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    GERMANY- Bremen
    LLOYD DYNAMOWERKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    More than 100 years of experience and passion combined in a manufacturing operation that's driven by state-of-the-art engineering and innovation – that's LDW. We supply reliable machines to meet the...

    Supplier of: electric motors | Electric motors - dC | synchronous alternators | high voltage motors | medium voltage motors [+] alternators | three-phase motors | three-phase motors, explosion-proof | three-phase motors for ship winches | three-phase motors, permanently excited | three-phase motors, firedamp-proof | three-phase motors (slip ring motors) | three-phase standard motors | direct current machines, adjustable | direct current motors, explosion-proof

    • Product Care And After-sales Service Product Care And After-sales Service
    • Synchronous Motors For Wind Power Nacelles Synchronous Motors For Wind Power Nacelles
    • Asynchronous Motor As Drive For A Refinery Asynchronous Motor As Drive For A Refinery
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  • In top form at the science park – individual EMC solutions from the WISTA Science and Technology Park in Berlin-Adlersdorf – Nothing can replace expertise. In 1986 we developed the first ferrite core...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | inductance | ec marking | reactance | industrial electrical equipment for pipe heating [+] phonometric and vibrometric surveys and analyses | noise suppressors for telecommunications | cartridge heaters | filtering reactance | emc filter | sine filters | interference suppression devices | isolating transformers | ferrite core coils | power chokes

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  • Oberlausitzer Elektro-Schaltgeräte GmbH was founded in 1992 and today employs approx. 30 people. While switchgear assembly was dominant at the beginning, the production of customer-specific...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | low-voltage industrial electrical systems | Automation - systems and equipment | distribution panel boards | mounting and inspection of printed circuit boards in small series [+] electronic control systems for machinery and plant construction | assemblies for industrial electronics | automatic control systems | measuring and locating services | switch cabinet assemblies | switch cabinet construction

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    GERMANY- Marksuhl
    RUHLAMAT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As an international company from Thuringia, ruhlamat GmbH has established itself worldwide in the field of specialised mechanical engineering. Within this business area, mainly for the automotive...

    Supplier of: electrical systems | Automation - advisory services | automation systems | automation systems | electronic automation [+] automatisation of special machines | machine building | automated electrical equipment | electronic indicators | electronic publishing | consultants on structural metalworking | mechanical engineering | machines, custom-built | welded and mounted assemblies | automation technology

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    ITALY- Cascina Santa Giuditta-Siziano
    MITA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    MITA Cooling Technologies supports operators in the industry by providing preliminary performance analyses and offering the best tailored cooling solutions. The company supplies cooling technologies...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | evaporation towers | evaporative towers with centrifugal fans | modular cooling towers | evaporative towers [+] cooling towers for industry | cooling tower for industrial waters | industrial cooling tower | closed-circuit cooling towers | open circuit cooling towers | cooling tower | integrated refrigeration systems | cooling towers services | cooling towers spare parts | air-cooled industrial refrigerators

    • Energy Saving Mita Control System Energy Saving Mita Control System Integrated systems
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  • We are a second-generation, owner-run family business. For more than 35 years, we have been supplying discerning customers from the automotive and electrical sectors. Our high standard of quality,...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | electrical contacts | electro plating | contacts made of precious metal | precision stamping parts [+] contact rivets | bimetal contact rivets | contact rivets with galvanic surface finishing | development of contact parts | contacts | switch contacts | contact pins, plug pins

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  • ITEL
    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ITEL - Verified by Europages

    Itel LLC - the system developer and the manufacturer of automatic process control systems, works in the field of construction of Moscow, the Moscow region and cooperates with the largest balance...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | Lighting, street, industrial and commercial | Lighting, emergency and safety | Lighting for sports fields | Lighting [+] street lighting systems | multifunction lighting systems | lighting for large areas | lighting equipment | optical fibre systems for lighting | exterior lighting | lighting layout | maintenance of urban public lighting equipment | installation of urban public street lighting | street lighting

    • Automated outdoor lighting dispatch device (AOLDD) Automated outdoor lighting dispatch device (AOLDD)
    • Fiber optical cabinet (FOC) Fiber optical cabinet (FOC)
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  • JUKI Automation Systems supplies the worldwide electronics industry with leading SMT assembly solutions. As a rule, customers have their roots in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), automotive,...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | smd storage | assembly equipment | pick & place machines | paste printers [+] inspection machines | storage optimisation | chain inspection | surface inspection | smd software | automated storage | 2d inspection machines | 3d inspection machines | aoi machines | spi machines

    • Smd Handling Smd Handling Handling Modules SMD production
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  • REMP
    ITALY- Gerenzano
    REMP - Verified by Europages

    REMP was founded in 1998 by Moreno Falleri, who already had more than 10 years' experience in this field. His know-how and determination have enabled the company to become a point of reference in the...

    Supplier of: electrical systems | Precision mechanics | Erection and dismantling of industrial plants | Control panels - electric | assembly of goods [+] assembly of mechanical parts | mechanical assembly | automatic assembly | machine installation for textile industry | industrial machine assembly | packaging machinery | extruders | dereelers | coating machines

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  • We manufacture cord sets, cables, stranded copper wires, multiwires and bare wires. We offer a wide range of plugs, including European and American.

    Supplier of: electrical systems | electrical wiring systems | electric cables | electricity | Cables - accessories [+] Copper wires and cables | plugs | power cables | networking cables | wires | equipment, accessories | copper wires | copper cables | network wires

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    SWITZERLAND- Tägerwilen
    STL SYSTEMS AG - Verified by Europages

    STL is specialized in solving complex and demanding technical challenges by high technology system approaches used for naval and industrial applications. STL excels in the ability to combine specific...

    Supplier of: Sensors | magnetometers | measurement transformers | helmholtz reels | earth field compensation [+] flux gate magnetometers | calibration systems | digital current sources | digital magnetometers | ad converters | electrical signature | magnetic signature | acoustic signature | overflow systems

    • Half-Space Deperming & Measurement Range HDMR Half-Space Deperming & Measurement Range HDMR Stationary vessel will be treated and ranged by magnetic deperming range
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  • The company is located in Naples and active throughout Italy and abroad, and for years has been committed to providing high quality services for the production of iron manufactured products (for...

    Supplier of: electrical systems | industrial electrical systems | Roofing contractors | Industrial tools | Polishing - machine tools [+] Public works contractors | building contractors | building | sawmills | asbestos removal | heating and plumbing systems | metal structural work

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  • We offer a professional service producing LAN networks and general plant engineering, putting our long-term experience at the disposal of our clientèle. We're firmly established throughout the...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | RNIS Integrated Services Digital Network - Hardware and systems | Maintenance work - contractors | telephone system | structured wiring systems [+] local networks | videophones | audio equipment installation | lighting systems | organisation of sports events | cabled networks | installation of lan networks | civil and industrial lan networks | electrical installations

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    ROMANIA- Botosani
    ELECTROALFA - Verified by Europages

    Electroalfa is a Romanian (East European) industrial group focused on the fabrication of electrical equipment and sheet metal parts and assemblies. The Steel Fabricated Parts Business Unit (Electro...

    Supplier of: medium voltage industrial electrical systems | electrical switchgear | electricity cabinets | Industrial sheet metal work | Mechanical engineering - custom work [+] acoustic insulation booths | fine sheet metalwork subcontracting | metalworking | sheet metal products | laser cutting | steel furniture | sheet metal fabrication services | powder coating | electric control cabinets

    • Primary switchgear Primary switchgear Electroalfa switchgear for primary distribution
    • Secondary switchgear Secondary switchgear 690 V |PCC&MCC Dismod
    • Electrical distribution cabinet Electrical distribution cabinet 400/230 Vac and 48…220Vdc auxiliary services cabinets
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    ITALY- Altavilla Vicentina
    AERRE 2 DI ROSSI ANGELO - Verified by Europages

    Since 1977, our company has played an important role in the field of control panels and pressurisation units, and more recently in the production of a new Vanguard / M control panel (to control...

    Supplier of: electrical systems | Control panels - electric | electricians | distribution panel | electric command and control panels [+] technical assistance | control panel

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    BELGIUM- Brussels
    SDT ULTRASOUND SOLUTIONS - Verified by Europages

    SDT ULTRASOUND SOLUTIONS: Belgian manufacturer of ultrasound maintenance equipment. We help technicians check the mechanical state of machines, bearing lubrification, hydraulic systems, steam traps...

    Supplier of: Industrial maintenance | Lubrication equipment and machinery | Leak detectors | ultrasound | ultrasound defect detectors [+] ultrasound sensors | gas leak detectors | compressed air leakage detectors | valve maintenance | bearing lubrification | steam trap inspection | electrical equipment fault detection | underground tank seal control | ultrasonic testing equipment

    • Electrical Equipment Fault Detection Electrical Equipment Fault Detection
    • SonaVu™... Powered by SDT SonaVu™... Powered by SDT An acoustic imaging camera that visualizes sound and ultrasound
    • CONMONSense Range CONMONSense Range CONMONSense Range is a Standalone, Permanent Mount, Ultrasound Sensor designed t
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  • Music Master Service of Lecce was set up in April 1981 and was the first real PA system (as well as the first Peavey system in Italy). Its lighting and sound service has been used by famous clients...

    Supplier of: electrical systems | Stage-lighting equipment | Public address and sound systems | technical assistance | sound amplifiers

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  • A specialist since 1985 in the manufacture of apparatus for the control of DC variable speed motors, S.E.I. srl has continually expanded and now offers extensive in-house expertise in a range of...

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | electrical systems | industrial electrical systems | industrial facilities | products for automation [+] electric control panels | industrial electronics | photovoltaics

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  • G. TORTI
    ITALY- Milano
    G. TORTI - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture customised electric motors for the textile, paper, film, plastic, glass sheet, industrial ventilation and aspiration, electromedical, construction, foundry and mechanical industries....

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | electric automation

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    FRANCE- Cours
    SAS DUGELET - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | Electricity - works | Generating units | design lights | high voltage transformers

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  • Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | electric tools | electrical and electromechanical windings | toroidal power supply transformers

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    GERMANY- Homburg
    KFV-BICKELMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages


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    GERMANY- Pleidelsheim
    UVP SCHALTSCHRANKBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages


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    ITALY- Verona
    PROAUTOMATION - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | Automation - systems and equipment | industrial automation | robotic islands | distribution panel

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    R-ELEKTRONIK AG - Verified by Europages


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  • Supplier of: electrical systems | Alarms and surveillance - systems and equipment | closed circuit tv | structured wiring systems

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