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    Kiev Shipping LTD has experience in organizing sea freight transportation since 2000. Professional managers of the company organize transportation of all types of bulk and general cargo (timber, grain, coal, metal, fertilizers) to any destination in the world for importers and exporters. We will find the safest and most cost-effective means of transportation by sea for your needs. What you get from cooperation with Kiev Shipping LTD: - quick search for the best transportation option; - a professional freight broker who will take care of all the arrangements for the delivery of your cargo in good faith. - responsible approach to business; - quality and reliability of information; - an experienced and reliable partner with an impeccable reputation. For many years of work, Kiev Shipping LTD has established close partnerships with charterers, brokers, agents and bunker companies, having concluded many contracts. If you need to deliver bulk or general cargo by sea, you need professionals from Kiev Shipping LTD, who will efficiently supervise ships, manage the fleet and provide cargo service. If you need to purchase large quantities of wheat 11.5% and 12.5% of protein, barley, gmo (from Brazil) and non-gmo corn (from Ukraine), or soybean, rapeseeds, or various types of coal, please contact us. We're also capable to arrange wheat flour in big-bags the Turkish origin as well. We deal with DLC/LC AT SIGHT. An SBLC isn't acceptable. We don't demand any upfront fees to be paid.

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    United Kingdom

    At TP-Exports, we sit at the centre, as a global trader, distributor and processor of petrochemical and agri based commodities. With operating divisions in petchem and agri, we focus on moving raw material from source to customer quickly, responsibly and efficiently to deliver market-leading services for state, commercial and consumer demand globally. Our agri division delivers cotton, sugar, and cereal crops for consumer and industrial demand globally.



    Our company is established in 1995, we have many partners, "the farmers will farm cooperatives”, can supply any quantity and product that your company needs as soybean, soybean meal, corn, cotton, peanuts, barley, oats, crushed barley for food animal, coconut, coconut water, cereals and many others, are happy to answer all your questions. BRAZIL, feed the world.

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    The company AMATHISTA BRASIL GROUP, is a Distributor, which operates in the Agriculture - import-export industry. It also operates in the Maize, Soybeans, Sugar, Comodities, Maize, Soybeans, and Sugar industries. It is based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.



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    Greetings! We are the MAZETTO COMPANY; a fast-growing import and export company focused on exporting Brazilian agricultural products. We work to transform foreign trade, make negotiations around the world, and solve the bureaucracy of buying and selling in foreign trade, bringing the best products and conditions to you. In a globalized world, our mission is to provide competence, transparency, and loyalty. Therefore, we are always providing extreme quality products and excellent international relations. Locations: MAZETTO COMPANY has its offices strategically located in São Paulo and Lisbon. Products: We work mainly with importing and exporting Brazilian coffee, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, soy, Brazilian beef, and chicken. Visit our website and contact our team!

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    NEAR TRADE is a trading company based in Portugal that brings suppliers and buyers together worldwide. We bring unique and exotic products to your business in Europe. Our foundations of practicality, objectivity and partnerships enable us to deliver the best deals to our different partners according to local legislation, norms, and cultures. Thanks to a solid partner portfolio, we make contact between our SOUTH AMERICANS and EUROPEAN suppliers and our buyers worldwide. Our process is straightforward and respects every demand to concretize great deals. We operate in the following sectors: commodities, industries, tech, royal state, and finance. We are happy to contribute positively to projects in the respective sectors. Among the goods we provide, you can find: Beverage: We work with the best brands: Heineken, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, etc. In addition, we work with local Brazil producers of natural drinks, natural exotic fruits like acerola, graviola, cupuaçu (in pulp or powder), and bio snacks made by tropical manioc. Food : GRAINS, ANIMAL PROTEIN, FRUITS, VEGETAL OILS, SEEDS, AND LIVESTOCK FAT FOR HUMAN AND INDUSTRIAL CONSUMPTION. - WINE, OLIVE OIL, VARIOUS FRUIT JUICES, FRUIT PULP, SAUSAGES, BULK HAKE, PRESERVES, PROCESSED FOODS - Other Products: CLOTHING, WOODS, PETROLEUM DERIVATIVES, BIOMASSES, BIOFUELS Are you looking for a partner to help commercialize your products in the international market or import from a specific country? Contact us!



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    Since 2014, Bingoil vegetable oils have been the lead brand of Lognib Food. The Bingoil brand was launched in response to strong demand from our clients for these types of products, but also to bust a near-monopoly on the French market which, in those days, was almost entirely controlled by a handful of suppliers. The company seeks to offer consumers new alternatives. With Bingoil, Lognib Food offers chain retail and catering clients its bottled sunflower, colza, groundnut, soya and corn oils in a wide range of formats at some of the lowest prices on the market. Bingoil, is also your assurance of quality. All our oils derive exclusively from carefully sourced European products. From selecting seeds to refining and bottling, the products we sell meet our rigorous and extremely demanding standards. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.



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    AJ Agro ApS has a long-standing reputation as a reliable distributor of top-quality agricultural products in the global agro market. Our commitment to excellence and integrity has helped us establish ourselves as a trusted name in the agricultural industry. What sets us apart is our deep-rooted passion for agricultural commodities. We have invested significant effort in understanding every facet of the agricultural export business, including production, logistics, and distribution. This comprehensive knowledge has made us a formidable force in the exporting industry. At our core, we are a dedicated team of experts who consistently go the extra mile to serve our clients. With years of experience in export markets, we have emerged as leaders in our field, setting the bar high for quality and reliability. In Denmark, we proudly stand as a leading supplier of premium agricultural products. Our offerings include a diverse range of products such as nuts, fertilizers, and animal feeds. We understand the importance of these products in various industries and are committed to delivering only the finest quality to our customers. Our mission is to continue serving as a trusted partner for businesses in need of top-tier agricultural commodities. With a focus on excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction, AJ Agro ApS is poised to remain at the forefront of the agricultural products industry.

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    Who are we : Quality Products @ Best Prices ! ! ! Our company employs professional and qualified specialists able to ensure the execution of every order in a quality way and on a timely basis. We create conditions for continuous improvement for our employees and encourage them to work as guided our core values: - - Quality products for every customer. - Timely execution of orders is a key to recommendations. - Each customer must be shown respect and special attention. - The optimal ratio between quality and price ensures a competitive advantage. - Mutual understanding between partners guarantees a successful way to cooperate. - We export and import goods of basic necessity in order to fight against expensive living on a global landscape - Quality products, customer satisfaction, standardized procedures and business value are our guidelines of operation in carrying out our business successfully.

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    Horus oil is a leading Export & Import company for oil for industrial and home usage. Olive Oils, Crude & Refined Sunflower, Corn, Soybean, Canola Oils products Feeds and Fatty Acids in Sanliurfa since 1993. In Istanbul since 2010, We quickly grew into an internationally respected business. Today has a well-earned reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality pure essential oils and diffuser products. The growth and development of the global operation resulted in the establishment of wholly-owned facilities (production, warehousing and sales) in the Turkey and South Africa. They are known for their friendly approach to doing business and their commitment to reliability. Moreso, we have expertise in the subject matter for providing quality ingredients. However, the fundamental ethical values on which the Company’s foundations were built still guide the business today. This ethical approach to operations means that products are purchased and sold with honesty and integrity.



    Vneshtorg-Rus imports and exports agricultural products and food from Russia: chickpeas, soybeans, lentils, sunflower oil, wheat, flour, corn, yellow millet, and other crops. Vneshtorg-Rus handles farm supplies of grains, legumes and oilseeds, as well as rapeseed meal, soybean meal and sunflower meal for the fattening of farm animals. Advantages of products by Vneshtorg-Rus: • Agricultural organic products that are grown in environmentally safe regions of Russia, in favorable climatic conditions, contain no pesticides or GMOs. • The company purchases agricultural products from organic farms that use organic fertilizers and crop rotation to increase yields, maintain soil health, and the health of ecosystems and people. • All our products undergo in-house quality control by Vneshtorg-Rus, hold quality and test certificates. The products undergo mandatory certification and comply with all applicable standards. • The supplier independently sorts, calibrates and packages grains, legumes and oilseeds. Vneshtorg-Rus is a loyal and responsible partner for customers from China, India, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Belgium. The company proposes to deliver organic farm products by rail, road and water transport all over the world. The company's key principle is focusing primarily on the client's needs and benefits.

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    Protehna was founded in 1990 in Belgrade. Company is an exclusive distributor of its own line of nutritive products that consists of two parts: 1. PRODUCTS CONTAINING ROYAL JELLY - Šumleta - effervescent tablets with royal jelly. Šumleta’s exclusive ingredient, lyophilized royal jelly, is an unique natural substance that contains amino acids, essential fat acids, simple sugar (monosaccharides), vitamins, minerals and biostimulators - everything needed for effective body functioning. By adding vitamins and minerals to royal jelly in Šumleta, a unique synergetic combination is achieved, thus increasing even more the salutary effect of the product components on body health. 2. PRODUCTS CONTAINING PROPOLIS AND MEDICINAL HERBS - including Proherbis, natural product that has proven bactericidal effect against Helicobacter Pylori, bacteria that causes stomach ulcer.



    Established in 1993, AGRO-PROMES has been operating mainly in the animal protein industry. Our international commercial contacts reach from America to the Fareast. As distribution partners of well known international suppliers, but also as a developer of own product solutions, we use in our daily work the large know-how in marketing and technical application of speciality feed ingredients.



    We are an Agricultural product supply company located in the Capital City of Nigeria, Abuja, we deals in Sesame Seed, Charcoal, Cashew Nuts, Maize, Wheat, Ginger, Yam, Cereal and spices, groundnuts, Soybeans, Palm-Kernel(oil and fruit) e.t.c We stand by our words and very effective in our activity.



    We can offer clean very good quality.



    The company SOJAMI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food - import-export industry. It also operates in the Import-export - food and agriculture, Dietary and organic foods, Import-export - food and agriculture, Dietary and organic foods, soy-based foods, and soybean milk industries. It is based in Agen Cedex 9, France.



    The company NUTRIBEM INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE GRÃOS E RAÇÕES LTDA, is a Distributor, which operates in the Rice industry. It also operates in the Sugar, Food - import-export, soybean oils, Sugar, and Food - import-export industries. It is based in Anapolis, Brazil.



    The company TAVRIYA AGRO BIO INVEST, is a Distributor, which operates in the Oils and fats, edible industry. It also operates in the soybean oils, Rapeseed oils, cereals and grains, and Refined sunflower oil industries. It is based in Warsaw, Poland.



    The company EUROFIT, is a Distributor, which operates in the Milk industry. It also operates in the Dairy products, Dairy products, uht milk, soybean milk, and cheese industries. It is based in Liege, Belgium.



    The company LIBERTYOIL LTD, is a Distributor, which operates in the Oils and fats, edible industry. It also operates in the soybean oils, and corn oil industries. It is based in Minsk, Belarus.



    We're an American/Ukrainian consulting team company with full legal structure within both countries. Primarily focus on commodity trading and brokering internal products of Ukraine and beyond worldwide. Edible oils and commodities trading. Focus on Refined and Unrefined Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Rapeseed (Canola Oil) , Sugar and Wheat. It all starts with contact. Let us know what you need or can supply and we'll grow from there. We follow international standards and believe in face to face meetings.



    Agromax Pro LLC is a manufacturing company of Refined Sunflower Oil, the oil is a clear honey color with a bland odor and taste with a relatively rich in vitamin E and low in saturated fat. This particular sunflower oil is of the linoleic variety, or what is commonly known as standard sunflower oil. We are also a bulk supplier of natural oil such as Olive oil, corn oil, palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil and rapeseed oil. Agromax Pro LLC is also a global trading company in other products such as wood, charcoal, papers, Animal feed, wood pellets, and others. We are creating a global network and partnering with key manufacturers and major suppliers using our competence and trust to serve you. Some things, however, have not changed. Throughout our history, key factors in our success have been our consistency and high level of service based on proficiency and trust- and they remain so today. Along with our exceptional core products, these core values help us to establish strong bonds with our customers that are precious and long lasting.



    EXPORTS TO THE WORLD IMPORT TO BRAZIL We work with the export of grains and commodities, such as rice, coffee, cane, beans, corn, soybeans, wheat, etc ... to all countries. We offer the best special stones such as granites and marbles, consult our specialist. Because, with our knowledge, we are always looking to translate information into vision, data in recommendation and expertise in solution. Customs Services We carry out and advise all necessary customs services Integrated logistics We accompany all stages of the flow from purchase to delivery, whether import or export Stock, Guard and Insurance Security is fundamental to the health of your business, we work with the best professionals to ensure total security in your sales and purchases.



    We hereby take opportunity to introduce our company Regal Corp, Inc as a Trade Agent, Importer and exporter of following: Crude & Edible Oils such as Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil and Rapeseed Oil, Sugar (ICUMSA 42, 45, 100, 150, 600 – 1500.), Brown & White Rice (Long and broken Rice), Wheat Flour for Bakery and Human ConsumptionMilk Powder (Whole & Skimmed Milk), Used Cooking Oil and Biodiesel (ASTM grade, CE or any Quality as required by International Standards), andPackaged Drinking Water.Our Mission is to conducting Business with Ethics and respond to customers' needs by proposing good quality products at competitive prices and reliable services. Please visit our website www.regalcorpinc.com for more information about our products.

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    KGM Ltd was founded and operates on European market since 1992 and at this stage we can confidently describe our company as a stable organization with a wide product range and favorable pricing. Currently we work with over than 30 suppliers from all over the world. We offer: Raw materials for animal feed production: soybean meal, rapeseed cake & rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, beetroot pulp, category 3 products (MBM, animal bone meal, animal meat meal, pork meat meal, feather meal, poultry fats etc.), feed additives (lysine, threonine, methionine, vitamins etc.) and other products. Agriculture film, twines and nets: silage stretch film, tunnel wrap, greenhouse film, twines and bale nets, microbiological preservatives for hay etc. Products for cattle: milk replacers, vitamin and mineral additives, premixes, salt, as well as specialized products for cattle and BIO products for biological farms as well as products for pigs and poultry, cleaning and disinfection products etc.



    Since 2019 NICOLAS SERVICES has been trading in vegetable oil: sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil and others ... We are located in Brittany. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details!


    United States

    Throughout our vast corporate networking and alliances, PAPYLON International provides a variety of leading products, solutions, and agribusiness to the local and international markets. PAPYLON offers Future Soybean & Corn Grain Commodity Contracts, Vegetable Oils, Acai Berry Fruit Pulp Purée Frozen, Sugar, Edible Products, Mineral Water Bulk/Bottled, Livestock, Poultry & Beef, Agribusiness Consulting, Forest & Carbon Credit throughout our partnership in Brazil, United States, and worldwide.



    Agrosun for trade & agencies : we are importer & exporter for many products we deal with customers in all over the world Products : 1. sun flower , chickpeas, popcorn , sesame-, white beans , peanuts -beans , -- Lu pins Australia -Faba beans Australia -Faba beans UK -sugar-powder milk 2. AlfaAlfa-soybeans meal -cotton seeds