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    ÇETİK GRUP, based in Kartal, Istanbul, is a leading player in electrical contracting with renowned brands MOUVEMENT and OPTILUCE. Dedicated to exceeding partner expectations, the company collaborates seamlessly with its group companies, particularly ÇETİK GRUP ENERJİ SAN.TİC.AŞ. In the chemical and cosmetic sector, ÇETİK GRUP's MOUVEMENT and OPTILUCE brands offer high-quality products like eyeglass cleaning wipes, cologne, cologne-infused wet wipes, room fragrances, and car fragrances. Rooted in Turkey, ÇETİK GRUP prioritizes delivering innovation and quality to meet diverse customer needs. OPTILUCE, with a consumer-centric focus, advances in the chemical sector, ensuring first-class quality and reliable brand ownership in line with global standards. OPTILUCE Brand Products include eyeglass cleaning wipes, sprays, accessories, and microfiber cloths. MOUVEMENT excels domestically and internationally by building strong customer relationships and leading in innovation. The brand, with advanced production facilities, emphasizes customer satisfaction. MOUVEMENT Brand Products cover Bamboo Stick Room Fragrances, Closet Fragrances, Room Sprays, Cologne-Infused Wet Wipes, Body Mist Colognes, Car Fragrances, and Makeup Removal Wipes. For more information and assistance, contact us. Explore our extensive product portfolio for a quality-driven lifestyle!



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    We manufacture chemical products including AdBlue, vehicle care products (windscreen de-icers, antifreeze, etc.), household cleaners, distilled water and much more, either with RETAILER BRANDING or under our own brand, Robbyrob. Our headquarters are in Berlin and our production site in Vetschau/Brandenburg, just an hour's drive from Berlin. Our production facilities include 400, 000 m² of open space, 25, 000 m² of covered storage space and a liquid goods warehouse with a total capacity of over 7 million litres, allowing us to guarantee our supply to customers throughout the year. We are constantly expanding our machinery, enabling us to fill IBCs of 50 ml to 1000 l with chemicals. We can also pump loose goods onto tankers on request. We enjoy significant logistical advantages, including in the hazardous goods sector, under Walter Schmidt Logistik, which is also part of the Walter Schmidt Group along with Walter Schmidt Zement and Walter Schmidt Chemie. We also have our own sidings and locomotives, enabling us to purchase and load large quantities in all weather conditions. This allows us to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our certifications: • DIN EN ISO 9001 • DIN EN ISO 14001 • IFS HPC • RSPO SCC • A.I.S.E. • VDA ISO 22241



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    Dynamix Wash started its activities in Istanbul and quickly became a growing brand by producing different Technical Maintenance Chemicals. Our production of technical maintenance chemicals in many fields, from personal use to industrial use, we offer our products for sale at home and abroad. Our product range : •Car wash foams, •Wheel and engine cleaning solutions, •Detailed cleaning solutions used for interior parts of the vehicle, •Tire polish gels, •Torpedo care solutions, •Parfumes, •Sprayers and many more are to be discovered in our catalog! With more than 40 years of experience in the Technical Maintenance Chemicals expertise in industry, Dynamix Wash continues its activities to become the expert brand in Turkey. Our mission is to produce fast and accurate solutions for technological developments and market needs by showing expertise in Industrial Technical Maintenance Chemicals with its corporate, sustainable, effective service and easily accessible company experience. As your Fast and Accurate Solution Partner, we do our best to adapt our products to technological developments. Although our expert R&D team develops the market needs in the chemical industry with our 300 different product range, we always serve our customers in line with their needs with Technical Consultancy, Quality products, and price policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    KITTNER Anlagen und Maschinenbau has been supplying first-class machines for the food, pharmaceutical and parts cleaning industries for more than 25 years. We have been developing our own design, manufacture and automation through the most cutting-edge technologies and machinery in its fields. KITTNER embodies German corporate culture through precision and reliability. A significant part of the company's product portfolio focuses on cleaning and degreasing machines in following areas: Parts maintenance, repair and overhaul, machine-building, automotive, metal working, CNC production, and electronics. Kittner aqueous cleaning systems provide a professional removal of metal and plastic shavings, grease, coolant, oil, wax and other hard-to-handle contaminants. The range of specialized parts cleaning machines includes: Automatic Parts-Washing and Degreasing Machine (Top loader); Washing and Degreasing Machine for Big Parts (Front Loader); Tunnel Washer for Components; Tunnel Washer for KLT Crates; Washing and Degreasing Machine for cylindrical parts; Tunnel Washer for Pallets; Washer for Parts with 60 bars High Pressure. Kittner is also represented in the FOOD processing with: Lifting and tipping machines for Eurobins (buggies) containers and crates; Swing loaders; Washing machines for Eurobins, trolleys, containers and crates; Deboning lines, Hygiene stations for the personnel. Kittner's mission is to deliver top performing products and exceed the expectations of its customers.



    We produce eyeglass cleaning solution, screen cleaning solution, mobile phone and remote control celaning solution

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    Developing new generation maintenance products for the automotive and hardware industries, Maxray accelerates the maintenance and repair processes, while offering the healthiest solutions with its high quality. Maxray products save time and manpower. Offering different and special options to the consumer as a technical aerosol, additive and liquid group, Maxray managed to become a preferred brand in a short time. It continues to serve in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency, with a quality that exceeds the expectations of services and end users. Thanks to its lubrication, rust remover and cleaning sprays that accelerate daily maintenance and repair works, it makes life easier for everyone, not just the automotive and hardware industries. Maxray, which reaches the consumer through dealerships in the country and abroad, continues its R&D studies and product development processes. Its goal is to develop brand new high-performance products that make processes easier in the automotive and hardware industries.



    Established in 2001, HOL DING HOLDING B.V. has taken a meticulous, and flexible approach towards providing end-to-end shipping and trading services. Wholesaling of FMCG / World Famous Brands of companies like Wood Pellets, Unilever, Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, SmithKline, Rackett Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, Sara Lee, S. C. Johnson, Henkel , Kimberly Clarke, Uni-charm, SCA Hygiene, Jolan, Lakme, L’Oreal, Revlon, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Britania, United Biscuits, Mondelez, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury, Master Foods, Mars, Ferrero, Perfetti, Wrigley, Twinings of LONDON, Ty-phoo, Heinz, Roche, 3M, BD, Coloplast, Pilot, Faber-Castell, Maped, Staedtler, Stanley, Estwing as well as many others. HOL DING HOLDING B.V. is a leading firm of Nail nipper, Razor, Dental care, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Shower cream, Skin care, Hair Care, Soap, Hand wash, Deodorant, Women care, Baby Care, Wiper, Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, Dishwasher, Floor Cleaner, Bleach, Air Freshener, Insect Killer, Soft Drinks, Juice Drinks, Energy Drinks, Canned Coffee, Tea & Coffee, Wafer, Biscuits, Candy & Lollipop, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Snacks, Seasoning, Canned Food, Noodles, All-Purpose Flour, Refined Sunflower oil, Spirits, Wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.. We are committed to be your reliable source for authentic products to enhance the lives of human beings by picking the best products from this planet hence creating a better world.



    Established in 2013, Agarta Herbal Cosmetics is a Vegan and Halal Cosmetics products manufacturer from Ankara, Turkey. With our experienced team and wide product range, we have reached a significant market both in Turkey and abroad in a short time. We have a wide product range such as : •Toothpaste, •Beauty creams, •Skincare products, •Shampoos, •Soaps and soap bases, •Colognes, •Antibacterial products, •Sunscreens and many more are to be discovered on our website! We produce our products with natural herbal extracts and vegetable oils in our modern facility using the latest technology in the most hygienic environments, following quality procedures and international standards. In addition, our expert R&D team constantly works to develop our product range to follow the newest inventions in the cosmetics industry. Our mission is to create personal care awareness and design and produce products per consumer needs. We are your solution partner that provides supply and production services with overseas dealerships, Export worldwide, and produce private label to fulfill our customer's demands. We are certified GIMDES & TSE Halal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!