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    SilvRedux is a Portuguese producer and supplier of food supplement founded in 2021 by Hugo Silvestre Barbosa, who fell in love with the therapeutic properties of plants and became loyal to this therapy in the context of his clinical practice, uses the naturopathic method as one of the methods therapeutics to prevent disease and restore health. Our first product is SilvRedux Tea, which aims to provide a general detox to the body, helps with poor circulation and feelings of swelling and heavy legs, helps with fluid loss due to the diuretic properties of the plants, helps to model and reduce appetite , regulates the intestine and aids in digestion. It has a calming effect due to Camellia Sinensis that contributes to well-being, as it fights stress naturally, increases resistance, favors skin regeneration, strengthens vision, improves circulation, stimulates the liver, improves concentration and rejuvenates. We also offer you SilvRedux Sleep Gummies, an innovative food supplement specially formulated to promote restful sleep both at the onset of sleep and throughout the night. All our food supplements are carefully formulated based on the active and therapeutic principles of each plant to promote a therapeutic benefit to our consumers in a 100% natural and effective way, aiming health improvement and organic balance. The gummies help reduce the time to fall asleep and maintain a peaceful and relaxed sleep. Contact our team and find out more!



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    EDEN FARMER is a leading export and production company specialising in sunflower, vegetable, maize and palm oils, and in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable preserves, powdered milk, sauces, and pasta. We are proud to offer you a wide variety of superior quality fresh and frozen products carefully and sustainably cultivated with respect for the environment. Our superior quality oils, including olive oil, sunflower oil and maize oil, are carefully selected for their quality and exceptional flavour. We work with local farmers and international suppliers. Our dedicated team of export and distribution professionals have thorough expertise in this area and can cater for the individual needs of each customer (importers, exporters, wholesalers, purchasing departments, agrifooods industry, etc.). At Eden Farmer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products, bringing healthy and delicious food to all of our customers in France and our export customers, whilst supporting our local and international suppliers.



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    Greype France, a committed and go-ahead team who are passionate about maintaining the quality of the products it sells, will always listen closely to your needs and expectations. Quality, rapidity, expertise are more than simply concepts, above all else they represent our day-to-day philosophy. We also have IFS (a requirements for working with supermarkets in France, Germany and Italy) and GlobalG.A.P. chain of custody (CoC) certification. Located at the Saint-Charles multimodal platform in Perpignan, Europe's largest fruit and vegetable trading centre, and supported by its hard-working, dynamic and passionate teams, Greype France offers the import-export of high-quality fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Our catalogue offers a large range of products, including: •a range of sucrine and iceberg lettuces; •asparagus; •peppers and courgettes; •citrus (leafy, leafless) is a big success with our consumers; •aubergine; •artichoke, one of our leading products; •celery; •broccoli; •sweet potato; •peaches and nectarines. Our in-house processes guarantee you a product that is healthy, as-described and of merchantable quality by warranting the safety and compliance of all the products that we offer, from production to packaging and all the way to delivery, all of the processes carried out under the supervision of Greype's team of experienced and conscientious professionals.

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    ARGOS is a company based in Greece operating in the dog food industry. Our product range includes natural dried treats for dogs. Our mission is to offer our four-legged friends natural and healthy snacks to promote their overall health especially thanks to our snacks with natural fur. We use a special dehydration technique that maintains the meat's nutrients without alterating its natural state. Moreover, we have 20 years of experience in meat and we are aware of its importance in a dog's diet. Today we export to 7 countries and are present in more than 70 points of sale in Greece. We use raw materials of the finest quality and meet inspections are carried out by professional veterinarians. Our experienced team performs the processing and packaging of our products to ensure full hygiene and high-quality for each product. We adhere to the HACCP quality assurance system and strive to maintain high-quality standards. Our goal is to propose dog treats that respect their health as well as their instictive nutritional preferences. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !


    South Africa

    DREAMCELSIUS GROUP AFRICA is a leading Pan-African investment holding company based in Johannesburg South Africa. The group operates mainly across; various Agricultural commodities, imports-exports of fresh produce and other raw materials. – Wholesale supply of Dream Juice ®, Fruits & Vegetables-Bulk- Refined sunflower oil and other edibles –Wheat- Bulk nuts – Cashews- Corn - (White/Yellow) - Grains- Forest Products. We supply foods that are GREAT for a Healthy Skin. Our VISION • To be an impactful Pan-African enterprise taking care of everyday human needs for generations to come help build a better world. • Our number one priority is client’s satisfaction through the excellent customer service, export of quality food and customer service we offer which will eventually make us the number one preferred company with the South African products enjoyed all over the world. MISSION • Our mission is to create value by offering our customers high quality products and premium services. • Promote economy of AFRICA by trading in the international markets to bring much needed cash into the local economy and support many jobs keep local people employed. • What makes us unique and stand out in the midst of our competitors is the drive and commitment we foster and enhance in providing quality and reliable service. • The company seeks to add value in order to continue growing and developing relationships with important existing and potential customers to ensure food security.

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    Sb-Trading (BVBA) is a trading company based in Belgium, founded in 2016 and specialized in the worldwide sales of food & non-food FMCG products, especially drinks, sweets and candies, milk powders, meats, and other products. In our portfolio, we have many well-known brands and a wide range of the most popular products, such as: - Food: bulk wholesale sweets, Ferrero, Mars, Nestlé, Ovomaltine, Lotus Biscoff, Hipp, Aptamil, Mentos, Sunflower oil, flour, meats - Non-Food: Persil, Ariel, Fairy, Pril, Lenor, Nivea, Alpecin - Tools: Scraps, Chemicals We aim to offer excellent choices in healthy products to clients sourced from reputed brands that tailor products to meet the specific requirements of global customers. The company has created a buzz in the domestic and international markets. Also, it works with some wholesale sweets UK companies and some import and export companies worldwide owing to the quality it offers. Under the leadership of eminent mentors, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. We provide products of well-known international brands such as : - Nutella Products: Nutella / Nutella&Go! - Ferrero Rocher Raffaello / Ferrero-Collection - Tic Tac Products: Tic-Tac / Tic-Tac-Mixers / Tic-Tac-Gum - Kinder Products: Kinder-Surprise/Kinder-Chocolate/Kinder-Choco-Bons/Kinder-Bueno. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



    "TORGOPTYUG" is a trading company that supplies agricultural products and provides global imports/exports of food products. The company has many reliable partners in crop production: —oil-bearing crops (flax seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, Camelina sativa, mustard, safflower, oilseed radish, etc.); —cereal grains (wheat, barley, rye, farro, oats, yellow and red millet, corn, white and red sorghum); —Buckwheat "TORGOPTYUG" regularly cooperates with producers of processed agricultural products (oat and wheat bran, flour, husk) and agricultural products for livestock feed. The company's own storage facilities all over Russia make it possible to quickly ship the required amount of goods to any location worldwide. Long-term experience in imports and exports of food products and expertise helps "TORGOPTYUG" to succeed in partnership with farmers and customers. The company's priority is to supply healthy and eco-friendly agricultural products all over the world, to reduce the environmental impact, and to improve the quality of life in the regions of presence. The team of professionals of "TORGOPTYUG" is open to discussing customized delivery conditions with the buyers. To achieve shared prosperity, the company is building and developing partnerships with various actors of the global food supply system. We are open to cooperation and will be happy to answer any questions.



    Royal Forest Company produces healthy food products and supplies high-quality organic raw materials. The company has been in existence for 9 years and during this time it has well-established itself as a reliable supplier of new useful products in the Russian healthy food market. Raw materials are being imported from more than 10 countries for the production of our own products, as well as for wholesale distribution over production sites in Russia and the CIS countries. Royal Forest's product line includes carob milk bars, vegan bars, sugar-free chocolate with natural concentrated fruit juice, carob glazed nuts, natural syrups and sugar-free concentrated fruit juices, teas, superfoods and cocoa products. The product line is being constantly replenished. Royal Forest products are presented in specialized stores, federal and regional retail chains, our own retail stores, as well as being exported to the Republic of Belarus, Central Asian countries; there is also an official representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Negotiations are in progress with distributors to bring the Royal Forest brand to the European and the US markets. Our brand is well-represented on social media. We give master classes, publish recipes, hold promotions and events for more than 100 000 subscribers. The company actively participates in international exhibitions on healthy nutrition and organic products, it is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


    United Arab Emirates

    Umixmart is a foodstuff supplier that has built lasting relationships with customers by providing high-quality food products for all budgets and aiming to expand  market in the Middle East countries. Our assortment consists mainly of products from Ukrainian, Brazilian and Argentinian farmers. We export it to countries Middle East, Europe and Asia. The chicken product assortment contains of: chilled or frozen whole chicken, leg quarter, boneless chicken (shawarma), chicken drumstick, chicken mid-joint wings, paws, feet, etc. The beef products that we have prepared for our customers include such cuts as: ribeye, bavetta, shank, neck, eye round, flank, shoulder and sirloin. We also offer roast beef, wing, brisket, trimming, scions, stomachs, livers and flanks. Providing healthy and nutritious food that promotes people’s well-being is very important for our company. As the main supplier of food and beverages to the market of United Arab Emirates and Middle East countries, Umixmart meets customers’ growing demand for healthy food products and ingredients We cooperate only with factories and plants which are certified according with international standards of food processing. For Muslim market we provide Halal certified products.



    Created in 1980, ISTANBUL VIZYON is Turkey's leading Mold and Aluminum Die Casting company with many years of experience, longevity and high quality standards in the products it manufactures. Since the establishment, it has offered solutions, designed and produced solutions to many important and well-known companies both in the domestic market and in the world market. Our company, specializing in high pressure aluminum injection die casting, follows with the global industry dynamics of the sector with years of experience and pioneering innovations, has exported to many different countries in the world with this experience and quality. Our company, which has maintained in a healthy business relationship for many years by signing supply service agreements with both national and global customers, has always produced solutions focused on the needs of our customers in terms of pre-sales and after-sales support. We work with our professional team by targeting 100% customer satisfaction at all stages of needs of our customers, from the design process, technical and commercial demands, final product production and timely and accurate delivery of the products. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We are a food company that exports high standard certificated dried fruits and vegetables to the whole world. Before processing, we select fresh fruits carefully. Since we use fresh and high-quality fruits, we can produce healthy and first quality dried fruits which are dried orange, apple, pear, peach, persimmon, lemon, pomegranate, plum, melon, mandarin, strawberry, banana, watermelon, kiwi, apricot, sun-dried tomato, etc. They're produced as sliced or chips upon request. We produce also fruit flours like orange mandarin flours used in bakery, pharmacy etc. We have international food safety certificates like ISO 9001 , FSSC 22000 etc. issued by authorities. All certificates can be examined by yours. Thanks to our sectoral know-how about dried fruits and our first-quality products, we are one of the leading companies in the field of dried fruits sector. We established our facility at the skirts of the Taurus Mountains, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and Central Anatolia, with a microclimate climate and fertile soils where all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown, and to process the products of the surrounding provinces. We attach great importance to disinfection inside and outside the factory. We seriously maintain occupational health and safety for our colleagues. We can explain that we are an environmentally friendly factory as follows; We deliver our packaging waste, waste oil and batteries classified as hazardous and non-hazardous to licensed companies.



    Ebifood is a supplier, importer and exporter company based with a headquarter in Istanbul. We offer our customers agricultural food products such as dried fruits, dried vegetables, herbs, seeds, IQF and infused products. Furthermore, we offer raw material and ingredients imported from other countries to the service of domestic manufacturers. Our company’s mission is to supply high quality, natural and organic food and offer them to everyone’s accessibility. Our primary focus is Turkish products such as Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Mulberries and else. Besides selling our products, we aim to build and sustain unshakable relationships and cooperations all around the world, with no limit of borders and countries. Ebifood established a healthy relationship reliable, rich and sustainable in the Middle East and Asia regions with Iran branch and continuos to develop. It made great progress in a short time with its expert team in the field and it gained a solid place in the sector. Our company continues to grow day by day with the investments made and to be made and undoubtedly that it will be rise on their solid foundation. We provides high level service for logistic, analysis, search, merchandizing, after sales support and all kinds of solution of the problems alongside high quality product and competitive price to valuable customers.



    Founded in 2015 , TRADE HUNGARIA KFT is a trading company based in Hungary that deals with the Mix supplies of hot products in the market such as Vegetable oils, automobiles, food and beverages, FMCG. We are dedicated to our services to our clients worldwide and we are making sure customer satisfaction should be our top priority. We welcome you in our trade market and give you the best competitive price you will ever wish for and be satisfied. In our portfolio, we have many well-known brands and a wide range of the most popular products, such as: - Food: bulk wholesale sweets, Ferrero, Mars, Nestlé, Ovomaltine, Lotus Biscoff, Hipp, Aptamil, Mentos, Sunflower oil, flour, meats - Non-Food: Persil, Ariel, Fairy, Pril, Lenor, Nivea, Alpecin - Tools: Scraps, Chemicals -Soft Drinks : Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi •Energy Drinks : Redbull, Monster etc.. •Beer : Heineken , Monster etc.. •Wood Products : Wood Pellets, Wood Shavings, Wood Briquette, Euro Pallet etc.. We aim to offer excellent choices in healthy products to clients sourced from reputed brands that tailor products to meet the specific requirements of global customers. The company has created a buzz in the domestic and international markets. Also, we work with some registered and legitimate producers and some import and export companies worldwide owing to the quality we offer. Under the leadership of eminent mentors, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



    CONFECTIONERY MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER GOLSKI LT, UAB is specialized on production of high-quality, exclusive and healthy confectionery products. The wide-range and differentiation of company's assortment allows its partners around the world to successfully target a wide-range of customers and meet their wants and needs. The selection of GOLSKI product includes: WAFER ROLLS, WAFFLES, PRALINES, BISCUITS, COOKIES, MUFFINS and BAKES. All of the product line is available in different flavors and with flexible packaging in order to achieve high-demand among citizens of different countries and regions. All the products are made without using palm oil and are available without sugar. Company also has a licensed product which is targeted for younger audience. The packaging of these products include: Paw Patrol, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Transformers and Little Pony. Benefits working with GOLSKI LT: -Golski LT is based in European Union which makes it easier, cheaper and faster to deliver products to you; -High-speed production; -Wide target market; -Attractive packaging; -High-quality product made on new, high-tech equipment; -Healthy product. GOSLKI LT has earned trust of many importers and distributors around the world and successfully presented in European, Middle East, American markets. We are always interested in establishing strong, long-term partnerships with importers, distributors and wholesaler around the world. Soon, the company will have GLUTEN-FREE products.



    Natural sweets factory "SWEET WORLD" offers premium quality candies, a big variety of handmade chocolate bars, fruits and drops in chocolate, chocolate figures and sets, healthy energy bars and marmalade. The company specializes on using only natural ingredients, without substitutes of cocoa butter, artificial dyes and preservatives. Some of chocolate bars have European organic certificates. Most of all products are gluten free. We have good experience in private label production. We intend to expand export sales and are looking for new importers, distributors and retailers in European and other markets.



    Agrosprint Ltd. is one of the most important producers of frozen fruits and vegetables in Europe. The company operates two factories in Hungary and one in Romania. A significant proportion of our IQF Frozen Fruits and IQF Frozen Vegetables is being consumed as conventional products.We can also supply IQF Frozen Organic Fruits and IQF Frozen Organic Vegetables. Agrosprint exports 80% of its production and supplies high quality frozen fruits and vegetables to the most important food companies in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Among the frozen fruits and frozen vegetables we produce: IQF Frozen Sweet Corn, IQF Frozen Green peas, IQF Frozen Black Sweet Cherry, IQF Frozen Sour cherry pitted, IQF Frozen Strawberry, and many others. The varieties of IQF Frozen Sweet Corn we produce are IQF Frozen Normal Sweet Corn and IQF Frozen Super Sweet Corn. As a certified manufacturer, the company has the following quality certificates: BRC, IFS and BIO. Agrosprint’s mission is to provide its partners and consumers with healthy fast frozen vegetables and fruits of excellent quality and high nutritional value, in order to provide for a healthy diet. We have been committed to our mission right from the beginning, therefore we operate a quality control system which monitors our operations from the selection of the lands to the packaging of our ready-made products.



    Aspet Preform is among Turkey's leading pet-jar and pet-preform factories. ASPET's aim is to be the leading company in the packaging industry. Our company is aware of its place in the food chain. Compliance with food laws is the absolute rule of our company. Our company, which has a complex integrated business consisting of raw materials, jars, bottles and lids, prefers ASPET in oil filling factories, olive factories, jam factories, tomato paste factories, pickle factories, honey producers and 1000's of glassware companies. It also serves turnip juice producers, pomegranate juice producers, lemon juice producers and concentrated fruit juice producers in the bottle group. Pet; It is a very important product as packaging. There are so many places in our lives. It is possible to see solid foods from liquid drinks in every area. It is a priority in exports as it is fragile. In addition to being a healthy product, recyclable, transparent and easy to see, this product has been promoted to the first place. We want you to know that your reference is the best advertisement for us. Satisfaction is the most basic source for our motivation. We are at your service to increase your competitive power with our quality and healthy packaging models.



    We grow and export Organic and Healthy products Saffron, Nuts, Dried Fruit and Pistachio. Also we have been known as top well known Apple producer ( Golden and Red Decision) twice times. We have too much acknowledgements from related organisations. two presidents encouraged us with acknowledgements We have valuable experience at exporting organic fruit specially Apples to some of the most important countries around Persian Gulf such as : UAE and Kuwait ... *we are the fourth generation of the family that manages 210000 square metres of lands that growing organic products. One of the Branches of our Company. -------------------------------- Our products and services in a glance: 1.Saffron 2.Pistachios 3.Almond 4.dried fruit 5.Honey 6.Apple 7.Banana 8.Coffee beans 9.Caviar 10.Avocado 11.Carpet 12.Dates 13. Grape Raisin 14 pine Nuts ------------------------------- Countries of Origin: Middle East : 1. Oman 2. Iran 3. Qatar **** Africa: 1. Kenya 2. Togo **** North America: Mexico **** Central Asia: 1.Kazakhstan 2.Uzbekistan **** Europe: 1. Turkey 2. Russia 3. Ukraine 4.Romania 5. Spain 6 Germany 7. Uk 8. France 9. Poland 10. Slovenia and Croatia **** Asia: 1. China 2. South Korea 3. Afghanistan ======================== Our point of view: Why we refuse to buy from dealers? We are dedicated to buy from farmers and producers directly and from poor regions to support them economical and obtain to sustainable growth. ----------------------- Other services: Always we welcome



    We are an import-export company in Greece and we operate mainly in the fruit sector. We represent a large group of farmers and promote their agricultural products (fruits and vegetables such as CHERRIES, NECTARINES, PEACHES, APPLES ect.) in European markets. Our priority is the good quality of the products, their reasonable prices and their valid delivery so that there is a healthy cooperation for both sides. On our website pellasfruits.com you will find all the fruits and their corresponding details.



    STIFANUTS Certified Premium Food Representatives Specialized in Dried Fruits and Nuts Operating directly in: Americas/Europe/Turkiye/North Africa/Middle East Specialized mainly in: Walnuts - Almonds - Prunes - Raisins - Dried Fruits - Pumpkin Seeds - Flaxseeds - Sunflower Seeds - Honey - Frozen Berries - Avocados - Limes We at STIFANUTS love healthy foods. So our organization, deals only with 100% certified, healthy guaranteed premium food providers and purchasers. Maximum seriousness and confidentiality. Your privacy and data are the highest priority for us. With our international location presence, and dedicated expertise, we come face to face with producers, exporters, importers, distributors, industries, creating "peace of mind" and facilitating quality food supplying internationally, keeping best convenient market prices. With STIFANUTS, you can eliminate any risk involved in your transactions, while buying at the most competitive price; in fact, you have included at your contract price without any additional costs: controlled premium suppliers/purchasers selection, fulfilling of any local quality inspection need, of customs operations, follow-up of all sales contract details. Compare our prices and services levels, you will find the best market convenience. We thank you in advance for contacting us for any of our food products offer, you can contact us through our direct contact details above, or fulfilling your message here below. Many thanks!



    TSC is located in Izmir / Turkey, exporting sea cucumbers worldwide. With our experience for more than 10 years of business, we always aim to provide healthy, high quality and safety products. Main products of Sea cucumbers are Holothuria Tubulosa and Holothuria Polii, Holothuria Mamata. We care about environment and importance of sustainable fishing methods of harvesting sea cucumbers. We believe protecting sea cucumbers is a major concern therefore TSC only making business with licensed boats and divers for collecting species and comply with regulations. Please contact with us to get latest prices.


    Czech Rep.

    DMHERMES TRADE S R.O. is a family company established in 1991 as an importer and distributor of original Greek products. In 2013 we started with our own production. Our goal was to create a healthy and tasty snacks which correspond to modern functional, health and design trends. We entered the Czech market with RAW ENERGY AND RAW PROTEIN BARS "BOMBUS NATURAL ENERGY" . BOMBUS NATURAL ENERGY bars are gluten free, diary free, added sugar free, raw high in fiber full of energy and protein 100% natural conservatives free BOMBUS motto is " Less ingredients more taste", so the ingredient list of our bars is very short and it consists only of fruit, nuts, cocoa and vegan protein. Our products appeared to be so successful that in 2018 they became best sellers among all fruit bars in chain retail stores in Czechia. One of the keys of our success is stable quality of the products, which we place great emphasis on. We export to 25 countries and cooperate with many chain retail stores as Lidl, Globus, Auchan, Tesco, Kaufland etc., healthy food shops, e-shops, gas stations. The portfolio of our products is growing and we are searching for reliable partners with developed distribution net all around the worls.



    we are an Egyptian company sperld we are looking for building new relationships with new importers of olive we have high quality and competitive prices The company was founded in 2004 in the field of producing and processing olives and pickles of all kindsThe company began to cultivate table olives and began to expand the cultivation of Picual, Manzanilla, Azizi and Gordal and Kalamata. In 2006, the company has had a major development in the factory’s olive plantation, 80 km from Cairo to Egypt Alexandria Desert Road. It also planted 30 hectares of olives in 2010 and doubled to 200 hectares In 2012, the company established 100 hectares of organic olive plantations, 125 kilometers from Cairo on the international road (Alamein) and Egypt’s fertile soil. The production of fresh and healthy Mr.Olive comes with a variety of vegetables, olives and pickles. The richness of olive oil and its production at the local and international levelsIn 2006, the company built storage facilities to store table olives and produce them through Spanish production lines to suit the technological development in the production of table olives in order to continue and improve the quality of olives. The company has developed itself internationally to export its products to various countries such as Spain, Italy , Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Peru, Algeria, Iraq and JordanThe company seeks to open new markets with its excellence in high quality and competitive prices



    Cotton Linen Fabrics Company is specialized in producing and importing high quality fabrics which are made from 100% natural raw materials. Our fabrics can be used for the production of apparel , home fashion and for many other purposes. With our products we have established a new fashion in women’s clothing with Brand Name: Eclectia. The garments of Eclectia is the latest fashion and they are exported to countries all over the world. Our philosophy is to offer competitive products made of high quality raw materials while focusing on healthy growth, innovation and openness.



    TASKILIC Was Founded in 2018 by Certified Public Accountant Ramazan DASCI and Suleyman OZEK Who has Experienced Over 20 Years at Organic Farming. Our Field Of Business Ranges From The Import And Export Of Spices And Herbs. Our Main Priorioty is The Grow and Export Thyme. On The Other Hand We Grow and Supply Mint, Sage, Dried Grape, Sunflower, Lavender, Cumin, Poppy, Aniseed And More. TASKILIC has Other Company "Agro Organic RS GROUP SHPK" in Pristine-Kosova And Begins to Grow Thyme On October. Our Vision is to be able to Grow & Produce Healthy and High Quality Organic Agriculture Products and to International Markets. Our Mission is to Help People Healthier.



    NORTH SOUTH TRADERS S.R.L is a trading company situated in Romania - Bucharest Sector 6 Intrarea Aniversării 41 We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals. We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners. Supported our network, we are able to integrate all these functions with our fruitful experience. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market. We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business in Romania & the European Union countries. Powered by Squarespace NORTH SOUTH TRADERS SRL is dedicated to bringing quality, healthy and safe alternatives for people’s everyday needs. NORTH SOUTH TRADERS SRL is involved in Export/import and sales of the following equipment and products: Tobacco & Cigarettes products Industrial materials Construction materials Machines/tools and their parts for agricultural, industrial, construction and medical uses Electric appliances, office machines, communication equipment, automobiles and their parts Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicated cosmetics and cosmetics Foods, agricultural/livestock/fishery products, health food products, alcoholic beverages, and drinking water Clothes, various miscellaneous goods, interior goods



    Imports and exports dry grain, honey, canned food, cereals, oil, vegetables, fruit, fruit juice and concentrate mainly to Europe and several countries of the world by implementing both domestically and abroad, provides services to many corporate companies. The products that we import & export are hundred percent natural and pure foods. Therefore, the original aspects and quality of them ensures your health and your trust. Suppliers do production under our control. Having the motto of working with suppliers that have high quality standards, Tay & Angels Inc. has the ability to keep customer satisfaction in a high level. Each day we add a new option to our product range with a healthy base. What's more, we started to produce some of our products as well as exporting & importing.



    NINGBO EVERGRAND IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION LIMITED is a famous and professional manufacturer and exporter of medical and healthcare items in Ningbo, China. It becomes one of top three medical and healthcare products supplier in Ningbo city since the year 2010. The company started from Ningbo Evergrand Medical and Healthy Products manufacturer in the year 1997, and later in order to serve and supply more items to our customers, Ningbo Evergrand Import and Export corporation was founded in the year 2005.Under the trust and support from our valued customers, Evergrand developed very quickly and invested money in building the facilities in Kunshan, which was very close to Shanghai, and also in Changzhou, Jiangsu one year later.Evergrand team is looking forward to serving and working with you, and we believe you will get something extra by working with us.



    Luohe Huahui loofah/loofa/luffa sponge products processing factory established in 2003, is a special factory utilizing the natural loofah as raw material to develop and process healthy & environment-protection loofah product series. The company has the right of import & export trade business, and also has its own loofah-planting bases.we have the below series : Series of loofah kitchen cleaning appliance, Series of loofah bath product; Series of loofah pet toys; Series of loofah slippers and insoles; Series of loofah hotel product Series of loofah cosmetics (loofah granules and loofah extract liquid) Series of sisal & ramie bath and hotel product You are warmly welcomed to discuss with us on the business !



    NIDARDA GIDA LTD. STI. was founded as a family company in Istanbul in 2018 by mother and daughter Uğur and Nida MUTLU. Since its establishment, it has gained an important place in the food sector with its product range of mainly dried fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits (due to season), nuts, jam, molasses, tahini, pickles, halva, Turkish delight and instant drinks. Our Vision: Increase our success in export and provide our customers with carefully selected quality food products from all over the country. Our Mission: To produce food products in high quality, reasonable price and healthy, bring them together in suitable conditions, protect the environment and nature, support conscious production, aim to fulfill their social responsibilities, and act with an understanding that never compromises laws and values.

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