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    FRANCE- Paris
    TFOODS - Verified by Europages

    TFOODS distributes and sells ready meals prepared on the basis of traditional recipes from the Maghreb for healthy, gourmet eating: 100% natural ready meals from the Maghreb and the Mediterranean....

    Supplier of: Olive oil | export of olive oil | distributor of olive oil | olive oil from the maghreb | table olives from the maghreb [+] jars of oriental olives | Foods, precooked and gourmet | suppliers of pre-cooked meals | food ingredients for precooked meals | flavouring for cooked dishes | ready meals from the maghreb | prepared dishes from the maghreb | 100% natural prepared dishes | prepared dishes with no colourings | prepared dishes with no preservatives

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    HUNGARY- Szabadság
    HN AGRO ORSUS KFT. - Verified by Europages

    HN Agro Orsus Kft. is a company based in Hungary specialized in the trade of agricultural products, both for retail and wholesale. Our product range includes nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, oil,...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | Garlic | Stud farms | Dried fruits [+] Pork | Spices | Soft drinks | Firewood | Wood products | Animals & Livestock | chocolate bars | ginger | agricultural products | saffron

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    GREECE- Xanthi
    GREEKLAND - Verified by Europages

    ...goods. Our products range includes extra virgin olive oil, coffee, cosmetics for hair, body and face as well as drinks for bars and restaurants. We supply our products directly from manufacturers...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | greek olive oil | greek olive oil extra virgin | export of olive oil | extra virgin olive oil [+] extra virgin organic olive oil | organic olive oils | premium olive oil | wholesale olive oil | Cosmetics | Beauty products | Drinks | Haircare products | Sun protection products | Skin-care products

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    BIOFOOD GIDA - Verified by Europages

    We are a young business, mastering the rules of both national and international trade. Since Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to bringing to you Turkish...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | extraction of olive oil | Agriculture - import-export | Food - import-export | Eggs [+] Fruit juices | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Dried fruits | Sales Department | import/export business associations | oil for food use | almonds | apricot | hazelnuts | pistachios

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  • Trust is an integral element of our family business, and one that underpins our philosophy. Every day, the consumers of our products place a huge amount of trust in us. Quality is also a major part...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | Spices | Ham | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | dates [+] freeze drying | pizza dough | saffron | ewe's cheese | frozen fish | freeze-dried fruits | freeze-dried vegetables | lemon peel | fruit concentrates | organic products

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    GERMANY- Boffzen
    ÖLMÜHLE SOLLING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Ölmühle Solling is a family-run organic manufactory from Boffzen in Lower Saxony, Germany. The company was founded by the Baensch family, who guided the family company from the very beginning in 1996...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | Oils and fats, edible | biological oils | natural cosmetics | oil cake [+] soap | honey vinegar | linseed oil | coconut oil | rapeseed oil | organic cosmetics | press cakes | skin balm | seasoning oils | vinegars

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  • PB2C
    FRANCE- Bouglon
    PB2C - Verified by Europages

    ...olive oil, truffle, saffron, essential oils, dried mint, fruit and vegetables. We examine all requests for Algerian products to satisfy specific market needs. Our network in Algeria enables us to...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | algerian olive oils | Potatoes | Import-export - food and agriculture | tomatoes [+] saffron | onions | figs | dates | indian figs | apples | apricots | pomegranates | essential oil aromas | ghars

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    SPAIN- Murcia
    ROYAL BIO - Verified by Europages

    Royal Bio is a wholesaler for 100% pure and environmentally-friendly ingredients, supplying the cosmetics manufacturing, food-processing, pharmaceutical and plant health sectors. We sell more than...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | cosmetic vegetable oils | natural cosmetics | essential oils | jojoba oils [+] cosmetic oils | manufacturer of vegetable extracts | virgin almond oil | castor oil | castor oils | manufacturer of floral waters | organic argan oil | natural oils for the cosmetics industry | natural oils for food processing | natural extracts for the cosmetics industry

    • Organic Lampante Olive Vegetable Oil Organic Lampante Olive Vegetable Oil
    • Organic Virgin Olive Vegetable Oil Organic Virgin Olive Vegetable Oil
    • Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil, Refined Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil, Refined
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    ALGERIA- Alger
    EURL AABS - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | Fruits, dried | Agriculture - import-export | dates

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    GERMANY- Eresing
    W. ULRICH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We distribute high-quality raw materials for the cosmetics, food, technology and pharmaceuticals industry worldwide: Aloe vera, malic acid, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, avocado butter, avocado oil,...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | Oils and resinoids | castor oil | tannins | lactic acid [+] jojoba oils | rose hip seed oil | tragacanth | xanthan gum | coconut oil | almond oil | benzoic acid | kalonji oil | potassium sorbate | natural waxes

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    SPAIN- Jumilla-Murcia
    ACEITES CASA PAREJA - Verified by Europages

    ...the fruit of careful growing and blending of our olives, cold pressing in our own mill at our olive groves, using olives that have been recently harvested.Our extra virgin olive oil is an oil that is thick, smooth...

    Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | environmentally friendly olive oil soap | Oils and fats, edible [+] biodynamic agriculture | kosher food products | red wines | organic soap | organic oil | environmentally-friendly farming | jumilla wine | mourvèdre n grape | biodynamic oil

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  • Aceituna Verde SL is a family business that specializes in olive growing in its own plantations and in purchasing from regional growers. Although we have always worked in this sector since we went...

    Supplier of: Olives | Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | packed olive oil [+] olive oil wholesalers | high quality extra virgin olive oil | table olives

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    ITALY- San Gimignano
    CASALE FALCHINI - Verified by Europages

    ...and also the production of extra virgin olive oil. The old farmhouse, which gave the area its name, was once a monastery in a strategic position on the hill, able - then as now - to take...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | Wines - Tuscany | Wines, champagne method | vernaccia di san gimignano [+] vin santo (sweet white raisin wine) | wines | single grape grappas | italian brut wines | chianti | colli senesi chianti | toscani igt white wines | toscani igt red wines

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    ITALY- Trinitapoli
    TERRA D'ORO SRL - Verified by Europages

    DONO DORATO is the brand created by the TERRA D’ORO farm, symbolising quality, authenticity and creativity. Conceived with the utmost care, it is a guarantee of superior quality. The company is most...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | Business gifts | Fruit preserves and jams | company gift services [+] processed farm produce

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    ITALY- Colle Di Val D'elsa
    FIORENTINI FIRENZE - Verified by Europages

    ...the largest companies which sells extra virgin olive oil of different origins and one of the main centres for storing extra virgin olive oil in Italy with a capacity of almost 8 million litres. We...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | second pressing olive oil | italian extra virgin organic olive oil [+] tuscany dop extra virgin olive oil | olive oil made in italy | extra virgin organic olive oil | olive oil storage | olive oil sales | bottling of extra virgin olive oil | edible oils and fats | oil-mills | biological oils

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    ITALY- Pomezia
    COLAVITA SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...rise to “Selezione italiana” - the result of a painstaking selection of the best olives harvested when they're just beginning to mature, exclusively in Italy (certified as 100% Italian by Cermet - cert. N. 9902).

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | oil-mills | aromatic soil [+] edible oils and fats

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    SPAIN- Cambil (jaén)
    ACEITES TRUJAL DE MÁGINA - Verified by Europages

    ...Virgin Olive Oil. The quality of our oils comes from the region's exceptional conditions and also the environmentally-friendly and centred work. These conditions enable us to harvest the olives when they...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | organic olive oils | extra virgin olive oil | packed olive oil | virgin olive oil [+] organic olive oil | extra-virgin organic olive oil | sierra mágina olive oil | molino de ochoa olive oil | castillo de alhabar olive oil | extra virgin oil | oil for food use | oil


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    BELGIUM- Tarcienne
    ILANGA NATURE - Verified by Europages

    ...NATURE is a producer of spices, wild hive honey, olive oil and fruits. Our products are provided with a guarantee of quality and traceability. Enjoy our discoveries in the secrecy of your kitchen with the...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | Food specialities | Foods, gourmet | Gastronomic specialties [+] Food - import-export | Honey | Condiments, extracts and spices | organic honey | preserves, jams and marmalades | pepper | organic vegetable oils | producer honey from madagascar | special honeys

    • Sardinian extra virgin olive oils Sardinian extra virgin olive oils for professionnals
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    TOPRAK ZEYTIN - Verified by Europages

    ...based in Turkey specialized in the production of olives. We mainly produce black and green olives since 2013. Our product range also includes olive oil, olive paste, garlic stuffed olives, pepper stuffed olives or grilled olives....

    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | manufacturer of olive oil | green olives | black olives [+] olive paste | green cocktail olives | scored green olives | garlic stuffed olives | grilled olives | pepper stuffed olives | kalamata olives | tomato paste | pomegranate syrup

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  • A brand highly recommended for those who wish to break out of their routine by purchasing a product that combines the elegance worthy of the best haute couture atelier with excellent flavour and oil...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | oil | Cosmetics | Agricultural Production | natural cosmetics [+] own production | luxury oil


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    ITALY- Rocca Priora
    ITALIAN TASTE - Verified by Europages

    ...cheeses, foods pickled or in oil, olives and so much more! We have lengthy experience as specialised retailers of the typical gastronomic products and Italian pork products combining high...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | Food specialities | Meats, cooked and cured | Pasta | Cheese [+] regional and typical food products | cheese | supplies for restaurants | deli meats | traditional product

    Brands : ITALIAN TASTE

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  • The PA.VI.RO farm wants to bring to the table of each consumer only healthy and genuine products, processed according to tradition and a well structured production chain. All this in order to create...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | Oils and fats, edible | Business gifts [+] gift items

    Brands : OLIO PRINCIPE

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    POLAND- Krynica-Zdroj
    PPUH BRUN SP. Z.O.O - Verified by Europages

    PPUH BRUN SP. Z.O.O is a trading company based in Poland. We are specialized in the wholesale supply of food products, beverages and lifestyle products all around the world. Our wide product range...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dairy products | Cereals and grains | SWEETS | Masks, safety [+] Agriculture - import-export | food products | frozen meats | edible oils and fats | frozen seafood | digital thermometers | food / beverages - wholesale and retail | fruit and vegetable wholesaler | distribution and wholesale trade associations

    • Sunflower Oil Sunflower Oil Edible Oils Catalogue
    • Rapeseed Oil Rapeseed Oil Edible Oils Catalogue
    • Palm Oil (crude & Refined) Palm Oil (crude & Refined) Edible Oils Catalogue
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    FRANCE- Brie Comte Robert
    FRANCE DISTRIBUTION - Verified by Europages

    ...oil, corn oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil and wheat flour. SAINT MAURICE oils are available in 1 L, 3 L, 5 L, 10 L and 25 L packs. SAINT MAURICE wheat flour is prepared in Europe's largest...

    Supplier of: olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | Food - import-export | Vegetable oils [+] sunflower oil | refined sunflower oil | corn oil | cooking oils | rapeseed oil producer | mediterranean oil producer | special frying oil supplier | wheat flour | soft drink sales

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    SPAIN- Arróniz-Navarra
    TRUJAL MENDÍA - Verified by Europages

    ...mill in the Comunidad Foral. The cooperative cultivates 900, 000 olive trees on 2, 800 hectares, producing 1, 500 tonnes of virgin olive oil every year, 50% of all the olive oil produced in Navarre.

    Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | packed olive oil | olive oil, extra virgin [+] craft-flavoured olives | home-grown olives | extra virgin oil

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    ITALY- Fasano
    PANTALEO - Verified by Europages

    ...of top quality oil; extra-virgin olive oil with an unmistakable flavour that, despite being produced on a large scale, still manages to maintain the characteristics that have made it famous. Apart...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | oil presses | oil-mills

    Brands : PANTALEO

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    SPAIN- Santa Bàrbara-Tarragona
    AGRÍCOLA DEL CAMP S.C.C.L. - Verified by Europages

    ...are all other cooperatives from the canton of Montsià. Montebre SCCL will be the largest cooperative oil group in Catalonia, with an average production of close to eight million kilos of olive oil.

    Supplier of: Olive oil | production of olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | olive oil: manufacture | extra virgin olive oil [+] olive oil with label of origin | virgin olive oil

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  • ...In 1999, Raffaele Sallemi first introduced the oil it produced in its presses outside the local area. Olio Sallemi, which takes part in some of the major olive oil events (Sol at Verona, Orciolo d'Oro at...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | oil presses | oil-mills | aromatic soil [+] pgi oil from sicily | dpo oil | puréed tomatoes

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    SPAIN- Villanueva De La Vera-Cáceres
    GUALTAMINOS - Verified by Europages

    ...VARIETIES OF CHERRIES. Sales of fertiliser and plant health care products, hardware, all types of irrigation systems, garden products, farming machinery, oils and lubricants for vehicles and tractors, animal feed.

    Supplier of: Olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | paprika flakes | sweet paprika [+] sweet & sour paprika | pimentón de la vera | hot paprika

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    ITALY- Caltagirone
    ANTICA TENUTA DEL NANFRO - Verified by Europages

    At Antica Tenuta del Nanfro, 37 of its 49 hectares are devoted to growing grape vines. The company is situated within the long-established Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG production area, where vines have...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive-growing | Wines | Agricultural tourism | Wines, sparkling [+] sicilian wine | wineries | organic wine

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