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  • ...hydraulic innovations: Hydraulic units, hydraulic fittings, control blocks, hydraulic cylinders, plunger cylinders, built-in non-return valves, shuttle valves, hydraulically unlockable non-return valves and many more Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic special cylinders | hydraulic cylinders with distance-measuring system | Hydraulics systems | hydraulic solutions [+] hydraulic units | non-return valves | shut-off valves | high-pressure valves | hydraulic components | control blocks, hydraulic | valves | taps and fittings | industrial hydraulics | cartridge valves
    GERMANY - Mössingen
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  • For over 25 years we have supplied components and systems for mechanical engineering, systems engineering and vehicle construction. We specialise in tube fittings and drawing parts. As a family-owned... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Plumbing, industrial | Inner tubes | ball valves | pipe unions [+] hydraulic hoses | gear pumps | turned small parts | steel fittings | stainless steel valves | stainless steel fittings | special screw connections | stainless steel tube fittings | compression ring pipe unions | screw connections
    GERMANY - Schwaikheim
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  • ...partner specialised in the development of hydraulic cylinders. Together, we will create the perfect product for your application. With a fresh outlook and the proven expertise of our... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic special cylinders | locking cylinders, hydraulic | block cylinders, hydraulic | Valves for sanitary fittings [+] Assemblies, hydraulic | Joints, hydraulic | Hydraulic equipment | Valves, hydraulic | valves | standard jacks | mobile hydraulics
    GERMANY - Lübbecke
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  • We are a prominent German supplier of fluid-related systems and components, with a focus on hydraulics and pneumatics. In these areas, we provide specialised high-quality services. Our national and... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Hydraulic equipment | Manometers | adapters | hydraulic filters [+] hydraulic units | hydraulic clutches | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic hoses | industrial hoses | ball valves | metrology | tube clamp staves and rings | pipe unions | hose presses
    GERMANY - Hammelburg
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  • ...high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. BÜTER® benefited from numerous ideas and innovations which opened up whole new areas of application for cylinder technology, mainly thanks to Josef... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders with distance-measuring system | hydraulic special cylinders | hydraulic differential cylinders [+] pneumatic cylinders | Lifting equipment | Hydraulic equipment | Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic steel structures | lift platforms | articulated lift tables | heavy load transportation devices | stair lifts | chassis
    GERMANY - Haren
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  • We are ready to take on your challenge! Switching, moving and forming, efficiently and flexibly: The name Layher has been synonymous with outstanding performance, quality and reliability for many... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | telescopic cylinder, hydraulic | pneumatic cylinders | telescopic cylinders, pneumatic | Relaying [+] pressure sensors | direct-current relays | moulded rubber parts | rubber-metal connections | vacuum switches | pressure switches | pressure switches for hydraulics | pressure switches for pneumatics | pressure transducers, pressure converters for pneumatics | packing
    GERMANY - Kirchberg
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  • We are your expert partner and we can help you to save energy and money through innovative, environmentally friendly compressed-air technology. We provide you with a complete service, including... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | pneumatic cylinders | piston rod cylinders | pneumatic cylinders, rodless | Compressors [+] vibration dampers | ball cocks | rodless linear actuators | origa linear drives | electric linear actuators | control valves | mechanical guides | compressed air maintenance units | pneumatic valves | accessories for pneumatic components
    GERMANY - Bempflingen
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  • Production, supply and installation of machines, systems and components – installation of new systems (mechanics, hydraulics and electrics) – modernisation and conversion of production facilities,... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders & components | shaker cylinders | Adjustment - machine tools | Presses, hydraulic [+] hydraulic units | metallographic machine | cutting-off machines for metal | goods lifting windlasses | industrial cutters | cutting-off machines | pressure multipliers | hydraulic system design | machine repair | sheet metal working machines
    GERMANY - Ratingen
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  • Together with the clamping technology specialists HILMA and STARK, ROEMHELD forms a group of companies offering a comprehensive product range in the field of clamping technology for production... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic valves and cylinders | oil-hydraulic cylinders | cylinder construction [+] clamping cylinders | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | Machine tools - metal machining | Machine tools - metal shaping | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | Cutting - machine tools | Valves, hydraulic | pressure multipliers | special profiles for oleohydraulics | lifting column
    GERMANY - Laubach
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  • We are a modern family company in the heart of the Black Forest, specialising in the manufacture of precision machine parts and fastening elements. We have over 50 years of experience, particularly... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Steel & Metals | Hydraulic equipment | Turning - steels and metals | Drill bits and countersinks [+] cnc turned parts | hydraulic components | aluminium turned parts | turned parts made from rustproof material | cnc turned steel parts | metal fastening elements | cnc precision parts | assemblies made from turned parts | turned parts for hydraulics | milled parts made of brass
    GERMANY - Gutach
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  • We are a leading German manufacturer of gear pumps, flow measurement, hydraulics and valves. More than 350 employees worldwide design, produce and sell products in both standard versions as well as... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Pumps, hydraulic | Dosing pumps | high-pressure pumps | chemical pumps [+] sump pumps | oil pump | motor pump connection units | gear wheel flow meter | pressure control valve | pressure valve | high-pressure gear motor | high-pressure gear pump | fan motor | directional valve
    GERMANY - Werdohl
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  • ...regardless of whether they are standard cylinders or tailor-made, complex special solutions. With approx. 80 employees, we offer you innovative solutions for the most demanding of tasks, and round-the-clock service, from... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic valves and cylinders | hard chrome plating of hydraulic cylinders [+] hydraulic cylinder repairs | hydraulic cylinders for mobile crane manufacturers | hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic press manufacturers | oil-hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders for mining industry | hollow piston cylinder, hydraulic | core pull cylinder, hydraulic | hydraulic special cylinders | telescopic cylinder, hydraulic | press cylinders
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • Innovative developments determine tomorrow's market. Watz Hydraulik has supplied hydraulic products for over 30 years. Founded by Horst Watz in 1971, today the company stands for quality with the... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinder repairs | block cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic synchronous cylinders [+] hydraulic differential cylinders | hydraulic special cylinders | telescopic cylinders | Assemblies, hydraulic | brick makers | hydraulic units | control blocks, hydraulic | pressure multipliers | hydraulics servicing | pressure intensifiers for oil hydraulic systems
    GERMANY - Lollar
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  • ...We manufacture cylinders for hydraulic transmissions and hydraulic units, as well as complete hydraulic systems and test rigs, to the highest standards in quality. As a wholesaler, we also offer more than 24, 000... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic special cylinders | Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic units | hydraulic system components [+] hydraulic pumps | hydraulic systems | hydraulic system design | hydraulic components | centrifugal pumps with oil dynamic motors | hydraulic test rigs | hydraulic system assemblies (pump assemblies) | dc hydraulic units | hydraulic units, explosion-proof | hydraulic units, compact
    GERMANY - Unterwachingen
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  • As a renowned plant construction company, we provide you with support for the development, design and construction of high-quality fluid systems. Operating under the brand "combiloop", we build and... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic block cylinders | Pumps, hydraulic | Assemblies, hydraulic | high-pressure pumps [+] hydraulic units | hydraulic components | hydraulic hoses | industrial hydraulics | wood chip transport | hydraulic filters | repairs of hydraulics | high-pressure pump systems for deep-hole drilling | high pressure hydraulics | hydraulics servicing
    GERMANY - Villingendorf
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  • ...under the joint company logo of QUIRI-MICROMAT®, we can now offer our customers a larger combined product range that includes hydraulic clamping elements, cylinders, special solutions and various accessories. Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | block cylinders, hydraulic | clamping cylinders | cylinder moulds | screw-in cylinders [+] clamping cylinders | spring clamping cylinders | Fastening devices | clamping elements | hydraulic clamping | clamping systems, hydraulic | clamping system | grips | fastening technology | quick clamping systems
    GERMANY - Rutesheim
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  • Customized hydraulic fittings, special cylinders and cylinder repair – ever since our company was founded in 1929, these specialist areas have made us an expert partner for plant engineering, construction machinery, press manufacture, mobile hydraulics and process... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | repair service for hydraulic cylinders | press cylinders | telescopic cylinders | custom cylinders [+] furnace tilting cylinders | differential cylinders | synchronous cylinders | plunger cylinders | cylinder repair | Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic units | top hats | control blocks, hydraulic | rotation-symmetrical parts
    GERMANY - Stolberg
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  • Today SIKO sums up five decades of experience in length, angle and speed measurement technology. Building upon this core competence, SIKO develops and manufactures groundbreaking products for... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | electric pulse counters | encoders | contactless position sensor systems | length measuring instruments [+] electrical drives | analogue position displays | digital display devices | electro-mechanical counters | angle measuring instruments | position sensor systems | position displays | distance sensors | optical measuring technology | mechanical positioning systems
    GERMANY - Buchenbach
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  • WATZ HYDRAULIK SERVICE GMBH - hydraulic experts for individual, tailored solutions. As a company with tradition and experience, we provide you with support, advice and solutions for your hydraulic... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic differential cylinders | hydraulic block cylinders | standard cylinders | Assemblies, hydraulic [+] hydraulic components | axial piston pumps | hand pumps | hydraulic units | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic hoses | power valves | hydraulics servicing | repairs of hydraulics | repairs of hydraulic pumps
    GERMANY - Neuss
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  • ...solutions since 1969. We have recently made a cylinder configurator available on our home page. Our products: Pressure switches, manual valves, hydraulic blocks, hydraulic seals, hydraulic components, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic installations, hydraulic filters,... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Hydraulic equipment | Joints, hydraulic | Valves, hydraulic | Linkages, hydraulic [+] Assemblies, hydraulic | hydraulic pumps | filters for hydraulics | control blocks, hydraulic | hydraulic units | hydraulic system components | industrial hydraulics | proportional valves | high pressure proportional valves | hydraulic blocks
    SWITZERLAND - Schlieren
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  • Industrial bearings and supplies, compressed air, compressors, dryers, coolers. Control systems, installations and accessories. Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Bearings - ball, needle and roller | Compressors | power drives [+] industrial bearings | industrial supplies | compressed air | electric tools | roller transport | roller chains for transmissions | track rollers | pneumatic tools | o-rings
    SPAIN - Albolote-Granada
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  • ...to finish, hydraulic cylinders, compact cylinders, facilities, shock absorbers, tools and hydraulic tools, and stainless steel cylinders. Mobile sector: production of self-propelled mobile cranes,... Supplier of: Cylinders, pneumatic | hydraulic cylinders | cylinder design | compact cylinders | stainless steel cylinders [+] single-acting cylinders | double rod cylinders | telescopic cylinders | double-acting cylinders | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | top hats | hydraulic equipment | custom-made hydraulic jacks | civil engineering
    ITALY - Modena
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  • ...oleodynamic rams and offers its clients numerous items, including hydraulic equipment, hydraulic rams, special cylinders, pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic equipment, hydraulic rams, cylinders, pneumatic rams. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | design of special hydraulic cylinders | design of special large hydraulic cylinders [+] pneumatic cylinders | stainless steel cylinders | telescopic cylinders | Pneumatic system components | supplies for mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment | pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment | top hats | hydraulic equipment | rams with and without rod eyes
    ITALY - Brescia
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  • Metal Work specializes in manufacturing pneumatic components for industrial automation. It has more than 400 employees, in addition to the 700 people working in its sales section. Product... Supplier of: Cylinders, pneumatic | Cylinders, hydraulic | pneumatic cylinders | Valves for pneumatic equipment | valves [+] pneumatic actuators | fittings | hydraulic and pneumatic components | actuators | top hats | mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment | pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment | pneumatic unit for automation | pneumatic components
    ITALY - Concesio
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  • SMC Italia is a subsidiary of its Japanese parent company that was founded in 1959, and manufactures pneumatic components for industrial automation used in various sectors such as automotive, food... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | rotating cylinders | Valves for spark ignition engines | plastic manual valves | valve manifolds [+] pneumatic units for automation | pneumatic turntables | hydraulic shock absorbers
    ITALY - Carugate
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  • We manufacture and sell hydraulic cylinders, chrome-plated rods, matt and wire drawn tubes, and high quality hydraulic components. We also repair hydraulic cylinders. We constantly update our... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinder repairs | we sell hydraulic cylinders | we manufacture hydraulic cylinders [+] splitter cylinder | cylinders for agricultural machinery | cylinders for cranes
    ITALY - Gerbido-Grugliasco
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  • Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Hydraulic equipment | Valves, hydraulic | non-return valves | selector valves
    GERMANY - Immenstaad Am Bodensee
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  • Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic
    GERMANY - Wetter
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  • Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinder repairs | Hydraulics systems | Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic units
    GERMANY - Ostfildern
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  • Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | drilling unit
    GERMANY - Illmensee
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    LCB transforms an analog load cell (mV/V output) into a digital one; it can also be used on... See product
  • Threaded-body work support...
    Article ID 1941000
    single acting plunger Ø 16 mm, stroke 8 mm max. load force 6.5 kN off-position retracted contact... See product
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    Block cylinders
    MBS hydraulic cylinders of the MZR-1006 series are block-type differential cylinders for use in... See product
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    inline mounting, and...
    The pressure relief valve DBD is a directly-operated poppet valve for installation in the pipelines... See product
  • Hydraulic Cylinder CNL
    single and double-acting
    • Piston Ø 40-100 mm • Modern seals and guide elements • Simple replacement of wear parts through... See product
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    With complete ball...
    - material 16MnCr5, sharpened - version as round nut or flange nut - pitch: 20 mm - with... See product
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    Single-stage gear with ingoing and outgoing shaft Gear Type: SN17A Mounting: Gear... See product
  • Aluminum Cap Customized...
    tuyere cap manufactured by CNC turning size outer diameter: 23 mm, 24 mm inner diameter: 19.3... See product
  • Compact high-pressure unit -...
    combiloop CL1
    With innovative filter technology, combiloop guarantees continuous and perfect cleaning of the... See product
  • Hydraulic Tappet Additive
    This additive reduces...
    ERC hydraulic tappet additive attenuates disturbing noises which can arise from dirty and gummed-up... See product
  • Mikromotors MP35 and MP55
    Mikromotors MP35 and MP55
    17 901 105 55000 rpm..; Collet 3,0mm, Continous speed regulation; Direction of rotation: right/left... See product
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