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    Our mission is to offer innovative environmental technologies that can transform organic waste into soil. Within 24-48 hours our patented Compostyle SGC technology reduces by 90% the organic waste's weight and volume. It thus produces a biodegradable fertilising soil called Te-d. SAEC Group is the ideal partner for those who share the vision of a sustainable future. It offers innovative solutions and advanced technologies for responsible waste management.



    A & C DUSTBINS WASTE BINS WEBER GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading European manufacturers of wheelie bins, plastic hazardous containers and clinical waste bins based in Haan (Germany). WEBER have specialized in the manufacture and development of wheeled bins and mobile waste containers for almost 50 years. Whether it is the reliability of the product or the accuracy of the delivery times these are some of the main objectives for us. We manufacture an extensive range of products, starting from our mini wheeled bins and 10 litre pre-sort containers up to our tried and tested 1100 litre Roll top, Flat lid, and famous Lid in Lid version. Over the past 50 years our product range has grown along with the size of our production facility near Düsseldorf. Today we sell our products all around the world which has made us become one of the leading manufacturers of waste disposal systems in the world. Our products are made from excellent quality raw materials, the High Density Polyethene (HDPE) and UV stabilizer we use give remarkable longevity to our containers. Along with the state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and moulds Weber manufacture a high-quality product that has no problem withstanding the most extreme of conditions and use. Weber are proud to be certified with the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards for quality management systems and environmental management systems. Weber wheelie bins conform to EN 840 and are compatible with lifting devices that comply to EN 1501.



    enki one of the best company in field of water treatment, wastewater recycling and odor removal systems. enki built water treatment plants from the 5 m3/h to 1.800 m3/h and supply best solution for water treatment, wastewater recycling and odor removal systems. We have plants in three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our Products; Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (Desalination), Membrane Cleaning System, Sand Filters, Anthracte Filter, Multi Media Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Calcite Filter, Cartridge Filters, Water Softeners, Electrodeionization, Mixed Bed Demineralizer, Industrial Ultrafiltration, Odor Removal Systems, Carbondioxide Degassifier, Chemical Dosing Systems, Disinfection (Chlorination, Ozone, UV) Systems, Nitrate Removal Systems, Dealkalization, Membrane Bioreactor MBR, Package Wastewater Treatment Plant, Package Biological Sewage Treatment Plant, STP, Package Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Custom Specified Water Treatment Plants. We supply following: Multimedia Filter (مرشح الوسائط المتعددة - Mehrschichtfilter - filtre à lit multiple- فیلتر چندرسانه ای) Brackishwater Reverse Osmosis ( محطة تحليل المياه المسوسة بالتناضح العكسي - Umkehrosmose - Osmose inverse- اسمز معکوس) Mixed-bed Ion Exchanger (مبدل أيون مختلط - Mischbett-Ionenaustauscher - Échangeur d'ions à lit mixte - أيون مبادل) Sewage treatment plant (محطة مُدمجة لمُعالَجة مياه الصرف الصحي - Kompaktkläranlage - Station de traitement des eaux usées


    United Kingdom

    Removal company based in Reading, Berkshire welcome to RG Man and Van we are a local well established removal company and provide the following we provide a local and Nationwide home and office removal service, man and van hire and a rubbish and house clearance services throughout Berkshire.We move our customers all over the UK or from any location in the UK back to the Reading or Berkshire area.We can provide multiple removal vans and an experienced three man removal team you can rely upon to provide a professional reliable service.Regarding our waste clearance service in Reading we can clear a single item through to a full van load the reason we now offer a rubbish clearance service as we are asked quite a lot if we can clear unwanted rubbish for our customers that are moving home and no longer want certain item's saves you that extra stress having to clear out your loft, garden or garage etc.We provide a free no obligation quotes for all our services so please get in touch with us today for all your removal and clearance needs.


    United Kingdom

    Rubbish Please was established with the sole purpose of providing London residents with efficient and professional services for any kind of junk collection. We cater to both private households and commercial sites. Our staff is fully vetted and well trained. We use only high-quality equipment in order to provide a quick and safe garbage disposal to our clients. When it comes to work hours, our company is extremely flexible. The services we offer are available 24/7 - contact us for a free personal offer.

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    Company Komunalac d.o.o. is engaged in the maintenance of the city's cleanliness, waste disposal, waste management, city market, and maintenance of cemeteries and crematoria in the city of Bjelovar.In addition to cleaning, the cleanliness includes municipal waste disposal, and maintaining the landfill, "Doline", which is the first landfill in Croatia is constructed according to all applicable legal requirements, taking into account all of the protections.Maintenance, rental and controlling a town market town of Bjelovar, is also one of the items of business. Komunalac d.o.o. manages the City Market, which is located on the Walk of doctor Ivše Lebovića and stalls in the street Bruno Busic.Komunalac d.o.o. performs management with 34 cemeteries owned by the City of Bjelovar.Komunalac d.o.o. is also handling the parking areas and parking tickets in the City of Bjelovar.


    United Kingdom

    Big Ben Ltd. provides one of the most efficient services in the whole of the region. We can do anything from a full office clearance or junk removal to aim small-scale garden clearance service. It may take us all week, all day or all year but you’ll still get a very efficient team working for you and you don’t need to buy anything for us to do our job to the best of our ability.Any site on which we perform our duties will be cleaned to the highest standards. Call Big Ben Ltd. now on 02037438686 or visit www.big-ben.co


    United Kingdom

    Are you seeking a skip hire business established in the UK? Cheap Skips are a cost efficient skip hire company that hires all types of skip sizes, for example builders skips. We have all of the precise size skips for you and we hand over your skip the same day that you enquire. We can provide you with a full list of fees for all of our skips and can recommend to you what the perfect size skip is for your needs. The next time you need to dial a skip hire team in the UK then the best name that pops into your head will be Cheap Skips. We cover the entire United Kingdom and we have a solid network of skip hire companies that want your business, so get in touch with us today to tap into our network. Each skip hire company is profiled and we choose only reputable companies with a good reputation, which is why we make sure we dig deep into their history. Skip hire is a service that everybody needs, due to the fact that every year it is decorating season, and the constant amount of building that goes on means that builders skips are quite commonly sought after.


    United Kingdom

    Trying to clear and dispose of rubbish can be hard work and potentially hazardous depending on what you have to clear. That is why, from carrying out a house clearance to removing rubbish, we do the work for you. We carry out office clearances as well as domestic ones. We make sure you pay the lowest price whilst having our trained and experienced teams of clearance experts arrive to do the rubbish removal work that needs to be done. To let us know what you need done, call our company now. THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT WASTE ANYMORE! WE WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR ISSUES RELATED TO WASTE! WASTE? LET US HANDLE IT ALL! Call Waste Removal Ltd. now on 02037956991 or visit www.wasteremoval.org.uk


    United Kingdom

    If you're looking for a service to clear your home of rubbish, then why not contact us? Waste Disposal Ruislip Ltd are based local to Ruislip, HA4, and we provide convenient and dependable house clearance services every day of the week.When running a Ruislip based business, making a good first impression on your customers and clients is the most important thing, so making sure your office or place of business is properly cleared of rubbish is essential. Do not hesitate to call us on 020 37933975, also you can visit our website at www.wastedisposalruislip.co.uk


    United Kingdom

    Our company gives you the best rubbish removal service. That's not just ourselves that say this but numerous people who have made the choice of hiring Rubbish Removal Battersea. There is a number of reasons why it's best to choose our company for all types of rubbish collection, waste disposal and house clearance.We only use approved refuse sites and have environmentally-friendly working procedures that includes things like reducing our carbon footprint whenever we can. You can rely on us to carry out any clearance with consideration and understanding. This is part of our removal team's training. It's vitally important to us to have that combination of carrying out work fast and efficiently but also do so with the necessary tact and discretion whenever it is needed. Put your trust in us and we won't let you down. Call Rubbish Removal Battersea Ltd. now on 02086109064 or visit www.rubbishremovalbattersea.com


    United Kingdom

    Our company offers professional home clearance deals in Edgware, NW7 so that when you need help with clearing out rubbish from your home, you can rest assured in knowing that we offer just the right services for you.Our services have proven to be highly effective and sought after within HA8 and NW7, and can be utilised at any time convenient to you.Waste Removal Edgware Ltd offers high quality waste removal services, which have been effectively designed to suit the budgets and needs of our current and potential clients in NW7.


    United Kingdom

    Bow trash collection e14The E3 postcode truly does need a company like Rubbish Clearance Bow to get all those rubbish collection concerns dealt with before they can ever loom up on you and cause potential damages.We know that not acting now in household waste removal is the quickest and easiest way to incur you massive costs that we can help you avoid. Within our industry, we represent the absolute best value.Putting you first at every turn, you won’t find a company more dedicated than us to getting every last piece of mess sorted out quicker than any of the competition.Do not hesitate to call us at 020 36089336 or visit our website www.rubbishclearancebow.com


    United Kingdom

    VP Skip Hire in Cardiff is a well-known independent skip hire company in South Wales. Our extensive coverage makes VP Skip Hire the flexible, professional skip hire company in Cardiff and surrounding areas. Whenever you choose VP Skip Hire we guarantee a prompt & professional service at all times. We can provide a wide variety of skip sizes to handle all volumes of waste, and we try to recycle as much of the waste as we can. Based in Cardiff we provide a full range of recycling and environmental services around Cardiff and the Vale. Arrange delivery of your preferred skip size with one of our advisers and we will deliver the skip on time, so you have plenty of time organize your waste clearance project.


    United Kingdom

    It does not matter where you live or what sizes of skip hire you to want because we can deliver you the services right at your doorstep, keeping in mind all the details of it. You could be living at one end of the UK and suggest our services to a friend living on the other side and both of you could be sure enough to get our equal attention. So who are we? We are the Impala Skip Hire Company. Many times, it so happens that you feel you can clean it up yourself after your house has just gone through a renovation. But usual clean up is different than this. This would be a much larger scale job. You would be needing professionals to help you out. We are the professionals that could help you out at just prices too! You may be now concerned if we would be having the right services for you. We have all the skip sizes that you could ever want. According to your needs, you may want a large skip size or a small one or even a medium one. We would be having everything that could be of potential demand from our customers. Our company would also be happy to make you understand or clear any of your doubts that you have been juggling with. We are here to lend a helping hand to you always. We have our offices spread across various places and it would not hence be a problem to reach out to us. There are various locations near the UK as well where we extend our set to. You can check them out if you want.


    United Kingdom

    Skip sizes will matter to you at moments when your house has just undergone some kind of massive work regarding your floors and you cannot handle all of the waste together. Maybe you had thought how hard could it be? But the scale of the work matters to a great level. Cleaning all of your houses may not be a project scale that could be covered by you, but we have got your back. We will help you out in the places that you felt yourself to be a deficit. You must be now wondering who is “we" really. Well, we are the Impala Skip Hire Company and on our way to help you. We have all the sizes of skips that you could need for your house. You can have the biggest one of it is your own single house or villa. If it is just an apartment, then go for something smaller. Say, your house has just gone through a big renovation and then all the waste from all of that could actually be stuffed by you in our skips and taken away. There are various ways to reach us. We have an office in most places across the UK. So, reaching us would not be much of a problem. But if you are still not quite satisfied, then if you scroll down a bit you will see our contact information written down. Follow it for further contract with our company's family and then we could see how to help you out from the mess even though you may not have caused any of it. How about that? !


    United Kingdom

    Not many people like cleaning up after others' mess. You would not see people go out of their way to make something right that was not broken by them but by others. Well, get ready to meet some of such people. We the Impala Skip Hire Company clean up after what others leave behind as waste. When you have a big old renovation at your place, seldom are you concerned about what will happen to all the waste once the work is done with. Only when is the renovation done and you understand that you cannot get about the cleaning of it alone, you will start thinking about it. Who comes to your mind? Yes, Impala Skip Hire Company is here to help you out with all of it. Skip hire is made available to you in all sizes at all times by our company and we aim at providing the best possible version of our services at all times. Customer satisfaction is all that we thrive towards. There is some information that you would have to provide us to receive the best version of us too. All you need to tell us is the magnitude of the waste that we would have to carry. We would accordingly provide a skip for you that would fit your usage. If you are sure about the measurements, then you could also suggest we with the skip sizes directly ranging from small to large to medium. Depending on the kind of waste and the amount of it, we will need you to help us out accordingly. But how will you contact us regarding the information that you have to give us? We have that jotted down too.


    United Kingdom

    Leeds Junk & Rubbish Removal is a licensed waste carrier. We are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to hiring a skip for rubbish clearance. From furniture to garden waste, white goods to building rubble we'll do the heavy lifting and shifting for you. We deal with all your junk and rubbish so you don't have too! Our Leeds based team will swiftly and efficiently collect and dispose of all your waste and where possible we will recycle, meaning less rubbish goes to landfill. We will come to any property whether it is residential or commercial and our team are used to dealing with all kinds of waste. We really do take the hassle out of it for you! We offer a very cost-effective service and we will turn up at a specific time meaning you won't be waiting around for us. You don't need to worry about heavy lifting or moving your rubbish to a specific location. Simply send us a picture of your rubbish and we will give you a no obligation estimate quote for removal of your junk and rubbish. We will also clean up afterwards leaving your property tidy. We are cheaper in most cases than hiring a skip and with a skip you are left to do all the leg work yourself. So if you are looking for a quality rubbish, junk and waste removal Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield or in the wider West Yorkshire area, give us a call now or book online!


    United Kingdom

    Junk Bunk Ltd is the right choice when you are looking for an affordable and reliable rubbish removal company in London. We cover everything within the M25 in London including some areas in the outer side of M25. *If you are not sure if we cover your area, you can give us a quick call or fill up the contact form to send us a quick message* Junk Bunk has teams spread all around the city, teams ready for any rubbish removal job you might need! As a private rubbish removal company, we are here to serve you and we are proud to say that we provide one of the best rubbish removal services in this field. Contact us to arrange the time and place and your rubbish clearance service will begin shortly after. Our prices are as good as our man and van rubbish removal services, we charge you reasonably and for more information, you can check our competitive prices. Rubbish Removal Service in London We understand how hard is to find a good company for rubbish removal in London. We rely on the feedback of our clients, the best feedback, of course, comes from high-quality services, and very acceptable rubbish removal prices. Keep in mind that if an extra hand is needed for any clearance service, you will not be charged for it, we just prefer some jobs to happen quicker and we assume so do you.


    United Kingdom

    After all that drilling and screwing of screws, you now finally have an amazing house, just like you had wanted. Contented, you turn around and see a huge pile of dust accumulated in a corner and a huge pile of other wastes in another. Feeling frustrated is natural, but not for long as we are here to help you out, just a call away. We at the Impala Skip Hire Company believe that customer satisfaction is the way to perfection. There are various sizes of skip hire that you could demand. You can however be sure to find all and any of the sizes with us. We have a proper collection of skips that you can choose from. Our employees are known for their friendly construct and would be happy to help you out whenever you would want them to. We can also help you do away with any confusion that you may have on this matter. For instance, many people are confused regarding the size of the skips. But we can help you to come out of such dilemmas and settle for a choice that we would help you turn into reality. Getting to us would not be such a difficult task. We cover various locations across the UK and thus reaching us would not be a very troubling job. You can easily visit one of our offices to get your work done. We provide services to some places around the UK as well. If you want, you can contact us about such an inquiry. We provide fast service at affordable prices and in ways to fit your demands.



    "HEXA DEBARRAS est une entreprise spécialiste du débarras de tous types de logements (maisons, appartements, villas, etc.), de dépendances (caves, greniers, garages, granges, etc.) ou de locaux professionnels (entrepôts, bureaux, locaux d'archives, locaux commerciaux, etc.). Nous intervenons dans toute la France pour vider votre local de tous les encombrants présents, quelles que soient leurs natures (gravats, bois, plastiques, ferrailles, cartons, mobilier, etc.). Nous laissons les lieux complètement vides pour vous permettre de les utiliser à nouveau pleinement, ou de les louer, les vendre ou y réaliser des travaux. Nous permettons ainsi une récupération d'espace maximale et augmentons fortement la valeur du bien immobilier dans lequel nous intervenons. Nous accordons une importance capitale au recyclage, et nous trions de manière extrêmement minutieuse tous les matériaux composant les encombrants, afin d'en permettre le recyclage le plus fort possible. Nous nous appuyons ensuite sur un réseau de professionnels spécialisés dans la gestion des déchets pour le recyclage. Ceci garantit à nos clients que la grande majorité des encombrants issus du débarras sera traitée convenablement et recyclée pour être réutilisée. Notre zone d'intervention couvre toute la France, et notamment Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse et Lille."


    United Kingdom

    Anyone here talking about skip sizes? Do you need one? Or do you just want to know a little about them? Yes, we can help you out in the matter. If you want to call someone to clean up your house after you had just gone for a company that would do its job without getting much into others' difficult business. Wondering what our name is? We are the Impala Skip Hire Company belief in and we are here to help you out when you need it. Descriptions are often quite fun. The owners were then called upon to be described as someone who had property read them it to the people, one of the friends dropped to the floor unconscious, sleeping. We were really bad at it then, so are we at things we do. We have all the sizes of skips that you could ever want. There are some corresponding measurements in pounds and other units that are more acceptable. The skips that we rise has such various kinds of sizes such as middle and large, and so on so that there was something tor everyone. So if you want us in your backyard or front yard or if you just want us to clean up after the mess that some other people had created, we would be more than happy to do so! We at Impala believe in providing the best service as fast as possible. We have our offices across the landscape of the UK and hence the van is reached easily. If that fails, then here is the contact number of the company.


    United Kingdom

    Flexible prices, well trained and experienced professionals, and no hidden charges are just a few of our customer benefits.. Our team includes some of the best and most qualified experts in the waste collection and removal business. 24/7 service is available, get your rubbish taken care of today, simply dial 020 3744 3926 or visit our website.


    United Kingdom

    Whatever your rubbish removal needs are, our trained, fully insured professional team will make your property look spectacular in no time. We handle all rubbish removal - home, garden, office, commercial, etc. There is a great variety of customer benefits that you can use as well as well-vetted and experienced junk operators. Call us for a free quote.


    United Kingdom

    Rubbish Clearance Brompton is a leading Rubbish Removal and Clearance Company in Brompton and is providing tailor made solutions for waste removals to fulfill customer needs and preferences from house clearance to builder’s waste, from garden clearance to bulky waste. We provide a highly professional, no-fuss rubbish removal service with a strong emphasis on customer service and charge a fair and reasonable price.


    United Kingdom

    We do all types of junk removal. We will provide a no obligation quotation before any work is undertaken. That way there are no surprises. We cater to both commercial and residential properties, removing such kinds of waste as: builder’s waste, green waste, household rubbish, etc.


    United Kingdom

    Rubbish Clearance Tufnell Park offers house clearance, office clearance, garden clearance, junk removal, recycle and waste collection for homes and businesses. There is no need to get your hands dirty. Our company has fully-licensed professionals which can deal with any kind of waste. Give us a call on 020 3744 3927 and save money, time and efforts.


    United Kingdom

    Is there enough free space in your garage or loft? Do you have a pile of branches and grass in your yard or garden? Do you need professional rubbish removal or waste collection services? If you do, we will help you and you will forget about all worries. Our company is known for its trained employees and affordable price rates.Keep in mind that you can contact us via email or phone 24/7! You can visit our website, too. We're expecting you!


    United Kingdom

    Choose Rubbish Removal Bow to take care of your home or business’ waste collection and disposal needs.Also, bulky objects like furniture or refurbishment waste materials are handled seamlessly by the experienced collectors. You're more than welcome to check offer on our website or contact us by phone!


    United Kingdom

    Rubbish Clearance Twickenham is a professional waste collection company in TW1. We collect and dispose of any kind of waste including electronic and electrical gadgets, old furniture, daily household garbage, commercial waste, kitchen appliances and much more. We handle rubbish collection in a very professional way and deal with it in an environmental friendly way. All you have to do is contact our team and you will receive free quote.

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