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    With the highest level of plastics expertise, 90 years of experience and continuous further development, AGOFORM has established itself as a high-performance partner to the furniture industry on the international market. With the objective of offering customers the optimum solution for different, personalised usage purposes, AGOFORM develops perfect products for designing more comfortable living spaces – from countless deployment systems for diverse applications right up to anti-slip mats. In terms of transport technology sectors, AGOFORM offers solutions for caravans, industrial vehicles and construction and agricultural machinery. Our wide range of products and experience is rounded off by the fields of gardening and landscaping, goods carriers (small load carriers) and electrical and medical technology, as well as logistics, advertising and decorating. With the highest quality requirements at all times, always with regard to sustainability and constantly looking to the future.



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    Competent, efficient and trustworthy. We have been a trusted partner of the automotive and supplier industries since 1956, producing customer-specific locking screws, turned and cold extruded parts that comply to standards. We are a leading supplier in the locking screw industry. From the very beginning, the satisfaction of our global customers has been our top priority. For this reason, we implement the most technologically and economically effective solution for every order and adjust our offer continuously to the requirements of the market. Whether it is automotive, machinery and plant engineering or services, we have the right solution for your industry



    The company SOCIEMBAL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Custom packaging - companies industry. It also operates in the Packaging design, heat forms, blister-packing, Heat-shrinkable packaging, and Packaging design industries. It is based in Forte Da Casa, Portugal.


    United Kingdom

    Herschel Infrared Ltd is pioneering the use of Far Infrared to heat people and buildings in more efficient, effective, stylish and comfortable ways than many traditional forms of heating. We call it “Comfort Heating”. Our range of Far Infrared heaters is the most comprehensive in the world. We have high quality heaters to suit almost any application and, combined with our control systems, are at the forefront of the revolution in heating. We constantly strive to develop and produce highly innovative products, providing the most comprehensive range of heaters to address the widest range of applications. We apply and build on our unrivalled expertise & knowhow. We provide the best support for dealers and customers. And we are the first and only Far Infrared supplier to provide training and ensure our dealers and installers are properly accredited. Far Infrared is a 100% natural form of heat. It works by heating objects in the environment and people, building up "thermal mass" that turns your room into a 360 degree radiator. In this way it greatly reduces overall heating energy consumption. It discourages damp and mould. It requires no maintenance or servicing, and when used in conjunction with alternative energy sources, provides a completely CO2 free way to heat your property.



    Besides the natural stone heating systems (made from marble, granite or other kinds of natural stone) the company also offer lightweight infrared heating systems (in the form of infrared heating panels) made of 1.0 mm galvanised steel sheets. A special surface coating creates the perfect thermal output. Thanks to the IP44 protection class, these infrared heating elements are also suitable to use in wet areas. A further innovative product is presented by the infrared glass radiator, the elegant and smooth design of which would fit ideally into any modern interior design. The simple assembly frame enables the heating elements to be attached to the wall as well as the ceiling. For industrial applications, the company provides special high-temperature radiators. These are especially suited to heating large spaces, from production halls and warehouses to public spaces and churches. Also suitable for large terraces.

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    Our project; It is about developing R&D techniques in order to benefit more efficiently from infrared heaters used especially in open areas in the heating sector. In this context, it is aimed to expand the beam scanning angle and increase the benefit rates of infrared rays in the environment heating by using different geometry shapes of the reflective reflector sheet of the heater and the carbon filament glass resistor forming the heat source. Turkey / Konya province I am writing to you , I wrote about the new redesigned infrared heaters before . You told me we can examine it after you have filed the patent application . We have made our patent application now . I tried to briefly explain my new product to you in the supplementary file. This infrared heater is very successful in energy efficiency . Required for the manufacture of this product I determined the machine and molds . I want to sell my patent right by transferring technology with you for the commercialization of this product



    ENEVA is an energy engineering company that has made it its mission to minimize the losses of energy, especially in the form of heat, during the production and consumption stages. We started with the idea that there is a lot to be done, especially on the energy side, from our resources that are depleted on a global scale, and we continue our way with the pride of having successfully completed many projects. With our curiosity about our business and our engineering determination to design better all the time, we aim to provide better by constantly diversifying our technical skills and the technologies we supply. As ENEVA, we always call quality service as always stays in the minds of our customers, and then economic gain for ourselves. Because we know that even the slightest touch of rationality in energy efficiency can turn into great opportunities for our world and future generations. As a company, we carry out turnkey projects in energy investments in a multifaceted way, from equipment design to procurement, assembly and commissioning services. We continue to contribute to the foreign exchange input to our country with our exports, which we have realized in a short time and are still ongoing. We follow opportunities in many fields from steam to hot oil, petrochemical sector to food sector and continue to provide efficiency-oriented services to our customers for both production and process side use of energy with contemporary, high-end solutions.


    South Africa

    Valley View Estate (PTY) Ltd is a family run grower of Premium Herbs and producer of Exceptional products Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) on our farm in South Africa. We do everything to ensure that the end product is Pesticide and Herbicide free, and Clean of any other plant matter. It is carefully picked, sorted, and hung to dry to give the maximum oil content and best quality product. We do not use any form of heating on the product which guarantees the maximum oil content Everything we do is done by hand, from the planting, weed control, harvesting, sorting, hanging, and packaging. We can produce up to 40 tonnes of dry product in a year. We support Biodiversity in our fields, we have Beehives around the field which pollinate the Catnip flowers in turn producing honey which is harvested at a later date and sold to the local market. We Distil our own Catnip Hydrosol and Catnip Essential oil ensuring we only have the best product available. We are also able to grow other products such as Valerian Under contract for any customers that would be interested.


    United States

    Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic is an induction equipment manufacturer and is able to supply its customers with the latest technologies. Ajax TOCCO is ISO 9001 certified. Ajax Tocco Magnethermic is dedicated to being the World Leader in Induction Melting and Heating Equipment and Associated Services. Technical assistance is available any time of the day or night through the 24-hour hot line. Ajax Tocco’s experienced service team is strategically located to provide quick response to customers wherever they are located. Ajax TOCCO offers an extensive computerized inventory of factory certified replacement parts for induction heating and melting equipment. Ajax TOCCO also offers replacement parts for all other makes of induction equipment. The Ajax TOCCO products are supplied to commercial heating industries for applications such as: brazing and joining, forging and forming, heat treating melting, pipe and tube, strip heating and vacuum and atmosphere melting.



    Underfloor heating is the modern heating solution - creating the perfect temperature, making you feel warm and comfortable from the moment you enter the room.Thanks to the availability of a wide range of products and systems, there is a solution for virtually any project type whether new-build, refurbishment, retrofit, or renovation - from a simple en-suite upgrade to a whole-house installation. Systems can be linked to any heat source, giving total flexibility while allowing for the best energy savings, now and in the future.Underfloor heating spreads warmth over the entire floor area using low-temperature radiant heat, rather than the high-temperature “point heating” associated with radiators. Warming a large surface at a low temperature produces the most comfortable form of heating possible.Zoning your house with underfloor heating is simple, and unlike traditional systems that run all rooms at the same time, you can set the heating for individual rooms where and when you need it. The unique 3iE Energy-Monitor, Tempo Digital programmable thermostats and the new Smart WiFi Thermostats representing the latest technology allow you to select the temperature levels and schedule to perfectly match your lifestyle. In each room, the temperature can be controlled accurately when needed. As such, reductions of up to 10-20% on heating bills can be achieved.With no bulky radiators to take up valuable wall and floor space, our systems are a designer’s dream. Underfloor heating enables


    United Kingdom

    ThermTech design, build and install bespoke industrial waste heat recovery systems with unrivalled technical excellence and through a highly skilled workforce. Our objective is to identify the use for waste heat, quantify the quality and source of heat available and to match the two using the most cost effective and practically suitable forms of heat recovery equipment. Our systems are designed to offer businesses energy saving solutions through efficiency, economy and sustainability. We work with a wide range of sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, processing, industrial and manufacturing. We add value to your business by: - increasing energy efficiency - maximising savings and - optimising your environmental performance.


    United Kingdom

    Howecool Air conditioning HVAC and Heat pump installations throughout Yorkshire. We also supply Heat recovery ventilation and cellar coolers. We will maintain service and repair any air con system at the most competitive rates. Our location is such that nearly all of Yorkshire is within an hour drive and this enables us to give a great after service to our customers. We have provided the most efficient cooling heating and ventilation solutions in office, shop, Retail, server room, warehouse, industrial, laboratory, school, leisure, restaurant, commercial, kitchen, residential, home and conservatory environments. We are a fully insured company with FGAS certification as all A/C suppliers should be. Cheapest sales in our Area which includes Leeds Sheffield York Wakefield Huddersfield Bradford Rotherham Doncaster Selby Hull Halifax Keithley Wetherby Pontefract and all yorkshire. A air conditioning unit is a heat pump and one of the most efficient forms of heating.



    SaltX Technology are the future of energy storage, and have developed and patented a ground-breaking technology with which energy can be stored in salt. SaltX has invented a patented technology to store energy with salt. When SaltX is implemented it enables a significant higher energy efficiency to end customers. The material and science can be applied in many different applications. Today, SaltX technology collaborate with partners in the Solar, Heat-pump and Heavy duty Vehicle market to create sustainable and resource effective products. Our newest application -EnerStore- is designed to store large amounts of energy. Renewable energy is stored in the SaltX material and can be released when needed. The size of the application can be adjustable from family home size to large energy plant size. Think of it as a battery, but storing thermal energy in a sustainable way with small energy losses to a low cost. SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company that has developed and patented a ground breaking technology with which energy can be stored in salt, and subsequently recovered in the form of heat or cold. SaltX has with a entrepreneurial mind merged business and sustainability to solve the future energy demand



    Established at the beginning of 2002, Wuxi Jiasheng high-tech modified material Co., Ltd. is a member of the Xishang New Material Industry base of the China National Torch Program. The company is specialized in manufacturing ‘Jiasheng’ brand new type modifying agent of macromolecular material and Pams resin series product. The product of the enterprise can act as assistant, modifier, adhesive, agglomerant, viscosity increaser, reinforcing agent, plasticizing agent, antioxygen, disseminating agent, lubricant, high-effective fuel and heat carrier in extrusion forming and molding, applying specifically in fields such as the high flame-retarded color master batch with high-concentration and high filling, the plastic modification, the rubber and plastic shoe materials, the thermosp



    Production and distribution of pipes, fittings and other plastics for installations. Networks water, gas, sewerage. Plumbing, heating, indoor sewerage. Pretreatment and treatment of domestic/municipal waste water. Excellent price quality ratio with a wide range of certified products. A professional support team with a marketing department that has always time for every client. Pipes, produced at Valrom Industrie, are a new generation of high-density polyethylene pipe for the transport of drinking water. The pipe is designed to improve the handling, storage and commissioning conditions and to reduce the costs of these operations. Heating system with radiators and hot/cold water supply consisting of PE-Xa pipes and PPSU-brass slippery sleeve fittings, GARANTIE 10 years from the manufacturer, PN 10 bar and T 90 degrees Celsius. Geothermal energy is energy stored in the earth in the form of heat. This energy can be used through a heat pump. The heat pump is basically a 'thermal power plant' that can 'extract' and'concentrate' heat from a primary source, consuming electricity. The yield (also called COP coefficient of performance) is positive, consuming 1 kW to produce the equivalent of about 2.5÷5 kW. Such a system consists of: thermal source (earth or water) probe (mounted horizontally or vertically) collector-distributor heat pump



    We are the factory specialized in all kinds of flags and banners for 18 years , such as beach flags , pop up banners , pop out banners , exhibition flags , advertising flags and so on . All of them are color fastness, made by digital printing and heat transfer printing technique form USA, the advantage as bellows: 1)Our feather banner flag and teardrop banner flag are sold well worldwide.2) Leading machines, Vutek 3360 printers and Monti dye sublimation machine with 3.2m width limitation; Mutoh printers with 1.5m&2.6m width limitation 3) Eco-friendly, ink imported from Italy and USA4) Full color and long lasting5) About 20 years experience, pay attention to product details 6) We are the exclusive flags supplier of the 2008 Olympic Games , China’s 60th National Days , 2010 shanghai word expo , 2011 Universidad etc , For the world famous enterprises service like UVEX, SHIMANO, KAYAKS, RAPID



    Electrovek-Steel is major stockist and trader of stainless steel, titanium, variety of rare-earth metals, refractory metals(W, Mo, Ta, Nb), special nickel-based alloys as well we copper and copper based alloys(brass, bronze), babbitt, thermocouple and heating elements. Standard form of (flat, long, drawn) can be offered as wells forged, machined pieces and parts produced to your specific order. The main product range of our company: Special alloy steel(inconel, incoloy, hastelloy, monel) sheet, plate, strip, wire, tube, pipe, rod, bar Rare-earth metals, hafnium, rhenium, indium etc. Refractory metals(Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium) tubes, sheets, strip, wire, bar, crucibles, boats Soft magnetic alloys, Permalloy, Invar, Kovar Zirconium tube, pipe, wire, rod, sheet, bar Nichrome Ni80Cr20 wire strip Fechral wire, strip GOST alloys XH78T, XH60BT, XH75MBTU Titanium sheets, plates, forgings Stainless steel pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, wire, rod, bar Thermocouple wires



    Fives Celes designs and makes equipment for induction heating and industrial cooling used all over the world. Fives Celes has a range of equipment that covers almost all induction heating applications: Brazing, bonding, welding, annealing, melting, forging, heat treatment, shrink fitting, thread rolling, wire and cable heating, tube heating and welding, heat sealing, pre-forming preheating, graphitization furnaces, controlled atmosphere furnaces



    Our offer: , Car spoilers, Cabs, Sleeping cabs, Children's slides, Garden slides, polyester laminates, Heat forming, Garden slides, Parking heaters, Poster pillars, CNC milling, Bodies installed between axes, toolboxes, Sunroofs, Roof racks, Shop equipment, "Spojkar" trailers, trailers, Heat insulations, Roof deflectors, Carbon elements, Roof spoilers, Roof racks.We are sure you will find something for you in our product range and become yet another satisfied customer.



    Polyurethane Sandwich Panel also called PU Sandwich Panel,the up & down surface of this panel is Galvanized & Pre-painted steel sheets, core material is 5 components Polyurethane glue, it is formed by heating, foaming & laminating. Polyurethane is the best material for temperature keeping and sound insulation. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.



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    UNEX Heatexchanger Engineering GmbH specialises in designing, constructing and supplying heat exchangers. Our expertise is based on current specialist knowledge combined with valuable experience from all industrial sectors. We provide you with high-quality technical advice which pays for itself when implemented. No digital interface encrypted using advanced technology is required to understand what you actually need. UNEX supplies heat exchangers for all applications, from large industrial plants to compact building equipment. We speak plainly to our customers and therefore build understanding and trust. We focus on having an eye for details and quality, from initial contact to aftercare. UNEX's customers are far more than simply customers – we see them as partners in the long term.



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    OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH has developed and produced speciality lubricants and chemo-technical maintenance products for industrial maintenance, servicing and production for over 40 years. OKS offers a wide range of state-of-the-art, high-performance lubricants and distributes these to industrial and commercial users all around the world via technical retailers. The company's strong focus on having retail partners who undergo continuous training ensures that customers on-site are provided with high-quality advice and problem-solving skills. All OKS products are characterised by their high reliability, quality and cost-efficiency and are produced in accordance with strict environmental and quality requirements at the company's site in the municipality of Maisach, on the outskirts of Munich in southern Germany. From here, OKS products are dispatched all around the world. Since 2003, OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH has been part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, a company in the Freudenberg Group.



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    As a customer-oriented service provider and supplier, we offer a comprehensive and efficient range of services. In our business segments, we serve as an interface between market requirements and the possibilities offered by modern manufacturing processes. Through consulting, mediation, trade or in-house production – our aim is to provide you with the optimum solution for your individual tasks. In doing so, we build on essential values such as partnership, fairness, openness and honesty, diligence and safety, environmental protection and the careful use of resources. We are also fully aware of our social responsibility and are committed – in particular at a local level – to art, culture and the community. Be inspired by our wide range of pneumatic cylinders – double-acting, single-acting and standard cylinders. Our product portfolio also includes telescopic cylinders and rodless linear cylinders. Do you need special solutions? We also have electromagnetic cylinders, telescopic pneumatic cylinders and cylinders with anti-rotation lock. Whether you are looking for working cylinders, boring cylinders, stainless steel special cylinders or pneumatic tandem cylinders, we're sure to have the solution for you. In the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries, we accompany you through professional project management. We call on all our expertise and experience to support launch management, quality assurance and supply chain management.



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    Since 1970, KUZEYGLOBAL has been a premier expert in Thermoforming Plastic Food Packaging machines and sheet extrusion lines, proudly based in Turkey. As the exclusive provider of turnkey projects under its own brand, KUZEYGLOBAL stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation, superior quality, and global service. Explore our product range, featuring: •KG Series: In-mould forming & cutting type machines and equipment •CMK Series: Forming and steel rule cutting type machines and equipment •Extruder lines and equipment •Offset Printing machines Our use of state-of-the-art technology and premium materials ensures the production of high-quality machines. The KG and CMK Series Thermoforming machines and Extrusion lines lead the industry with advanced features, providing a generous forming area and efficient high-capacity production. Whether your packaging needs involve small portions or large, heavy food items, our machines handle it all effortlessly. Our machines excel in precision for handling PET food containers, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. Meanwhile, our tilting and station thermoforming machines maintain superior standards for packaging produced with PP, PS, and PET raw materials. At KUZEYGLOBAL, we are committed to delivering top-quality thermoforming plastic food packaging machines and extrusion lines that surpass industry standards. Collaborate with us today to transform your packaging ideas into successful reality!



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    Westlake Plastics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of extruded and compression moulded high-performance semi-finished thermoplastic polymer products. We convert a full range of thermoplastic resins into bars, slabs and films. These semi-finished products are used in the medical devices, defence, aeronautics, food processing, biopharmaceutical and other industries. Westlake Plastics Europe is an ISO 9001: 2015- and ISO 13485: 2016-certified company.



    Foshan Yini Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of air source heat pump products. The products involve swimming pool heat pumps, residential heating and cooling heat pumps, domestic & commercial hot water heat pumps, agricultural and industrial drying solutions. Yini mainly has 3 categories of products: air source heat pump, water/ground source heat pump, high temperature heat pump. There are more than 100 specifications and varieties of products for normal temperature series, ultra-low temperature series, ON/OFF series, DC inverter series, drying series. Advanced products such as EVI air source heat pump, EVI DC inverter heat pump, and high temperature heat pump have been widely used in domestic and foreign markets. Yini has a perfect customer service process and pays great attention to details. We support OEM/ODM service and show customers the renderings of their brands. Confirm the complete needs of customers before sales, show customers the production status of products during the sales process, and patiently solve problems for customers after sales, and each link is only for the smile of the customer's satisfaction. Yini committed to be China best heat pump supplier.


    United Kingdom

    If you’re in need of an emergency plumber, heating engineer, drainage contractor or a kitchen and bathroom fitter in Plymouth, look no further than The Plumbing Doctor! As Plymouth plumbers with more than 10 years of experience, we’ve got the skills and expertise to deliver a high-quality and professional service to businesses and homeowners in and around the Plymouth area. Offering great value, a five-star service and excellent customer care, we specialise in swift and reliable repairs to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. We can attend to all manner of commercial and domestic plumbing issues, including: Plumbing emergencies Burst pipes Leaking pipes Blocked drains Boiler repair, installation and servicing We also offer CCTV drainage surveys and jetting to deal with difficult or stubborn drain blockages. That’s not all we offer! From our Plymouth showroom, our experienced team can design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Whether you want to make a minor upgrade or completely renovate the space, our talented team of designers, fitters and plumbers are on hand to help you transform your home. We can also design and install fitted wardrobes in modern or traditional styles, designed fit your space perfectly. To find out more about how The Plumbing Doctor can help you, visit our website or call our Plymouth office on 01752 215 173.



    KKLN Ultrasound AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines, systems and tools for welding and connecting plastic parts as well as industrial cleaning technology. The complex technologies of plastic connection technology and ultrasonic and spray cleaning technology are the main fields of activity of our company. At two locations in Heppenheim, a team of 280 experts currently works on the most demanding customer projects. The plastic welding machines from KLN offer solutions for practically all common plastic joining techniques. The focus is on ultrasonic, vibration, heating element, infrared and spin welding. Added to this are laser welding and thermal processes such as hot air and hot riveting. We also offer complete system solutions. This goes from welding prototypes to large special systems including robots and feeding technologies. We offer customer-specific solutions in the form of environmentally friendly cleaning systems for almost all industrial cleaning tasks. From high-frequency generators, immersible transducers and vibrating plates to table and stand-alone devices and customer-specific, modular system solutions for aqueous and solvent-based cleaning media. A wide range of accessories, such as mechanical oscillation and lifting devices, cleaning agents tailored to your application, automatic transport systems and more, complete the program.

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    United Kingdom

    The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS accredited calibration services with a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness, impartiality, and reliability. The company has experience in Flow Calibration Services, Calorimetric Heat Exchanger Testing, UKAS Air Flow Calibration, UKAS Fluid Flow Calibration, UKAS Air Velocity Calibration, Component Cleanliness, Component Durability and Thermal Fluid system testing. The Calibration Laboratory houses traceable and UKAS accredited flow rigs, for gas flow, air flow, water flow, oil flow, fuel flow, air velocity, pressure, oxygen clean pressure calibration, temperature, humidity, electrical, mass, torque and acceleration. The Thermal Fluids Test Laboratory houses calorimetric heat exchanger wind tunnels and component test rigs for burst, ageing, acid resistance, thermal cycling, thermal shock, pulsation, pressure cycling, altitude, corrosion, erosion, SWAAT, vibration, bump, leak, flow vs dP, hot soak and cold soak. The Component Cleanliness Laboratory tests to ISO 16232 standard, with washing, flushing, flow benches, extraction and analysis. Particle analysis can be conducted using a range of analysis techniques and instrumentation from online optical particle analysis, microscopic analysis, UV Spectrometry and FTIR.



    FIS Modular Systems is widely known for its innovative solutions in the field of production of universal modular equipment for the manufacture of a completely new range of confectionery, cottage cheese and desserts, as well as a new class of "gastronomic cakes" made from meat, fish, poultry, salads and other original and unexpected ingredients. Our equipment is more affordable due to the presence of a single control system and replaceable modules that can be combined and get new configurations, and You can purchase an additional module at any time, if you wish, and produce products of a completely new type. We can adapt parts of our complex to Your production. We connect our modules to existing lines and the company is transformed in the range. Our equipment is assembled in Moscow from German units and components, and the projects are supported by Neofood and the ZDS Confectionery Academy from Solingen, Germany, so we get a Russian creative based on German quality. This gives us a flexible price, and a great price advantage. With our complex, you will always keep up with the times. If the demand for one product drops, you will make a dozen new ones. With our confectionery complex, You no longer have a limited range of products. You no longer need to buy any equipment to expand your product range. It all depends on your imagination.

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