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  • BTF SA specialises in the bespoke construction of different types of industrial furnaces designed for all industrial sectors, and ceramic furnaces, working in temperatures of up to 1800°C.They can be... Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | gas furnaces | industrial furnaces | fire resistance test furnaces [+] tubular furnace | hardening furnace | ceramic furnaces | Ceramic and enamel kilns | Electric ovens | laboratory ovens | oven manufacturer | tunnel ovens | bell-type ovens | industrial heating engineering
    BELGIUM - Villers-Le-Bouillet
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  • At Eagle Industries, we provide solutions to Jewellery makers with over 1500 products classified in to Jewellery Making Machinery, Jewellery Making Tools and Consumables. Our dedicated efforts in... Supplier of: Hand tools, non-power | Punching machine tools | gauges | tools for watchmakers and the watchmaking industry | machinery and equipment for fine and costume jewellery [+] ring sizer finger gauges | ring sticks | diamond tools
    INDIA - Rajkot
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  • ...are used for analysing the gas in furnaces, as well as assessing various waste gas processes, from motor drives through to waste gases produced by processing plants. The VISIT measuring systems have multiple uses in... Supplier of: Sensors | exhaust fume analysers | industrial gas analyser | gas analysers for landfills | co2 analyser [+] moisture measuring | exhaust gas analysis | exhaust gas analyzer | moisture measuring instruments for the chemical industry | moisture measuring technique | automobile exhaust gas analyzers | industrial fume reduction services | flue gas analysis equipment | analysis devices for process control tasks | analysers
    GERMANY - Schwaigern
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  • ...furnace construction, shielding gas engineering, industrial dryers, design (2D and 3D), gas burners, cogeneration units, vacuum systems. Our services: Creating functional specification documentation for operators of new systems and modified industrial... Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | heating systems for industrial furnaces | vacuum tempering furnaces | 3d design work | instrumentation and control engineering for heat treatment plants [+] modernisation of heat treatment plants | vacuum mixer-dryers | used heat treatment plants | aluminium heat treatment | vacuum technology | vacuum drying systems | heat treatment, industrial
    GERMANY - Recklinghausen
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  • ...and gas industrial furnaces.All our furnaces are made to customer specifications, from a few dm³ to a few m³, from 0°C to 1800°C.We also make furnaces for craft industries and manufacturing... Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | Heat treatment furnaces | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | industrial gas furnaces | heat treatment furnaces [+] industrial furnaces | heat soak test furnaces | laminated glass furnaces | low temperature furnaces | atmospheric furnaces | high-temperature furnace | hardening furnaces | Driers, industrial | Ceramic and enamel kilns
    BELGIUM - Fernelmont
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  • ...Srl has designed and manufactured gas furnaces for heating and hot moulding of brass, copper, aluminium, and steel forging. In addition to pusher and chain furnaces for heating pre-shaped brass billets, pusher furnaces for... Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces | hot metal forming furnaces | steel hardening furnaces | industrial furnaces and ovens [+] pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | furnaces for metal heat treatment | furnaces for heating brass | steel hardening furnaces | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding | pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding | industrial gas-fired ovens for heating metals | chain ovens for heating and moulding aluminium
    ITALY - Calcinato
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  • Gas-fired melting furnaces, digitally-controlled constant temperature holding furnaces. Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | precision casting | aluminium foundries | foundry | shell mold casting [+] low pressure shell moulding | die-casting foundries | chill casting
    ITALY - Monticello Conte Otto
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  • the construction of tiltable gas furnaces for aluminum melting with a charge of 700 kg to 9 tons (optionally with recuperator). In addition- specialist in the construction of low-pressure casting machines with... Supplier of: tiltable melting furnaces | aluminum melting furnaces | aluminum casting furnaces | Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | Foundries - machinery and installations [+] Metals - Machines & Equipment | low pressure casting machines | foundry machines
    POLAND - Nisko
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  • .../ BIO-GAS ENGINE, BIO-OIL ENGINE - EXHAUST FROM GAS TURBINE - FLUE GAS FROM BIOMASS FURNACE - WASTE HOT GAS FROM INDUSTRIAL PROCESS as well as heat exchangers and Micro-CHP (Heat & Power) Supplier of: Boilers, industrial | steam boilers | hot water boilers | diathermic heaters | biomass boilers
    ITALY - Bergamo
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  • We are a manufacturer of both induction and gas-fuelled metal smelting furnaces. Supplier of: Plastics - machines and material for industry
    POLAND - Kety
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  • ...of industrial furnaces and dryers, gas or electrically fueled, they also can be component of plant.Projecting, manufacturing, on site assembly and start up of plants, furnaces, ovens and dryers is all... Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | heat treatment furnaces | hot air generators
    CROATIA - Sesvetski Kraljevec
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  • Natural gas heating furnace--5 pieces4. Resistance heating furnace--3 pieces5.3T self -consumable vacuum ARC furnace6. 3500T electrode hydraulic press7. 10T and 20T oil-hydraulic manipulator Supplier of: Bars - non-ferrous metal | titanium bars | titanium forgings
    CHINA - Baoji
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  • ...The galvanometer is used in caravans and motor-home-propane fridges, Wall furnaces gas hot water systems, gas heaters which can run on liquid gas. it indicates the burning of the gas flame. Supplier of: Galvanometers | natural gas burners | absorption refrigerator parts | moving coil meter | edge level meter
    AUSTRALIA - Sydney
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  • ...advantage of dry-type ash-cleaning gas furnace, is a new generation of intelligent highly efficient environment-friendly products put forward by our company, in which patented rotating disk slag cleaning and automatical slag... Supplier of: Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment | gas generator plants | coal gasifier
    CHINA - Jiyuan
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  • ...of building equipments; Ventilating fans; Heating fans; Hot water equipments; Manufacturing of Individual Steelconstructions; Fan casings ; Silencers; Waste flue-gas pipes; Industrial furnaces. Supplier of: Industrial building construction | Metal construction, lightweight | Tanks, metal
    HUNGARY - Batonyterenye
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  • ...type heat treatment automatic production line, gas carburizing furnace, holding furnace for melting, sintering furnace annealing furnace for glass, ceramics and more than more than 20 series and more than more than... Supplier of: Reaming - machine tools
    CHINA - Shenzhen
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  • ...and sale of electric and gas industrial furnaces for all sectors. The furnaces we offer stand out because of our perpetual search for solutions that match the socio-economic realities of their... Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | furnaces for forming glass | furnaces for tempering glass | Glass manufacturing - machinery and equipment | supplies for the glass industry
    ITALY - Cologno Monzese
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  • ...replaces and maintains air conditioners, heatpumps, gas furnaces, and swamp coolers.We also provide Air Duct Cleaning Services and offer an affordable maintenance plan designed to save you money. Supplier of: Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | air conditioning | heating contractor
    UNITED STATES - Las Vegas
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  • ...Brick Lining (In Furnaces, Chimneys, Gas Channels etc.)Refractory Concrete Works (In Furnaces, Chimneys, Gas Channels etc.)Refractory Concrete/Castable (By Concrete Spraying Machine)Brick Lining... Supplier of: Construction, industrial - contractors | refractory bricks | thermal insulation
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • We design high-temperature sintering furnaces and complete manufacturing concepts with cutting-edge technology to meet your requirements. We also take on projects for turnkey systems. We can offer... Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | gas pressure sintering furnaces | high-temperature vacuum sintering furnaces | high-temperature furnaces | high-vacuum furnaces [+] vacuum metallisation and soldering furnaces | vacuum furnaces | high-temperature furnaces | sinter hip furnaces | vacuum hot presses | spark plasma sintering systems | vacuum sintering | cvd/cvi coating systems | hybrid systems | laboratory systems
    GERMANY - Frankenblick
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  • Elster GmbH, Kromschröder Osnabrück is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge products and system solutions for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases. With domestic and commercial... Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | gas meters | components for industrial furnaces | switchgears for industrial furnaces | Gas fittings [+] threshold switches | control engineering and combustion technology | pressure switches | control engineering | heating installation control units | control technology | burner control systems | automatic firing devices | flame monitoring systems | gas pressure control units
    GERMANY - Lotte
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  • Established in 1990, the company has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of heat treatment equipment. The production range covers engineering and manufacturing of all types high quality... Supplier of: Heat treatment furnaces | Industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces for nitriding | vacuum furnaces | industrial furnaces for carburizing [+] industrial furnaces and ovens for nitriding | hot dip galvanizing lines | spare parts for heat treatment equipment
    POLAND - Swiebodzin
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  • Founded in 1978, JING DUANN Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing High Speed Forging Machine. JING DUANN is committed to forging automation and market expansion to achieve... Supplier of: Forges - machinery and installations | pneumatic presses
    TAIWAN R.O.C. - Taichung City
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  • ETERNA EUROPE is a wholesaler of professional kitchen equipment with over 25 years' experience in the HORECA industry. A comprehensive range of professional HORECA equipment with over 10, 000... Supplier of: Catering - machinery and equipment | Restaurant equipment | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | Cold rooms | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial [+] Refrigerated display units and windows | Cafés and bars - machinery and equipment | Coffee machines, professional | Washing machines and spin dryers, industrial | refrigerated counters for shops, bars, restaurants | professional kitchens | dishwashers | ovens | kitchen hoods | horeca equipment
    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • LumaSense Technologies, now a part of the Advanced Energy Group, was founded in 2005 as one of the world's most reliable providers of innovative temperature and gas sensor systems for the global... Supplier of: furnace temperature measurement | blast furnace measurement | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | thermal cameras | infrared ray thermometers [+] continuous casting | fibre-optic measuring equipment | fibre-optic sensors | gas monitoring systems | infrared cameras | infrared measuring technique | infrared temperature measurement | temperature measurement equipment, contactless (pyrometer) | temperature monitoring systems | thermography systems
    GERMANY - Frankfurt
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  • SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN Edelstahlrohr GmbH can look back on a long and successful company history. Since as early as 1870, steel has been processed in the Schoeller plants in the region of Ternitz,... Supplier of: Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | Heat exchangers | alloy steel pipes | stainless-steel pipes [+] stainless steel tubing | steel pipes without welds | mirror polish | plant and equipment for the production of manures and fertilizers | pipes | double-walled pipework | hollow steel | ground stainless steel pipes | boiler tubing | electropolished pipes
    AUSTRIA - Ternitz
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  • ...gas, oil and electric powered industrial heat chambers, up to 450°C.Our ovens are made to measure, from A to Z: in house design, manufacture, assembly and after sales service. Hardening furnaces 6. Supplier of: Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces and ovens | chamber furnaces | high-temperature furnaces [+] drying ovens | powder baking ovens | paint curing ovens | convection ovens | high-temperature ovens | powder-coating ovens | paint drying oven | infra-red cure oven | large capacity ovens
    BELGIUM - Oostkamp
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  • Since 1951, WALTHER-PRÄZISION, Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG (est.1931), has been developing and manufacturing mono and multi couplings, as well as docking systems that are used wherever liquids,... Supplier of: Clutches | Pneumatic clutches | Coupling, pneumatic | safety clutches | quick connector [+] quick fastener couplings | quick coupling systems | mono couplings | multi couplings | low-pressure couplings | medium-pressure couplings | high-pressure couplings | docking systems | robot tool changers
    GERMANY - Haan
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  • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC was formed on July 1, 2000 when Chevron Corporation and Phillips Petroleum Company combined their worldwide petrochemical businesses in a 50/50 joint... Supplier of: gas odorants | Polyethylene | Polymers | aromatics | drilling fluids [+] olefins | organic sulfur compounds | petrochemicals
    BELGIUM - Diegem
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  • for the mechanical engineering industry, primarily for the following industry sectors: energy: wind power, gas, hydropower; reducers for various industrial applications; presses; printing machinery. Supplier of: Casting, steel | spheroidal cast iron | moulded lamellar cast iron parts | moulded nodular cast iron parts
    ITALY - Parona
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    From 600°C to 1300°C
    Industrial furnaces BTF sa is the ideal partner for your thermal processes and custom solutions, in... See product
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    Tantalum and niobium combine high corrosion resistance with good mechanical properties. We supply... See product
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    CON fix ® 250 S EEx -...
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    4600 OE
    The electric heaters of the 4600 series are our standard heaters for almost any application. The... See product
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