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    MD Global Trading GmbH is a leading player in international wholesale, export, supply, and distribution of premium food, beverage, and lifestyle products. Our mission is to provide exceptional value through a diverse range of high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships. Operating in an environment that values innovation and support, our team at MD Global Trading GmbH is dedicated to collaboration, growth, and creativity. We empower our employees to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market, ensuring that our services remain dynamic and top-notch. We take environmental responsibility seriously, adopting sustainable practices across our supply chain to minimize our impact. Furthermore, we actively engage with and contribute to the communities in which we operate. At MD Global Trading GmbH, our vision is to be the leading provider of high-quality wholesale products and services, adapting to changing customer needs while creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. We pride ourselves on delivering on commitments, maintaining consistency, and meeting deadlines – key pillars of our commitment to excellence in the industry. Choose MD Global Trading GmbH for a reliable and seamless experience in sourcing quality wholesale products globally.



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    We are leading supplier of fruit juice, Food Products, Drinks, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Baby products, Groceries and based in Netherlands and Turkey. We started our company in decades and have had great success as a supplier of food products to distributors Internationally. For us, it isn’t just about selling. Building and supporting sound associations with our clients is a pivotal piece of our reality. We are focused on improving the structure of natural products development from source to purchaser. We do this through improved answers for promoting, supply and hazard the executives. We don’t settle on quality, yet by embracing remarkably unique methodologies, we keep everybody cheerful. We have a large number of products such as : - Fruit juices - Food products - Drinks - Dairy products - Confectionary - Baby products - Groceries. Please contact us for more information !



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    Mir Han Bau GmbH specializes in wholesaling globally recognized and valued food, general trading products, and lifestyle products to numerous countries. The increasing demand for Western-style food and grocery products in nearly every European country has propelled us to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the global commodities export supply chain. Our success can be attributed to our exceptional customer support, swift and reliable supply chain, and extensive knowledge of the global commodities market. With years of experience in sourcing and distributing branded products worldwide, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Additionally, our strategic partnership with the expanding and maturing Far Eastern markets has further strengthened our position. At Mir Han Bau GmbH, we take pride in delivering high-quality branded products and meeting the demands of the global trade. We are committed to maintaining our exemplary customer service, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries, and capitalizing on opportunities in the ever-growing market for Western-style food and grocery products.



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    Created by experienced entrepreneurs, M.S. Services embodies the vision of a trusted wholesaler, firmly established in the market since 2000. Our commitment to quality and the diversity of our products is steadfast, as we are aware of the constant changes in our customers' needs in the food sector. Our influence extends well beyond our national borders as seasoned wholesalers and distributors. We are proud to serve businesses across the world, providing reliable supplies with no hidden catches. Our expertise is primarily focused in the area of meat and fish products, where we excel in the supply of fresh, top quality products. With M.S. Services, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of a trustworthy partner that offers constant excellence. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for information you may have.

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    Ilma Trading is a leading global company specializing in the import and export of high-quality products. We take pride in our extensive network of suppliers and partners worldwide, which enables us to source the finest products from around the globe. Our diverse range of products caters to various industries and consumer needs. Our product range includes the following: - Food and Beverages: spices, chocolates, cookies, snacks, and canned goods. Additionally, our beverage selection includes coffee, tea, juices, and soft drinks. - Household Goods: cleaning supplies, personal care items, kitchenware, and home accessories. - Industrial Supplies: machinery, equipment, tools, and raw materials. Whether you require components for manufacturing or specialized equipment, we are here to assist you. As a customer-centric company, we strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual growth. We understand the importance of timely delivery and efficient logistics, which is why our dedicated team ensures prompt and hassle-free shipments, regardless of our customers' location. Innovation lies at the core of our business. We continuously adapt to changing market dynamics and embrace emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve. By staying up-to-date with industry developments and exploring new opportunities, we consistently deliver innovative solutions that drive growth and create value for our customers.

  2. ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT


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    Welcome to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT, a private trading company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled business solutions to customers worldwide. We specialize in offering quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices, catering to businesses of all sizes. Complementing this, our seamless logistics ensure timely deliveries. As a leading trading company, we excel as a wholesaler and distributor, offering an extensive range of products. Our portfolio includes beverages like soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, dairy products, including baby milk, and indulgent items like chocolates, confectioneries, and premium teas and coffees. Our strong partnerships with renowned FMCG producers such as Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo, and Ferrero enable us to serve businesses worldwide with excellence. Our dedication to excellence drives us to explore captivating niche categories and unique brands. We've cultivated reliable relationships with suppliers, ensuring quick order fulfillment within 48 hours. Central to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT is the value we place on trust and lasting partnerships. Our experienced team combines trading expertise with a visionary approach, ensuring efficient transactions. Our goal is to foster collaborations that extend beyond the initial order, emphasizing mutual growth.



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    Natur Holz Pellet is a leading provider of high-quality and sustainable wood pellet products. Our company is committed to promoting environmentally friendly solutions for heating and energy generation, with a strong focus on renewable resources. We understand the importance of clean and efficient energy sources in today's world. With our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we offer a wide range of premium wood pellet products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We take pride in sourcing our wood pellets from carefully selected, certified suppliers who adhere to responsible forestry practices. By ensuring that our products come from sustainable sources, we support the preservation of forests and contribute to the overall well-being of our planet. We strive to deliver exceptional service, prompt shipping, and reliable support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available to answer any inquiries or provide assistance throughout the purchasing process. Our website serves as a convenient and user-friendly platform for customers to explore and purchase our wood pellet products. We provide detailed information about our offerings, including their specifications, usage recommendations, and environmental benefits. Customers can easily navigate our website to find the right wood pellets for their heating or energy needs.



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    Brandsparkle specializes in crafting and delivering premium beverages tailored to brands' distinct identities. Dedicated to creating unique soft drinks that embody the essence of each brand, we excel in crafting bespoke beverages that resonate with consumers. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire production process, from conceptualization and product development to packaging and distribution. Through collaborations with leading producers across Europe, we offer personalized flavors, packaging designs, and marketing strategies, ensuring that each beverage leaves a lasting impression. We are developing different products for HORECA & FMCG like pasta, rice, eggs, etc. Driven by our commitment to quality and innovation, we infuse every aspect of our work with passion and creativity. Our goal is to not only deliver refreshingly delicious drinks but also to weave narratives that forge strong connections between consumers and brands. With Brandsparkle, every sip becomes an opportunity to create a memorable experience for our clients' customers.



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    Asia Europe Trade (AET) is a European company with offices in Europe and Asia specialized in trading 1) in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2) Private Labels (confectionaries, drinks, food and non food) 3) A-Brands top International Brands trading 4) One stop solution and supply door-2-door and port-2-port of goods for super and hypermarkets and e-commerce 5) Wines , Whisky and Alcohols 6) Milk and Dairy products. 7). cheese (frozen or fresh) 8). fruits and vegetable Contact us, we’ll give you a fast, efficient and competitive answer tailor made. We deal in minimum one pallet per SKU and can consolidate 20’ and 40’ containers. AET can supply : P&G, Unilever, Ferrero, International Beer and Mineral Water Brands, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Kimberly-Clark, Henkel, Ritter Sport, Mondelez, etc. 7) Non food ( coockware, fasionary, cosmetics, beauty & health, perfums, battery). We work without stock to guarantee the freshest production and the best price. So, feel free to send us your inquiry and we will propose you the best solution.



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    Established in 2008, SNC is a leading Turkish manufacturer of high-quality polycarbonate water bottles. We use the most advanced technology machines in our production area and uphold international quality standards. •Polycarbonate refill water bottles without handles are available in 19(18, 9) liters. •Polycarbonate refill water bottles with handles are offered in 15, 19(18, 9), and 20 liters. Our 19-liter(18, 9) water bottles are produced using injection blow molding technology, while the 15, 19(18, 9), and 20-liter bottles with handles are manufactured through extrusion blow molding technology. All our bottles feature a standard neck form, ensuring compatibility with various filling machines. They also boast exceptional transparency and a glossy finish. SNC is committed to continuous improvement and stays abreast of industry developments, both domestically and internationally. We adapt our production processes to align with these changes, positioning ourselves as a progressive force in the market. Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted global brand by increasing our presence in the export market. We aim to be your preferred solution partner in the international arena while upholding our commitment to sustainability. For further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.



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    International trading company specialising in the distribution of branded drinks and beverages (spirits, champagnes, soft drinks, etc.) for wholesalers to the hospitality and food sectors. We provide goods for export and, with the exception of certain high-value items, our transactions are for a full container or truck. We handle all aspects of transport. All payments are secured, for our partners and ourselves. We are actively looking for reliable partners able to handle the volumes we deal in.



    Established in 2001, HOL DING HOLDING B.V. has taken a meticulous, and flexible approach towards providing end-to-end shipping and trading services. Wholesaling of FMCG / World Famous Brands of companies like Wood Pellets, Unilever, Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, SmithKline, Rackett Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, Sara Lee, S. C. Johnson, Henkel , Kimberly Clarke, Uni-charm, SCA Hygiene, Jolan, Lakme, L’Oreal, Revlon, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Britania, United Biscuits, Mondelez, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury, Master Foods, Mars, Ferrero, Perfetti, Wrigley, Twinings of LONDON, Ty-phoo, Heinz, Roche, 3M, BD, Coloplast, Pilot, Faber-Castell, Maped, Staedtler, Stanley, Estwing as well as many others. HOL DING HOLDING B.V. is a leading firm of Nail nipper, Razor, Dental care, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Shower cream, Skin care, Hair Care, Soap, Hand wash, Deodorant, Women care, Baby Care, Wiper, Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, Dishwasher, Floor Cleaner, Bleach, Air Freshener, Insect Killer, Soft Drinks, Juice Drinks, Energy Drinks, Canned Coffee, Tea & Coffee, Wafer, Biscuits, Candy & Lollipop, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Snacks, Seasoning, Canned Food, Noodles, All-Purpose Flour, Refined Sunflower oil, Spirits, Wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.. We are committed to be your reliable source for authentic products to enhance the lives of human beings by picking the best products from this planet hence creating a better world.



    Illiyyun is a Turkish company that distributes medical devices, equipments and product: Hospital furniture, personal protection, orthopedics, syringe, nebulizer, bandage, surgery packs, chemicals and laboratory materials (test tubes, plastic containers and etc.).Our company provides services to the public and private sector. We have continuously provided necessary equipment and services to fight the current COVID 19 pandemic. Our services have reached the public and private sector despite the restrictions brought by the current sanitary emergency. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficiently. We offer personal protective equipment such as: N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, disposable gowns and many more. Thanks to our domestic and international network of suppliers and our own active transportation systems, we can make our products available whenever the clients require them to handle the virus efficie



    TRADING B.V. is a private trading company in the Netherlands with headquarters in Rotterdam. We provide our valued customers with worldwide business solutions and high-quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices with the best logistical services. We are a leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of beverages, including soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, milk and dairy products including baby milk, chocolate and confectionery, tea and coffee in Europe. We supply companies around the world with products from leading food manufacturers including Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo and Ferrero. We have an extensive supply chain and excellent relationships with manufacturers. We are always looking for attractive and niche product categories and brands that are unique and interesting for our customers. We use reliable suppliers with products in stock that are available within 48 hours of ordering. We are not the first or the only ones, but we are the best at supplying FMCG brands as if we were part of your business. We are proud of our values, and are constantly looking for new business opportunities and innovative solutions for you.


    United Kingdom

    Oxygen Global Brands LTD is Based in the heart of Royal Windsor, United Kingdom, our humble venture has grown to international heights & prestige through love & respect of the elements that create our process right from source to sip. The result is clear from the feedback. Kure Oxygen Spring Water is Crafted in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Oxygenated Water. Don't just hydrate, Oxygenate. Our Oxygenated water is sustainably sourced from the coastal springs of Cornwall, United Kingdom. A functional, fresh, beautifully pure, yet powerful, still, natural spring water supercharged with additional oxygen, masterfully encapsulated with our unique technology years in the making. Soft textured, light, invigorating & creamy smooth tasting. An everyday drinking water bursting with additional functional oxygen.



    We are distributor of Confectionary and Beverages related products . we shipped to all destination , we supply the finest of our product , our Products are known in the markets for their quality . we are the leading trading company when it comes to Beverages and confectionary products . we also sell on discount to customers with larger order , we can assure you of a safe , fast and prompt delivery once all business term are agreed on.we welcome all our customers as we look forward for a great and long term business .Our Company exports' confectionary and Beverages products like Nescafe , Aptamil milk , Coco Cola and other soft drinks , Nestle Nido milk , Red Bull and other energy drinks , sugar , Baby Diapers , Milka and other chocolate products , Cosmetics , Beer , A4 Papers and many other products .We have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the globe: Europe Union, Middle East, USA, Asia and other areas.We are distributor of Confectionary and Beverages related products . we shipped to all destination , we supply the finest of our product , our Products are known in the markets for their quality . we are the leading trading company when it comes to Beverages and confectionary products . we also sell on discount to customers with larger order , we can assure you of a safe , fast and prompt delivery once all business term are agreed on.we welcome all our customers as we look forward for a great and long term business .Our Company exports' confectionar



    Our team works on the basis of D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. For many years we have been engaged in the production of highly purified substances, as well as the problems of isotope separation of various substances. We are highly experienced in the production of various types of nozzles for fractioning (distillation) columns and a high level of knowledge on their use. Our spiral prismatic nozzle is used worldwide for the most complex separation tasks, including such as isotope separation. In addition to the spiral prismatic nozzle, we also offer the following products: - patented regular nozzle (for columns with a diameter of up to 1 m); - Dixon rings made of stainless steel and copper mesh; We also manufacture fractioning (distillation) units for the production of alcohol and alcohol-containing products. Separate business areas of our company are: - production of potable light water (water with a low deuterium content); - heavy oxygen water (Oxygen-18 water) – water with a high content of oxygen-18 isotope up to level of more than 98%, which is used for manufacturing 18F-gluorodeoxyglucose labeled with fluorine-18 atom and is the most widely spread radiopharmaceutical agent (RPh) applied in positron-emission tomography (PET) and computer-assisted tomography (CAT).



    Specializing in the wholesale distribution of Branded Toiletries, Health & Beauty and Household FMCG. We are focused on distribution of FMCG: personal care products, nutrition, perfumes, cosmetics, hygiene products, jewelry, and accessories. Whether you’re new to wholesale or have decades of experience, we are committed to simplifying everything from start to finish (and everything in between). Our experienced team is here to guide you through all aspects of the order process - we give you the tools to compete in your market. Contact via our website for more supply information



    Swiss Waters International GmbH Meggen operates an international business with mineral water from around the world. Our philosophy is to promote the sustainable trade of water while supporting small and medium-sized producers. Our efforts are designed to create an extensive offer of different mineral waters and to support the livelihoods of numerous providers while ensuring the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly access to water possible. To this end, premium mineral waters are exported and sold from all four corners of the globe. Our service also includes worldwide delivery to the customer's desired location. Many of our waters are also available with a private label and are thus especially suitable as advertising media for your company. Alongside the different premium mineral waters, we also offer a range of sustainable additional products such as straws made from paper, glass and wood, cups and cutlery made from natural compostable materials and many other articles related to beverages. These can also be printed with customer-specific elements and thus make a direct contribution to promoting your image as an environmentally-responsible company.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Company with experience in production, distribution inside of Bosnia and Herzegovina and exporting to the countries of EU. Main products that are completely produced in side of our company are milk, dairy products (yogurts, cheeses, creams etc) and natural spring water. Beside that we exporting fruits and vegetables such as plum, raspberry, pepper, apples, mushrooms, etc., to countries of EU. Our products are available all around country, from little stores to the biggest chain of markets in our country. Greatest pride of company is our natural spring water, which have medal on world water competition in Virginia(USA), which guaranty its quality and health. Well of water is located, 63m under ground, in central Bosnia (Gornji Vakuf - Uskoplje) on the foothill of mountain Vranica, which is one of the biggest mountains in our region.



    Sam-Har LLC was established in 2002. The company has chosen the name Sipan for its products.Sipan started the journey with two products: carbonated soft drinks and mineral water.After experiencing successful access to the market, the company launched a new mineral water filling line in 2006, another four years, and Sipan’s masterpiece was in markets: the fruit compotes, which very quickly became the best seller of the company. Soon after the compotes Sipan started the production of jams and pickles.



    shruti water world is unique name in water world. we provide high range of machinery with latest technology. our design of machine is very different from any standard machines. we offer mineral water plant, bottling plant, blow machine semi and fully auto mode. also pouch packing machine, jar washing and filling machine.our company concept is purely based on entrepreneurship, so we help that kind of new and fresh business person for set up a turnkey base project.we provide business consultancy also for our customers. for more details of machinery and technical design. please contact us directly.



    Ets Nmegini Amalanga is a registered company here in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon as an importer and distributor of quality wine and Vodkah including whisky, Presently i am in search for a Portuguese firm that can be supplying me with quality wine and whisky as my friend told me that Portuguese wines are the nost quality wine in Europe. Interested suppliers, manufacturers or distributors are to contact me directly for business talks. i can assured such firm that i will be capable of purchasing up to 6 x 40ft containers in every 3 Months if his/her products meet with standard quality of products in the European union products certificartion quality control. Therefore sir/ madam, let me make a request of your wine price list and catalogues respectively where i can clearly see your products to check if there are already in my country or not.



    LLC "Mizun" - a modern plant of bottling drinking and mineral water, which is located in Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk region, offers future partners and national retailors, which are located in EU countries, production of packaged natural mineral medical-table water and drinking water from mountain springs of Ukrainian Carpathians as Brand of trade network (Private label), and water supply by systematical or single contract to EU countries and other countriesLLC "Mizun", has working experience with big Ukrainian sales networks such as LLC "ATB-Market" (900 stores), DP "Furshet" (250 stores), "Ukrainian distribution company", "Adventis-Caravan", "Brusnichka" (200 stores), "Kray 2", and offers packaging spring water in PET bottles. The system of food safety management of our company is certified by international standard ISO 22000: 2005. Our drinking water "Goryanka dzherelna" (Spring water) can also be used for the manufacture of alcohol.



    Izumrud Company is one of the largest producers of mineral waters in Ukraine. The mineral water plant is situated directly within the area of the unique Mayborodovka mineral water deposit. The whole process is completely automatic starting with extraction of mineral water out of four wells and ending with bottling it into modern and environmentally friendly bottles. Own chemical and microbiological laboratory assures product quality. Izumrud Company offers to the market the widest range of mineral therapeutic and table waters and of natural table waters that would suit different consumer tastes and states of health. If you are interested in purchasing mineral water of excellent quality we are waiting for your enquiries.



    Our company offers mineral water in bulk. Due to the properties of the water, the equipment used and the strict observance of the process, it is stored without preservatives very long period - 12 months (soda). The produced water is still and sparkling. The water is at a depth of 130 meters and bottled directly from the well. Chemical analysis of the water showed the presence of extremely necessary trace elements for human health. We have already worked out the smallest nuances not only wholesale trade of water, but also all the related details associated with the transportation and storage of water.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    nternational Group is established in 2004/ in 2009 has changed its name in International A&D Group d.o.o. with headquarter in capital city in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The essential of company is exporting various products from Bosnia and Herzegovina.Our priority is your satisfaction. The advantage of our professionalism and years of experience in the market. In addition, our trained staff take care of most of the fastest and most effective solutions to you. Of course there is the personal approach and high care.We are dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and an opportunity for us to improve the delivery of our services.osnia and Herzegovina has a high-quality Natural Spring Water that is exported around the World.The International A&D Group on World Market very successfully represents product Natural Spring Mineral Water "Leda" in PET bottles: 0, 25 L, 0, 5 L, 1, 5 , 0, 5 L, 18, 9 L.


    Hong Kong

    We are currently introducing the two French mineral water -Ventadour (sparkling) and Chantemerle (Still) in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. The water comes from France, Meyras - the Pestrin and only be available in fine dining and prestigious restaurants, hotels and bars in France. This water is established in 1868 France We are now doing online sales and seeing very promising feedbacks and would like to let more people in Hong Kong know this high quality and health beneficial French Water. Our water can be matched with Wine and Pastis like Paul Riccard and it is perfect for fine dinning restaurant.



    EKO NOVA is an international trading company. Our main products are beverages (waters, soft--‐drinks, beers, spirits, …), toiletries, FMCG and Duty--‐Free products. Other branded products are not excluded, though. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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