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    The company LA BAGUESTERE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the bakery, bread, flavoured bread, and homemade bread industries. It is based in Cogolin, France.



    The company DÖRTLER UN VE UNLU MAMÜLLERI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Bakery ovens industry. It also operates in the flavoured bread industries. It is based in Kocaeli, Turkey.



    Founded in 1981, our experience in the sector allows us to develop the most suitable machines to help the professional baker with the production of high quality breads, facilitating and respecting to the maximum the processes necessary to obtain them. Access to different markets worldwide has allowed us to know and adapt to different concepts, processes and components in our sector. We are constantly trying to innovate and improve. At Zelaieta we are a young, demanding team and we like to improve ourselves by providing our customers with the most suitable machinery for their needs and the best after-sales service. If we add to all this our passion for the aroma and flavour of good bread, it is easy to give dedication, time and enthusiasm to our work. At Zelaieta you will find the support that every professional baker needs: Reliability, commitment, advice and service from a group of professionals. Thank you for trusting us!



    We are specializing in production of grain tea. Our product SIPtea is made from roasted barley malt. It gives a nice bread - nutty flavour to the drink and is a great caffeine free alternative for traditional teas. Barley tea is not only good for refreshing, but also for slowing down the aging, lowering down the cholesterol level and many other purposes.



    We are Baker’s standard ltd. company from Bulgaria. We produce bread improver, bread mixes, substitutes for different products and bread starter cultures. Manufacturing, distributing, technically supporting and supplying innovative baking ingredients and solutions for bakery industry across the world. Our mission is to assist bakers all around the world so they could successfully expand their business activity. We work together with all our customers and distributors in the global market for bakery additives as a whole team. We introduce encouraging, original technologies and solutions, dictated by the latest trends in the field of bakery supplie As a company established by bread producers for bread producers. We know perfectly each step of the processes of production of various bread and bread products.We also know the stereotypes of working with additives for the bakery industry in different regions of the world. As we pay attention to the requests and communication signals of our partners, we constantly work to maximize their needs. We understand bakery business.

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  1. ZILOA


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    Plant-based flavours are taking off thanks to ZILOA operating from its site in the Chevreuse Valley – an agricultural third place that brings together farmers, processors and local artists (which encourages short circuits and synergy with the farmers)! Our team creates organic and original recipes packed in compostable packaging in our new laboratory. We make 2 main recipe collections: 1/ Dehydrated products: - "Sports player" range – multi-flavoured energy-packed fruit bars based on dates, etc., - the "Aperitif" range, mixtures of our own seasoned blends of dried fruits and nuts, - the "Breakfast" range", cocktails of super fruits (Goji, Mulberries, Inca Berries and Cranberries, etc.), mueslis and nuts, - the “Flavours++" range to sharpen the flavour of snacks and salads. 2/ Chilled products (coming shortly): home-made plain seitan (with gluten or gluten-free) and seitan-based flavours of the world, paos (steamed breads stuffed with aubergines, mushrooms, sun-drenched spreads for aperitifs, breakfast spreading pastes in various flavours, "mignonettes" bursting with fruit/vegetable vitamins, etc. All these products are tasty treats for meals or snacks for those wishing to try out new, original and flavoursome plant-based recipes that will also delight vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.



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    Since 1930 Royale Lacroix has provided margarines and fats for the dining table, cooking and for professionals, including the food industry, biscuits, confectionery, traditional and industrial bread making as well as an organic range. In our consumer range, margarines for the dining table and cooking, as well as a whole range for spreading on bread and sandwiches. Unbeatable organoleptic qualities. Indisputable taste and flavour.



    We are a private company based in Raslavice, eastern Slovakia specialized in production of gluten free drinks and products in powder. As a gluten free producer, we specialize in production of gluten free products in powder form. We offer gluten free bread mixes (dark bread and white bread) gluten free mix for sponge cake, gluten free mix for sourdough application, gluten free mix for baked gingerbread and universal gluten free mix for noodles, pasta, etc. All mixes are gluten free, Lactose free, Egg free, Soy free, GMO-free. Our other products like baking powder, gingerbread powder, creams in powder are also gluten free and suitable for wide spectre of our customer. Special line of our production are drinks in powder where we have over 20years of experience. The latest line of LianaVit drinks - 75grams packaging - are avialble in four flavours (orange, cola, raspberry, lemon) and contains 10 B complex vitamins. In addition, there is no added artificial colour or aroma. Drink is based on natural aromas and flavours and one packaging can be disolved in one liter of fresh water. Also drink is suitable to be produced in soda stream drinks makers. All our products does not contain gluten and also we are not using any form of wheat starch or deproteinized wheat starch in our products. Also we are not processing GMO raw materials. If you are interested to cooperate with us or test our products portfolio, feel free to contact us accordingly.



    PrJSC "Concern Khlibprom" is a leading Ukrainian bread, bakery and confectionary producer. It was founded in 2003. The key product groups destined for export are as follows: 1) Frozen bread and bakery products. These are the goods that have been baked, shock frozen and at -18°C and can be stored for 6 months. Range of products consists of ciabatta, baguettes, panini, hot dog buns, sweet/savour danish pastry and bread - traditional rye bread and European wheat bread line. Production unit was built in 2010 and is certified by ISO 22000: 2005 2) Bandinelli biscuits. There are two lines: Cantuccini (dry biscuit based on Italian recipes) and Florentini (soft round biscuit) - both contain high amount of dried fruit and nuts. Also, we launched new product line in the field of healthy and functional confectionary under Bandinelli TM in 2018. The name of novelty is Granolli. It combines flakes, cereals, dried fruit, and natural honey with no harmful components or E additives. It is available in 4 flavours. 3) Croissants 2go of European quality and modern design. There are two types of croissants: midi by 60 g and mini by 180 g. They are available in 6 flavours: chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, orange and apricot. The filling is distributed within the whole length of croissant. We are interested in cooperation with national food distributors on foreign markets!


    United Kingdom

    Our extremely wide range of high quality food ingredients, bakery ingredients and bakery supplies, backed by our friendly and reliable service, ensures that everything we supply is the best of its kind. We are a bakery ingredient supplier to many sections of Ireland's food industry including bakers, food processors, pie manufacturers and ice cream manufacturers. Quality and customer service are the priorities at Andrew Ingredients. We have an amazing product list - probably the most comprehensive range of bakery ingredients and bakery supplies in Ireland. Our suppliers are selected from Europe's top food ingredient and machinery manufacturers. We supply flour, sugar, bread mixes, cake mixes, confectionery mixes, icings, toppings, fillings, cream alternatives, bakery equipment, cake decorations, colours and flavours, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and spices, fats, oils, margarines and release agents, raising agents, improvers and yeast, savoury sauces and fillings, jam, fruit fillings and sweet sauces, desserts and glazes.



    From love, passion, dedication to the olive trees, the right handpicked period and the traditional oil mill, the "Azienda Agricola Tola Salvatore" creates an extra virgin olive oil with extraordinary qualities in the rich area of Partinico and Monreale, in the territory of Palermo (Italy)..Its organoleptic and sensorial features make it unique, excellent for dressing boiled or grilled meat, stews, salads, soups. Its typical flavour and its intense aroma is best tasted by dipping some bread in it.The extra virgin olive oil “OLIOTOLA”, cold pressed from olives grown in Sicily (Italy) and unfiltered is 100% Italian product.The harvest period is from October to November, the olives are handpicked and brought immediately to the oil mill and milled every evening to ensure a very low acidity and to preserve all its valuable components and its characteristic flavour, typical of the Sicilian oil.


    United Kingdom

    Sco-Fro is an award winning leader in the processing, selling and marketing of food products, branded and own label, to major retailers and food service distributors worldwide. Scottish seafood produced and delivered, either extremely fresh or expertly frozen, to both the UK and overseas markets. Sco-Fro's range of high-quality grocery products brings the flavours of the Far East as well as some popular Mediterranean favourites to the UK.Our products, such as noodles and naan bread, come from Asia and te pasta, the tomatoes and olive oil from Italy.

  1. CARIF


    CARIF S.A manufactures flour correctors, ingredients and improvers for baking, pastry-making, sweet pastries and biscuit making, breadmaking enzymes, mixes and premixes for special breads, mixes for pastry-makers and caterers, specific flavourings and colourings. CARIF S.A. formulates, produces and markets over 600 different ingredients for the flour industry, bakery professionals, pastry-making professionals and flour mills, all with ISO 600 9001/2008 certified quality assurance.