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  • ...MONINI has meticulously selected oils from the finest growing regions of Italy and the Mediterranean basin, bottling and selling an extra virgin olive oil that is of a consistently high quality. Supplier of: high quality extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | non-filtered extra virgin olive oil | italian extra virgin olive oil | 100% italian extra virgin olive oil [+] extra virgin organic olive oil | ombrie protected designation of origin extra virgin olive oil | flavoured extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | oil presses | olive oil | oil-mills | aromatic soil | truffle oil
    ITALY - Spoleto
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  • Aceituna Verde SL is a family business that specializes in olive growing in its own plantations and in purchasing from regional growers. Although we have always worked in this sector since we went... Supplier of: high quality extra virgin olive oil | virgin olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | Olives [+] packed olive oil | table olives | olive oil wholesalers
    SPAIN - Campillos-Málaga
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  • ...the production and marketing of olive oil, VIVELIA LTD was created with the sole purpose to merge our vision of providing high quality and value products to our customers with supreme quality that Mother Nature has generously given us in Greece. Our Products: Extra virgin olive oil glass & metal containers 55ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L Olives, Kalamon olives... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | Honey | Olives | producer of olive oil [+] export of olive oil | distributor of olive oil | producers of greek olive oil
    GREECE - Voitia
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  • ...that produces and exports Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and related products full of sensory attributes, passion and history. Our products are original from a small village in Spain that has a population of 438 inhabitants but with a rich tradition of 200 years of harvest and production of First Class Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The purpose is to create... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | gold medal nyiooc | gold medal terraolivo | bag in box
    SPAIN - Juncosa
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  • ...expand our export activities to China, exporting high quality Grrek food products (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wines, Olives, Greek Liquors (Ouzo, Mastic of Chios, Tentoura, , gourmet sauces and marmelades etc.We are now colaborating with the... Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | olive oil soaps | olive oil soap noodles | sodium olivate
    GREECE - Athens
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  • that works as supplier of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Revlion is representing Beneoliva and Torremar, two multinational specialized on exportations of Olive oils and Olives of highest quality. These are some of the awards received by... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | high quality oil spain | Olive oil | export of olive oil | olive oil supplier
    FINLAND - Vantaa (espoo)
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  • We are selling premium high quality Croatian wine and extra virgin olive oil. Supplier of: Wines | white wine | red wine | aperitifs, alcoholic | olive oil
    CROATIA - Milna
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  • ...the largest companies which sells extra virgin olive oil of different origins and one of the main centres for storing extra virgin olive oil in Italy with a capacity of almost 8 million litres. We have analysis... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | italian extra virgin organic olive oil | tuscany dop extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | bottling of extra virgin olive oil [+] Olive oil | olive oil | second pressing olive oil | edible oils and fats | oil-mills | biological oils | olive oil made in italy | olive oil storage | olive oil sales
    ITALY - Colle Di Val D'elsa
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  • TRADITIONAL HANDMADE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL SOAPS FROM GREECE. All our products, are handmade using the traditional techniques assuring high quality. We use the cold process method of soap making and our production is based exclusively on the highest quality of Messinian and Spartan Extra... Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | Cosmetics | soap manufacturers | soaps | liquid soaps [+] face creams | handmade soaps | scented soaps
    GREECE - Athina
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  • ...products, based on Greek organic olive oil that combines natural, organic ingredients with Mediterranean plant extracts and specific action formulas. In our own way, that of OLIVIE, we have created natural beauty care products for complete moisturizing, revitalization, anti-aging and... Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | Cosmetics | face creams | men's face cream | body care products [+] cosmetics with olive oil | cosmetics from argan oil | cosmetics from donkey milk
    GREECE - Peristeri
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  • ...of Italian (Calabrian) olive oil and other Authentic Italian (Calabrian) food and beverage corresponding to the trade names provided for in Directive 136/6623 / EEC, Reg. The types we guarantee are: -Extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.8% -Virgin olive oil with an acidity up to 2% -Olive oil composed of fine oils and... Supplier of: Food - import-export | agricultural products | mediator national and international | bergamot olive oil dairy sausage | food and beverage
    IRELAND - Dublin 8
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  • manufacturing and supply of high-quality natural products from Greece, under KORVEL & ELLATIKA trademark. In our rich product variety are included: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL * Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the "Koroneiki" Olive Variety * PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil * BIO PDO Extra Virgin Olive... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | Olive oil | distributor of olive oil | flavoured olive oil
    GREECE - Acharnes
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  • ...And Oliveoil, Elive Olive's high quality olive products are .prepared at the Ozel Kırlangıç Inc. Offering wide variety fine olives Elive gives its customers the choice of black and green olives of all kind, stuffed, pitted or sliced olives. Oil Cured Black Olives are left to ripen fully and mature naturally and... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil virgin olive oil | organic extra virgin olive oil organic virgin olive oil | Olive oil | black olives organic black olives | organic green olives green olives
    TURKEY - Aydin
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  • ...on the rolling Amerini hills is where our olives are grown. We extract our oil FenOlio exclusively from our own olives.The oil is rich in polyphenols, powerful natural anti-oxidants with high levels of vitamin E capable of opposing the damaging effects of free radicals.The... Supplier of: extra virgin organic olive oil | Olive oil | Quality - certification | italian cuisine | organic agricultural products
    ITALY - Amelia
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  • ...Products a business operating in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trade and Labeling since 2012. Motivated by our love for our Cretan land we are committed to deliver products of excellent taste and high nutritional value. OUR PRODUCTS: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “LIOLADO SAVOUIDAKIS” A... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | producer of olive oil | distributor of olive oil | table wines
    GREECE - Heraklion
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  • ...olives and handling olive oil of highest grades, AEONS has developed into an international operating enterprise with high level of expertise and specialization in supplying premium olive products in delicatessen shops, food markets and food chains. Our products include a wide range of: •Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Conventional, Organic, Wild Olive Oil), and •Olives (Green Olives & Kalamata either in brine or in extra... Supplier of: extra virgin organic olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | organic olive oils
    GREECE - Almyros
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  • love for our place, olive and quality olive oil. From Delphi, the center of land in antiquity and from 2014 we produce Extra virgin olive oil under the brand name “SOCRATES OIL” and PDO olives of Amfissa under the brand name “SOCRATES OLIVE“. With the main aim and purpose of producing exceptional and premium virgin olive oil and based on the traditional ways of... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | Olives | export of olive oil | black olives
    GREECE - Itea, Delphi
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  • Our company produces pure, extra virgin organic olive oil, from the best quality olive-producing zone in Cyprus. Our olive groves produce a finest quality olive oil, making us proud for its low acidity and its rich perfume, creating perfect taste enjoyments. We offer high... Supplier of: Olive oil | Foods, health | carob flours | carob molasses | carob coffee
    CYPRUS - Alethrico, Larnaka
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  • ...refers to the Ultra Premium Olive Oil. In accordance with Aristotle’s quote, COLUMBA OLIVIA endeavors to reach perfection so as to provide a tangible result of one of the finest extra virgin olive oil examples in the world. To attain this goal, a control in every stage of the production process has been... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | organic olive oil | greek olive oil | export of olive oil
    GREECE - Trikala Thessaly Greece
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  • Our family produces high quality olive oil in our estate in southern Magnesia, Greece! Extra Virgin With extremely low acidity and aromatic delectability, Myrolion will only encourage a healthy diet. Our olive oil is obtained directly from olives, using solely... Supplier of: extra virgin organic olive oil | high phenolic olive oil | Olive oil | greek olive oil | bio olive oil
    GREECE - Volos
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  • ...of organic products such as extra virgin olive oil, almonds and essences. We supply high-standing hotels, specialised shops, herbalist shops, gourmet restaurants, etc. with our top-quality and healthy natural products. Our ecological... Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | organic products | productos ecológicos
    SPAIN - Valencia
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  • ...of this diet is the high consumption of extra virgin olive oil. The name monoladi points out also our dedication to extra virgin olive oil since it’s the only oil variety we are trading. We trade the best extra virgin olive oil and after filtering it we store it under the... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | export of olive oil | greek olive oil

    Brands : Monoladi

    GREECE - Ancient Olympia
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  • company which has strong and high quality brands in olive oil sector such as Riccolivo and The Mill. They are classified as 100 % Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils with 0.3-0.8% acidity levels. The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | high quality turkish olive oil | Olive oil | export of olive oil | olive oil supplier
    TURKEY - Koşuyolu/ Istanbul
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  • It is in the olive oil industry over 80 years and it is currently run by the third generation of family managers. This company is specialised in high quality olive oil products, covering a full range of refinement and virginity of the oil produced, such as Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | Olive oil | organic olive oils | bulk or bottled
    SPAIN - Alcoy
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  • ...distributors of a wide range of high quality products. We have extra virgin olive oils of different qualities and formats (PET, glass and aluminium. Flavored EVOO, olive oil jellies, pickles, olives,... Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Foods, gourmet | distributor of olive oil | organic olive oil | catering supplies
    SPAIN - Alcalá La Real
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  • ...edible green olives and olive oil, while being equipped with updated machinery. Our long years of experience allow us to be innovative, in the field of olive process, in such methods which ensure high quality and special traits to our products. Our company has the largest stake in Halkidiki... Supplier of: Olives | Olives - preserved | black olives | green olives | olives packed
    GREECE - Chalkidiki
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  • ...the most delicious and Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Greece.Our carefully selected Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of such a high quality that for a long time the Greek Growers themselves kept it for their own consumption while other European Olive Oil producers import it to blend it with their oil to... Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | oil
    CYPRUS - Ayios Dometios
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  • ...assure well being, by producing extra virgin olive oil Tunisian high quality we contribute on the effort made by many structures to ensure good life to we try everyday to innovate and to develop new products... Supplier of: Health and fitness | wholesale organic foods | oil
    TUNISIA - Hammamet
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  • an innovative Greek boutique, specializing in exports of top quality extra virgin olive oil and olive products in general, targeting distributors of high-end specialty foods and gourmet retailers. Supplier of: extra virgin olive oil | Olive oil | premium | greek | exports
    GREECE - Athens
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  • High-quality cosmetic products derived from spanish extra virgin olive oil and natural active ingredients. Quality in our products and care are the most important, because our efforts are permanently... Supplier of: extra-virgin olive oil | Cosmetics | natural ingredients | skin-care and body-care for him and for her
    SPAIN - Madrid
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