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    PharmaHerbs is a dedicated company based in a traditional hemp-growing region of Europe. We started the hempbusiness in 2019. In year 2020, we began to expand and find our way at the german market. In year 2021 we started to make our own products. Our main focus is to help people by providing them with best products that will bring benefits to their health. B2B: Our company will be providing Hempbiomass with highest Quality and complete Traceability. We are also offering Hemp Flowers (Buds) in bulk quantity. We have a wide CBD range in our biomass that gives our customers efficient extraction.We are also producing Chamomile in bulk quantity and can offer you anything from processing, packaging to granulation. Our cultivation is also certified by TÜV Nord and we have Global GAP and EKO certificates.We can provide any quantity needed! With our big partner in Germany, we also offer services such as: Synthesis, Extraction, Drying, Grinding, Pastillation. B2C: We are offering all kinds of CBD products: Drops, Skin care, Oral care, Aktive creams. We are working daily to improve our product portfolio and provide our customers with best quality products. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    NOVAREV is France's leading wholesaler of hemp and hemp-related products. The company was created with the aim of supplying our trade customers with quality products at fair prices, backed by an unmatched customer experience that will help you enter the booming market for products of this type. The idea behind setting up as wholesalers was to share our expertise with as many people as possible, based on the enthusiasm shown by our retail customers for the hemp-related products we well through HIGH SOCIETY stores. As hemp experts, we offer high quality flowers, pollen, resins and other related products, all certified and supplied at the best possible price. Every product sold by NOVAREV is the culmination of a foolproof process that we control at every stage, from selecting hemp seed phenotypes all the way to the uses and satisfaction experienced by the end customer. You provide your customers with quality products, the fruit of our unparalleled knowledge and expertise, when you choose hemp products from NOVAREV. Our flowers, resins and pollens offer outstanding quality and exceptional olfactory pyramids for the delight of your customers. Feel free to contact us for further information!



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    CBD Farmer-La Ferme CBD is a specialist in herbal infusions. The company is based in Bordeaux, France. CBD Farmer works with producers that respect biodiversity and animal well-being.At CBD Farmer, we believe that to look after the environment is also to look after our own health. CBD Farmer has opted to forge partnerships with businesses that share our values. Furthermore, because it is so careful to respect the environment, CBD Farmer works only with partners that use responsible and organic cultivation techniques. Always fully respecting any applicable laws and standards. Our infusions are guaranteed free of pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilisers, heavy metals, additives and allergens. The infusions sourced by CBD FARMER are high quality, vegan and organic, and are subject to rigorous controls. CBD Farmer offers the following products via its online store: full-spectrum oils, CBD flowers, hemp infusions , CBD balm and a CBD range specially for household pets. CBD Farmer is an online specialist for quality hemp-based wellness products. CBD Farmer has a clear mission: to always source quality natural products at affordable prices. Discover the blog and latest news from CBD Farmer. Visit our online store: cbdfarmer.fr

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    Welcome to Insitu Green Technology, your trusted industrial hemp producer since 2019. We specialize in crafting dermo-cosmetic products using extracts obtained through a state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 system. As the pioneering Microbiomfriendly product manufacturer in Turkey, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence. Our supercritical extracts, obtained through carbon dioxide (CO2) SFE, provide unparalleled benefits for both food and cosmetic applications. Renowned for their purity, concentration, and retention of valuable bioactive compounds, these extracts set the standard for quality. Under our cosmetic brand, CforB, we present a range of dermocosmetic marvels: • Miracle Face Serum: Unlock anti-aging, skin-soothing, and moisture-balancing properties for skin renewal throughout the day. •Y-Shape Oil: Experience firming and cell renewal effects, balanced skin tone, and increased moisture for your face and neck. • Hemp Soap: Effectively cleanses hands without harming the skin. Discover a world of natural goodness with our CforB Oil collection : • Hemp Seed Extracts • Coffee Bean Extracts •Thyme Extracts •Germ Extracts • Cacao Extracts •Flaxseed Extracts •Black Cumin Extracts •Pomegranate Seed Extracts Our products have successfully passed rigorous cosmetic tests, delivering positive results and uncompromising quality. As part of our social responsibility initiatives, we've established women's cooperatives, empowering women in the production of our hemp soaps.

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    Pharma Hemp d.o.o. is a leading company, specializing in a wide range of premium CBD and hemp-based products, based in Slovenia. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry in more than 65 countries all over the world. Our own laboratory, apart from serving as an internal quality-control system, also performs quantitative determinations of cannabinoids for cannabis growers, producers of final products and end-users.Our services encompass the production and distribution of high-quality CBD oils, extracts and a variety of wellness products, besides we offer private and white label for CBD products, custom CBD formulations, support in packaging options, design services, support in compliance with national legislation, certification of your products (Natural/Natural-organic, vegan, Kosher, etc.), extraction of plant materials, complete traceability and quality assurance of all the products we offer (we can provide you with the chemical and microbiological analysis of your product).We offer also a great range of hemp-derived raw materials and broad range of bulk CBD oils and other products, which are available in different forms. Backed by extensive knowledge of the health benefits of cannabinoids, a background in the cosmetic and food industries, and expertise in technological processes, we pride ourselves on providing innovative CBD solutions that contribute to a healthier everyday life for all.



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    SEEDGE is proud of its position in the market, distributing high quality products. We are a brand of products derived from the cannabidiol molecule (CBD). All our flower production is cultivated, in Italy and Portugal, in greenhouse, indoor and hydroponic indoor culture. Our flowers are 100% natural and organic, going through a rigorous control of conservation, temperature and humidity, not to put the plant under stress and to keep all its benefits and aromas. As for our other products, we work ONLY with certified laboratories that comply with the laws stipulated by the European Union. Our cannabidiol (CBD) oils are 100% natural and organic. We provide consulting and sales follow-up services to ensure the best performance and satisfaction of our customers at all ends. Cultivated 100% organically and gluten-free, all our flowers have laboratory analysis that proves the THC level is less than 0.2%. NON-GMO products, derived from hemp seeds selected and certified by the European Union. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Active CBD is a French company expert in the wholesale and retail sale of derivative products based on cannabinoids. Aware of the growing demand for Hemp and CBD products, Active CBD has stood out on the French market but also internationally and today our range of products includes: - Indoor CBD Flowers - Greenhouse - Outdoor - Organic hemp oils, CBD, CBG, CBN, full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum - CBD and CBN extracts (isolate, distillate, crumble, wax, etc.) - Terpenes - E-liquids and cartridge for vape-pen - Wellness and Cosmetic Products based on Hemp and CBD for the Body and Face - THC/CBD analyzer - GemmaCert Accessories - CBD products for animals. - Hemp insulation for the building The legality of the products offered by Active CBD are scrupulously checked by independent laboratories in order to respect a THC level of <0.3% throughout its catalog. OUR ADVANTAGES - Free delivery from 50€! - Our CBD flowers are grown in France, Italy and Switzerland, particularly in greenhouses, but also outdoors and indoors. - 100% Natural - 100% Legal - The best Hemp and CBD products from France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States - A passionate team, ready to answer all your questions! Visit our website and discover all our Hemp and CBD product solutions!


    United Kingdom

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    Since 1996, ASCOT INTERNATIONAL is a well established supplier of raw materials. Our wide product range includes hygiene and dinsinfectants raw ingredients, ingredients for personal care products such as comestics, beauty and haircare products, dyes, waxes, butters and essential oils as well as nutrition ingredients. We pride ourselves on reliable customer services which enabled us to established long-term customer relationships by working closely with our suppliers. Our mission is to offer the finest quality products at competitive prices and ensure they are delivered in the shortest deadlines. We have our own inhouse logistics team to ensure swift and accurate delivery for each order. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and trustworthiness as we always go the extra mile for them. At ASCOT we research potential suppliers and verify the quality, purity and authenticity of their products, so that what we sell is of the highest possible standard. We aim to find innovative products and develop new markets for them in the UK and overseas. We are constantly on the look out, spotting emerging trends among consumers and responding to changing demands quickly and efficiently. We also have specialist sourcing offices in America, China and India for the best turnaround times. Plus, we keep our own stock here in the UK to get you the materials you need fast. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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    Hemp - cannabis raw materials for businesses. We have been growing organic hemp for trade customers over 15 years, based in the Alpujarras region of Grenada. We work for clients from sectors that include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, pet-food and much more besides.



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    We create innovative products and provide technological support to our clients, we also comprehensively supply the food, pharmaceutical and feed industries with raw materials. 1.We produce FORTISGO protein supplements in various natural flavors, more information on www.fortisgo.com 2. PROBIOTICS: a full range of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus probiotic bacteria of high stability. 3. BACTERIOSTATICS AND PRESERVANTS LIQUID AND POWDER: sodium lactate, potassium lactate, calcium lactate, sodium acetate, lactate + acetate mixtures, "clean label" preparations. 4.PHOSPHATES: single phosphates and phosphate blends including: STPP, SHMP, TKPP, SAPP, TSPP, TSP, DSP, DKP, KTPP, Hamina etc. 5. PROTEINS: pea isolate, pea texture, soy isolate, soy concentrate, soy texture, soy flour, whey protein concentrate, WPC, whey protein isolate, WPI, collagen proteins. 6. FIBERS: Psyllium Husk, wheat fiber, bamboo fiber, pea fiber, soy fiber, potato fiber, anti-syneresis FIBREN fiber. 7.ACIDS AND DERIVATIVES: sorbic acid coated for bakery, lactic acid, lactates, calcium lactate, potassium lactate, magnesium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, propionic acid, fatty acids, sodium acetate, ascorbic acid, formic acid. 8. PLANT EXTRACTS and PLANT OILS including HEMP OIL (Sativa) CBD> 20%. 9. LIQUID AND POWDER LECITHINS. 10. SWEETENERS. 11.VITAMINS, PREMIXTURES. 12. GELATINS. 13. FEED ADDITIVES zinc oxide micronised, fatty acids , other.



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    The company GORILLA JUNGLE - CHANVRE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Oils and resinoids industry. It also operates in the hemp, Hemp - plants, and hemp seed oil industries. It is based in Paris, France.


    United Kingdom

    ORGANIC/CONVENTIONAL WHOLESALE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT SUPPLIER. An EU & GB Approved Organic Trader/Importer trading across 30 countries who are also ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018 accredited. We are also part of the Custom Healthcare Group, a long-established family-owned business. As part of Custom Healthcare Group, Nutra Ingredients are able to capitalise upon their global contacts and buying power thus passing on further savings to our clients. We do business with professional and ethical values. It is important to us that… We operate within our Corporate Social Responsibility framework. Adhere to our Quality Policy principles. Both of these documents are available upon request. Our Global Service is comprehensive, prompt and attentive. We have direct access to the following markets… EU North America India China South America.



    PURA AGRO is a Romanian company which manufactures natural and organic premium-quality, cold-pressed oils from the seeds of selected local plants for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. It also produces seed flours which are by-products of the cold-press. Advanced technology enables Pure Agro to avoid using chemical treatments or applications of excess heat during a production process that exceeds industry standards and produces no pollutants or waste. Pura Agro produces: natural and organic certified grape seed oil and grape seed flour, organic walnut oil and walnut flour, corn germ oil, organic sunflower oil, hemp seed oil and hemp seed flour, organic sea buckthorn oil, and other seed , fruit and nut oils and cakes



    GREEN DIFFUSION INTERNATIONAL - INSTAGREEN, expert français du CBD, vous propose des produits de Qualité Premium. Leader sur le marché de l'emballage depuis plus de 15 ans pourles plus grandes enseignes de CBD, l'idée de développer une branche CBD s'est donc imposée à nous tout naturellement ! Nous avons décidé de nous entourer d’un Spécialiste pharmaceutique en cannabinoïdes ainsi que d’un professionnel de la culture de Fleurs de chanvre. C’est ainsi qu’est né la marque INSTAGREEN. Nous proposons des Fleurs CBD Grenhouse, Indoor, des résines en vrac ou conditionnés en pochons avec personnalisation. Vous trouverez aussi, des infusions, des Huiles sublinguales ainsi qu'une gamme cosmétique au CBD. Que ce soit sous la marque INSTAGREEN, en vrac ou conditionnés, nos produits apporteront une entière satisfaction à vos clients ! Nos huiles, nos infusions ainsi que notre Gamme cosmétique CBD sont fabriqués en France. Tous nos produits sont contrôlés avec un certificat d'analyse. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter par email ou par téléphone, nous saurons répondre à vos besoins !



    The first network to legally extract from industrial hemp flowers. Here in Spain where it all began We co-op all our farms here in Spain, controlling our own hemp cultivation and post processing . We adapt to your type of business, and we advise you technically, commercially and legally during the entire process of developing your line or cosmetic products including products containing hemp derived CBD. Full contract manufacturing. With our partner third-party cosmetics laboratories we can manufacture, package and label the cosmetic products you need, with your own compositions and with the packaging that best suits your brand.



    We are a French company based in Lille, France. We produce and distribute our own Bio Hemp products and accessories for all kinds of needs. Our company is partnered with other producers and distributors to bring together the best quality of Bio Hemp products for our customers. We offer a variety of products ranging from oils, resins, edibles, trim, essential oils, teas and many more. You can order in small quantities from 1gr to greater quantities up to 10kg.We also offer different accessories (Grinders, Pipes, chests) from all kind materials such as metal, wood, plastic etc. All our products are lab tested and are available on our website. We ship and package all our hemp hermetically and with the most care to our clients. From harvest to shipment, we do it all, from A to Z. There are scientific studies that ensure our products reduce anxiety and provide you with better sleep. Come visit our website and find the product that best suits your needs from our wide variety of products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.



    DYNAMITE CBD is a specialist boutique selling 100% natural CBD. We carry a wide range of CBD-based products including: CBD flowers, CBD-derived resins, CBD oils, E-liquids, CBD oils for pets, CBD teas and infusions. Discover our CBD Greenhouse flower varieties, our Outdoor CBD flowers and our Indoor CBD flowers, they are 100% natural and sulphate-, pesticide- and antifungal-free. All our CBD flowers are analysed. The THC level is less than 0.2% and complies with European legislation. Our resin is natural. It is made from hemp seed. Our resin is manufactured in France. We also supply the best e-liquids on the market. Our e-liquids have high cannabinoid content and are produced using a solvent- and chemical-free process. The THC level is less than 0.2% and complies with European legislation. Our CBD oils are 100% natural and organic. Feel free to contact us for more information on our products.



    Just between us: CBD cannabis has long been an exclusive luxury food product. More and more people consume cannabis products containing CBD to relax, loosen up and switch off. Be it hemp oil, a classic joint or steam from a vaporizer. Cannaflora, the CBD shop from Zurich, offers you a wide range of products so that anyone wanting to buy CBD will strike it rich, be it flowers, smoking accessories or cannabis oil. The key to our success: our CBD shop is built on three pillars ensuring maximum pleasure. First, we operate a CBD store not far from Zurich city centre, offering you the chance to drop in and take a look. Excellent advice comes free of charge. Second, our CBD shop also sells all products online. What's even better: if you order before 5 p.m., you will receive your CBD the next day. Furthermore, you can make use of our express courier service until midnight, with packages delivered to your door within three hours.


    United Kingdom

    Dragonfly CBD empowers your every day, with high quality, trusted CBD products. By crafting CBD from seed to shelf, Dragonfly CBD has developed some of the best CBD Oil in the UK. Transparency is at the core of everything we do, which is why Dragonfly CBD products come with batch-specific documentation, so you can be reassured about what you’re putting into - or onto - your body. All our CBD is organically grown, before it is expertly formulated into CBD Oil and Skincare products. Voted by customers as the best CBD Oil at the Boots 2020 Wellness Awards, Dragonfly CBD is available to buy across a range of the UK’s best loved retailers, such as, Boots, Tesco, Amazon, Sainsbury’s and many more. Dragonfly Biosciences sets the record straight on high-quality CBD with a transparent, seed to shelf approach. Its range - DragonflyCBD - is completely THC-free, derived from organic Cannabis sativa L. and GMP-formulated. As Europe’s leading producer, Dragonfly seeks to share the science behind CBD - how it’s made, how it’s taken, how it works. The team liaises with some of Europe’s leading cannabinoid professors and specialists to stay at the forefront of CBD research and education.



    Hemp Foods Australia, founded in 1999, is the largest Australian Certified Organic Hemp Food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. Located in Bangalow, in the Byron Bay hinterland, our company is committed to sourcing the best quality ingredients, from Australia and around the world. We are ACO & USDA Organic, Kosher and BRC Certified with AA Grading. We employ purely mechanical, low-temperature processes for everything we do, resulting in the most nutritious products possible. Customers can be assured that we are committed to long-term partnerships that achieve the highest level of innovation and customer satisfaction. All members of the company share this commitment and responsibility for quality. Hemp Foods Australia was founded with the mission to make a positive difference to people and the planet. We are glad to have you, customers, as part of this lifelong journey! Below are our core values. If you identify with them, please get in touch, and let's make a positive impact together!



    Our mission. We as Revilium are constantly improving our products, in order to market authentic and high-quality natural products. When doing so, fair price and high quality is our top priority, so as to make our products available to as many people as possible. With plenty of love, time and care, our aspiration is to produce organic products of the highest quality which excite our customers. NATURAL, BETTER, LIVING is our mission. We are happy to have inspired so many people and try to inspire more people with education.



    CBD Alchemy is an Italian company with over 25 years of experience in the production, processing and sale of hemp and hemp products. We are always committed to finding innovative and more sustainable cultivation methods through continuous technological development and our team's passion for what they do. Thanks to our full independence in production, we are able to dedicate our entire focus on our clients' needs, whether they are companies, retailers or end customers, and we are constantly looking for new products and high-quality solutions. We are one of the few Italian manufacturers to be a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association, an umbrella group of companies and bodies committed to promoting awareness of cannabis, its potential and the social, economic and ecological benefits that it can bring.



    Greenfield Shop or BHG Greenfield GmbH is one of the leading online shops and producer of CBD oils and further hemp products. Since 2016, our family business has stood for the highest hemp quality, and we have made it our job to present the hemp plant in its unique variety. Laboratory-tested wide range/full spectrum of cannabis oils, free of impurities. No matter whether you're looking for CBD oils for humans or animals, hemp tea for relaxation, hemp flowers or hemp cuttings, you've come to the right place – made in Austria. Find out more about us and our products here!



    Kannavis is a Greek brand specialized in CBD oils (both whole plant extracts and isolates) that we offer as private label. Our wide product range includes : 1. CBD oils (always available 2, 8%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and we are capable to produce any other concentration), 2. cbd in softgel capsules and 3. cbd pain cream for external use. The plants are cultivated in Greece and we monitor the crop using our experts. Extraction is done by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Pharmacy department), and their Pharmacognosy lab verifies the quality and the purity of our products. Our mission is to offer innovative and reliable products with competitive prices, high quality and high standards.



    FIORHE offers Hemp-based products and does so with a careful and rigorous method, which starts from cultivation and is expressed in processing. Our goal is to make the most of the countless beneficial properties of Hemp through a high quality product. We work hard so that each of our customers can approach this vegetable and Sicilian product with confidence and enthusiasm, and to do this we use a scientific approach, rich in analysis and controls. That of FIORHE is a story of roots, ties with the territory, but also of wide horizons of research and science. A brand born from the passion for nature and the land that surrounds us, but above all from the desire to propose natural wellness solutions oriented to well-being, a concept that blends balance, attitudes and good habits to achieve "well-being" at 360 degrees. The bond with our island and the ambition of wanting to develop an organic and quality product, combined with experience and knowledge of the subject, lead us to make concrete the FIORHE project which has its roots in the organic cultivation of Sicilian hemp and it develops in the production of a “truthful” product, effective and transparent towards its consumers. Fiorhe creams and oils contain all the natural products of the plant: essential oils, CDB, but also polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 and antioxidant substances. It is thanks to the synergistic presence of these elements that the beneficial entourage effect is obtained.



    Nous produisons des huiles alimentaires de haute qualité gastronomique . Notre entreprise est située dans les Deux Sèvres, un des départements du Poitou reconnu pour l’excellence de ses produits agroalimentaires . Notre huilerie est implantée dans la région depuis près d'un siècle, elle est la seule à avoir réussi à résister à l’évolution du monde agricole . Nous sourçons nos matières premières auprès d'agriculteurs dans un périmètre de 50 km autour de notre pressoir ce qui nous permet de garantir la qualité de nos approvisionnements. Les noix qui nous servent à produire l'huile sont issues d'arbres dont les lignées ont été sélectionnées par des générations d'agriculteurs, nous permettant d'obtenir une huile à la saveur puissante et délicate .Nous pouvons toaster les noix (au feu de bois) pour extraire à chaud l'huile sublimant ainsi les arômes ou extraire à froid pour garder la saveur fine et délicate du fruit. Nous pouvons vous proposer aussi des huiles de noisette (extraction à chaud ou à froid) huile de colza grillé ou vierge, tournesol vierge, huile de cameline, huile d'amande et huile de chanvre. Nous avons aussi des poudres de noix noisettes chanvre obtenues après broyage et tamisage des tourteaux ainsi que des pâtes de noix et noisettes.



    The company LA FERME DE CHANVRE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Herb teas industry. It also operates in the hemp, plant infusions, and hemp seed oil industries. It is based in Bordeaux, France.



    The company ECOFUT, INH. ALEX BRAUN, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Feed for fish farming industry. It also operates in the hemp seed oil industries. It is based in Goldenstedt, Germany.



    The company BABYLON GROW SHOP, is a Retailer, which operates in the Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the hemp seed oil, and organic manures industries. It is based in Badajoz, Spain.

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