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  • The manufacture of wire mesh is based on traditional craftsmanship. Making high-tech products from wire mesh requires state-of-the-art production and finishing equipment too, like that used at PACO....

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | Silk-screen printing | Fabrics, nonwoven | vibrating sieves | cleaning system construction [+] ultrasound washing | ultrasound cleaning equipment | varnishing | metal calendering | metal fabrics | punched plate | ultrasonic cleaner | vibrating screens for the food processing industry | screen frames | ultrasonic cleaning systems for filters

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    GERMANY- Neu-Anspach
    INDUSA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been finding individual solutions to your factory hall air quality problems for over 35 years. We, indusa GmbH, are an innovative, family-managed company based in Neu-Anspach. Thanks to...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filtering mattresses | filtering bags | electrofilters | dust filters [+] extraction systems for work places | aspiration systems for emulsion mist and oil mist | extraction systems for eroding machines | emulsion mist collectors | emulsion mist filter | non-woven filter materials | air filtration systems | air filters, electrostatic | oil mist separation systems | oil mist collectors

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  • Advanced Particle Filters GmbH (APF) supports the operation of biomass-fired heating units (and cogeneration plants) with highly efficient electrofilters for dust separation and heat recovery plants...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | electrofilters | after-sales service | 3d design work | purification of flue gasses [+] fine particle filters – wood combustion units | cyclone separators – electrofilter combinations | stationary dust filter systems for industry | fine particle filters for biomass combustion units | accessories for electrofilter systems | ash disposal and storage | filter systems for woodchip heating | particle filters for wood combustion units | multi-cyclone separators | economisers – heat recovery

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    GERMANY- Zimmern
    MÜLLER HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Specialist for hydraulics: From plant construction to service. As a renowned plant construction company, we provide you with support for the development, design and construction of high-quality fluid...

    Supplier of: hydraulic filters | Pumps, hydraulic | Assemblies, hydraulic | high-pressure pumps | hydraulic units [+] hydraulic components | hydraulic hoses | industrial hydraulics | hydraulic cylinders | wood chip transport | hydraulic cylinders & components | proportional valves | piston accumulator | repairs of hydraulics | high-pressure pump systems for deep-hole drilling

    • Hydraulik - Filters Hydraulik - Filters HYDRAULICS
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  • With almost 300 years of experience in filtration using filter presses, Aquachem can provide an efficient and optimum solution for a number of applications. Since 2000, we have been working hard to...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | Filtering equipment and supplies | filter systems | filter cloths for chamber filters | filter cloths for filter presses [+] Dosing pumps | Pumps | filter-crushing presses | filters for the chemical industry | high-pressure pumps | plant construction | sewage pumps | design of equipment for clean-up | machine tool filters | cartridge filters for water treatment

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    GERMANY- Krayenberggemeinde
    SELECTA BIOENERGIE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    SELECTA Bioenergie GmbH has been an internationally active company based in West Thuringia since 1992. Since March 2005, we have offered, in collaboration with our partner GUT mbH, activated coal...

    Supplier of: filtering equipment and supplies | Biogas and biofuel - energy use | biogas plants | activated carbon filters | air filters [+] activated carbon | exhaust air filters | components for biogas plants | gas filters | biofilters for waste air purification | air filtration equipment | filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | biomass energy – production

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  • We are a company based in the Münster region of western Germany which works solely in the field of air purification in the workplace. Our range of products includes central extraction systems for...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filter systems | oxygen cutting | work gloves | plastic material processing [+] machining of metals | activated carbon | mobile extraction systems | stationary extraction systems | dust extraction systems | extraction elements | industrial extractors | eurodust | welding fumes | powder coating

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    GERMANY- Alzey
    SAMSYS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    A young, dynamic and expert company, with numerous ideas and high-quality products. SAMSYS GmbH in its current form was founded from the Swiss company SAMSYS SA (previously SAMECA SA) and has many...

    Supplier of: belt filters | Machine tools - metal shaping | automatic bar loaders | machining with automatic lathes | cnc finishing [+] installation of automation for machine tools | automation | collet chucks | industrial extraction systems | automatisation of special machines | parts cleaning machines | automatic controls and accessories | tippers | bar loading magazines for automatic turning machines | loading and unloading systems for automatic turning machines

    • Paper belt filter Unimag PFA-60 Paper belt filter Unimag PFA-60
    • Drum filter Unimag DF-1500 Drum filter Unimag DF-1500
    • Paper belt filter Unimag PFA-120 Paper belt filter Unimag PFA-120
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    GERMANY- Remchingen
    MSE FILTERPRESSEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since its founding in 1978, MSE Filterpressen® has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality filter presses in the field of solid-liquid separation. With the filter press plants...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filters and filter elements | effluent and wastewater treatment | filter presses | waste water treatment and sludge treatment [+] solid/liquid separation | chamber filter press | feeding pumps | sewage water plant construction | waste water treatment plants | sewage treatment plants | water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | waste water treatment, sewage plants and sludge treatment | process technology | filters for waste water technology

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  • We are Hermann Bantleon GmbH – the lubricant specialist from Ulm. A medium-sized company with around 250 employees. We advise our customers on site and create customised concepts. Our range covers...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | cleaners | high-performance lubricants | filter technology [+] tank servicing | tank service | industrial technology | fluid management | tank technology | laboratory analytics | vci packaging | cleaning media | lubricants for the automotive industry | industrial lubricants

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    GERMANY- Bruchköbel
    EPA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a specialist in the field of electronic drive technology, we see ourselves not only as a component supplier, but also as a systems provider. Starting with engineering, through consultation and...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filters | air filters | air filters | Seals [+] frequency regulators | inductance | sheared gaskets | power chokes | starters | protective wire testing instruments | testing instruments | sine filters | emc filter | development of inductive construction components

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    GERMANY- Uhldingen-Mühlhofen

    ARTECH – Partner for the entire system. Consulting – Planning – Assembly – Service. We value close relationships with our clients. Every client is unique. Our goal is to provide all our clients with...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filter systems | filtering mattresses | pocket filters | Vacuum cleaners - industrial [+] installation of suction systems | industrial extraction systems | aspiration systems for emulsion mist and oil mist | dust extraction systems | cartridge filters | sleeve filters | grease filters | dust bags | oil and emulsion mist – separators | industrial vacuum cleaners

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  • More information about Steverding can be found online and on Facebook: Our range of agitators comprises horizontal and vertical agitators for a wide variety of application areas, slug flow agitators...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | Steels and metals - machining | Plastics - industrial products | Consultants - construction and civil engineering | Architects - consultants [+] Equipped offices and industrial premises - services | Industrial consultants | Engineering - industrial consultants | Engineering - industrial contractors | agitators for wastewater treatment | industrial agitators | agitators, impellers, stirrers and mixers | biogas plant design | agitator repair | agitators for biogas plants

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  • AEROFIL International GmbH, in Dombühl in Middle Franconia, has been operating successfully on the German and European market as part of the globally active AEROFIL Group since 2009. AEROFIL is the...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | pocket filters | filtering mattresses | air filters | activated carbon filter [+] dust filters | fine particle filters | coarse dust filters | suspended particle filters | exhaust air filters | ultra-filtering | fine air filters | filter media | filter rolls | air filters for gas turbines

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    GERMANY- Weißenhorn
    FILTERTECHNIK JÄGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At our company, we develop and package non-woven filter materials by hand, especially the new CoraPleat elements. This means that you receive a product from us that was both developed and built in...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | sheets for filters | membrane filters | belt filters | activated carbon filter [+] filters for the chemical industry | cora®pleat e filter elements | non-woven filter materials | non-woven precoats | bag filter housings | pocket filter | cartridge filter housings | filter cartridges | non-woven fabrics | housings for filter bags

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  • For over 30 years, we have been known in our market segment as a healthy, completely self-financed company, with motivated employees, an attractive range of products and services and glittering...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | Filtering equipment and supplies | ventilation filters | filters and filter elements | air filters [+] oil filters (lubricating oil filters) | compressed air filters | filters for the chemical industry | ventilation systems for bulk materials | filters, general | filter pipes | highly porous filters | silencers | exhaust air filters | pressure filters

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  • Dipl.Ing. Erich Fetzer GmbH was founded by Erich Fetzer. As early as the 1960s, the planning of the first filtration systems for cooling lubricant processing began. In the first few years, customers...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | belt filters | filter systems | cyclone filters | edge split filters [+] vacuum filters | backflushing filters, automatic | pressure belt filters | vacuum belt filters | sheet filters | centrifugal separator | scraper conveyors | lamella separators | return line filters | compact cartridge filters

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    GERMANY- Langenbrettach
    R + B FILTER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    R + B Filter develops and produces pleated filter cartridges, filter panels and filter cassettes for industrial air filtration and dust removal technology. In addition to standard filter elements, R...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filter cartridges | dust removal | dust removal filter elements | dust removal filter cartridges [+] dust filtration | air filtration | dust removal filter panels | filter cassette for dust removal | filters for pharmaceuticals and food | lamellar filters | chemistry filters | product recovery | laser cutting, welding smoke | 3d printing, additive manufacturing

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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    TECHNOFILTER RME - Verified by Europages

    TECHNOFILTER RME company offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, food and beverage industry, chemical, microelectronics and machine...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | Filtering equipment and supplies | filtering cartridges | water filters | cartridge filters [+] membrane filters | filters and filter elements | filter socks | Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | Water purification | drinking water filters | filtration units | filtration equipment | filtration plants | filtering units for the beverages industry

    • Membrane-based Filter Elements Epm.рр Membrane-based Filter Elements Epm.рр Membrane-based filter elements
    • Mfm Membrane Filtering Unit For Virological Analysis Of Water Mfm Membrane Filtering Unit For Virological Analysis Of Water Equipment for laboratory filtration
    • Filter Cell Filter Cell Equipment for laboratory filtration
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    GERMANY- Köln
    ANDRITZ SEPARATION - Verified by Europages

    ANDRITZ Separation is the leading specialist in separation, and offers intelligent mechanical and thermal separation technologies and services for the chemical, environmental and food processing...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | chamber filter presses | membrane filter presses | sludge dewatering centrifuges | centrifuges for the chemical industry [+] filter presses | drying conveyors | hyperbaric disc filters | centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers | sludge dewatering installations | drying centrifuges | rotary vacuum filters | centrifuges for the food processing industry | centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry | centrifuges for environmental technology

    • Intelligent Filter Press Intelligent Filter Press ANDRITZ intelligent filter press, optimize efficiency and maximize profit
    • Overhead filter presses Overhead filter presses ANDRITZ filter presses with overhead technology
    • Sidebar Filter Presses Sidebar Filter Presses ANDRITZ filter presses with sidebar technology
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  • A medium-sized company of more than 25 years' standing, we have made our name nationally and internationally in the fields of air filter technology, workplace safety and environmental protection on...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | air filters | filter systems | electrofilters | air purification plants [+] ultrasound cleaning equipment | air filtration system | equipment for ultrasonic washing | gas measurement equipment | spare parts | replacement parts for filters | oil mist collectors | services for filter systems | ultrasonic cleaning, mobile | maintenance

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    FRANCE- Orange
    ARSILAC - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Vats, metal | refrigerated tanks | steel tanks | fibreglass tanks | stainless steel tanks

    • Basket Filter - Stainless Steel 316l Basket Filter - Stainless Steel 316l FILTER
    • Press Filter With Mixing Tank + Tray - And Perlite Stock Press Filter With Mixing Tank + Tray - And Perlite Stock FILTER
    • Ground Filter Ground Filter FILTER
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    RUSSIA- Tver
    SINTEX, CJSC - Verified by Europages

    CJSC "Sintex" is one of the largest company for the production and sale of technical fabrics and nonwoven fabrics in Russia, was founded in 1968. CJSC "Sintex" specializes in the production of...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filtering fabrics | filtering cartridges | filtering bags | sleeve filters [+] filter cloth | Technical textiles | Technical textiles for industrial applications | Geotextiles | Fabrics, nonwoven | Fabrics for technical use | artificial and synthetic fibre fabrics | fireproof fabric | polypropylene fabrics | fabrics made of artificial fibres for technical and industrial use

    • Press filters cloths Press filters cloths
    • Filter sleeves Filter sleeves
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  • Kalthoff Luftfilter und Filtermedien GmbH is one of the leading specialists for high-quality air filter products and services. Our main focus is on research and development, modern production...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filtering mattresses | air filters | pocket filters | filters and filter elements [+] activated carbon filter | pouch filters | disposable face masks | ultra-filtering | fine particle filters | micro filters | filter cartridges | filters for domestic services | filter media | filter frames

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    GERMANY- Neumarkt
    FIBALON GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are the inventor and manufacturer of the innovative, patented FIBALON® polymer fibre filter, designed for swimming pools and many other applications. Anyone who keeps their eyes open as they...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | aquarium filters | pool filters | pond filters | Swimming-pool maintenance products [+] Drainage systems and equipment | polymer fibre filter | mesh pool filter | energy-saving complete filter systems | accessories for filter systems | filter inserts for spas, jacuzzis and whirlpool baths | pre-filter for skimmers | industrial filtration | filter for pools and garden ponds | filter systems for swimming pools

    Brands : FIBALON®

    • FIBALON®tool FIBALON®tool
    • FIBALON®hotbox professional FIBALON®hotbox professional
    • FIBALON®skimmy FIBALON®skimmy universal pre-filter for your skimmer
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    SPAIN- Erandio-Vizcaya
    FLUYTEC - Verified by Europages

    Leading company in the filtering and water purification sector for human, industrial and farm consumption. Filter body, wound filtering cartridges, filtering baskets, wound polypropylene cartridges....

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | Filters, liquid | industrial filters | filters | anthracite filter [+] filters and filter elements | cartridge filters | industrial filters | header pipes | membrane bioreactors | self-cleaning filters for water systems | industrial filtration | self-cleaning filters | ultrafiltration

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    BELGIUM- Liege
    ASIA EUROPE TRADE - Verified by Europages

    Asia Europe Trade (AET) is a European company with offices in Europe and Asia specialized in trading 1) in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2) Private Labels (confectionaries, drinks, food and non...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary | SWEETS [+] Mineral water | Beer | Food - import-export | Perfume and beauty products | Games and toys | Baby foods | Import-export - textile and clothing | set of luggage | non-food products | private label

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    FRANCE- Moret-Loing-Et-Orvanne
    NEGOFILTRES - Verified by Europages

    Négofiltres, the bespoke industrial filter. Négofiltres is a French company situated in the Seine-et-Marne region that specialises in the manufacture and trade of bespoke industrial filters. The...

    Supplier of: Filters, liquid | industrial filters | metal filter | filtering cartridges | basket filters [+] Grids, metal | Grids, gratings and wire mesh | industrial filtration | wire cloth | microfiltration | expanded metal | punched plate | perforated plate filter | stainless steel filter | stainless steel filtering media

    • Perforated metal sheeting Perforated metal sheeting filter media
    • metallic filters metallic filters Filters
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  • With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality,...

    Supplier of: Gas filters | Filtering equipment and supplies | membrane filters | filtering membranes | Pneumatic systems and tools [+] Compressed-air installations | Gas, compressed | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Air treatment - equipment and systems | desiccation | metrology | compressed air filters | compressed air systems and equipment | condensers | activated carbon filter

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    ITALY- San Giorgio Delle Pertiche
    VIRGIS FILTER SPA - Verified by Europages

    Virgis Filter is a leading manufacturer of air filters, filter cartridges and related equipment, approved and used as OE fitment by major manufacturers of motors, compressors, gen-sets,...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filtering cartridges | industrial filters | virolite filters | air filters [+] pocket filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | self-cleaning filters | air cartridges | air filter compressors | filters for earthmoving machinery | products and supplies for air pollution purification | products and supplies for purification, ecology and waste disposal | cabin filters

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