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    United Kingdom

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    Founded in 1986 as the European subsidiary of Haycarb PLC, Eurocarb is now a leading supplier of a wide range of high quality activated carbons into the European market. As the European arm of Haycarb plc, Eurocarb has been growing for over 30 years as a key supplier of high quality activated carbons into Europe. Haycarb is a leading global player of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and one of the largest carbon manufacturers globally. We offer the full range of Haycarb products, as well as a range of complementary products either made by ourselves or sourced from other strategic partners. In addition to coconut based carbons we also offer wood and coal based products, and products specially blended or impregnated in our own facility in Bristol. We focus on offering the right product, at the right time, with flexible supply options. We stock over 100 different products in Bristol, and these are rapidly delivered to customers all over Europe when needed. Quality control is paramount, and all batches are tested to ensure they fully meet specifications and client requirements. Our system offers full historical traceability, and we pride ourselves on a right first time philosophy. Product support is also a vital facet of the work we do, whether it is assisting customers with their system specification or developing new products targeting novel applications.


    Czech Rep.

    Our company provides first class services in tretating of technological waste and scrap. We buy and recycle all kinds of cables containg copper, aluminimum, lead. We also recycle steel sheated cables, automotive cables, cables with plugs and greasy underground and telecomunication cables. We recycle cable scrap using top quality grinders, mills, stripping machines and separators. We process up to 200t of cable scrap each month. We also process ACSR wire, combined aluminium-copper cables and all other sorts of copper cable scrap. We produce top quality copper granulates, cufe2 granulates, balled aluminium wire and lead ingots. We buy all sorts of grinded mixtures from huge shreddners and refine them. We are interested in all kinds of shredded and grinded materials that contain residual metals. We can offer up to 300t of grinded PVC and 150t of grinded WEEE plastics every month from our produciton. We sell cable PVC shreddings and also peeled PVC and PE peelings. We trade significant ammout of copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel in central Europe, most of it directly from industry production. We have huge expercience with copper clippings, bronze clippings We also work with electric motors scrap. PC scrap and all other kinds of Weee materials. We buy and trade all sort of electric motor waste, PCBs, circuit borads. We recover gold from gold plated materials ourselves and we are interested in all materials suited for gold and other precious metal recovery.



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    Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. is a family business with over 35 years of experience in the Recycling field. Four generations have been working to innovate the recycling industry. Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. has grown to 2 countries, employs over 130 people, and has been recycling for over a century. Our products : - Aluminium scrap - Plastic scrap - Rubber scrap - Used paper scrap - Ingots scrap - Plastics recycling - Electronics recycling - Copper wire scrap - Copper cathode. Innovation Is a Key Principle and Success Factor at Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Employees Generate an Average of 200 Continuous Improvement Ideas Each Year. New Innovation Leverages All Facets of Our Business, Driving Improvements in Yours. For Over 100 Years We Have Continued to Challenge Ourselves to Reinvest in Our Employees, Our Families, and the Communities We Serve. From Developing Community Outreach Programs to Helping Preserve the Environment, We Are Strongly Committed to Helping Your Community Reach Its Potential. Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V is operating 2 recycling locations throughout the united states and tanzania. many opportunities for employment exist at every level for smart problem-solving candidates. Our criteria is a positive attitude combined with a strong work ethic. Contact us to learn how you can establish a life-long career. Please visit our website or contact us for more information !

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    We are a Worldwide Metal Traders "TREASURE HUNTERS" dealing with Ir, Au, Pt, Pd, Rh, Bi, Co, Sb, Mo, In, Se, Te, Ge, Ga, V, Ta, Nb, Re, As, Hg, Ti, FeTi, FeW, Vn, Cr, Sb, Mo, Ho, Gd, Cu, Ni, Ag, Fe skulls, Pig Iron and others. Does not matter the physical form; metals, sludges, flue dust, powders, dross, slags, mattes, spent catalysts, concentrates, skimming, filter cakes, anodic slimes, fines, residues, ore, turnings, powder, granules, ingots. We are working with small, local companies and big multinational corporations, from small quantities (1kg of Iridium) to 1000s MT of Al and etc. So do not be afraid to reach out! Do have some off grade material? Maybe some left over in your warehouse? Do you have some rare metal with no idea what to do with? Or maybe just simply lack the required paperwork? Don't worry, WE WILL FIND A HOME for your material. Through 5-15 minute telephone conversation, we will get to know each other better, check all our possibilities and know whether we are a match or not. We will go through product type, origin and technical details, supply ability, unit price, shipping details, logistics, payment terms and answer all your questions and concerns - if any. At our costs we could sample/weigh/seal/assay/photo report with a international neutral surveyor in your place. If you are contacting from Southern Europe please reach out to +34 627 178 849 Aleks, for Eastern Europe reach out to +370 698 230 42 Algis from anywhere else choose on your own liking!



    1. Mining equipment (Leaching reactor and Centrifugal concentrators with floating bed) a various modifications and productivity we produce at our manufactures in Australia and Russia. 2. Peat absorbent for oil spill response on a water and land. It works perfectly in any weather and extreme temp -50 … +60 оС. After use, it is utilized by burning as a high calorie secondary fuel. Oil absorption is 8-10 g of oil per 1 g of absorbent. 3. Peat moss for landscaping. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared surface for arranging grass plots, beds in public gardens, parks near houses, railroad beds and highways and bedding out grasses, flowers, decorative plants. This peat dried and pressed specially to save storage space, transport and shopping area. 4. Peat moss for growing plants in green houses are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery) with low-capacity technologies. 5. Peat moss tablets is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under domestic conditions, on plots of land attached to a house, in the open and protected soil.

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    United Kingdom

    Established in 2007, TeleData has been providing clients with high-quality colocation, server hosting, workplace recovery and data centre services for over a decade. Our Team are experienced, approachable, responsive and committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients. We deliver our services from our own ISO27001 Manchester data centre, Delta House - one of the most secure, resilient and well-connected data centres in the UK and Europe. We’ve invested over £1 million in our Security and Operations Control Centre alone - meaning our data centre is the only one in the world with NSI Gold Approved BS5979 security centre on-site.



    Niamh Buffini is an international gold medal winning Taekwondo athlete, Olympic and Paralympic coach, who has achieved global competitive success. NOW YOU CAN TRAIN WITH NIAMH, IN PERSON, ONLINE AND THROUGH VIRTUAL CONDITIONING CLASSES, DESIGNED TO TARGET YOUR FITNESS, STRENGTH AND MOBILITY IN THE GYM, AT HOME OR AT WORK. Buff Wellness: developing a community that is “Happy and Here”, online and in your workspace. NIAMH BUFFINI HAS DESIGNED A SERIES OF PROGRAMMES TO MOTIVATE AND ENCOURAGE YOUR CO-WORKERS AND COLLEAGUES TO BE PRODUCTIVE, ACTIVE AND COLLABORATIVE THROUGH THE CHALLENGES OF COVID19, LOCKDOWN AND WORKING FROM HOME.Is your staff overwhelmed at work, spending too much time on the screen? Buff Performance Introduces a sustainable solution that has real impact on your workplace wellness programs.WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? By creating a more balanced, sustainable workplace culture at work and home, employees will become more engaged with your organization. We achieve this through: INCLUSIVITY | GROUP EXERCISE | REST & RECOVERY | MENTORING................................................................................................................................... BEYOND TRAINING PROFESSIONAL AND OLYMPIC ATHELETES, NIAMH IS ALSO A BUSY MUM OF ONE, AND SO SHE UNDERSTANDS THE STRUGGLE OF MAINTAING A HEALTHY WORK LIFE BALANCE. NIAMH HAS TAILORED A SERIES OF FITNESS JOURNEY PROGRAMS TO WORK WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE.



    The company GÜNTER OHNHEISER, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Metals, precious and special industry. It also operates in the Gold, Gold and silver articles, Jewellery and bijouterie, Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials, Gold, Gold and silver articles, Jewellery and bijouterie, and Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials industries. It is based in Kitzingen, Germany.



    The company GOLDSOLID, is a Distributor, which operates in the Metals, precious and special industry. It also operates in the Gold, Environment - services, Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials, Gold, Environment - services, and Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials industries. It is based in Heilbronn, Germany.



    Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Is the leading trader in Iron, Aluminium, copper, plastic, rubber , Paper, copper cathode scraps in the Netherlands and Continues to Be a Family Business With Four Generations Working to Innovate the Recycling Industry. Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Has Grown to 4 Countries, Employs Over 200 People, and Has Been Recycling for Over a Century.