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    UNITED KINGDOM- Cheshire
    VALDAMARK LIMITED - Verified by Europages

    Valdamark Ltd are UK based manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke foil packaging and heat sealers to suit a wide variety of projects and applications. Our facility is centrally based in Manchester...

    Supplier of: Packaging | vci paper | vci bags | vci film | heat sealers [+] heat-sealing machines for packing | vapour phase corrosion inhibitor | cortec vpci | vci emitters | vci foam | vci vapor corrosion inhibitor | hand held heat sealer | bag sealing machine | band sealer | continuous sealer

    • Shockwatch Labels - including A5 companion shipping labels Shockwatch Labels - including A5 companion shipping labels
    • Tip N Tell Labels - including shipping labels Tip N Tell Labels - including shipping labels
    • Drop N Tell Damage Indicators - including shipping labels Drop N Tell Damage Indicators - including shipping labels
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  • As an international forwarding company, we provide quick and reliable transport logistics worldwide. Our range of services includes sea freight, air freight, road transport and storage. Rail, rail...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport | intermodal goods shipments and transport | international road transport of goods | road transport of goods in groupage [+] bulk goods transport | transport and shipment | machine transport | transport | overland transports | Road transport - logistical services | Sea freight | International forwarding | Road transport by container | logistics services

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    GERMANY- Rodgau
    STENZEL LOGISTICS E.K. - Verified by Europages

    ...and delivery times, we are a highly qualified and reliable partner for numerous established companies which use just-in-time production or send express goods all over the world. Regulated agent, AEO-certified agent worldwide.

    Supplier of: goods transport | goods transport | containerized transport | special transport | international transport [+] transport | Import-export - vehicles and transport equipment | Sea freight | Freight, air | utility vehicles | special international transport | transport services | containerised shipments by sea | transport by air | international road haulage

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    ZIEGLER - Verified by Europages

    The ZIEGLER Group is one of Europe's leaders in the fields of multimodal transport organisation (road, air, sea transport) and logistics. Apart from Benelux, the ZIEGLER Group has developed in...

    Supplier of: Transportation of goods by road - international | multimodal transport | transport | Air Transport | Sea & River Transport [+] Warehouse logistics | Warehouses and bonded warehouses | Warehouse stock-management services | Bonded warehouses | Storage services | Groupage services | Transport - toxic products | Road transport by container | Containers, air transport | International couriers and delivery services

    • Air freight Air freight services
    • Road Freight Road Freight services
    • Sea freight Sea freight services
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  • CICP is a major international network of business managers. We are an association bringing together business of all sizes, from different countries and all business sectors. Our mission is to provide...

    Supplier of: Transportation of goods by road - international | Goods transport | Secure transport services | Business Consultancy | Import-export - oil [+] Medical Equipment | import/export business associations | documents processed | business documentation advice | advice on establishing a business | corporate logistics advice | multilingual conference interpreter | conference service | international matchmaking | food industry

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  • Your contact for all matters relating to transport logistics, special transport, crane transport and crane work. Our modern and specialist fleet makes it possible for us to offer you an extensive...

    Supplier of: special transport | Road transport | International forwarding | soft top transport | car rental [+] exceptional loads transport | short- and long-distance transport | crane work | transport convoy services | transport services for schools | courier services | express services (logistics) | crane transport | steel transports | transport of construction materials

    • Courier trips Courier trips
    • Transport escort Transport escort
    • Crane work Crane work
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  • ...cargo. - transportation of dangerous goods. Due to the valuable accumulated experience and extensive business contacts, as well as thanks to a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists, we will provide the optimal solution for the delivery of...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | transport of dangerous goods | automobile transport | containerised transport | oversized transport [+] international transport | vehicle transport | International freight | Air-freight services | Transport - wide and long loads | Sea & River Transport | Refrigerated transport | International forwarding | transport and air shipment of merchandise | cargo carriers

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  • Midolini F.lli S.p.A. provides services in the lifting sector, renting out lorry cranes and aerial work platforms and carrying out turnkey lifting work including feasibility studies and design. The...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | Truck-mounted cranes | Transport - wide and long loads | Port services | trucks with cranes for goods lifting [+] mobile crane rental | crane rental for suspended platforms | crane trucks

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    SPAIN- Vila-Real (castellón)
    GRÚAS Y TRANSPORTES MAVI, S.L - Verified by Europages SPECIAL AND OUTSIZE - ALL TYPES OF GOODS. We have extensive experience in the industry and offer ready-to-go solutions that can be activated with a phone call, our expert personnel takes care of all...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | transport of materials | national and international transport | heavy transport | special transport services [+] exceptional transport | automatically loading cranes | truck cranes | total transport management | transport of civil engineering machinery | exceptional transport | international transport | international cargo transport | national transport service | tow trucks

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    DIRCO PHARMA LOGISTICS - Verified by Europages

    DIRCOPHARMA LOGISTIQUES specializes in freight transport, particularly air, maritime and overland freight. Our mission is to deliver goods and services from Belgium and the Democratic Republic of the...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | international goods transport | sea transport | international transport | overland transports [+] container transport | Freight, air | Containers, air transport | International freight | Containers - maritime transport | Sea freight | Road transport | Air Transport | Sea & River Transport | door to door forwarding

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  • Our company is one of the few in Italy providing national and international shipping and transport solutions. We are always looking to expand our fleet of collaborators in order to offer a wider...

    Supplier of: goods transport | adr dangerous goods by road transport | International forwarding | customs formalities | express deliveries [+] goods insurance | sat control | intrastat models | logistics | international shipping | domestic forwarding

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  • POLAR-M, S.R.O.
    SLOVAKIA- Tovarniky
    POLAR-M, S.R.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...needs and transportation of their goods on time. Important company events: •2005 – Foundation of Polar-M, s. r. o. / Ltd/ •2008 – Mr. Martin Vlčko took over the management of the company in the field of dispatching activities •2010 – Company was accredited by GMP+ •2011 – Further...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | Transportation, bulk | transported of bulk cereals | transport of bulk oilseeds | transport of fertilisers [+] bulk transport of road salt | bulk construction materials | wood chip transport | transport of oil | transport of liquid products | trailers peischl | sliding floor | semi-trailers | transport bulk materials

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    ITALY- Verona
    SP TRANS S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    International shipping, customs and tax formalities, Intrastat documentation. Import-export services: definitive or temporary exports, for contract working, triangular flows, for outward processing,...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | international transport | Brokers, customs | International transport agents | International forwarding [+] export customs operations | international forwarding | customs carrier | forwarding agents | import customs operations | customs broker | shipping and combined part loads

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    ITALY- Colleferro
    LAZIO TRASPORTI SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...vehicles, fitted with GPS systems and driven by professional drivers. We are able to transport all types of goods using all types of vehicle: covered semi-trailers, road trains, tipper trucks, tankers and containers.

    Supplier of: Transportation of goods by road - international | Goods transport | international transport | transport and shipment | Valuables, security escorts [+] Road transport | International freight | refrigerated transport

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  • ...subdivision with the objective to deliver goods within the agreed deadlines in Romania and all around the world, as stated by our motto : "on time, anywhere". Therefore we offer shipping and relocation services for commercial permises such as business offices and spaces or storehouses. We...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | express transport of general goods | Road transport | Road transport - logistical services | Secure transport services [+] Air Transport | shipping throughout europe | transport services | shipping throughout the world | national shipping | international shipments | relocation service | express transport service | shipping services

    • Transport Express Transport Express The transport of goods as Less than Truck Load LTL - Less than Truck Load
    • Express Transport Express Transport The exclusive / Full Truck Load of goods FTL - Full Truck Load
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  • WORLD EXPEDITIONS is a company handling international shipments. It's a strategic partner for its clients, providing a personalised service and continuous assistance. Founded as a company...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport | goods transport and forwarding | International forwarding | Brokers, customs [+] courier for europe | road haulage | international forwarding | forwarding agents | shipping throughout the world | national shipping | air forwarding | forwarding | transport and overland shipment of merchandise

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  • RCM D.O.O.
    SLOVENIA- Prevalje
    RCM D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    RCM D.O.O is a company based in Prevalje, Slovenia, specialized since 1992 in logistics services. We offer a range of comprehensive logistic solutions in the international environment, including...

    Supplier of: international road transport of goods | sea transport | Sea freight | International freight | Air Transport [+] Road transport | Road transport - logistical services | Storage services | customs agents | freight transportation | transport services | international road transport | customs procedures | freight forwarding services

    • Land transport Land transport
    • Sea transport Sea transport
    • Air transport Air transport
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    ITALY- Napoli
    CON-TRA SPA - Verified by Europages

    We have over 30 years' experience in the international shipping sector. Our strengths are our high standards of service, dynamic nature and experience. Our headquarters are in Salerno, our registered...

    Supplier of: goods transport | International forwarding | International transport agents

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    ITALY- Asti
    TRAN.SMA. - Verified by Europages

    The TRAN.SMA di Asti company has been operating in the road haulage sector since 1978. Thanks to our 30 years' experience and expert collaborators, we offer flexible solutions to meet any corporate...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport | transport and shipment | national transport | Road transport [+] road haulage | national shipping | merchandise warehousing | open in august

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    ITALY- Nizza Di Sicilia
    RAPID TRASPORTI - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport | international transport | International freight | road haulage

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  • 025691241
    ITALY- Opera
    025691241 - Verified by Europages

    A fleet of vehicles comprising seven truck trailers equipped with cranes capable of handling loads ranging from 1 to 22 tonnes, seven forklift trucks, with a lifting capacity of up to 8 tonnes, low...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | Transport - wide and long loads | road haulage | special heavy plant road convoys | farming machinery transport [+] industrial moving | heavy machinery transport | bulkycargo | construction machinery transport | workshop and machinery removals by road

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    DIAMOND LOGISTICS - Verified by Europages

    DIAMOND LOGISTICS is a logistic solution provider group. The DIAMOND LOGISTICS teams provides you a a full range of logistic services such as: shipping of parcels by air/sea/land and rail, handling...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | Forwarding agents, harbour | Forwarding agents, airport | air and sea transport | transit consultant [+] transit import export | luxury removals | express delivery service | goods shipped by road | goods shipped by air | goods shipped by sea | goods shipped by rail | logistic solution provider | handling - stevedoring - haulage

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    ITALY- Gorizia
    ENERCO SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...Europe. It provides logistics, shipments, transport, foreign commerce consultancy, technical/customs consultancy, groupage shipment and customs clearance services, completion of Intrastat...

    Supplier of: goods transport | international transport | Transport - wide and long loads | Brokers, customs | international forwarding [+] customs services | customs carrier | import/export service | customs procedures | goods in customs road shipment services | customs agency | logistics | customs assistance

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    POLAND- Swiebodzin
    SAREX - Verified by Europages

    Sarex has specialised in production of wooden elements for 20 years. We have broad experience in selecting components of the highest quality. Currently, we offer windows and doors made of PVC,...

    Supplier of: transport of goods | Windows, wood | woodworking | window installation | pvc windows [+] stairs | wooden elements | door assembly

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    ITALY- Lagnasco
    PAVISA SPEDIZIONI SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...for the transport of perishable goods on various different Italian fruit and vegetable markets for the south of France and Spain. We have gradually specialised in groupage, seeking to increase care and...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | road haulage | national shipping | refrigerated transport | isothermic transport [+] international groupage

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    SPAIN- Archena-Murcia
    SERATRANS IBÉRICA - Verified by Europages

    ...We carry out the following work: International transport services. Refrigerated goods transport. Full and part loads. We specialize in European and international transport, as well as national transport.

    Supplier of: goods transport | transport of dangerous goods | refrigerated transports | Road transport | transport agency [+] paper transport | machinery transport | transport of waste

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    ITALY- Trieste
    LEVANTE - Verified by Europages

    Since 2008, La Levante offers a fully comprehensive service for all that concerns transport and logistics. From the province of Trieste to the whole of Italy and the rest of the world, the company...

    Supplier of: goods transport | International forwarding | Brokers, customs | import - export services | customs warehouse [+] customs operations of any kinds | customs services | international forwarding agent

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    ITALY- Catania
    GRANDI TRASPORTI - Verified by Europages

    Trading in the transport sector for more than 30 years, Grandi Trasporti Srl has a fleet of 300 loading vehicles with platforms, tarped decks, jumbo trailers, low-loaders, extra low-loaders, special...

    Supplier of: Transportation of goods by road - international | Goods transport | International freight | Hoisting brackets - cranes | Transport - wide and long loads [+] Port services | quick transport | exceptional transport

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  • Enzo Rapisarda Autotrasporti SRL at Belpasso (CT) in the course of the years has enlarged its Articulated lorry fleet that delivers in Italy and in europe. Works with companies in the food sector and...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport | national transport | Transport - refrigerated | Road transport - logistical services [+] refrigerated transport | logistics | transport and storage, all types of freight

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    SPAIN- Vitoria-Gasteiz (álava)
    PALETTRANSPORT - Verified by Europages to provide global goods pallet transport solutions with an added value to fully satisfy our customers. Palettransport, a company specialised in goods pallet transport, as well as storage,...

    Supplier of: Goods transport | goods transport on pallets | warehousing | logistics | groupage [+] palletisation | door to door transport | cross docking

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