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    CHAMPEMY, located in France is a company that sells quality food and fine delicatessen produce to the trade on an international level. It has 2000 m2 of storage capacity and 500 m2 of cold storage to ensure you have regular supplies. CHAMPEMY, a wild mushroom company in Franche-Comté has joined forces with the EKOLFOOD company, based in Turkey and created by a master chef, the exclusive distributor of the ANDROS, ELLE&VIRE, PHILADELPHIA brands for renowned hotels and restaurants that work with us such as the RITZ, CARLTON, HILTON. The Turkish market leader that also distributes to the following stores: MIGROS, METRO and CARREFOUR. Mr BILEN, who owns 8 companies including Anatolia, a BRC-certified company carries 100% wild and natural fresh, dried and powdered mushrooms, and also 20 varieties of spices, olive oil with truffles, deep-frozen, fresh and dried fruit, marmalades, freeze-dried fruit, pure deep-frozen fruit juices (orange, morello cherry, lemon, pomegranate), 60 varieties and flavours of infusions, dry garlic, saffron, vanilla from Madagascar and so on. The quality of our products is monitored by 3 agricultural engineers, with traceability proven by ISO 22000-FSSC 22000-BRC food certificates, and the company is also ISO 9001-certified. Our products are fresh, dried, deep-frozen or packed and can be quality labelled. Modular packing.



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    FISHERIES-INTL is a fishing company, and export of frozen fish on board and fresh fish on internationally. We are based in Mauritania - Dakhla -West Africa and Germany. We fish and export from its fishing grounds to Europe; Africa; Arabs and Asia and Canada. We are a company that respects the sanctions voted by the European and American Union. This means that we do not trade with countries under economic sanctions such as: Cuba, Russia, Iran, Venezuela ....... Our fish frozen on board, frozen on board fishing vessels and our fish frozen on land, comply with the recommended treatments for fish, tanks and refrigeration facilities all comply with European regulatory requirements. The characteristics of our fish are as follows: - Protein: 60 to 70% - Fat: 4-10% It is recommended that all customers send us a letter of intent to purchase (LOI), in which, you should specify: - The total quantity to buy - The exact sizes of the fish requested - Final destination - Scientific names of fish



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    Exotic City, Europe's largest wholesaler of products from Africa and Asia. Remarkably well-located in the Alleur industrial zone, with extensive nearby transport facilities, Exotic City operates a well-managed building that complies with the strictest health and safety regulations. The company currently offers over 4, 000 references in its 2, 500m² warehouse, with 500m² of office space, a lorry loading bay, and 3 goods halls, all sitting on a 18, 000m² site with room to expand. Strictly for trade clients only, all good offered by Exotic City are available self-service (cash & carry), our can be delivered to your premises, in Belgium or further afield. Exotic City offers that finest products from Africa and Asia, grouped into 4 departments: • Foods • Chilled and frozen • Cosmetics • Weaves and wigs. As both a producer and distributor, we want to foster dialogue between cultures, encourage diversity and fully embrace society's demands for greater openness and integration. Our team is standing by to help you! Contact us using the Europages form or via our website for more details about our products or our store. Or just give us a call, we will be happy to answer your questions.



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    Created by experienced entrepreneurs, M.S. Services embodies the vision of a trusted wholesaler, firmly established in the market since 2000. Our commitment to quality and the diversity of our products is steadfast, as we are aware of the constant changes in our customers' needs in the food sector. Our influence extends well beyond our national borders as seasoned wholesalers and distributors. We are proud to serve businesses across the world, providing reliable supplies with no hidden catches. Our expertise is primarily focused in the area of meat and fish products, where we excel in the supply of fresh, top quality products. With M.S. Services, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of a trustworthy partner that offers constant excellence. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for information you may have.



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    E.H.W. Worldwide, established in 2011 in Cyprus, is a global force in sourcing and distributing quality products at exceptional prices. Our commitment to "quality products for the best price" drives our year-round accessibility. We rigorously select premium suppliers, ensuring only the finest products reach our customers. Spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, we directly import from leading sources such as Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, and more. With a recent expansion in Germany, we adeptly serve diverse markets, fostering enduring partnerships. Our upcoming logistics hub in South Africa exemplifies our strategic growth. Fueled by our devoted team, E.H.W. Worldwide thrives as a market leader, delivering an unparalleled customer experience. At E.H.W. Worldwide, our mission stands as a testament to our dedication. We endeavor to provide our customers with a transcendent experience, marked by the procurement, supply, and distribution of products that exceed expectations. As we transcend boundaries and traverse industries, we remain committed to making every business interaction with us an unforgettable journey, replete with unparalleled quality and value.

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    Welcome to SeaPro, your premier destination for high-quality aquaculture and seafood products. Since 2019, SeaPro has been committed to meeting the demand for quality protein while prioritizing sustainability. Our advanced techniques, such as dam net cages and closed-fish marine net cages, allow us to breed, process, and deliver top-tier protein products while maintaining environmental responsibility. Operating both land-based and sea-based aquafarms, SeaPro is distinguished by its Turkish Salmon Candidate Breeding Facility (TSCBF), where Turkish salmon is carefully nurtured from egg to 3-5 kilograms, ensuring exceptional quality at every stage. Explore our diverse product range featuring Turkish Salmon Trout (Steelhead/Salmon Trout) in various cuts including Head off Gutted (HOG), Head on Gutted (OG), slices, fillets, portions, and cubes. Rest assured, each product is fresh, organic, and pesticide-free, reflecting our dedication to marine aquaculture and eco-friendly fishing practices. Driven by a commitment to excellence, SeaPro has emerged as Turkey's leading Turkish Salmon exporter. Our global vision involves expanding Turkish Salmon exports to EU countries, Far East countries, and beyond, making significant contributions to the fisheries industry worldwide. Experience the SeaPro difference today and join us on a journey towards premium quality and sustainability in aquaculture. Contact us for more information.

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    We are a trading company that exports foodstuffs, frozen foods and consumer goods such as nappies, scotch tape and others. We operate in Europe and Africa. Over the years, we have considerably extended the range of products we offer and the scope and reach of our distribution network, motivated by our desire to please our valued customers. We export all over sub-Saharan Africa, offering field to fork controls (EU, USA, etc.) at each stage prior to final delivery to Africa.



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    Pesmarín, S.A. sells a wide range of species fished and frozen on board our own vessels. We sell: cod (marujito), hake, rosada, forkbeard, skate, flying squid, squid, halibut and ocean perch. We also directly import fish from other sources like clams, southern hake, shrimp, salmon, all are excellent quality.



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    At Congelados Mar de Mar we are able to supply a wide variety of frozen fish and shellfish, working with a range of common products and acquiring what our clients ask us to. We have a great deal of experience in frozen fish imports, exports and sales.



    DOUGEN CO., LTD., based in Japan, is specialized in exporting Japanese origin frozen fish since 2018. We provide a wide range of frozen seafood products, covering all the requirements depending on each country’s law and needs. Our scale and resources mean we can offer a one-stop solution for our customers to help people get the best of Japanese fish. Here is company website, subscribe, follow up, share it! https: //dougen-export.com/export/ If you have any inquiry , please contact me by email (tl.liou@dougen-export.com) anytime.



    UAB TOMEURA, based in Lithuania, is specialized in the processing of fish products since 2018. We are part of a group of companies called MaxiFish. We produce canned foods, freshly frozen fish, chilled fish, snacks, dried fish and feed for aquaculture. Our mission is to implement large-scale processing projects of fish products, aquaculture and fish feed. In a short time we became a leading company in the fish and seafood market in Russia and the European Union. Today we are present all around the world. We currently produce approximately 2.500 tons of feed and process 700 tons of products per year. We have the advantage to be involved in all areas of production, including the extraction of raw material, feed production, aquaculture farms, the processing of frozen and chilled fish as well as retail packaging and export. Moreover, we use various techniques to process our fish products including smoking, filleting, salting, drying and freezing. Our focus on quality and freshness enables us to gain the trust of renowned partners such as Bonesca and DaySeaDay. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Visscher Seafood is a worldwide supplier of fresh and frozen fish, specialized in Atlantic salmon production. With our own farms and multiple facilities, we control the entire supply chain from egg to plate. We produce all-natural North Atlantic salmon products and serve our customers with the highest quality fish worldwide. Selection We select the best fish, whether it's wild-caught or farmed in the pristine North Atlantic waters. After careful selection, the fish is processed in our state-of-the-art processing facility, after which the fish is being packed according to customer wishes. Tracking We know we are as good as our last delivery. As a global seafood supplier, our responsibility is to ensure a safe and sustainable value chain. The whole process from harvest to end products is completed within 48-72 hours. Our certifications prove that we can live up to our promise. By working closely with suppliers and carriers, we can ensure delivery at the right place and the right time. Timing We make use of our own logistics department in order to ensure the product is being shipped according to the highest food safety regulations. As a worldwide seafood distributor, millions of seafood lovers worldwide enjoy our products every year. In recognition of its contribution to sustainable fishing and farming, Visscher Seafood has been awarded the ASC, MSC, BIO and Global G.A.P. labels. As a result, the customer is assured of a healthy product.



    Aschums Seafood Ab is a Wholesalers Norwegian Wholesaler of Atlantic Fish and Seafood.We Supply the finest quality live, chilled, fresh and frozen Norwegian Seafood Products such as Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua), Saithe fish Coalfish (Pollachius virens), Queen scallop (Chlamys), Capelin fish (Mallotus villosus), Atlantic Trout Frozen, Live King Crab Monkfish, Anglerfish, Skate (Rajidae spp), Tusk, cusk (Brosme brosme), Redfish (Sebastes marinus/Sebastes), Sea Urchin, Deepwater Norwegian Prawn, Red Shrimp, Live Norway Lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus), Haddock fish (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides), Cod Fish Maw, Hake Fish, (Metacarcinus magister), Brown Crab, and many others.We partner with some Norwegian companies thereby enhancing our manufacturing distribution of seafood products.We can accommodate most if not all your fresh, dried, smoked and frozen seafood needs, everything from cod and stock-fish, fresh and smoked salmon, halibut, herring, lobster, shrimp and crab, to stuffed seafood products, at the best possible prices. Fast and careful handling to ensure minimum quality loss. Shell Fish - Live Snow Crab Live Red King Crab Frozen Fish Products: Frozen Trout Frozen Saithe Frozen Salmon Frozen Cod HG Frozen Herring Frozen Capelin Frozen Haddock Frozen Mackerel Frozen Fish By-Products: Frozen Cod Roe Frozen Cod Loins Frozen Cod Heads Frozen Salmon Heads Frozen Salmon Belly Frozen Salmon steak.Get to us



    Prodway International is a company created in 2005 in Paris, France. We are a frozen food supplier with head office in Paris and branch office in Argentina. We do import export, wholesale. We export frozen fish mainly from South America and Asia. Yellow Croaker (Micropogonias Furnieri) White Croaker (Umbrina Canosai) Black Croaker (Pogonias Cromis) Red Snapper (Pagrus Pagrus) Seatrout (Cynoscion Striatus) Illex Squid (Illex Argentinus) Argentinian Red Shrimps (Pleoticus Muelleri) Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus) Pacific Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus) Horse Mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus) And many more other species, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert. We only deal with full reefer containers and we mainly export to West Africa and Asia. Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Benin, Gabon... China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Korea... To know more about our business and our products please visit our website and email us at nicolas.tea@prodway.com



    As Marine, we export our frozen seafood products all over the world. Our seafoods are mostly from the coasts of Portugal and Spain. We also supply from the United States, Canada, Chile and other countries. As a company, we focus on supplying the premium seafoods with sustainability. We deliver our frozen and other products to your door with the same freshness and quality. Our export operations are worldwide. Our frozen cooked octopus legs, carabineros, gamba rojas and other products are Marine branded. We are the leading company in the trade of Frozen Lobster tails, Frozen Atlantic Scallops, Frozen Black Cod and Frozen Chilean seabass to Europe and the Middle East. All our seafood products are premium quality. Most of Marine customers are wholesalers and restaurants. For this reason, our frozen seafood export operations cover 90% of our trade. In order for the products to have a smooth journey, we do all the paperwork and packaging in consultation with our customers.



    Tuana Tat Gıda ve Unlu Mamulleri LTD.ŞTİ.” has started to serve its customers with its plenty of product range with its innovative structure, self-confidence that it has as an enterprise, its vision that it realized by noticing the sectoral changes on time. In the following years, it developed and improved its first customer and the production center which it has created with limited opportunities. While increasing the number of costumers, on one hand, it has also made efforts to raise production standards on the other hand and reached the tens of costumers with knowledge and experience extending to years. We have met the production standards of competitors that qualify the brand value in the sector as compliance with the Turkish Food Codex and we are continuing to provide services to our valued customers over the quality standards of many companies in the sector in our 3500 m2 production facility.



    Our company started it’s business in the field of aquacultural resources in 2011 and has become a pioneer and a competitive power in this sector through a continuos development and technological substructure. TURKAYLAR AQUACULTURE has been carrying on its business in the fields of selling trout feed, culture fishing and shipping of alive and frozen fish. The target of our company is while contributing our country’s economy, to serve healthy and qualified products to be consumed safely. We aim at our producers prosperity as well as the consumers’ satisfaction. Our company includes A feed selling Office in Keban and Elazığ Hatchery in Kemaliye Pools for growing trout fingerlings in Arapgir Aquaculture with the capacity of 800 tons per year in Ağın Shipping vehicles all around Turkey for alive and frozen fish. Available certificates for processing and packaging in cooperated processing plant; BRC (British Retail Consortium) IFS (International Food Standard) GLOBALGAP ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001 & 22000 HACCP



    We believe our consumers deserve the best authentic foods that nourish the body, leading to a long and healthy life at an affordable price. We offer for sale: Pure extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, 100%olive oil, 100%olive pomace oil and all kinds of blended olive oils. Our olive oils are first cold pressed and come from the island of Crete in Greece, certified with the every necessary license. BIO Olympus Mountain Tea, only from Mount Olympus. Compared to other mountain tea, this tea is rare with a unique taste and smell. It is world renown, and we are able to supply half of the total production distributed around the world. Everything is Handmade! All kinds of Greek olives. Please note that as Producers we can supply BULK also! We can offer for sale also one of the rarest honey on earth, Greek Pine Honey. If there is any interest please let me know so I may send you a wholesale catalogue.





    Productos Pesqueros Gallegos S.L. (PROPEGAL), a Spanish Company located at Vigo’s Port, our specialty is shark fin (http: //www.propegal.com/aleta.php) and frozen large fish (www.propegal.com/grandes.php). In addition, we have other products available on request (sea cucumber). For more information about PROPEGAL, you could visit our website: www.propegal.com Our experience through the years on trading this valuable product makes our Company one of the top ones on shark fin trade around the world. Please feel free to contact us for further details, if you are interesting in our products. Thank you in advance.



    We are a modern fish freezing plant with modern equipment located near the port of Laayoune. We belong to a consolidated group owning more than 20 fishing boats with a totally integrated logistic chain as well as an ice factory. We have CONSTANT and REGULAR fish supply and the Priority on the FRESHEST fish. We are HACCP certified on the process of ISO 9001 certification. We produce mainly HGT sardines, sardinellas and mackerels of the FINEST quality. We can produce up to 72 tons per day and are building a new factory than can produce up to 80 tons a day that will be ready in 6 month (beginning of 2017). We are also seriously considering buying deep freezer for IQF products as well as filleting machines for fillets. We want to diversify our customer base and look for strong and durable partnerships for the future. Our motto: Committed to Quality, Committed to you. We invite you to discover the unmatched freshness of our frozen products!



    Our company’s name is “STARFISH FISH MERCHANT L.T.D.” and its registered office is in Petrich in Bulgary, at Tsar Boris III 11 , 2850 Petrich with branches in Switzerland and Greece.Our corporation’s aim is to find merchants who are interested in us providing them with fresh, frozen or salted fish from Greek waters and frozen seafoods from all over the world through high quality’s procession which fulfill high sanitary standards but are also equipped with ISO certification. Frozen seafoods include fish in steaks or in whole shape, mollusks and crustaceans. Also our company can provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables from Greece, canned fruits in syrup, Greek extra vergin Oliven oil and all the varieties of Greek olives.Our aim is to create an international trading network. All this in reasonable and very competitive prices. There is no doubt about our products quality and origin. We hope you are getting in contact with our company.



    Established in 1989, our company is a leading vertically integrated processor of saltwater fish and seafood in Murmansk. We specialize in wholesale trade of single frozen products of MSC Atlantic Cod, Haddock, the most popular products are IQF fillet loins, belly portions, bits & pieces blocks, mince. All our fish is harvested from the clean waters of North Atlantic by own vessels, then delivered to our factory and processed to the highest standards. Our EU authorised factory is equipped with a modern thermoform packing line which allows to provide various types of packaging. Our control of all stages of fish harvest, processing, production and sales and our endless drive to innovate and incorporate new technologies have allowed us to bring a wide range of highest-quality fish products to customers worldwide. During the past 30 years of export experience, we have shown ourselves as a reliable supplier for many companies in the EU, UK and USA markets. You can find our production at our retail showroom store or in the US grocery stores as well as in the best European restaurants. Proud to maintain the highest standards of sustainability, safety and quality, we are independently certified to MSC CoC and BRC standards. The production process is controlled in accordance with the HACCP principles. We invite new partners to a fruitful cooperation for various projects: retail, value-added manufacturing, food service and others.



    Over the years a close co-operative partnership has been built up between NHC UK/FR and IG for the purpose of global Procurement. Together we are able to incorporate a full technical control system in order to ensure that customer specifications and delivery schedules are met. Currently our production includes loins, portions, fillets and blocks from Iceland, Russia, New Zealand, China, Baltic States and since 2012 Vietnam. Production Volumes per Area: - Iceland - 1500mt Russia - 800mt New Zealand - 500mt Baltic - 100mt Asia - 3000mt Although Vietnam is widely recognized for its production of Pangasius and not for whitefish such as Atlantic Cod, Haddock and Alaskan Pollock it was our decision to begin producing in Vietnam at the start of 2012 to reduce alliance on production in China. China’s greatest asset has been labour cost, but over the years we have seen this benefit decreasing with the result that many factories who used to produce whitefish for export have turned their attention on a fast growing domestic market. Other factors such as finance have become an increasing worry as well, with companies struggling to open L/C’s for raw material payments and through this we have already seen casualties in China.



    We are for over 30 years in the “frozen world” and we deal with processing of food products, mainly based on fish, but also cheese vegetables and meats. We were born as suppliers of the FINDUS brand for the fish industry and then we developed ours brands and products creating a sales network serving the supermarket’s channel and the mass catering. We specialize in the production of breaded and battered ready meals, with a tempering culture in traditional oven, microwave and pan. We have firmly established ourselves in the Italian marketplace and are now looking to go international. We are branded manufacturer of the most prestigious signs of large-scale retail trade like COOP, ESSELUNGA, CONAD, AUCHAN, CARREFOUR, NESTLE’, CASAMODENA, AIA, and many others. We are suppliers of Mc Donald’s Italy for several references in & out too. We are looking for distributors of our frozen products willing to conclude a distribution services agreements. We bought a Trevigiana company, Salmon club, in order to extend the market’s offer with new products and recipes gluten free too. Our efforts to ensure quality and checked products is attested by certifications recognized internationally : ISO 9001, BRC, IFS and GREENER.



    ARAB WESTERN arabwestern(dot)com arabwesternoman(at)gmail(dot)com Seafood supplier from oman oman sardines, abalone, lobster. fresh and frozen seafood from oman to united states of america, germany, united arab emirates, saudi arabia, qatar, brazil, egypt, ghana, nigeria, thailand, india, china, bangladesh. oman frozen sardine fish to egypt. oman frozen sardine fish to bangladesh. oman frozen hilsa fish to bangladesh. oman frozen sardine fish to india. oman frozen sardine fish to thailand. oman frozen sardine fish to brazil. fresh and frozen ribbon fish cuttle fish trevally fish mackerel fish chub mackerel indian mackerel horse mackerel emperor fish snapper fish grouper fish barracuda fish yellowfin tuna grey mullet king fish sail fish sardinella longiceps trichirius lepturus Seafood supplier from oman oman sardines, abalone, lobster. fresh and frozen seafood from oman to united states of america, germany, united arab emirates, saudi arabia, qatar, brazil, egypt, ghana, nigeria, thailand, india, china, bangladesh. oman frozen sardine fish to egypt. oman frozen sardine fish to bangladesh. oman frozen hilsa fish to bangladesh. oman frozen sardine fish to india. oman frozen sardine fish to thailand. oman frozen sardine fish to brazil. fresh and frozen ribbon fish cuttle fish trevally fish mackerel fish chub mackerel indian mackerel horse mackerel emperor fish snapper fish grouper fish barracuda fish yellowfin tuna grey mullet king fish sail fish sardinella longiceps



    Kerevitaş is Turkey’s first company in the retail frozen food sector. With a total of 43 products in its line of frozen food categories (fruit & vegetable, flour-based products, seafood, and meat and potato products), the SuperFresh brand possesses the widest array of products available on the market. With its innovative attitude and the importance Kerevitaş gives to both quality and hygiene, SuperFresh has become the sector’s generic brand. In other words, Turkish consumers were first introduced to numerous products, from frozen vegetables to frozen pizza and mille-feuille and pastry dough to canned corn, via the SuperFresh brand. Kerevitaş carries out production in accordance with world standards, and has earned HACCP (food safety) and TSE-ISO-9000 (quality system) certification in recognition of this.



    Productos del Mar Ancavico S.L. dedicated to the manufacture of frozen products. We specialize in the production and processing of Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin, Mako shark, Mahi-Mahi, Oilfish (steaks​​, fillets, loins and centers) and a wide range of Prepared Salads and Seafood cocktails (seafood mix, seafood soups, paella, fried sauteed). While you will find a wide range of products "Thaw & Eat" and "Ready Meals", based on a Mediterranean diet. All these products are supplied to the Retail and HO.RE.CA chain, adapting the best product-format to the client.



    Our company specializes in Seafood and Agricultural Products Quality Control, we have over 15 years experience specially in the Seafood Farmed Salmon area. During these years we have got the chance to know all the salmon packers and farmers, also , almost all the bottom fishery´s that exist in Chile.We think we have a good and strong knowledge of the Process Lines , Freezing Capabilities, and the Bacteriological standards of the Chilean Fishing Industry.Also we are strongly related to the Southern Chile Agriculture area, in this area we Berries and Sphagnum Moss a soil improver and conditioner.

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