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    At RJS Industrie Résine France, we specialize in devising bespoke resin solutions to suit the specific needs of each of our customers.. Through our expertise and commitment to excellence we can offer tailor-made services, that meet our customers' most stringent demands. We understand that every project is unique and requires a customized approach. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke services, that cover all stages from design to successful completion, in order to guarantee total satisfaction. Our teams of seasoned professionals work very closely with you to understand your needs and come up with the right resin solutions for you, be they for industrial, commercial or residential applications. One of our greatest assets is our ability to adapt to the specific features of every zone that needs to be renovated. We have the expertise to meet every challenge faced, regardless of whether the surfaces are indoor or outdoor, floors or walls. We can ensure that the service we provide will give impeccable, long-lasting results, whatever the environment or technical constraints, thanks to our know-how and the modern techniques that we employ.



    ISONEM PAINTS AND INSULATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSTRUCTION TRADE INC. was established in Izmir in 2004.It has assumed the leading role with the innovations it has brought up to the sector with its research and development (R & D) team, each of which is specialized in its branch at a 7500 m2 closed modern production site landed on an area of 10000 m2 within ITOB Organized Industrial Zone. We have presented the innovative products for defence, energy, agriculture and industrial field and the thermal, sonic, fire, water insulation and special chemical products that we have developed to the usage of the mankind and the whole world.We have managed to have our name echoed via both domestic and foreign successes that we have achieved by adopting sustainable quality as a principle within every stage by using high technology since the beginnings of our organization.We have achieved to be a Turkish Company and Trade Mark through our activities in Europe, Africa and Far East which is known well by the whole world in its field by executing exports to approximately 100 countries. Besides our commercial and sectorial success, we have been aware of the fact that today’s world is entrusted to us for the mankind of tomorrows, since we have never used biocidal raw materials within our products as an outcome of our awareness for the environment.As Isonem, our mission is protecting the nature via electricity generating external housepaints.



    "Gerday boya" company was founded in 1999. We set up a laboratory, and then got TSE and ISO 9001 - 2008 for our products and company respectively. The main goal for our company is better quality for the good prices! Product Portfolio: Owing to our rich expertise, we are engaged in processing and exporting a wide range of constuction inks with prices starting from 0.5$ per kg. Our range of construction Inks includes; 1) Decorative Paints 2) Water Based Products 3) Solvent Based Products 4) Industrial paints 5) Epoxy Floor coatings If you are interested in our products or have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Our Company TAC BOYA was established in 1981 and producing paints (decorative, industrial and epoxy), construction chemicals and distinctive chemicals in our manufacturing plant located in Ankara/Turkey. With our qualified employees, we provide more than 100 different products to domestic and export market. As a result of our dedicated and continuous R&D studies, we develop environmental friendly and innovative products. Our latest product SHIELDON is an acrylic based, single component, water miscible, primer paint, that can shield non-ionized electromagnetic radiation up to 99% with two layer application. This amazing product does not contain toxic materials, heavy metals, solvents or plastifians. It is completely human and eco-friendly. It is tested and approved by notified-bodies.Our products that has proven its mettle in the fields; epoxy paints, coatings and construction chemicals, antistatic paint and coatings, conductive coatings, polyurethane coatings and construction chemicals


    United Kingdom

    Established in 2009, at Vuba we have created multiple awards winning resin surfacing products and resin bonded aggregates popular in the resin market. We are a UK-based company that manufactures and supplies products around the world. Our commitment towards customer satisfaction is at paramount we manufacture our products keeping in mind both DIY and trade customers. We offer the Vanguard range of high-quality industrial epoxy floor coatings and resin flooring products. You can find a diverse range of resin products with us with our epoxy resin primer, success in the resin market. We offer quality products at the lowest rates possible.

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    United Kingdom

    Paint Mnfrs, Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics


    United Kingdom

    Manufacturers of high quality epoxy resin flooring and building maintenance products.


    United Kingdom

    Flooring Services, Floor painting warehouse resurfacing



    The company INSTALLFLOOR, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Acid-resistant floor-coverings industry. It also operates in the non-slip industrial flooring, and Epoxy paint for floors industries. It is based in Madrid, Spain.



    The company FRAMARY GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Epoxy resin industry. It also operates in the anti-slip mats, shotcreting for concrete and mortars, epoxy polyurethane covers, and Epoxy paint for floors industries. It is based in Westhofen, Germany.



    The company PRO MARQUAGE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Consultants - construction and civil engineering industry. It also operates in the parking area, road surface painting, ground markings, and Epoxy paint for floors industries. It is based in Tassin La Demi Lune, France.



    The company TPY INTERNATIONAL, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Restoration and renovation - contractors industry. It also operates in the wallpaper - printing, Epoxy paint for floors, fire resistant glass panelled partitions, and wallpapering industries. It is based in Denizli, Turkey.



    Since 1993, our experience, combined with more extensive experience of experts and collaborators, has made ROMTEHNOCHIM, producer of brands EMEX and NEOMATT, to become now one of the most increasingly companies on the active market, distinguishing especially through the undeniable and uncompromising quality of its products, confirmed by the Integrated Management System Certification of Quality, Environment and Safety Management implemented ISO 9001, ISO14001 and respectively ISO18001. Products covers a very wide range of general purpose paints, such as wood alkyd varnish, enamel, alkyd primer, acrylic paint and water based paint, silicates or silicones paints, structured decorative plaster, to special paints, such as chlorinated rubber paint for traffic and pool, epoxy floor paint, polyurethane floor paint, and epoxy or polyurethane varnish, aluminium bronze metallic paint, soundproof or fireproof paints.



    Rubber Lining Expert provide a fully comprehensive range of products and services for industrial corrosion protection.The company has two main business lines: - production of industrial coatings , epoxy concrete and mortars , industrial putties for antiacide tiles, vinyl ester mortars and paints, self levelling epoxy floor products , adhesives and sealants - rubber lining services in-house and also on site, with or without vulcanizationRubberLining Expert could offer rubber lining services for: - tanks and reservoirs for aggressive chemicals, concentrated acids and alkalies- reduction joints, branch pipes, pipe sections, bents- water treatment plants- ion-exchange columns- boxes and baths for pickling plants



    Our company carries the service of finding and presenting raw materials and finished products at affordable prices. It introduces very affordable products to the UK, especially from Middle Eastern manufacturers. We establish the link between the two regions. We recommend companies from the Middle East to British producers, and organize the contact between them.We have a team that can speak Arabic, Turkish and Persian fluently. In this way, we can manage the connections quickly. In addition, our entire team min. 6 years of experience and market dominance. We look forward to presenting the trade culture of our ancestors to you. Just tell us the chemical you want to find in the Middle East, and we will organize the rest for you.Our areas of expertise are construction chemicals (plasters, joint fillers, plaster, cement, repair mortars, mortars, adhesives, bitumen, waterproofing materials, pool chemicals, etc.) all paint group (industrial paints and decorative paints, anti corrosive paints, wood coatings, varnish, uv coatings, ink, high temperature coatings, epoxy coatings, epoxy floor and paint, metal coatings, greenhouse coatings, glass coatings, wire coatings, etc. cosmetic , essences, essential oils, colognes, perfumes and color cosmetics). and many more areas.



    S.C. GRUNSPIND S.R.L. - paint and varnish, is a private Romanian company, founded in 2007. We manufacture a wide range of epoxy paints, primers, products available in different colors. Because of our industrial expertise, technology and manufacturing methods, guarantee that GRUNSPIND produces a full range of epoxy and polyurethane primers and paints, flooring and metal brand SPINDFLOOR SPINDMETAL, the highest quality. We have the know-how required to achieve any product. We have a team of highly qualified specialists, complemented by extensive knowledge in the field. Fields of application: industrial / warehouses, underground parking / bunk, technical areas, food / pharmaceutical, marine industry, The company witnessed a continuous development, hoping for a full satisfaction of its customers.



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    We are located in Adana/Turkey (South part of Turkey) as BMF IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY. We are distributor of both Nutri pasteurized liquid sugar and also Tekno construction chemicals which is biggest construction chemicals manufacturer in Turkey. We are looking for new partnerships which we will able to cooperate for us to able to export our products as wholesale as BMF import export company. You can check our sugar products by clicking products part but if you are interested in our construction products please contact us because we are distributor of mucher than 50 products. These products contains adhesive and joint fillers , external thermal insulation , facade products , plasters , waterproofing , complementary products of waterproofing , industrial flooring , complementary products of industrial flooring , concrete admixtures , complementary products of concrete admixtures , structural reinforcement products , grouts , repair mortars and restoration products for historic masonarys. Plese feel free to contact us for any request or inquiry at any time.


    United Kingdom

    Anglia Decor provide commercial and industrial painting services across Essex, London & Kent. We carry out industrial flooring, epoxy resin coatings & floor preparation. Our core values: To provide an honest professional painting service at competitive rates. Our commercial services: Office painters, School painters, Cyclical decorations, Heritage painting & cherry picker painters. Our industrial services: Airless spraying, Intumescent painters, Farm painters, Industrial coatings Our flooring services: Epoxy resin flooring, Industrial flooring, Diamond grinding, Resin pedestrian walkways Call us today to arrange a free, no obligation quotation. Or email us and we will get back to you asap.



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    Rica Resine Srl manufactures epoxy systems, monolithic floor coatings, removable, acid- and wear-resistant, for industrial uses. Manufacturer of anti-corrosion, non-toxic flooring for the food processing industry, epoxy adhesives for ceramics, wood and metals, and protective epoxy paints. We are specialised in Private Label production and we have been successfully working for third parties for over 20 years. Our production is for both the international and Italian markets.



    ISONEM - ALFAS has manufactured and distributed waterproofing products and paints for the past 17 years. With representatives in around 100 countries, ISONEM - ALFAS offers effective solutions to match your particular needs: - waterproof resin that can be walked on, waterproof resin for under tiles, waterproof resin for foundations and underground walls, etc. - paint for façades, decorative paint, anti-humidity paint, anti-crack paint, waterproof paint, elastic paint, paint for swimming pools, thermally insulating paint. - resins for floors, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, liquid-proof transparent varnish, metal-effect resin. - repair mortar, levelling mortar, sealing mortar, fireproof paint. - fire protection: intumescent paint, fireproof paint and varnish. With its formulations that combines lessons from the laws of physics and chemistry, ISONEM is a leading innovator in the manufacture of paints and waterproofing solutions. Our team is on hand to talk to you, Monday to Friday, on: +33 (0)4 48 71 00 30 or via our websites at: https: //alfas.fr/#contact and https: //laboutiqueisonem.fr/



    APPE ApS offers high quality flooring services for businesses and private customers alike. We services customers primarly Copenhagen and on Zealand in Denmark, ranging from small 10 squaremeter floorings to complete enterprise renovations Since 1834 our business offers linoleum floors, vinyl floors, carpets and now modern LVT flooring with a focus on complete high quality solutions. As part of our services we remove exisiting floors and ensure a healthy foundation before laying down new vinyl or linoleum floors be it for offices, stores, apartments our flats. That way our customers do not need to employ multiple companies to complete the flooring project. Using specialists in our network we also do epoxy floor, polyurethan floors and floor tiles depending on the project. Alongside flooring we also offer painting services, which means we renovate entire homes and offices., As with flooring we focus on using high quality materials to ensure durable surfaces and beautiful offices, stores and home from floor to ceiling. During the spring and summer season we also do outdoor painting of doors, windows and facades.



    Works to protect against corrosion (sand-blasting, application of paints of any complexity) different metal types, bridges, reservoirs used in the food (wine, beer, milk and canneries), petroleum (oil terminals, tank farms, gas stations) and chemical industries as well as in the shipbuilding industry. Vast experience in refurbishing concrete tanks mainly used for wineries. industrial floors for different purposes using materials based on epoxy resins. Corrosion-resistant metal works: Surface preparation: rounding of sharp edges; removal of weld spatter and slag; abrasive surface treatment to Sa2, Sa2, 5, Sa3; mechanical surface treatment (manual) St2; dedusting; degrease; Coating application: strip color; required number of layers application in compliance with all requirements for applying coatings; coverage quality control Overhaul of the inner surface of the concrete tanks: Surface preparation: removal of old plaster; applying new plaster; replacement of pipes and manholes; Coating application: applying first layer penetrating epoxy resin; reinforced fiberglass mounting; required number of layers application in compliance with all requirements for applying coatings; coverage quality control; tank impenetrability control. Industrial floor covering: Surface preparation: grinding of the concrete surface; epoxy putty irregularities elimination; applying epoxy different colors and roughness.



    Hello, i m malak the sales representative of the company. Innova Polimer A.S. is a company in Turkey, with a head office in Istanbul. We provide all industrial flooring, sport flooring, waterproofing, paints and coatings; furniture coating services and wood protection system furniture paint and wood protection system thinners and wood colorants parquet floor system cellulosic système polyurethane system acrylic system sport flooring epoxy flooring stone carpet systems steel paints We have more than 300 products.


    United Kingdom

    JD MAJOR DECORATING ARE A FAMILY RUN PAINTING AND DECORATING COMPANY IN KINGSTON WE PROVIDE PAINTING AND DECORATING SERVICES FOR DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL CLIENTS IN KINGSTON, LONDON, SURREY AND SURROUNDING AREAS. For Domestic clients we can provide you with: Painting & Decorating Wallpaper Hanging (we are specialist in this area) Feature Walls Carpentry & Woodwork Finishes Tiling and Anti-Mould Coatings Exterior Painting & Decorating Eco-Friendly Coatings For Commercial clients we can provide you with: Exterior Painting & Decorating Wallpapering / wall coverings Epoxy Paint Coatings Airless Spraying Non Slip Paint Coatings Floor Paint Coatings



    Superlux has been active since 1975 in the production of building paints and industrial coatings, with the main characteristics of a wide range of products and flexibility in providing customized solutions, according to the needs of each partner. Our product range includes high quality epoxy coatings for several cases (flooring, pool epoxy etc.), decorative paints and special products like road marking paint, liquid glass, whiteboard paint etc. Our goal is to create products of excellent quality and safety. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and produce following strict international quality and safety standards. Since 1991 we have been active in foreign markets, especially in the Balkans, exporting our products with a significant share of export sales. Continuous upgrading and renewal of infrastructure, production equipment and corporate fleet helped us strengthening the distribution network throughout Greece and abroad with parallel constant communication with our customers. Our vision is the constant growth and optimization of our services with main asset the development of strong partnerships with notable distributors worldwide.


    United Kingdom

    Ecoflor is a UK based resin flooring installer specialising in resin flooring, industrial flooring, epoxy flooring, car park waterproofing and polished concrete. From warehouse and factory floor painting to concrete polishing for industrial, commercial and warehouse paplications, Ecoflor undertakes all epoxy, polyurethane, MMA and polyaspartic seamless installations. Our trained installation teams and in-house preparation fleet take care of every part of the flooring process, starting with initial enquiry and first design, right through to installation and handover. This complete service allows us to present perfect finished projects delivered on time, on budget and precisely to specification. Delivering exceptional results, time after time, has earned Ecoflor the respect of many of the biggest names in resin floor manufacturing. Today we are approved installers for the finest manufacturers in the business, assuring clients of both the quality of the product and the quality of our work.



    Murbudin hardware and home improvement stocks over 30, 000 products in product categories ranging from building materials to tools, to paint, to flooring, to bathroom appliances and machinery. Murbudin serves professionals as well as DIY customers and is a leading supplier of cement and masonry products for the Icelandic building industry. Murbudin‘s product range includes industrial paint, epoxy resins, acrylic paints, tiles and tile adhesives, waterproofing, power and hand tools, garden tools, fasteners, abrasive tools for cutting and grinding, parquet flooring, laminate, chipboards, bathroom appliances, etc.



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    Cimes Home is a manufacturer and distributor company with a young, dynamic, innovative team located in Turkey. We aim to target and operate in exporting at various domains. For us offering quality materials at an affordable price in the furniture industry is the key. We take our customers to the highest level by searching for the most suitable solutions for their expectations. Our principle is to offer quality materials at affordable prices in the hardware, furniture, agricultural products, international shipping, and international trade consultancy sectors and keep our customers' satisfaction at the highest level by producing the most suitable solutions for their expectations. Our main goal is to reach a leading position in the hardware and building decoration sector and to be among the respected companies in our country, based on the philosophy of one hundred percent customer satisfaction. As Cimes Home, we operate in different areas such as Hotel furniture projects, and home furniture projects. We have a wide product portfolio such as : •Furniture, •Home textile, •Bedding products, •Wooden furniture and many more are to be discovered on our website! In the field of furniture and home textile, we manufacture armchairs, towels, pillows, duvets, sofas, sitting groups, children's furniture, mattresses, table, chairs, corner sets, and more! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    BDA GLOBAL TRADING provides continuous, reliable, and lucrative trade opportunities in supply and marketing worldwide. As an international trading company, we specialize in offering seamless supply chain and marketing solutions, empowering partners across various sectors to optimize benefits on a global scale. At BDA GLOBAL, our mission is to facilitate diverse trade opportunities in the Construction, Architecture and Aviation sectors, including project-based procurements. A turnkey prorocurement service being provided from zero to hero.. Our role extends beyond facilitating international trade; we act as a catalyst for our local partner companies, unlocking global trade opportunities and serving as exclusive suppliers for our global partners. With a proven track record, we prioritize professionalism, quality materials, and unwavering customer support in all our projects. Honesty is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. With a multitude of successful projects, we've earned the trust of being one of the most reliable construction companies in Turkey. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and tools, we ensure efficiency without compromising attention to detail, ensuring every aspect is executed accurately. Throughout the years, our ideas, technology, and dedicated teams have sparked monumental impacts, serving as transformative turning points that have reshaped lives, industries, and society. Contact us or visit our website for more information!

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