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    CEDAR CENTRE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT ET D'ANIMATION RURALE is a company specializing in food imports and exports based at Bienne, Switzerland. We sell a variety of products from Africa. Feel free to contact us with any request you may have on foodstuffs.



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    We are dedicated to growing high quality grafted vines, a specialized grapevine - growing cooperative Trsnica Vrhpolje was founded in 1994 and today consists of 50 members. Independent, but closely cooperating with Trsnica, Selekcijsko trsničarsko središče Vrhpolje grows virus-free clonal planting material. It has been in this field of work since its foundation in 1991. Selekcijsko trsničarsko središče Vrhpolje is a name for successful cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Trsnica which has already borne fruit –a collectional vineyard was planted with fifty-two different grape varieties in Lože, next to Vipava. During the grafted vine production, most attention is given to rootstock and scion material. They have to be first-class. In order to achieve that, we carefully select them by mass selection as the basis of clonal selection from vineyards all over Vipavska Valley, Goriška Brda, Carst and Koper in the span of five years. This is how we ensure best genetic material for our grafted vines which is later seen in good vine growth and high quality yield. Besides high quality vine grafts , we have to mention rootstocks, especially good quality American rootstocks. That is why our nurserymen planted virus-free clones, the production of which has been based upon a million rootstocks well adjusted to our soil types and climate conditions.



    Pack TTI consists of 3 parts: HortiHands: Trimming and harvesting machines for horticultural use. -EazyCut trimmers for 1 or 2 persons (Ochiai) -Venti Trimmers with vacuum (clipmaster / Lommers) -RAP spherical trimmers VegHands: Harvesting, sorting, weighing and packaging machines for vegetables and herbs -VegBeet harvesting belts -VegSmart weighing and sorting machines -VegPack flowpackaging machines -VegKing and Sroka vegetable and herb bundling lines -VegLead washing and drying machines for vegetables FlowerHands: Flower bundling lines including binding machines -FH 1400 small flower processing lines -BTM flower bundling lines from 3, 3 up to 24 meters -Cyklop professional binders -Sleeve holders / deleafers



    We are manufacturing plastic planting pots for greenhouse and culture in door. Besides manufacturing kind of sauser and trays for pots and spring of watering.

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    Unitary Enterprise Galea produces greenhouse lamps for lighting, supplementary lighting plant indoors, in greenhouses and gardens. Own production of devices and equipment used in greenhouses: lamps for plants, lamps for supplementary lighting of seedlings and flowers, production equipment ignition metal halide and sodium lamps from 70 to 1000 watts. Installation and service. All products pass quality control and have certificates of conformity. We provide warranty for all produced equipment and products. Perhaps the development of systems for lighting plants on an individual project. Our company has been in Belarus since 1995. Having proved itself in the market of Belarus and Russia, we are entering the European market by opening its own production in the European Union.

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    Since its inception in 2017, Flower Nation Limited has emerged as a leading exporter of quality fresh cut flowers. We consolidate flowers from top flower farms across Kenya and ship them to various destinations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. With our good network of local farms and wide floral experience, we are able to source the top varieties for export to wholesalers, distributors and florists worldwide at very competitive prices. Our firm adheres to stringent international quality requirements and standards governing the export of horticultural produce to ensure our exported flowers meet expectations of the destination market. We are duly licensed as exporter by the relevant Kenya government body, and members of the Kenya Flower Council.

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    Sri Lanka

    PreMiereCocos® can be considered as one of the pioneers in the coco peat(Substrate) market and have extensive experience in the Coconut Coir Peat(Substrate) Industry and coir based technology business. We have invested many years in this Naturally Bio-Degradable Organic and Eco-Friendly Coconut Husk and unleashed its maximum potential.  PreMiereCocos® has developed innovative products for Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydroponic and Landscaping Industry over the years, has produced this unique Soil substitute to improve the quality of soil less cultivation in Green Houses. Wide usage of coco peat(Substrate), coir based products has reached a point to where our coco peat substrates, other associated are available in different forms, varieties qualities to meet the demand of many Growers, Horticulturalist and Landscapers. Over the years, our coco peat (Substrate) and other associated Coconut Husk based has evolved to a high standard. PreMiereCocos was established in 2004 to facilitate and meet the worldwide demand of soilless cultures by Commercial Growers, Horticulture and Landscaping Industries. The Company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying Naturally, Bio-degradable soil substitutes, Soil Erosion Control and Landscaping Materials. To ensure consistent quality and timely supplies,  hindrances.

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    Plantekno was found on 2011. From this date, we have completed lots of projects related to plant lighting. We aim to discover the best way to grow plants with the lowest outgoings such as electric and installation cost. On the other hand, we have been working on spectrum varieties for each plant to find the best lighting solution with the best efficiency. If you want to discover our best solutions for vertical and greenhouse lighting, please feel free to contact us. We can provide commercial LED lights for greenhouse or any other applications such as vertical farming, tissue culture, speed breeding, etc. Just contact us for details.



    LLC "Garden Club" is one of the leading Ukrainian companies in the sector of garden products. We are selling peat substrates, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other garden products for the retail market and sell them through agronomic and seed shops, landscape centers and greenhouses, as well as through leading retailers across our state. We have long and fruitful cooperation with such professionals as Bayer, Syngenta, Nufarm, Summit and also we import products from such companies as Pokon, Jiffy, Frunol Delicia, Plantacote, Puccioni, Barenbrug, Feldsaaten, DLF Trifolium.



    Elamgreen Exporters was founded in 2010.We started our business with dedicated commitment on quality of delivering products at domestic level , and now due to our quality we have grown as traders , manufacturers and exporters worldwide. We are a proud manufacturer of coco peat and its associated products in South India our products are, COIR FIBER Brown Fiber White Fiber Needle Felt Mats Curled Coir Geo Textiles Coir Hard boards Coir Cut Fiber Coir Log Coir Yarn Coir TwineCOIR HUSk Horse Bedding Pellets Husk Chips Washed Husk Chips UnWashed Coir Disk Coco Peat High Ec Grow Bags Jiffy PlugsCOCO PEAT Coir Pith Coir peat Low EC 25kg Coir Peat High EC 25kg Coco Peat Low EC 5kg Coco Peat High EC 5kg 650 Gms BriquetteCOIR GARDENT PRODUCT Coco Mulch Mat Coir Plant Pole Seed Germination Cup Coir Plant BasketCOCONUT PRODUCT Semi Husk Coconut Fully Husk Coconut Tender Coconut Tender Coconut Water



    KAKOGIANNAKIS Nurseries is one of the largest nurseries in Crete. Our company was founded in 1981. Today it is located in an area of over 30, 000 square meters, where our greenhouse total area of 8, 000 sq.m. facilities are equipped with modern irrigation systems, heating, misting and proliferation. In our greenhouses we produce olive trees in different sizes and varieties (koroneiki, Tsounati, reeds, etc.), citrus trees (orange, mandarin, lemon, etc.) and fruit trees (apple, apricot, plum, peach, etc. ), tropical trees (banana, passion fruit, papaya, etc.) and a variety of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants (bougainvillea, hibiscus, pittosporum, herbs, oleander, metrosideros, geranium, etc.). After more than 30 years of experience, we can guarantee the excellent quality of our products at extremely competitive prices.



    Four Seasons Quality, also known as FSQ, is in the business of distributing high quality roses in Europe and various other international destinations. Most of these roses come from Ecuador. Since its foundation, Four Seasons Quality has become a standard in the world of roses when it comes to quality and reliability. The roses from Ecuador, which meet Four Seasons Quality’s strict quality requirements, are sent every day to the Netherlands on conditioned and direct flights. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the roses are carefully received by our agent at Schiphol Airport and transported directly to our branch in De Kwakel. Immediately after they arrive, the roses are unpacked in our processing area. They are inspected for diseases, deviations, length and ripeness and then placed in water with a pre-processing substance. A large part of the roses will be sold before they even arrive in De Kwakel. After processing, the roses are placed in the cooling room automatically. Deliveries are made the next day, so that the roses have always spent one night in water in the cooling room. To guarantee the optimal quality of the products, a quality report is drawn up for each incoming shipment. Each of these reports is discussed with the breeder. Every day, flights carrying roses for Four Seasons Quality leave Ecuador for the Netherlands. This allows us to always supply fresh roses to our clients. Four Seasons Quality is open seven days a week.



    Company O.L.KAR. Agro Vet-Service was founded in 2003, now №1 on the Ukrainian market, №1 volume of production in the world! Our range has more than 1000 items, our staff of more than 1, 200 employees, we produce:   • Antimicrobials   • antiparasitic drugs   • Anti-inflammatory drugs   • Hormones   • Preparations for the treatment of internal organs   • Medicines for external use   • Vitamins and feed additives   • Animal Feed   • Pet   • Solutions for infusion   • rodent control means We care about the health of the animals in the world! O.L.KAR - Animal Healtn



    Rose Nurseries ‘Avramis Roses Co’ produce high quality roses since the beginning of 50’s. Using production and delivery methods of point Avramis Roses Nurseries are considered one of the best European rose nurseries because of the quality of the produced plants and their big and complete varieties list as well. Avramis Roses cooperate with David Austin Ltd (England), W. Kordes’ Sohne Rosenschulen GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Poulsen Roser (Danemark) and Tantau Rosen (Germany) and dispose a Tissue Culture Laboratory where elite rose plants are produced since 1987. About 650.000 plants are produced and sold every year to wholesalers, nurseries, garden centers, gardeners and amateurs mainly in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey and Livanon.



    LePet is specialized in producing all kinds of pet cages, pet kennel, greenhouse and its affiliated products manufacturers.The company has production, processing, welding, plating, painting, packaging, and other lines, with advanced equipment, strong technical force, scientific process, improve the quality inspection system.Company products are 100% exported to the U.S., Canada, Australia and other European countries, and get a good reputation.Metal pet cage is now one of our main products.What's more, ordering our products is easy! Our warm and friendly customer service will never let you down.We look forward to cooperating with you in the future.



    We have been growing produce and vegetables on our farm for over 120 years and in that time we have developed a tradition of quality and safety.•We control our products each stage of production. Our agronomist have direct supervision over our secured 160 acres of farmland all covered with tunnels to limit the exposure to harmful elements such as birds and animals. We have all the quality certifications that attest our processes. In respect to working with nature we have Leaf and Conservation Grade supplementary protocols. We have the utmost attention to the use of fertilizers (never used animal manure) and pesticides. We use fresh mineral water drawn from our well 120 m below the surface through semi impermeable volcanic rock. Our employees are clinically monitored by onsite doctor visits and we have special controlled areas food preparation and storage of products with special cells for the control of microorganisms...We are dedicated to communication +39 3207943225.



    Ventes Roses is Growing and exporting high quality Kenyan Roses. The farm is located at 2250 meters above sea level, an ideal altitude for premium roses. The location is blessed with a special micro climate and soil conditions that ensure high quality roses. The farm currently has 30 hectares in production. We have a worldwide market and we are always showcasing our beautiful roses in the Floral Trade Fair and exhibitions across the globe where we have won many awards because of their high quality, which is reflected in our large size buds, long-strong stems, well defined colors, extended vase life and beautiful foliage.

  6. CIDLY


    Double Cages Structural Heat Dissipation DesignBetter Cooling Performance Chill airflow was sucked from the upper cage and then vented through the lower level air outlet in a very high speed because of the fan's enormous pressure. The high speed chill airflow takes the heat away from the heat sink very efficiently and will never return to the upper cage again after cooling the heat sink because of the obstruction of the baffle which is in the middle of the fixture. As such, the thermal cycle was cut off and better cooling performance acquires. Better protection & Lower Noise Not like the previous fan's installation, new double cages structure covers the vulnerable fans inside to protect them from external disturbance.This structure also substantially reducing the fan's noise while increasing the whole light's waterproofing capability and dust preventing capability due to its enclosed construction.



    Raynen is a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in manufacturing HID Electronics Ballasts, LED driver and other control gears for lighting. Being OEM/ODM for internationally renowned companies, Raynen ensures the punctual delivery, reliable quality and compatible pricing to our valued customers.The company was established in 2007. With ISO 9001: 2008 certified, and UL, FCC, CE, RoHS compatible, quality assurance measures are implemented in every engineering procedures and details of its production so that high level of product uniformity and reliability could be guaranteed. The products are mainly exported to North America, Japan and most European countries, UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands etc.



    Amarillo Corn S.L. was founded in 1993 and grows sweet corn, beetroots and carrots in the South of Spain for the fresh market. Year per year the company has increased, improving its production and processing systems. Today Amarillo is one of the most important sweet corn growers in Europe and produces high quality sweetcorn on more than 700 has, 30 has of beetroots and 250 has of carrots per year. Moreover Amarillo Corn produces for the organic market; sweet corn, beetroot, potato and broccoli according to the EU-regulation.The products are processed and stored in own warehouse with modern machinery facilities. AmarilloCorn guarantees its clients annually fresh high quality products. We produce our products according to the best quality standards such as Nature´s Choice, Globalgap, F2F, LEAF. With the intention of continue growing, for the upcoming season, AmarilloCorn bet on the product´s diversification, introducing new products as sweetpotato butternut squash, parsleyroot or onion.



    EVERGREEN ENTERPRISES is a leading exports company which is situated in the state of Tamilnadu, Coimbatore, South India. We are one of the Leading Exporter of Tree herbs, Plants Herbs And Medicinal Herbs As we should like to export our Quality products to Worldwide for that we need the buyers list of countrymen.So we kindly request you to provide the buyers list of your country men and publish our details in your website Email: evergreen83@rocketmail.com Website: www.evergreenenterprises.webs.com Regards Mahesh



    Hi, Everest coco peat is a South Indian based COCO PEAT/PITH manufacturer company with 12 years of experience in Coir field. Factory is situated in an area of 5 acres which includes a separate washing plant covering 5000 Sq.ft. Raw material Coir pith is procured from the fibre factories and stored in factory yards for a period of ageing. Washed with fresh water and quality checked for EC and PH levels the pith is dried in 10000 Sq.ft. concrete yards. The dried material is sieved to remove the short fibres and then compressed in to 5 KG blocks. We produce high quality coco peat blocks with International standards. We understand the price strategy in world market and would like to export for reasonable price. Please get in touch with us for your order. COCO PEAT BLOCK DETAILS : Block weight - 5Kg Block Dimensions - 30 x 30 x 10 Moisture % 10-18 Low EC PH 5.8-6.8 Expansion to a Minimum 60-70 litres Thanks for reading, Varatha



    We ‘SRI VMT AGRO TECH’ founded the year ‘2001’ in the town of Pollachi, Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, India. We have grown and prospered as the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of high quality and remarkable range of Eco-friendly Coir Products of Coco Peat, Coir Dust, Coir Blocks, Grow bags, Coir Geo Textile, Coir Logs, Curled Coir, 2 ply coir yarn and Coconuts. Supported by an experienced team and well equipped manufacturing plant, Processed by using latest technology, these kinds of products are very popular among the customers because of their durability, Eco-friendliness, water retention capacity and several more attributes. Our team of experienced professionals, and whose dedication has enabled us to stand among the prominent business entity in the worldwide markets. We are able to render unmatched quality. Moreover, we are dedicated towards achieving excellence in our products and surpass the expectations of our clients and therefore we serve our customers with qualitative



    Incorporated in the year 2008, we, “The Indian Exporters”, have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Medical Plants. Being a client-centric organization, we provide these products to meet their varying needs. Our range includes Catharanthus Roseus, Mulberry Plant and Neem Plant. In addition to this, we are also providing Henna Leaves and Ginger Plant. Offered products are highly coveted in the medical sector for their unique medical benefits. The ingredient processed by these plants are used for preparing various types of medicines. Their use is recommended by the medical experts for curing numerous kinds of skin, stomach and other ailments. These products are effective in various medical issues such as burning sensation, skin diseases, dipsia, leprosy, amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea, wounds, premature graying of hair, ulcers, burning sensations, leprosy, leucoderma, inflammations, scabies, boils, amenorrhoea, ophthalmia, hemorrhages, dysmenorrhoea, fever, spl


    United Arab Emirates

    “INNOVATIVE NONWOVEN SOLUTIONS” is a leading manufacturer in UAE and Middle East for Non-Woven fabrics of agricultural and industrial material. We are also manufacturing facemasks and nursing caps as well. In agriculture sector we are supplying to UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Egypt. We are more conscious about the quality and to keep it always. Our second line will starting end of this month for Hygiene and medical. We are adding 3.75 % anti UV (Accumulated 4.25%) for agricultural crop cover. We are using 100% Polypropylene from Sabic & Tasnee (Saudi Arabia) and anti UV from Clariant (Europe). These raw materials are the best quality product in the market. We can give you the exclusive price for you to taste our material’s quality and service.


    United Kingdom

    We supply a wide range of sundries to nurseries, florists and landscapers including fertilisers, growing medium, horticultural fabrics, bamboo canes, wreath making sundries and huge range of irrigation supplies which we supply into horticulture and agriculture.We can offer an excellent delivery service and competetive prices because we stock a wide range of products and buy from leading horticultural manufacturers .We focus on service and personel contact with our customers and our vision is to be a one stop horticultural supplier.



    Welcome to Green Vision Concepts...."Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved..."—International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.GREEN VISION CONCEPTS in collaboration with Village Organics , a premier organic farming company is being implementing organic farming projects such as sandalwood, Mango and vegetable cultivation through a community farming module in an extent of 100 acres at Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy District and in 200 acres at Kothakota village, Mahboobnagar District in Andhra Pradesh. Now we have started our new project at Velkicherla village close to Jadcherla town and just 14 Km away from NH 7


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Hengyi was established in 1971, the major products including plastic coated clips, bungee cord hooks, clothesline, laundry rack, and gardening accessory (PVC coated steel wire/tube). And, our customer are world-wide in the America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.Since 1971, "Quality" is always the first priority to Hengyi; therefore, Hengyi has making good relationship with all customers. Base on it, Hengyi will keep same attitude, and provide the best quality and shortest delivery product to our customers.



    PT Winajaya Inti is a Kopi Luwak exporter from Sidoarjo, East Java – Indonesia. We could provide original Luwak coffee bean such as Java Arabica and Java Robusta green Luwak coffee bean with best quality. As Luwak Coffee Beans has been our prior product, we are as well open to any order of regular high quality of Java Arabica and Java Robusta Luwak coffee beans. As the final greeting, we invite you to search through our website and find out our offer that you must give yourself a try! Let the taste tell the truth.Please feel free to contact us for further information and enquiry.



    LefasAgri has been in the agricultural and irrigation supply business since 2000. He started his business in a small space of 100 sq.m. Since the upward path in 2002 leased 300 sqm warehouse to meet customer needs. In 2009, invested in facilities owned 900 sq.m to 5000 sq.m, designed to handle direct and fast way to a wide range of products available on the market. Our company continuously invests in innovative products, products that will give added value to the finished product and to provide services to maximize the benefit of its customers. Quality, competitive price and comprehensive package of products is the main concern. The collaborations LefasAgri Co. with prestigious firms in Greece and abroad enables customers to have at their disposal a multitude of products.

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