Free Wholesale, International Exports, Under Bond, Sub-Distributions, Alcohol Traders, Sales Agents etc... Exclusive Distribution Agreements by Country & by- Brand - are available Under Contract



    The main activity is wholesale and retail of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The import of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The trade of food and spices in Lithuania. We mainstreamed our activity into separate regions of Lithuania. This is the way we can provide a wide range of our assortment, monitor consumers reactions to new products and maintain a close relationship with customers.


    United Kingdom

    HORIZONS GROUP....owns an impressive portfolio of alcoholic super brands. Our range of Spirits includes GINs, VODKAs, RUMs...from Ultra- Premiums to commercial volume brands, each with the 'wow' factor appeal & outstanding USP - Unique Selling Points. Our brands are beautifully designed with highly desirable presentation made using the finest quality spirits expertly created to our own bespoke formulas by Craft Master Distillers exclusively for the Horizons Group. Horizons is proud to partner with the finest Craft distilleries around the world, with up to 300 years of heritage in fine art of spirits distillations. SALES & MARKETING Our brands will be supported extensive marketing campaigns & we offer substantial marketing support to our key partners to achieve max volumes BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS Bulk Wholesale, Distributors, Premium Sector, Mass Market, Retail Groups, Supermarket Chains, On-Trade Groups, Cash & Carrys, Duty Free, OnLine, Exports, International Trade BONDED WAREHOUSES Seabrook UK & Top Distribution Netherlands www.HorizonsGroupUK.com www.RoyalDragonVodka.com www.EmperorVodka.com many more brands to follow...



    We, Nature Science Technologies, are a high-quality nature-derived chemical supplier. We have specialized in the distribution of a wide variety of natural compounds and plant extracts in gram and kilogram scales. We at Nature Science Technologies believe that in order to conduct high-quality scientific research or to develop cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or food additives you need the highest quality natural chemicals just in time without slowing the development down. In order to do that we can assure you that: •all of our chemicals go through vigorous tests to meet the quality criteria •we are working together with various courier services to get the products as fast as possible to you •constantly seeking new streams and sources to make our products more available and affordable If you choose to work with us, we promise you individual care of your needs and work in hand to meet your quality requirements.