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  1. J.A.N.V, LDA


    The company J.A.N.V, LDA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Trimmings industry. It also operates in the embroidery wire, and tapes industries. It is based in 552, Portugal.



    Our LEONI Business Group Wire Products & Solutions is a leading supplier of highly advanced products and solutions made out of copper and LEONI Histral® alloys bare and plated, as well as composite materials. These are developed in close cooperation with customers for electrical components applications and the cable industry. Our versatile product portfolio includes a unique choice of wires, strands, ropes, heating conductors and wire solutions for automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers. In addition we offer engineering services and innovative products for e-mobility as well as high power connectors and solutions for 48-volt systems, high voltage batteries, electric motors and for industrial applications. Apart from that, we have not forgotten our origins, despite all these modern, high-performance materials. We still produce traditional “Lyonese wares”, such as gold and silver-plated spun threads, bouillon and pearl wires for sumptuous embroidery and woven fabrics. Highly satisfied customer needs are the focus of all our actions. Our global sales and production network, consisting of locations in Europe, China and the USA, guarantees local consultation and support around the globe.



    Since 1920, Qingdao Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is the leader for textile machinery in China. It is affiliated to China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC), No.1 in China and the business size ranks first in the world, the first one to pass the ISO9001 Quality Authentication System . Range: Nonwoven Equipment, New Cashmere Carding Combination Machine, Semi-worsted Spinning Carding Combination Machine, CNC Vertical Machine Center, Computerized Embroidery Machine, QCC Metallic wire clothing, A Breakthrough of Traditional Carding Technology for spinning and Textile Motors and Auxiliaries, PLC Electrical Control Equipment and Wind Generator. We have a lot of famous customers, we wish to serve you with our high quality products. Your satisfaction is our wish!



    1-Wire/Silk hand embroidery badges, family crest, emblems, insignias, patches, chevrons, flags, shoulders boards, collar insignias.2-Silk and wool sashes.3-Sword knots.4-WWI & WWII eagles, insignias5-Braids and laces.6-Lanyards.7-Medal ribbons.8-Belts and Buckles9- SS Cap Badge & caps 10-German Military Uniforms



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    Since 1990 the Namibia Craft Centre has been operating in Windhoek specializing in hand made craft, arts and gifts. Our key aim is to promote arts and culture of Namibian artists from varied communities and ethnic groups in rural areas. We showcase jewellery, hand-woven baskets, carpets, silk scarves, wooden objects, textiles and embroidered linens, as well as leather goods such as bags and accessories. We support over 4.000 crafters and strive to promote innovation, quality and diversity to provide our visitors with a rich cultural shopping experience. Over the years we have become the most important retail platform for products of craft enterprises and communities in Namibia. All products in our Centre are designed and developed in Namibia. We support sustainable utilization of Namibian natural resources and the use environmentally friendly products. You will be able to discover a large range of unique products of the finest quality. Our Craft Café has the freshest Namibian food with the best cheesecake and apple crumble in town. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Yukari Enterprises ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturing company of all kinds of uniform trimming, badges, rank shoulder straps, ceremonial uniforms, patches, insignia and accessories in hand and machine embroidery.



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    EMBRO GmbH is a manufacturer of electrical heating elements and surface heating elements, silicone heating mats, heating fabrics as well as flexible heating foils and heating systems, textile sensors/RFID antennas/composite applications – carbon preforms/textile electrodes and innovative textiles. We are specialised in developing and producing technical textiles with the help of plaiting/embroidery machines. During this process, conductive threads, strands, wires or heating conductors are laid on substrate material by means of computer-controlled machines. They are then fixed in place with diverse sewing and embroidering techniques and offer a durable, highly flexible incorporation. Modern CAD workstations and corresponding capacities enable us to always react quickly and most flexibly. In addition to this, there is the consistent further development of materials and production technologies, as well as close cooperation with a wide range of external partners such as research institutes.



    (Bilal Race Wear Compeny) Made Of Proudects Compney Bilal Race Waer? ( 1).......BADGES Embroidery Shoulders , Embroidery Picks , Embroidery Patche , Cap Badges , Cap Cords , Embroidery Epaluetts German Badges , Uniform Accessories , Air Force Badge , Army Arm Badges , Badges , Bagpipe Banners Blazer Badges , Bullion Wire Badges, Chevrons , Cival Wear Badges , Club Badges , Computerised Badges Cords , Emblems , Epaulets , Family Badges , Flag & Banners , Frame Badges , Fringes . German Badges Holand Badges , Navy Badges , Pocket Badges , Police Badges , Saleve Badges , Sashes , Shoulder Cords Sword Knots , Thaseles , Wings , Z Badges Asasereis? ( 2).......LEATHER GARMENTS Motorbike Trousers , Motorbike Suits , Fashion Jackets , Leather Chaps , Leather Vests , Motercycle Boot Motobik



    MZEE ENTERPRISES www.cw-uniforms.com www.mzee-ent.com Kepis, Caps, Honors Caps, Leather Accessories. Brass Accessories. Wool Uniforms Saddlery Gears Martial Art Gears and Uniforms.Military Uniform Historical Costumes and Uniforms. Braids, Tussles, Banners, Embroidery Flags, Dress Cards, Sword Knots, Chin Straps, Firings, Hackles, Crest, Emblem, Bagpipe, Gold & Silver Bullion Wire Badges, Emblem, Crests, including Military Insignias, Club & Association Badges, Regimental.



    We r a constant manufacturer and exporter of all kind of Hand made Gold & Silver Bullion Wire Badges, Emblem, Crests, including Military Insignias, Club & Association Badges, Regimental Badges, Crests, Masonic Regalia, Caps & Hats, Uniform Embroideries and Outfits, Banners, Flags, Pennants, Uniform Accessories, Ribbons, Webbing and Braids.