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    EG ORGANIC HERBS ORGANIC HERBS AND SPICES In 2000, we started exporting our products directly to foreign markets after developing & adding new production lines so we can supply large quantities following the increasing demands. In 2001, we exported our products to many European countries thanks to our high-quality products and competitive offers. Our factory is based in ELFAYOUM (production area) in Egypt of Herbs, Spices, Seeds, h& Vegetables and this gives us the best raw materials to sell at reasonable prices Our factory & warehouses size more than 4000-meter squares, allowing us to produce more than five products in onetime in 2006-we succeeded in exporting our products to the United States, Canada, Latin America & African markets. Nowadays our products are present in 28 countries around the world. We produce : -Herbs -Spices -seeds -Vegetable -herbal tea Our business aims to provide a high-quality product and reliable customer service. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them. All our company actions are respecting nature. Commitment to nature engages us in safeguarding the environment by taking care of resources and adequately handling plantations. Our customer is the most important person for our company, whether visiting, writing, or calling. For other information about our products & services, don't hesitate to contact us as we are here to serve you anytime.



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    ETERIKA LTD. is a Bulgarian producer of essential oils & floral waters, aromatherapy products, cosmetic products for face, hair and body care since 1990. We are located in the Rose Valley, an area in the heart of Bulgaria which provides foremost optimal soil and climatic conditions for growing of the oil-bearing Rose 'Rosa damascena', Lavender 'Lavandula angustifolia' and other essential oil-bearing plantations for obtaining high-quality essential oils from them. Fact that makes us proud: the first batch of Rose oil produced by a private entity in Bulgaria among the existing state distilleries then. A fact certified by Protocol № 1/19.06.1992 by the State Laboratory "Bulgarian Rose" – Sofia issued to our company. In 1996 the brand Eterika® was registered. Our products do not contain paints, synthetic fragrances, animal products; we recycle packaging. In the production and supply of our products we strive to stand out and tirelessly pursue our basic understandings: own raw materials, closed production cycle, natural and pure products, reasonable prices. To all who are intrigued by us and our products, we wish: ‘Expand your appreciation of nature.’ Among our range of products, you will find: ESSENTIAL OILS AROMA BLENDS FLORAL WATERS VEGETABLE CARRIER OILS COSMETIC OILS FOR FACE CARE COSMETIC OILS FOR HAIR CARE MASSAGE OILS FOR BODY CARE HAND MASSAGE OILS HEEL MASSAGE OILS BULGARIAN ROSE PRODUCTS PACKAGING FOR COSMETIC PRODUCTS AROMA ACCESSORIES COLLAGENS AND SUPPLEMENT



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    The company DESTOCKAGE CBD, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Dried flowers industry. It also operates in the Hemp - plants industries. It is based in Pont Du Château, France.



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    L'Arbre Persan is an import brand for premium-quality dried fruits that comply with food standards and current legislation. The brand's founders have lived in Iran and Afghanistan, where dried fruits are commonly used in cooking and patisserie. However, when they arrived in France they found that it was difficult to find certain products from those countries and decided to fill this gap by offering high-quality dried fruits, as well as powders and pastes made from dried fruits.L'Arbre Persan is divided into several collections for different customer preferences: Timeless: Ispahan pistachios, Samangan almonds, roasted chickpeas from Badakhshan, Mazafati dates and Russian olives. Food-lover: Saffron products from Iran, rose almonds and saffron pistachios, among others. Fruity: Products like barberry from Mashad, plums from Parwan, figs from Ghazni, dried apricots from Peshak and Kishtai, as well as various types of raisins. The seed collection includes melon seeds from Herat, pumpkin seeds and roasted watermelon seeds. Floral : Includes products such as saffron from Afghanistan, Khatmi flowers and Iranian rose. For pastry chefs, L'Arbre Persan offers powders and flours based on dried fruits. Through our brand, we aim to support and develop local agriculture in those countries.



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    SEEDGE is proud of its position in the market, distributing high quality products. We are a brand of products derived from the cannabidiol molecule (CBD). All our flower production is cultivated, in Italy and Portugal, in greenhouse, indoor and hydroponic indoor culture. Our flowers are 100% natural and organic, going through a rigorous control of conservation, temperature and humidity, not to put the plant under stress and to keep all its benefits and aromas. As for our other products, we work ONLY with certified laboratories that comply with the laws stipulated by the European Union. Our cannabidiol (CBD) oils are 100% natural and organic. We provide consulting and sales follow-up services to ensure the best performance and satisfaction of our customers at all ends. Cultivated 100% organically and gluten-free, all our flowers have laboratory analysis that proves the THC level is less than 0.2%. NON-GMO products, derived from hemp seeds selected and certified by the European Union. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    Active CBD is a French company expert in the wholesale and retail sale of derivative products based on cannabinoids. Aware of the growing demand for Hemp and CBD products, Active CBD has stood out on the French market but also internationally and today our range of products includes: - Indoor CBD Flowers - Greenhouse - Outdoor - Organic hemp oils, CBD, CBG, CBN, full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum - CBD and CBN extracts (isolate, distillate, crumble, wax, etc.) - Terpenes - E-liquids and cartridge for vape-pen - Wellness and Cosmetic Products based on Hemp and CBD for the Body and Face - THC/CBD analyzer - GemmaCert Accessories - CBD products for animals. - Hemp insulation for the building The legality of the products offered by Active CBD are scrupulously checked by independent laboratories in order to respect a THC level of <0.3% throughout its catalog. OUR ADVANTAGES - Free delivery from 50€! - Our CBD flowers are grown in France, Italy and Switzerland, particularly in greenhouses, but also outdoors and indoors. - 100% Natural - 100% Legal - The best Hemp and CBD products from France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States - A passionate team, ready to answer all your questions! Visit our website and discover all our Hemp and CBD product solutions!



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    Established in 2011, Adept Impex Private Limited is an ISO 22000: 2005, GMP, and NPOP-NOP certified company and the noteworthy Manufacturer & Exporter of supreme grade Organic and Conventional Dried Herbs and flowers, Dried Medicinal Herbs, and Dried Aromatic Plants. Our products are procured directly from farmers under contract farming and used in Food and Beverages Industry, food additives, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals, oil extraction, and many more in different industries. We are manufacturing and exporting Dried Blue Cornflower, Dried Butterfly Pea Flower, Dried Chamomile Flower, Dried Marigold Flower, Dried Hibiscus Flower, Dried Rose Petals, Nettle Leaves, Dried Peppermint Leaves, Dried Spearmint Leaves, Dried Basil Leaves, Dried Chicory, Roasted Chicory, Dried Lemongrass, Dried Moringa Leaves, Dried Stevia Leaves, Dried Senna Leaves, Dried Dandelion Root, Dried Dandelion Leaf, Dried Dandelion Flower and many more. We provide these products to our clients in safe packaging options to prevent them from spilling and other environmental factors. As Adept Impex, we are exporting these products worldwide. We believe in nature. We found exclusive herbs. We do research and development on the herb. We cultivate, process, and provide the best solution to our clients as per their requirements. All medical herbs are cultivated organically under the strict supervision of veteran agronomists. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    We started our tasty and spicy journey of spices, aromatical and medicinal herbs and oil seeds in 1952 year. Since 2012, on the 3rd generation of our family enterprise, we proceed to improve ourselves to give best service and to offer larger product range to our customers. Below you can see our whole product range. Spices & Herbs; Laurel leaves whole, bay leaf, oregano, rosemary, linden leaves, linden flowers, cistus, sage, licorice (liquorice), red pepper, isot (Urfa pepper), mint, sumac, thyme, lady's mantle, chamomile, dried spanish lavender, orange flowers, basil leaves, parsley, safflower petals (casubha), tarragon (estragon). Oil seeds & Nuts; Pinenut, gallnuts, poppy seeds, aniseeds whole - siftings, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, nigel seeds (nigella), mahleb (mahlep - mahaleb), flax seeds (linen seeds), cherry seeds, cherry stones (cherry pits), bitter apricot kernels, apricot stones (apricot pits), bitter orange seeds, dried grape seeds (monastrell seeds), watermelon seeds, fig seeds. Dehydrated Vegetables (Dried Vegetables); Dried eggplants, dried artichokes, dried tomatoes, dried pumpkins, dried celeriac, dried carrots, dried onions, dried purslane, dried okra, dried green beans, dried redbeet, dried spinach, dried capers, dried cabbage, dried leeks, dried radish. Herbal Teas & Tea Ingredients; Cherry stems (cherry stalks), immortelle (draft everlast), yarrow (old man's pepper), St. John's wort, artemisia, hawthorn flowers and leaves, butcher's broom roots.



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    The company AGENCE GADAN HEUGAS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fruit industry. It also operates in the Dried flowers, organic vegetables, Fruit purée, Dried flowers, and wholesale of vegetables industries. It is based in Villegouge, France.



    Red Ruby Food Trade. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2018 and is based in Norway. The company accounts with several branches in Spain and Georgia and has distributorships in the United States and Africa. The company, which entered the Turkish market professionally in 2020, continues its activities in Trabzon. Red Ruby, specializes in natural products. Our slogan is "Nature is Enough for Us". We offer mainly, saffron and products obtained from saffron, honey and honey products, saffron tea, various herbal teas, food supplements, nuts and dried fruit varieties. Our company has put great effort and focus on R&D since its foundation. It has also cooperated with Karadeniz Technical University Technology Transfer Center (KTU TTM), together with the R&D team within the company, they have started to manage and carry out in Turkey all R&D activities. Knowing we need to protect nature for nature to be “enough for us”, Red Ruby has come to add strength to these lands as well as its activities in many points in the world with its qualified staff.



    Since 2001, Aljawhara Herbs & Spices has been supplying customers around the world with top-notch, competitively priced organic agricultural products. Grown on our own farms in Egypt’s renowned Abu Ginshow Village, our products comply fully with ISO standards for food safety and quality. Your health and that of those around you is so important. All of our products are lab tested and officially certified to be 100% organic and free of any pesticide residues or heavy metals. We utilize "only" organic fertilizer that is safe for humans, animals, and the environment, and that generates healthy soil and health food. Our products include medicinal herbs & aromatic plants, flavorful spices & bulbs, protein-rich seeds & pulses, and bird & animal feed. Examples of our products are: Calendula, Hibiscus, Molokhia, Lemon Grass, Fennel Seeds, Anise Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Coriander, Fenugreek Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus, Sage, Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Onion, Garlic, Dry Lemon, White Beans, Guava Leaf, Chamomile, etc.



    “Zhivana Organics LLC” has been successfully manufacturing and exporting wildcrafted berries, fruit and medicinal herbs since 2019. Our products include both conventional and organic positions. We appreciate the gifts of nature and practice sustainable operation principles in order to preserve the natural resources and ability for the nature to restore itself. As a way to give back, every spring our team plants uncommon plants and trees to contribute to biodiversity of the Ukrainian forests. The raw material fruit and berries are taken to our facility where they get cleaned with water and dehydrated in a temperature-controlled convection heat rooms. After that the berries are cleaned 3-5 times from stems and twigs, leaves, stones, imperfect pieces, unripen berries. Fresh medicinal herbs are taken to our facility and cleaned by hand. We dry the herbs in the convection heat rooms and let them cool for 24 hours. After that we separate leaves, flowers and process them as necessary. We are happy to produce syrups, liquid extracts and dry extract powders out of any berry, fruit or herbs. The most popular positions are elderberry syrup and liquid elderberry extract with raspberry and blueberry. If you would like to ask a question or discuss your order, please feel free to contact us any time



    Based in Vienna, Austria, ANURAS is a supplier of Medicinal Herbs and Plants, Spices, Natural and Plant resins, Seeds and dried fruits since 2017. Our product range includes Saffron, Caraway seeds, Rosa Damascena buds, Galbanum, Asafoetida, Lavendar and Chamomile. These products are native to Austria and Iran, the latter being famous for traditional medicine. It has several climates, which enables us to grow a great variety of plants. The managers of this company own another company in Iran which directly provides high quality products at reasonable prices from local farmers and send them to the Austrian company. Then the Austrian company after receiving European and international standards and licenses sells products in bulk and packed. This method eliminates brokers in other countries and delivers high quality Iranian and Austrian products directly to cooperators around the world at reasonable prices. In addition to sending through the Austrian company, all our products can be sent directly from the Iranian company in order to reduce costs. Our mission is to provide high quality products at the best prices with beautiful packaging. Today we export our products all around the world. Moreover, our goal is to create a global network and establish lasting relationships with our partners as we work with farmers who offer the best quality crops to buyers and customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Rasin IT (International Trading) GmbH is based in Austria in Vienna Our team has many years of experience in supplying Medicinal plants, Natural and herbal resins, Essential oils, seeds and dried fruits. We started exporting these products since 2018, due to high quality and affordable prices We were able to cooperate with many industries from different countries. The most products are from Middle East, we work directly with local farmers. If you are looking for natural, special and rare products of high quality we are here to help you. These products in various industries such as medicinal, food, beverages, tea and health, dairy, confectionary, bakery, chocolate and candy, winery, cosmetic, perfumery, detergent, animal food, dyeing, textile, candle, glue and so on It has applications. Please visit our website and contact us for more information, over 100 products and specialized information about each that we can inform you.



    Drink Botanicals Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland, is a leading supplier of dried garnishes, including dehydrated fruits, freeze-dried fruits, and natural syrups for cocktails, mocktails, baking, and more. We take pride in serving numerous bars, restaurants, hotels, retailers, and distributors with our extensive product range. Contact us today for competitive prices on any of our high-quality products. Our product range includes; Dehydrated Fruits: - Dehydrated Dried Orange Slices - Dehydrated Dried Blood Orange Slices - Dehydrated Dried Grapefruit Half Slices - Dehydrated Dried Grapefruit Slices - Dehydrated Dried Lime Slices - Dehydrated Dried Lemon Slices - Dehydrated Dried Dragon Fruit - Dehydrated Dried Apple Slices - Dehydrated Dried Pear Slices - Dehydrated Dried Pineapple Slices / Flowers Freeze Dried Fruits: - Strawberries - Strawberry Powder - Passion Fruit Crumble - Raspberries - Raspberry Crumble - Raspberry Powder - Blackberries - Figs - Cranberries - Sour Cherries Other Dried Spices, Condiments & Garnishes: - Rose Petals - Cinnamon Sticks - Pink Rose Buds - Yellow Rose Buds - Red Chilli Threads - Red Chilli Rings - Red Chillies - Hibiscus Flower - Mallow Flower - Juniper Berries - Star Anise - Pink Peppercorns - Grapefruit Peel Cut Natural Cold-Produced Syrup / Puree Flavours: - Sour cherry - Grapefruit - Raspberry - Lemon - Passion Fruit - Strawberry - Orange - Cucumber Get in touch today!



    TOSK Global Ventures Limited is an Irish based company established to provide quality agricultural products and trading services to our customers. Our location in one of the most important European hubs, Dublin, Ireland, allows prime access to all EU markets, and the resources to supply all over the world. ​ We focus on the trade of agricultural commodities from regions across Africa, acquiring a world-class solution to meeting our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs which is globally unrivalled in our areas of operation. ​We have a presence in the product’s origin and buying countries, which allows the company to supervise product processing and work with clients directly; and at the same time ensuring the best quality at reasonable prices and a smooth shipping process with the global standard of traceability. Our mission is to build a sustainable, diverse and sustainable global supply chain whilst making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. We assist our customers in market entry, set up, marketing and finance and the suppliers by helping them through education, training, and resources of sustainable production, empowering them to build a brighter future. TOSK assists agricultural commodity producers, farmers, clients and traders all over the world in reaching their goals. Over time, we have created an intrinsic network of farmers, food processors, and logistics to reach a standard supply chain of agricultural commodities.



    The company LIUBCOM INTERNATIONAL SRL, based in the Republic of Moldova, established in 2018, with the aim of cultivating, collecting from spontaneous flora, but also drying medicinal and aromatic flowers, plants and fruits, in purely ecological conditions. as an example of raw material: linden flowers, bear`s garlic leaves, acacia flowers, linden leaves, elder flowers, plantain, chamomile, wormwood, St. John's wort, lavender, nettle, rose hip, hawthorn, goosefoot, chicory, horse tail, coltsfoot, celandine, yarrow, black currant, aronia, calendula, tansy, mulberry, sunflower petals, plum, walnut, walnut kernel, and many other plants. Following the progress but also the experience gained together with the professionals, we offer high quality raw material that can be used in the medicinal teas, medicines, cosmetic products industry, being always growing in all these years we managed to achieve significant results, but also a diversification of plants in a number of more than 37 types. The plants are exported to the European Union but also to other states of the world in a dry state, conventionally but also organically. We have certificates, sanitary documents. Our company is an organic certified company by Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, the control number is MD-BIO-141. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Email: liubcominternational@gmail.com Telephone/Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp: +37379166405



    Phytopharm-trade LLC is a Ukrainian botanical processer and supplier for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, feed, food and cosmetic industries. We are based in Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) and deal only with botanical raw materials of Ukrainian origin, mainly from the Carpathian mountains. Our product list includes over 40 botanical raw materials. >9 years on the market. We work with a lot of companies all around the world We are glad to provide samples to our clients for analysis. Based on HACCP principles.



    CBD shop in Spain where to buy CBD online and get it at home in Madrid, Barcelona and all the others cities in Spain. As a CBD wholesaler, we can deliver CBD flowers, oils and other CBD derivated products all over Europe safely and discreetly. Contact us by phone or email to get cheapest CBD prices for your business Also, our 10 years of experience in the CBD market allow us to offer our expertise in marketing consulting for any web design project, CBD SEO, digital identity and CBD project management. Therefore, either if you need to find a trust CBD provider in Spain to get high quality CBD products for your shop or as a reseller, you need to reach best CBD seo ranking in french, spanish or english, we would be grateful you to contact us to determine if we can build a strong partnership together. And if you just want to test our products, check our very special CBD offers; there are new ones every months.

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    Dutch Flower Lady specializes in the sales from: Rare plants such as the popular: Monstera Variegata several Philodendron species and Syngonium plants. We also produce our own Lavender bunches from The Provance France were we have our own fields, that we can customize for you such as wrapping the bunches in tissuepaper in the colors from your brand. Our Moss Poles are available in several hights. We also have available Flowerbulbs for Spring and Fall planting. Please inquire for more information about our products.



    We are a certified and registered exporter of Dried Hibiscus flower, sourced from proven sustainable farmers. We are offering High quality Dried Hibiscus flowers sourced from the very interiors of Nigerian farmlands with natural farm techniques for exports. Our global trade expertise enables us to execute our hibiscus flower exports at the best quality and best price for every qualified buyer which enables our customers to always be competitive. We boast of experienced and well trained employees across all the value chain of our operations, handling all critical steps of our processes - spanning from second to none inspection, quality control & logistics, adequate insurance coverage and efficient supply chain management. We have been exporting dried hibiscus flowers to several companies in central America, Mexico and USA, The Middle-east and Asia. We are open for partnership with interested buyers seeking a rewarding and beneficial long term relationship with us.



    The Bordeaux-based FRANCE FLEURS family firm that was founded in 1993. A French wholesaler for freshly-cut, dried and stabilized flowers geared first and foremost to the trade, spanning 3 generations. We select the most beautiful products and market our floral products at low, wholesale prices. We have created close ties with our growers and suppliers over many years to demand the best products from them. We carry a wide range of items for the trade: - French flowers, - freshly-cut flowers by the bunch, - a variety of foliage, - dried flowers, - stabilized flowers. Our products always offer the perfect match to your demands as they are either delivered in bunches, loose or made up to your requirements. - Are you looking for 10, 000 branches of cotton? - Looking to decorate shop windows with hundreds of bouquets of custom-made dried flowers? - Looking to distribute 50, 000 individually wrapped roses for Mothers' Day? There is no end to the possibilities. Ask us for a costing. Client satisfaction is what drives us. We give preference to French products and champion our horticulture sector to reward our growers' efforts. We offer wholesale prices with no middle men. FRANCE FLEURS is the wholesaler for the floral trade in France and throughout Europe.



    Hebei Freeda Trading Co., Ltd Imp./Exp. several categories of native produce. They include Dried Fruits, Beans products, Willow baskets, Flower products. Among traditional items are Red Kidney Beans, Fresh Red Dates Seedless, Willow Baskets ect. They are enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad. There are also the famous Handan and Wangdu chillies well received because of their bright colour and moderately hot taste. Processed products like Red Dates seedless and Fresh Red Dates, Kidney Beans M/C and HPS provide customers with a wide choice, rich nutrition and delicious taste, Please feel free to contact us if you have enquiries. With pleasure, we always give our customers the best services.



    Radharam Sohanlal came into existence in the market in the year 1921. One can contact us in our head office which located in West Bengal in India. Being pioneers in the industry, we are engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, exporting, and supplying a wide assortment of Decorative Exotics, Potpourri, Sola Ball and many more products. Our major export markets are North America, Europe & Middle East. Our products are highly recommended amongst the customers for their quality and nice fragrance. We offer products to our patrons as per their needs and in various colors. The offered products are used for decoration, in occasions and many more purposes. Customers can avail quality approved and beautiful products from us. We offer products to our customers at industry leading prices and in safe packaging to ensure their faultless delivery to the clients.


    United Kingdom

    Dry Hibiscus Flower is majorly used in making a special type of tea, refreshing drinks, medicinal purposes, and in the production of jellies, jam, fruit pastes, syrups, and others. Dry Hibiscus Flower is also called Zobo Leaves in Nigeria and Egypt Hibiscus is also known as karkade, red tea, red sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, rosella, soborodo (Zobo), Karkadi, Roselle, and sour tea. Refreshing taste, Vitamin (C) rich beverage and herbal medicine. Our company OVANIC FARM LTD offers the Roselle as a dry flower (Sun-Dried), The flowers are ready and intended for human consumption. We supply the product in three main categories: Whole Calyx (the complete part of which the flower is picked off)Whole loose flower sepals (Removed flower petals)Sifting (Nekhala) (Mixture of complete flowers and petals)hibiscus flower helps in the growth of hair. It reduces dandruff and makes the hair black. The natural oil in this flower acts as a good conditioner. As a herbal tea, it contains many minerals and vitamins. This flower improves digestion, Hibiscus has been used by different cultures as a remedy for several conditions. Egyptians used hibiscus tea to lower body temperature, treat heart and nerve diseases, and as a diuretic to increase urine production. In Africa, tea was used to treat constipation, cancer, liver disease, and cold symptoms. With "Dried Hibiscus Flowers" one can make tea, syrup/cordial, all kinds of drinks and cocktails. They can also be crushed into flakes and used as a condiment



    We are a manufacturer and exporter of Dried Plant materials and other handmade flowers made of Shola, Cane, Jute, Lata, etc. We also pack them in poly bags and PVC boxes. We have facilities of inhouse bleaching and dying facility.

  7. F. CARUSO & C. SAS


    The company F. Caruso is a child of Napolitan handicraft whose origins are lost in the generations of the Caruso family that has been working in the sector for over a century. The brothers, Eugenio and Gennaro, the latest heirs, have succeeded in turning the business into one of the main Italian names for traditional artificial flowers by adapting to the foreign market through imports/exports.


    Hong Kong

    Sinco international technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2011, our business mainly including pure hand-woven vases, The frame of our vases are metal, and weave with paper & plastic rope in different colors, because of this reasons, our vases can be made in many kinds of shape and colors, besides, our vases have 3 obvious features: 1. light weight. 2.Structural and colors diversity. 3. Non-friable. we also receive customer’s OEM orders, we will provide high quality products with compatitive price.



    we are a orgin exporter and supplier from ILI that the third largest lavender origin of the world,with lavender essential Oil and dried lavender, for the 30 thousand acres and 40 years planting history and processing experience, we have a Strong and stable supply capacity。 our 80% of essential oil exports to the European and the United States.



    We are a leading manufacter and growers of india dried flowers, we have some unique products which can be find only with us in this world, we have three facilitily in india with individual quality control.

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