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  • We supply carefully selected olive oil ready for industrial food-processing use thanks to our passion for tradition and research. Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil
    ITALY - Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa
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  • ...Jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, macadamia nut oil, wheatgerm oil; Xanthan gum, lactic acid, synthetic lactic acid, potassium lactate, tannin, astragalus; Ethyl lactate, calcium lactate, parabens, benzoic acid, triethyl citrate, soybean oil, natural oils, essential oils, malic acid, citric acid, groundnut oil, acetic acid, pomegranate seed oil, rose... Supplier of: Olive oil | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | tragacanth | castor oil | tannins [+] lactic acid | jojoba oils | pomegranate seed oil | magnesium lactate | rose hip seed oil | xanthan gum | kukui nut oil | citric acids | benzoic acid | nigella oil
    GERMANY - Eresing
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  • We have made it our mission to produce only flawless oils and make them available to consumers worldwide. As an emergent German-Moroccan family business, we only provide our customers with the best.... Supplier of: Olive oil | gourmet oil | cosmetic oil | argan oil | base oils [+] kalonji oil | Shampoos | argan beauty cream | argan anti-age cream | organic argan oil | soaps | bath salts | natural-based cosmetics | jojoba oils | prickly pear seed oil
    GERMANY - Straubing
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  • ...produced and manufactured locally-sourced extra virgin olive oil in a way that respects the environment and traditional techniques. Our olive oil has the peppery grassy taste characteristic of aglandau olives (90%). Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | natural olive oil soap | marseilles olive oil soap | producer of extra virgin olive oil [+] green and fruity flavoured olive oil | producer of provence olive oil sold in bulk | olive oil made in the alpes-de-haute-provence region | olive oil from provence | toilet soap | soap | craft-made soaps | natural soaps | provence-style marseilles soaps
    FRANCE - Oraison
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  • ...the cultivation and production of oil (olive pomace) and wine. We compost pruning waste and olive pomace with cattle manure to obtain humus that we work into the soil to fertilise it; we use the olive pits as fuel... Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | environmentally friendly olive oil soap | Oils and fats, edible [+] biodynamic agriculture | kosher food products | red wines | organic soap | organic oil | environmentally-friendly farming | jumilla wine | mourvèdre n grape | biodynamic oil
    SPAIN - Jumilla-Murcia
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  • ...MONINI has meticulously selected oils from the finest growing regions of Italy and the Mediterranean basin, bottling and selling an extra virgin olive oil that is of a consistently high quality. Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | the beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil | non-filtered extra virgin olive oil [+] high quality extra virgin olive oil | italian extra virgin olive oil | 100% italian extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | ombrie protected designation of origin extra virgin olive oil | flavoured extra virgin olive oil | oil presses | aromatic soil | truffle oil
    ITALY - Spoleto
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  • Aceituna Verde SL is a family business that specializes in olive growing in its own plantations and in purchasing from regional growers. Although we have always worked in this sector since we went... Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | packed olive oil [+] olive oil wholesalers | high quality extra virgin olive oil | table olives
    SPAIN - Campillos-Málaga
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  • Family-run business specialising in packing and selling all types of vegetable oils for culinary use. Olive oil, sunflower seed oil. Food-grade oil, vinegar and mayonnaise. Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oils | virgin olive oil | seed oil | sunflower oil [+] vinegar | mayonnaise | oil for frying | oil for deep fryers | oil marc
    SPAIN - Ablitas-Navarra
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  • Vinegars: red and white wine vinegars, cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and spirit vinegar. Garlic and tarragon flavoured vinegars. Sherry vinegar (single servings). Oil, Modena balsamic vinegar-lemon... Supplier of: Olive oil | oil | Condiments, extracts and spices | vinegar | jerez vinegar [+] honey vinegar | balsamic vinegar | wine vinegar | spirit vinegar | cider vinegar
    SPAIN - Cabezo De Torres-Murcia
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  • A family business based in Castuera, Extremadura. From the very beginning, the company has focused on producing two of the region's most renowned specialities: nougat (Rey nougats) and oil (Sierra... Supplier of: Olive oil | extra-virgin olive oil | Nougat | marzipan | candied fruit [+] hard and soft almond nougat | caramelised almonds | stuffed almonds | sugared almonds | top quality nougat
    SPAIN - Castuera
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  • ...GRANJAL is a Portuguese wine and olive oil business. 50 hectares of vineyards and olive groves, covering two farms: QUINTA SÃO GONÇALO and QUINTA DO GRANJAL with a recently built high-tech wine-producing cellar and... Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | wine and olive oil producers | Wines [+] wines - portugal | wine production and trade | douro wines
    PORTUGAL - Vila Flor
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  • ...Sallemi family has been producing olive oil uninterruptedly applying the same levels of reliability, honesty and professionalism since 1873. In 1999, Raffaele Sallemi first introduced the oil it produced in its... Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | oil presses | oil-mills | aromatic soil [+] pgi oil from sicily | dpo oil | puréed tomatoes
    ITALY - Comiso
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  • Taleon Olive Oil Co. is a family based business located in southern Greece, in the city of Sparta and it trades two types of extra virgin olive oils: ✔ Taleon Extra virgin olive oil and ✔ Taleon Organic extra virgin olive oil The word "Taleon" means light that is reflected from the... Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | distributor of olive oil | olive oil wholesaler | extra virgin olive oil [+] organic extra virgin olive oil | greek olive oil | exporters of olive oil
    GREECE - Sparti
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  • ...the production and marketing of olive oil, VIVELIA LTD was created with the sole purpose to merge our vision of providing high quality and value products to our customers with supreme quality that Mother Nature has generously given us in Greece. Our Products: Extra virgin olive oil glass & metal containers 55ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L,... Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | producer of olive oil | export of olive oil [+] distributor of olive oil | producers of greek olive oil | Honey
    GREECE - Voitia
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  • ...products of our farm (Olive oil Table olives, Oranges, Aromatic herbs etc.) The Organic Farm includes: - Olive Groves with "KORONEIKI VARIETY" for olive oil production, - A farm with edible KALAMATA olives, - A vineyard, about two acres with selected varieties of... Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | producer of olive oil | export of olive oil [+] greek olive oil | kalamata pdo olive oil | organic olive oil
    GREECE - Ilion
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  • ...the magic of extra virgin olive oil in our own olive groves in Biotia central Greece, located near Delphi and Arachova. The olive oil is derived from the following olive varieties - Koroneiki - Athinoelia and -... Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | organic olive oils | export of olive oil | greek olive oil [+] ORGANIC FARMING | organic honey | balsamic vinegar
    GREECE - Athens
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  • At Antica Tenuta del Nanfro, 37 of its 49 hectares are devoted to growing grape vines. The company is situated within the long-established Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG production area, where vines have... Supplier of: Olive oil | olive-growing | Wines | Agricultural tourism | Wines, sparkling [+] sicilian wine | wineries | organic wine
    ITALY - Caltagirone
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  • Located in the Valparaíso valley, to the south of the capital between the lowlands and the mountains, the cooperative packs the olives that it grows, selecting the finest extra-virgin olive oil. Supplier of: Olive oil | aoc olive oils | extra virgin olive oil | virgin olive oil | pure olive oil [+] sale of extra-virgin olive oil | cooperative

    Brands : PUENTE SIERRA

    SPAIN - Jaén
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  • ...the most modern equipment. We only use Picual olives collected exclusively in the Sierra Mágina region. Our oils are made in accordance with the Sierra Mágina designation of origin and bear the D.O. stamp. Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | producer of olive oil | distributor of olive oil [+] olive oil producer | olive oil plant | olive oil wholesaler
    SPAIN - Albanchez De Magina-Jaén
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  • Since 1890, the Pantaleo family has fully devoted its efforts, passion and experience gained from previous generations to the production of a quality oil with a unique flavour, and even though this... Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | second pressing olive oil | import-export of extra-virgin olive oil [+] olive oil production and distribution | biological oils

    Brands : PANTALEO

    ITALY - Fasano
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  • ...packing and sale of all kinds of cooking oils: organic oil, European Community or Italian extra-virgin olive oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soy bean oil, blended oilseed oil, palm oil. Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | sunflower oil | soybean oils [+] biological oils | seed oils | corn oil
    ITALY - Casale Monferrato
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  • The largest cooperative oil group in Catalonia, with average production of eight million kilos of olive oil. Supplier of: Olive oil | production of olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | olive oil: manufacture | extra virgin olive oil [+] olive oil with label of origin | virgin olive oil
    SPAIN - Santa Bàrbara-Tarragona
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  • In the Middle Ages, the 'laudemio' was the finest of the harvest, the part destined for the tables of the local aristocracy. Today, throughout the world, the Laudemio brandname is a prestigious... Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | Vegetable oils | edible vegetable oils [+] own production | cold squeezing | biological oils
    ITALY - Firenze
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  • The extra-virgin olive oil produced at the Mendia de Arróniz mill is intricate and balanced with a green-yellow colour and average to high fruitiness reminiscent of freshly-cut grass with notes of... Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | packed olive oil | olive oil, extra virgin [+] traditionally seasoned olives | home-grown olives | extra virgin oil
    SPAIN - Arróniz-Navarra
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  • ...standardization unit for honey, olive oil and wine ✓ Activities Today, the growth of our product offering is continuous with new additions of a high-quality standard. Our certified facilities have been... Supplier of: Olive oil | greek olive oil | exports of olive oil | wholesale of wine | honey [+] exports of greek wine | exports of greek honey

    Brands : ATHENAEUS

    GREECE - Gerakas, Attica
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  • Socofram is a wholesaler for Eastern, North African and Halal foods in Rungis. Located at RUNGIS' M.I.N. and BOISSY SAINT-LEGER, in the Paris region, we directly import foods from Turkey, Lebanon,... Supplier of: Dried fruits | Fruits, dried | Vegetables, dried | Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export [+] Frozen and deep-frozen foods | toasted dry fruits | dried fruit | wholesale foodstuffs | almonds | dates | dried apricots | walnuts | pistachios | walnut kernel
    FRANCE - Rungis
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  • ...are included: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL * Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the "Koroneiki" Olive Variety * PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil * BIO PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIVES * Green Olives (whole, pitted, stuffed with almond, red pepper, garlic) * Kalamata... Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | distributor of olive oil [+] flavoured olive oil | exporters of greek olive oil | appetisers | marinades for chicken, fish and meat | food dressings
    GREECE - Acharnes
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  • ...olives and handling olive oil of highest grades, AEONS has developed into an international operating enterprise with high level of expertise and specialization in supplying premium olive products in delicatessen shops, food markets and food chains. Our products include a wide range of: •Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Conventional, Organic, Wild Olive Oil),... Supplier of: Olive oil | organic olive oils | extra virgin organic olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | greek olive oil exporters [+] olive oil wholesalers | producers of greek olive oil | green olives kalamata olives
    GREECE - Almyros
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  • Supplier of: Olive oil | Agriculture - import-export | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Gastronomic specialties | Animal Production
    GERMANY - Nürnberg
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  • Supplier of: Olive oil | Drinks, soft | Liquors and spirits | Brandy | Fortified wines
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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